Dream Girl, Part 7

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 7: Faking It

About a month after Sam and Becky had arrived in town, Becky had asked Kim to
come over for dinner again. It ended up being a fiasco- or at least it looked
that way from Becky's point of view.

"So how was your day today, Sammy?" Becky asked her boyfriend as the three of
them sat in the living room before dinner.

"Baby," Sam told her, "I came within a cunt hair of catching the biggest
fuckin' large mouth bass ever. But the goddamned cocksucker somehow slipped
off the fuckin' hook."

Becky laughed for a moment until Kim spoke up and said, "Is it really
necessary to use profanity every other word?"

Sam laughed and paused before replying, "Actually I usually only fuckin' use
profanity every third goddamned word, but for you, Kim,  I'll make a fuckin'
exception and fuckin' say fuck every fuckin' other fuckin' word- is that
fuckin' okay with you?

Kim looked visibly upset and said, "I think your parents should have washed
your mouth out with soap when you were a kid."

Sam got out of his recliner and got in Kim's face and said, "Well, you know
what I think, Kim? I think you need to go fuck yourself."

Kim got off the couch and slapped Sam as hard as she could. She then stormed
out the front door slamming it on the way out.

Sam stroked his now sore face and Becky started laughing. "Oh my God," Becky
said, "I don't think I've never seen Sister Christian madder in her whole
life. You really pissed her off."

Sam didn't really say anything, just sort of shrugged his shoulders.

"Well," said Becky, "I guess if I'm gonna hang out any with Kim this summer,
I had better do it when you're not around. Obviously I can't trust you two
together in the same room.

Sam smiled at the irony of his girlfriend's statement. If she only knew why
she couldn't trust them together...

The next morning about five minutes after Becky had left for the flower shop,
Kimmy came by. She gave Sam his first smoky kiss of the day before she kissed
his now bruised cheek.

"I'm sorry Sam," said Kimmy, "I didn't mean to hit you that hard, but I
wanted it to look convincing."

"It's okay honey, you actually kind of turn me on when you get all angry and
stuff," said Sam accepting another smoky kiss.

"You think we fooled her?" Kim asked.

"Yeah, she says she can't trust us being in the same room together anymore,"
said Sam, "I doubt she would ever suspect what is really happening between us
after last night."

Kimmy laughed as she took one last drag and crushed out the cig in the ash
tray. "Well, since it was your fault last night, I think you owe me one,"
Kimmy said.

"What do you mean my fault? It was your idea to have a staged argument in
front of Becky. And you're the one who slapped my face." said Sam teasingly. 

"True," said Kimmy as she lit another cigarette, "You still owe me though. I
expect to have five orgasms today before I even think about giving you one."

"Aye captain," said Sam pulling off her pants and panties before diving face
first into her pussy. It didn't take him very long to get her off five times.
Sam wasn't sure how long it had taken as he lost track of time. Probably the
amount of time it took for her to smoke six or seven cigarettes, Sam thought
to himself as she took off his pants to take care of him...

Later on that day, Kimmy told Sam she'd better get going since Becky would be
home soon.

"Relax, babe," Sam told her, "She's got a doctor's appointment today."

"Is Becky okay?" asked Kimmy looking a little concerned.

Sam smiled a little. Somehow, Kimmy still cared for Becky even though she was
fooling around with her boyfriend. Sam himself didn't feel any guilt about
what he was doing with Kimmy. The further that summer went on, the more he
saw Becky for the flawed person she really was. Sam thought about the
`fight' the night before. If it had been a real fight, Sam would have been at
fault, he thought. Yet Becky never got mad at him instead she had laughed at
Kimmy's discomfort after she left. Becky's reaction to the `fight' had made
Sam very uncomfortable. He would enjoy the end of the summer when he would
break up with Becky and would be with his dream girl openly. Sam knew Kimmy
had an internal conflict about her feelings for Sam and her friendship with
Becky, though.

 Sam remembered that Kimmy had asked him a question as Kimmy gave him a smoky
kiss and finally answered it, "Yeah, she says it's just a routine checkup..."

