Dream Girl, Part 8

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 8: The Big Fight

Kimmy got into her car and started crying. She lit up a Marlboro 100 and
smoked it quickly. Her smoking had gradually increased as the summer went on
and she was sure she was up to over a pack a day. It would be hard to quit
when she went back to Bible College in a few weeks. As she drove home, she
thought about what would happen with each choice she could make. If she chose
Sam, it would start a cascading effect which would hurt almost everyone in
her life. Her parents would be very disappointed to see that their "Sunshine"
as they called her was really a chain smoker who had been messing around with
her best friend's boyfriend all summer. Her boyfriend at college Josh was the
nicest guy in the world. He had already planned on their engagement and would
be devastated. Becky had already been talking about marriage with Sam and it
would hurt her if she knew the truth- that Sam didn't want her, he wanted
Kimmy and that they'd been spending practically their entire free time
together all summer. The people in her hometown would talk about her and call
her a slut. If she chose the life she'd always had, she'd only hurt Sam. She
would hurt the one man she'd ever loved because that's what she had to do,
she thought as tears rolled down her cheeks. She took one last drag off the
Marlboro and threw it out the window.  She threw the pack of Marlboros out
the window as well and on the way home, she picked up a package of nicotine
patches. The decision she had to make, the one she didn't really want to make
would be hard enough if she was craving nicotine she thought to herself as
she applied the first patch to her upper thigh. She thought for a moment and
realized that was where Sam had touched her when she he gave her that first
orgasm four years earlier. She wanted so much to share another orgasm with
him at that moment as she started crying again.

Kimmy slept most of the next couple of days and realized that the patch
really didn't help as much as she thought it would. She was too addicted.
Maybe she should put two on, she thought, but then she remembered the warning
on the box. She would just have to deal with this. It wasn't the hardest
thing she was giving up right now, anyway she thought as she cried herself to

After the third day, she wondered why Sam hadn't called her. Maybe he didn't
really care about her. Maybe, though, he meant what he said, and wanted her
to make her decision without feeling pressure. She had already made her
decision she thought. This is what I have to do, she thought to herself. It
was a hard decision for her to make, though

Becky called her that morning and said that she was up at her grandmother's
house for a few days and asked if Kim would like to join her.

"Are you with Sam?" asked Kimmy, in between a few other questions so that it
wouldn't sound suspicious. Kimmy knew Becky was blind to what had been
happening all summer long. The thought that her and Sam would mess around
would seem preposterous to anyone in town. Even Kimmy was surprised about all
that had happened. Kimmy had grown up that summer.

"No, he said he wanted to stay in town and go fishing or something. As much
as he bitched about spending all summer here, I think he's grown quite an
attachment to our little town," Becky said giggling, "And he's been kind of
bummed out the past few days, I don't know why, but he just doesn't seem like
himself. I thought I'd leave him alone for a few days."

Kimmy thought for a few seconds. Sam was more than a little bummed out. Kimmy
had hurt him. Kimmy knew Sam had hoped Kimmy would have quickly decided to be
with him and if there had been no other factors, Kim would have. But it
wasn't that easy. Family and friendship were too important to Kim to just
throw away.

"Okay," Kim finally said. She needed to get out of town anyway. 

She drove up to Becky's grandmother's house which was about 100 miles away
and thought about her friend Becky. She was feeling a little guilty about
what she had been doing with Sam all summer. She had always had a stormy
friendship with Becky and she made up her mind that she wanted to make it up
to Becky by being a better friend. She resisted the urge to stop at every
convenience store she passed by to buy cigarettes and Kim got there a couple
of hours later.

Kim had looked forward to relaxing for a few days at Becky's grandmother's
house, but Becky somehow really got on her nerves from the moment she got
there. Maybe Becky was a bigger bitch than usual or maybe it was the lack of
nicotine-  but either way Kim was getting really annoyed by Becky.

They went out for dinner and Kim was taking her time deciding what to eat. 

"How `bout the chicken fried steak?" asked Becky.

"No, I don't think I'm in the mood for that," said Kim. The lack of nicotine
was making Kim really hungry, but she always liked to take her time looking
at the menu and deciding thoughtfully not quickly. For Kim a big part of
eating at a restaurant was deciding what to eat-

"We'll both have the chicken fried steak," said Becky when the waitress got
back to the table.  

Kim bit her lip. No need to make a scene in the restaurant, but she would
definitely say something when they got home.

"You know maybe I wanted something other than chicken fried steak, Becka."
said Kim when they got back to Becky's grandma's house.

"Jesus Christ Kim, I was getting hungry and was sick of waiting for a fuckin'
hour for you to decide," replied Becky, "You're not a fucking kid anymore.
Look at the menu quickly and decide what the hell you want when you sit

"You're right. I'm not a kid. So I shouldn't be rushed into ordering food
when I'm in a restaurant. If you were that hungry, you could have gone ahead
and ordered what you wanted or you could have gotten an appetizer," countered

From that point it got ugly as it became clear this would be there biggest
fight ever. Kim tried to keep the argument civil, but Becky made that
impossible as she cursed and said things which she knew would hurt Kim. Becky
called Kim a big baby and even started calling her `Kimmy' to emphasis that
she considered her to be a child. This made Kim mad. There was only one
person she didn't mind calling her `Kimmy'...

