Dream Girl, Part 9

(by Dromedary Joe, 29 June 2008)

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Dream Girl
by Dromedary Joe

Note: This story is a sequel to "School Trip"

Part 9: The Wedding Video

Becky got back in her car after making a quick pit stop at the convenience
store after she left her grandmother's house. She looked at the pack of
Newport 100's she was holding admiring the little upside down Nike symbol for
a moment before she packed them. She opened the pack and put it in her mouth
dangling for a brief second. She lit up and took a quick drag. This would
take some getting used to, but some of her friends at UCLA were hardcore
Newport smokers who wouldn't smoke anything else. She knew they were a lot
stronger than the Virginia Slim Menthol Lights she was used to smoking, but
she knew she'd have to get used to them for him.  She loved Sam and she would
do anything to make him happy. He's my soul mate, she thought to herself.

After her big fight with Kim two nights before, she had gone into her
grandma's room and decided to browse the web for a while to calm down. She
somehow stumbled onto a smoking fetish website. At first, she didn't
understand why guys were attracted to girls who smoked, but then something
clicked in her head. Her boyfriend Sam had a smoking fetish. That explained
many things. She had noticed him watching her smoke from time to time and
found it strange, but she hadn't figured it out until she had seen this
website. She did a little more browsing on the website and noticed that it
seemed some guys preferred when girls smoked certain kinds of cigarettes-
what else would explain the titles of the videos, names like `Corks' ,
`Whites,' and `120's'? What kind would Sam like her to smoke, she thought.
She had noticed that he liked it when she smoked her usual brand, Virginia
Slims, but he really watched her closely the few times she had smoked one of
his Marlboro 100's. She didn't like Marlboros, she had always had a
preference for menthols. She had bummed a few Newports off friends before and
kind of liked the taste. She hoped he would find her sexy smoking the cork
filtered Newports. She browsed for another hour and found out what a smoky
kiss and smoky blowjob were. She had decided that she would start giving Sam
smoky blowjobs and kisses when she got back to her aunt's house. Maybe that
would jumpstart her sex life. Their sex life that summer had been nearly

Becky always enjoyed the drive home from her grandmother's house. The lightly
traveled road was straight and it gave her time to think about life. She let
her mind wander thinking about the different things going on in her life...

"How come Sam never told me he had a thing for girls smoking?" she thought
as she drove away from the convenience store lighting up another Newport. Sam
had always been somewhat of a private person, not that he had much to be
ashamed of or hide. Becky just knew that was the way he was. Becky thought
back to a night a week after her and Sam had moved in together in which they
were in bed drinking champagne...

 Sam had gotten really drunk and Becky had decided to take advantage of Sam's
condition by asking him questions about the girls in his past. Sam didn't get
drunk very often, but when he did, he tended to be talkative. He talked a
little bit about the three girls he had had sex with before he met Becky. He
also talked about a few of the girlfriends he had had before he had lost his

"That's it?" Becky had asked him after he had told her everything. Sam was a
cute guy and Becky had expected Sam to tell her a lot of things which he
would probably be ashamed of telling her if he had been sober. Becky was kind
of disappointed that he really didn't say anything which she could use
against him in the future. Becky knew leverage was always a valuable

"Well, there was another girl," Sam told her slurring his speech a little,
"There was this girl I met on a school trip. She spent the night in my hotel
room my senior year of high school."

"Did you fuck her?" asked Becky.

Sam shook his head and said, "No, she was a little younger than me. She
seemed so innocent. But she's my dream girl. I dream about her all the time.
She's, like, everything I've always wanted in a girl."  Sam answered a few
more of Becky's questions about the girl in the hotel room and then Sam got
a little hostile.

"Look, I didn't have sex with her and I really don`t want to talk to you
about that night, so can we talk about something else,"  he said before
passing out.  Becky never did ask him afterwards about the girl Sam had
called his dream girl, and she wondered if Sam was really in love with her
or his dream girl. His dream girl obviously had some sort of special meaning
to him. Becky had been drunk that night although not as drunk as Sam and she
vaguely remembered Sam had told her the girl's name, but she had forgotten
what it was. "It starts with the letter `K' I think," Becky thought to
herself as she continued to drive home.

Becky dangled the cork filtered Newport in her mouth as she drove and thought
about her relationship with Sam for a while. Becky was sure it would be only
a matter of time before he proposed to her. Becky wanted to spent the rest of
her life with Sam. He was everything she wanted in a guy- successful, smart,
a good sense of humor and cute.