Meanwhile, on the other side of town... 

Becky crushed out her cigarette before she went into her gynecologist's
office. It was time for her annual exam and while she would usually
procrastinate, she didn't this year. She wanted to ask Dr. Stratton a few

Within 10 minutes of Becky checking in with the receptionist, Dr. Stratton
got Becky into the exam room and started the examination. She was actually a
little nervous- it was her first exam since she had lost her virginity. Dr.
Stratton's wife had been her Sunday School teacher in high school, and so she
felt a little uneasy about Dr. Stratton examining her. Still, the doctor was
known for his professionalism even if he and his wife were really prude and
extremely religious. 

"Dr. Stratton. Can I ask you a question?" Becky asked after he was done with
the pap smear.

"Sure, Becky." the doctor said.

"I'm having a little problem with my sex life." started Becky and then paused
to gage the doctor's reaction.

Dr. Stratton put his hand on his beard and frowned as he looked down at her
vulva. He finally said, "Well, looks like *not* having a sex life isn't your

Becky raised her voice a little and said, "Look I don't see Reverend Williams
when I need a pap smear and I don't come here for spiritual advice, okay?
Are you going to help me or not?"

"Fine," said the doctor, "What seems to be your problem?"

"I can't have an orgasm," Becky finally told him, "I mean I've had orgasms
before but it takes a lot to get me to climax. My boyfriend Sam can get me
off by playing with me for a really long time, but I haven't had one during
intercourse. I've faked every orgasm during sex. Sam's not the problem. He's
more than average sized and he's great in bed. I just can't get off and end
up faking it." 

"Are you on any medication or are you using any drugs? Do you have stress in
your life?" Dr. Stratton asked her.

"No I don`t do drugs and I don't really have any major stress in my life. I
smoke cigarettes, but I'm not a heavy smoker or anything," Becky replied.

The doctor thought for a moment and said, "Becky, every woman is different.
If you were to tell me you've never had an orgasm, I might say there might be
something wrong perhaps, but since you've made it clear that you have had at
least one and so are capable of reaching climax, I can only tell you what
I've told other women- some women climax easier than others. Those are just
the cards which God has dealt you."

"Aren't there pills or creams which will help? How about oysters?" asked
Becky sounding desperate.

The doctor paused and finally said, "Becky, there are herbs or food which
people claim help a woman climax more readily, but I doubt they have more
than a placebo effect. It's just one of those things. On a scale of one to
ten with ten being a woman who can't climax at all for whatever reason, you
might be around a seven or eight. The average woman is probably between four
and six and women like your friend Kimmy are around a one or two."

"What would Kimberly know about having an orgasm?" asked Becky sounding
confused, "She's never even made out with a boy before."

The doctor got a shocked look on his face, "Look, I was thinking out loud.
It's a bad habit I have sometimes. Maybe I assumed that since you and Kimmy
are best friends that you knew.  I shouldn't have said anything, but since I
did you have to promise never to say anything to Kimmy about it. Kimmy came
to me a few years back with the opposite problem you have- she can climax
real easily through non sexual contact like when she washes herself in the
shower. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with her and there is nothing
wrong with you either. It's just one of those things."

Becky sighed as she faced the reality of the situation. 

Dr. Stratton breathed a sigh of relief as Becky left his office. What he had
told Becky was bad, but he knew Becky would keep her promise not to tell
Kim. "It's a good thing I didn't tell her about the birth control I
prescribed for Kim last week," Dr. Stratton thought to himself. He had been
shocked when Kim came to his office and asked for them. Kim said she wasn't
having sex and didn't plan on having sex anytime soon, but she decided to get
on the pill `just in case something happened' she had told him...

A few weeks later, Becky's mother had to have exploratory surgery on her knee
and Becky had agreed to drive her to Atlanta, spend the night in the hospital
with her, and drive her home the next day. Sam got an idea. He called Kimmy
on her cell phone.

"Hey, Kimmy," said Sam kind of nervously, "Becky's going to be out of town
and I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight.?"

"What do you want to do tonight?" asked Kimmy sounding curious.