"You know what you need Kimmy? You need to get laid!" Becky said about an
hour after they started fighting.

Kimmy thought for a moment and finally said, "No, I think you're the one who
needs to get laid." Kim had been tempted to finally tell Becky about what had
been happening all summer but resisted the urge. Kimmy did know the last time
Becky had had sex because Sam made a point of telling Kimmy earlier that
month that he wasn't having sex with Becky anymore. 

"Oh, I can get laid anytime I want. I can fuck Sam every night if I want to.
Sam and I make love every night," said Becky. 

Kimmy smiled. She knew that was a lie. "And you don't fake your orgasms
either, right?" Kimmy asked sarcastically. Sam had told Kimmy how Becky faked
orgasms because she couldn't have one. Perhaps she shouldn't have said that,
thought Kim.

Becky got a shocked look on her face from hearing Kim's statement. She took a
cigarette out of her pack and lit up. Becky thought there was no way Kimmy
could know that. Not even Sam knows I fake, thought Becky. Kim was just
trying to say hurtful things.

"You know what Kimmy?  I do fake orgasms from time to time, but at least I'm
with a real man. I've seen pictures of your boyfriend Josh and Sam is way
better looking than that zit-faced dork you're going out with. You could
never get a man like Sam because you`re such a whiny fuckin' bitch," Becky
said deliberately blowing smoke in Kimmy's face.

Kimmy instinctively pushed Becky. Becky pushed back harder- knocking Kimmy to
the ground.  It had been the first time in their long stormy friendship that
they had gotten physical during one of their fights. She could have had Sam,
Kim thought to herself. She wanted Sam, but she had instead chosen to not
hurt her best friend. As much as she had cared about Becky's feelings, she
was beginning to see how little her feelings meant to Becky as Becky had
deliberately said things to hurt her feelings.  Kim started crying and
noticed Becky was laughing at her tears. Kim had had enough of Becky and
decided it was time to go. She got her purse and headed for the door.

"That's it. Just walk away and cry like a little baby and go home. When I get
back to town feel free to stop by my aunt`s and apologize. Sam and I will
still be there for another week." Becky yelled as Kim got into her car.

Kimmy was really mad as she drove away. Sam was right. All her life, she had
done what everyone else wanted to do. From then on, she would do what Kimmy
wanted and wouldn't care what anyone else thought about her decisions or who
got hurt by making herself happy.

Kimmy stopped by the first convenience store she saw to buy some cigarettes.
She got back in her car and pulled a pack out of the carton. It was the first
carton she had ever bought. "I'm a smoker now," Kimmy said to herself. 

" I don't give a flying fuck who sees me smoking anymore," she thought to
herself as she lit up. Was she smoking for herself or for Sam, she thought to
herself as she took a drag. She savored the first cigarette in three days and
said, "I smoke for me, but the fact that Sam thinks I'm sexy when I smoke is
a bonus !" She thought about Sam for a minute. Had she taken too long to make
the decision she was about to make? Did he still want her? She wanted to be
with him now and forever, she said to herself. She would find out when she
got back to town.

Kimmy rang the doorbell when she got to Becky's aunt's house. There was no
answer at the door and she looked at her watch. It was 10 pm and she knew Sam
was probably asleep. She went inside and went into the guest room and found
that the man she loved was asleep. She looked at him for a minute. She
hadn't seen him in three days, but it felt like it had been forever. Kimmy
didn't want to ever be without him, she thought to herself as she stared at
her man who was asleep in his boxer shorts and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Looks like George is still awake," she said and got a sly grin as she
noticed Sam's erection and quickly put on some lip gloss and lit a cigarette. 

Halfway through the smoky blowjob, Sam woke up. It took him a moment to
figure out what was happening and he reached for her right hand. When she was
done, she gave him a long kiss and said she loved him.

"I guess you've made your decision then?" he asked her.

She thought for a moment as she lit another cigarette and said giggling,
"Yeah, maybe I could live without you, but you know-  I just couldn't go on
without my George," as she moved back down and gave him another smoky

They talked for a few hours as they planned the rest of their lives and fell
asleep in the same bed for the first time in four years.

Kimmy woke up the next morning and heard the shower was running in the
bathroom. She got out of bed, took off all her clothes and got in the shower
with Sam. They started playing with each other and Sam started moving into

"Sammy," Kimmy said chiding him, "Don't be a bad boy. You know I'm saving
myself for my wedding night."

"Yeah," said Sam with a huge grin, " Sorry. I almost forgot,"  He kissed
Kimmy passionately and thought about their itinerary for that day. 

They got out of the shower and Kimmy lit a cigarette as they sat on the bed
naked. Sam reached for it and she pulled it away. 

"Come on, Sam!" she said, "You know the routine by now." 

"Oh yeah," he said and opened his mouth to enjoy his first smoky kiss of the
day. "The first smoky kiss of the rest of my life," thought Sam.

When the cigarette was almost done Sam asked, "Are you sure you want to do
this?" Kimmy would be burning all of her bridges really soon.

"Yeah," she said, "Four years is a long time to wait."

"For love or revenge?" asked Sam.

Kimmy never answered, but raised her eyebrows as she double pumped and gave
him one more smoky kiss before she crushed out the cig in a nearby ashtray.

They got dressed and put their plan into motion. Becky would be back from her
grandma's house in 24 hours. They would have to act quickly...

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