About a half hour later she thought about her big fight with Kim. Would this
be the end of their friendship? No, thought Becky, Kim will come over and
apologize like she does every time they fought even though it wasn`t her
fault. Kim needed their friendship more than Becky needed it. Kim would
apologize even though she hadn't started the fight. Just like the time after
the National Bake Off when she came crawling back and practically begged her
to be her friend again. Kim may be a hard-core Jesus freak, but she was
predictable. She would come around.

Becky smoked four more Newports during the two hour drive and noticed she was
starting to get used to the strong menthol taste. She was sure Sam would be
surprised when he saw her dangling a cork cigarette from her lips, she
thought as she got out of the car and headed inside the house.

She called his name, but he wasn't inside. The car he had been using all
summer was still there, maybe he had gone fishing with her dad again and her
dad had picked him up. 

Earlier that summer, Becky had started to do aerobics every morning. She was
starting to become a little self-conscious about her thighs which seemed to
be where her body was storing extra fat. Why couldn't she be petite and not
have to worry about her weight like Kim, she thought as she lit up another
Newport. She smoked it quickly and put her work out clothes on. She picked up
the remote to rewind the Jane Fonda workout tape which had pretty much stayed
in the VCR all summer and saw it was already rewound. That was strange- she
would always be too tired to rewind the video after it was done and would end
up having to do it the next day before she worked out. Maybe Sam had rewound
it for her the night before- he was always doing small things to make her
feel special, she thought to herself as she started her warm-up.

She pushed play and her heart jumped...

"Sorry, Becka. I know you were expecting Jane Fonda, but we need to talk,"
said Kim's voice coming from her television set, "When I'm done talking, then
you can do your aerobics. I left the workout tape on the coffee table, but I
doubt you'll be in the mood for aerobics once you're done watching this."

"What the fuck is this?" said Becky as she sat down in the chair closest to
the television. This should be good, she thought to herself. It was her
friend Kim sitting on the guest room bed. Maybe Kim was sick of her pathetic
life and this was some sort of suicide tape, thought Becky.

Her friend Kim paused for a few seconds. If this was a suicide tape, her
mannerisms and expressions didn't seem to fit. Kim had a defiance Becky had
never seen before. 

"Before we go any further, I think I need a cigarette," Kim paused and
grabbed the pack of Marlboro 100's which were on the table next to the bed
she was sitting on.  Kim lit it up and took a few drags. Becky watched Kim
smoke and noticed she wasn't a novice. When did Kim start smoking and how did
she start? 

Kim took another drag and continued as she exhaled, "You're probably
wondering when I started smoking. Well, actually I tried my first cigarette a
few days after you tried your first cigarette at the National Bake Off. You
remember how I never came back to our room the last night? I wasn't out
walking around- I was hanging out with a guy. There was only one guy at the
National Bake Off that year- I think you might know him," said Kim with a
smile and wink.

Becky noticed her heart beating faster as her mind started putting the pieces
of the puzzle together...

 Sam had told Becky he was at the Bake Off the same year that Becky and Kim
went.   Sam had said he had spent the night with his dream girl in a hotel
room his senior year of high school. Kimmy had been out all night the last
night of the National Bake Off. She thought for another second and then it
hit her like a slap across the face as she recalled the champagne-soaked
night she had gotten drunk with Sam. Becky now suddenly remembered the part
of the conversation which she had forgotten in her drunken haze. "My dream
girl is named Kimmy,"  Sam had said, "And I would do anything to find her."
Becky felt a chill run down her spine as she realized her best friend Kim was
Sam's dream girl Kimmy. Sam hadn't needed to do `anything' to find his dream
girl- Becky had led him to her, Becky thought as the first of many teardrops
rolled down her cheek.

"Sam taught me how to smoke that night. We smoked almost an entire pack
together. We gave each other dozens of smoky kisses. We fell asleep in his
bed. It was the best night of my life. Sam gave me my first orgasm that

For the first time since she had pushed play Becky got the urge to reach for
the remote and turn it off, but it was like she was paralyzed with shock by
what she was hearing. Becky found herself unable to move. 

"You and I  got back home and of course we stopped speaking for a while. I
don't know why I started being friends with you again. You've never changed.
You're a bitch who uses people and you're a manipulative person. But I guess
I'm glad we became friends again even though I had to put up with your shit
throughout high school."

Kim double pumped her Marlboro and then continued as she exhaled, "I guess
if our friendship would have ended permanently, I would have never met Sam
again when you brought him home this summer. You see, I've thought of Sam
every day of my life since we met at the Adam's Mark. You brought us together
again, and for that we have you to thank. I say `we' because Sam and I have
been messing around all summer. Before I left your grandma's house you said I
should feel free to apologize once you got back home so I guess I should
apologize for fooling around with Sam. So sorry- but he was mine to begin
with. He wanted me before he was with you, he wanted me while he was with
you, and now that he has me- he doesn't want you anymore."