"You want to rent a hotel room somewhere out of town? Somewhere we can be
alone and not worry about anyone catching us," said Sam.

"Sure," said Kimmy. 

Sam had thought about this a long time. He had done everything with his dream
girl except one thing. He wanted to make love to the woman he loved.  He
rented a nice room with a view of the beach. Kim told her parents she was
going to the coast to see an old friend not elaborating on who she was going
to see. Sam told Becky he was going camping. They would take separate cars
and they met in the hotel room around 5 pm. 

Sam had planned for this night. He had champagne ready. He had rented a room
with a Jacuzzi. He of course had a supply of Marlboro 100's ready for her to
give him smoky kisses and blowjobs. And of course, he brought some condoms.
Kimmy was always overly worried whenever they tried something new that it
might get her pregnant. 

They kissed passionately and Sam got her in the Jacuzzi. He didn't want to
make love to her right away, he wanted that moment to be special for her.
They spent the first couple of hours playing without getting her naked.
Eventually he got her clothes off and was playing with her titties. He
noticed she was getting nervous. He could tell she was getting cold feet. She
started crying.

"You okay?" Sam asked her. 

"Yeah, I'm sorry Sam, but I just always promised myself I would lose my
virginity on my wedding night. Please don't be mad at me."

Sam wasn't mad or even upset. Sure, he was disappointed, but he could never
be mad at his dream girl for wanting to wait.

"Baby, I'm not mad at you. I don't want you to ever do anything you don't
want to do or feel pressure," Sam told her, "I love you, Kimmy."

"I love you too, Sam." 

They ended up getting each other off a few times and then they both left a
few hours later.

The summer was going by quickly and Sam was sad that it was about to end.
They had done `everything but sex' as much as they could all summer and Sam
wanted more. The future which he hoped would take care of itself seemed like
it needed a little nudge. 

"Kimmy," Sam said one day after an hour of oral sex, "This has been the best
summer of my life, and I was thinking- I have my marketing job which will pay
me good money, and I'd like you to move in with me."

Sam took a deep breath. They had become close that summer and talked about
many things. The one thing they hadn't talked about was what would happen at
the end of the summer- what would be their future together. Their life
together that summer was their little secret. They had taken great pains to
keep it a secret. Now was the time for them to share their love openly, Sam

Kim thought for a moment. She looked upset, Sam thought. This girl which had
simply been his dream girl at the beginning of the summer was one he knew
like the back of his hand. He knew the decision she would be making would be
hard either way.

"What about Becky?" asked Kimmy.

"I don't love Becky. I love you, Kimmy. I want to spend the rest of my life
with you, not with Becky," Sam replied. Becky used to tell Sam that they were
soul mates and he would smile at her even though he knew deep down that
wasn't right. He had known that even before this summer. This summer only
confirmed what Sam had thought all along- he belonged with Kimmy, not with

"I have to go back to college. My parents would be upset if I dropped out of
school and moved in with a guy. And Josh is such a sweet guy. I told you he
wants to propose this year and he wants to be a preacher and for me to be his
wife. It would break his heart. Becky's been my best friend for so long. She
loves you and it would devastate her if she knew about us."

"You're just making excuses ! You don't think I'd be devastated without you,
Kimmy?" Sam said raising his voice, "Kimmy, you've thought of everyone else
your entire life. You haven't thought of what you want to do. You've done
what your parents expected you to do. You've done what Becky has wanted you
to do, and you've done everything but make yourself happy. I want you to be
happy, Kimmy. I will make you happy if you give me the chance."

"I gotta go," Kim said and headed for the door quickly.

"Kimmy!" Sam said and she paused for a minute at the doorway.

"I love you, Kimmy and I don't want to pressure you. You've had enough
pressure your entire life," Sam said, "I'm sorry I raised my voice, but
promise me you'll at least listen to what your heart tells you, okay."

She seemed to be in thought for a moment and got a tear in her eye.
"Goodbye," she said as she went out the door. 

Was this really goodbye, Sam thought to himself as a tear rolled down his
cheek. Was his dream girl really gone?

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