Kim took a few more drags off her cigarette and paused as if she wanted the
impact of what she had just said to be felt by Becky. The pause had its
effect as Becky started sobbing.

"Anyway, Sam's my soul mate and I`m his dream girl. We got married this
afternoon by the justice of the peace and we're about to consummate our
relationship. We thought you'd like to share this special moment with us
since you helped bring us together. Feel free to add this to your video
collection. It's a little more risqué than most of your videos, though. After
this, we'll never be able to be friends ever again, but you'll always have a
special place in my heart no matter how much of a bitch you are. And you can
watch this video years from now to remind yourself of the friend you once had
and the man you once loved. If you feel heartbreak, you only have yourself to
blame- you put the ball in motion.

Kim crushed out her cigarette and said, "Well, I'm going to go fuck my
husband now," making sure she flashed her wedding ring at the camera. "Wish
me luck. Oh yeah, I don't need luck- *some* of us don't have to fake an

Becky lit up a cigarette and noticed the picture move a little as if the
camcorder was being put down and saw Sam enter the picture. He was wearing
only his underwear and Becky had just noticed what Kim was wearing as she got
up. Kim was wearing the lingerie Sam had bought Becky before the first time
they had had sex. It had a Hello Kitty logo on it and Becky had never known
why he picked those out until now. When Kimmy was in 9th grade, she was going
through a Hello Kitty phase. The last day of the National Bake Off Kimmy had
worn a cute matching Hello Kitty outfit- Becky remembered how her and the two
popular girls had made fun of Kimmy's outfit that day. Sam had probably seen
it that last night of the Bake Off, the night Kimmy and Sam had spent
together at the Adam`s Mark. When Becky and Sam went to the lingerie shop
before their first night he picked out the Hello Kitty lingerie quickly.
Becky had never liked Hello Kitty and had asked Sam why he wanted her to wear
that- he didn't really give her a good reason, but he seemed adamant that she
wear the Hello Kitty lingerie that night. That night when Sam had deflowered
Becky which had meant so much to her, now took on a new meaning for Becky as
she realized Sam wasn't thinking of her when they had made love that first
time, he was thinking of some girl who liked Hello Kitty-  his dream girl

That would explain Sam's obsession with strawberry lip gloss, Becky thought
as she saw Kim apply a layer of gloss to her lips before lighting up a
Marlboro. This was the Kimmy she had known as a high school freshman- the
girl who wore Hello Kitty clothing and was always putting a layer of
strawberry lip gloss on. This was the Kimmy which Sam had apparently
remembered as well. Not just remembered, Becky thought- this was the girl Sam
had wanted Becky to be. Sam had tried to turn Becky into Kimmy and their
relationship had worked until he found the real thing again. Becky was just a
cheap imitation of the real thing. She saw Kimmy give Sam a smoky kiss and
thought back to a few days earlier when she had seen the website. Becky had
decided then that she would start giving Sam smoky kisses, but wasn't sure
how to go about giving smoky kisses. She thought it sounded a little awkward
blowing smoke in someone's mouth while kissing, but as she watched Sam and
her best friend Kimmy do it, she realized that it wasn't that hard at all. Of
course, Sam and Kimmy had probably shared hundreds of smoky kisses, she
thought to herself as she started crying harder.

 Sam started playing with Kimmy's breasts as she continued to smoke. Sam
paused for a moment and Kimmy giggled as she whispered something in his ear.
Kimmy took another drag off the cigarette and put Sam's dick in her mouth
exhaling smoke onto his cock. Becky noticed neither Kimmy nor Sam had looked
at the camera since Sam had put it down on the table. They were too focused
on what they were doing to bother even acknowledging that Becky would
eventually see this.  Becky saw them gaze into each other's eyes, smile and
tell each other `I love you.' Becky had once thought that Sam was her soul
mate, but the truth cut like a knife as she realized that Kimmy was Sam's
soul mate. Kimmy was, without a doubt, Sam's dream girl, Becky thought as
the tears streamed down her cheeks. It wasn't long after this that she saw
them get into bed and Kim mount Sam's cock. A few minutes later when they had
their first simultaneous orgasm, she got up and pushed the eject button. She
didn't even wait for the tape to fully eject as she yanked the tape out of
the slot and threw it against the wall breaking the tape, knocking a few of
her aunt's pictures off the wall, and leaving a dent at the point of impact.
Later, after she had cried most of the day, she went to clean up the mess and
noticed what Kim had written on the label of the tape. It read "Kimmy Gets
Her Man (And Revenge)".

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