Drive Home

(by Fletch, 03 September 2001)

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The Drive Home
by Fletch

We were driving home- from my family's house after the weekend- Kids were 
asleep in my truck, she finally had some peace and quiet by herself in her 
car- she had been alone with the kids all week. I figured she'd have the 
stereo on loud and thinking about her own stuff. She was.

We had been driving for about an hour- and had an hour to go- driving though 
another city, she was way behind us, so I pulled off quick into a driveway, 
planning to pull out behind her and surprise her- a fun little game we used 
to play on road trips-

She went by, I pulled out- she had no idea I was there- and I couldn't catch 
up to her for a few miles because of the traffic. I did eventually, and 
slowly crept ahead a little more to peek at her. She didn't see me looking- 
it was too funny- singing to the music obviously playing-  and smoking.

Now I could see the signs- the window was open a few inches, her left hand 
was just below the bottom of the window.. The signs I looked for anytime I 
drove anywhere- always on the prowl for a great sighting- and here it was!

She had not smoked for over 10 years that I was aware of- she had sworn off 
her wild days some time ago- a non-smoker myself- she attributed her clean 
up to me (!). I had mentioned the concept of me being aroused by her smoking 
several times- and it had fallen on deaf (and I thought offended) ears. Now, 
she was doing it for her own apparent pleasure.

20 miles ahead we had preplanned to stop for fuel- I thought I'd see how 
long I could stay close and watch her perform my fantasy  and even better- 
it was for her own satisfaction, which intensified the experience for me. I 
have always been more interested in seeing a woman smoke when she wasn't 
aware of being watched- it's real.

She continued to inhale every minute or so- they looked to be deep, cheek 
hollowing drags that she snapped in with just the tip of her tongue showing 
as she followed the smoke in with it  then a full chest inhale-. They each 
seemed so full and intentional, her whole body moved  I wanted the full, 
front view- but remained content with this glimpse of my fantasy.

I followed her for several blocks/minutes in the left lane, staying just 
behind her window and to my amazement she never turned her head to the left- 
where my front end would have given me away immediately- Some of the 
excitement came from the thought of her catching me there- and then having 
to confront her smoking- and perhaps get in on the experience.

Finally I had to fall behind and kept my distance until the service station 
appeared- she was already there- brake lights just turning off as I pulled 
into the space next to her- She looked over at me and smiled  she was 
chewing gum and had both front windows down. I put the nozzle in my tank and 
started the flow (it would run for awhile), and went over to her pump- 
looked like she was going to `let me' fuel the van- I started her pump too 
and asked how her drive was going. "Fine" she replied- "It's been very 
relaxing tonight"  she went on to ask if the kids were still sleeping, 
"Yes".  She smiled at me and leaned over the glass, taking her gum out- her 
`signal'  I took a step closer for the kiss she was offering. Clearly she 
hadn't had the gum in long- her mouth had that taste  and since she wasn't 
smoking now and there was no sex going on to affect my perception  I must 
have made some indication that it wasn't so tasty- She noticed, and put her 
right hand around my neck and pulled me into her- digging her tongue into my 
mouth- and offering an extremely wet kiss  without allowing me to withdraw. 
Her powerful kiss was awesome, my cock indicated that it was all good.

The fuel nozzle clicked off- she let me go- staring almost through me as I 
withdrew from her soft face and lips. I replaced the nozzle, and then 
stepped over to check on my truck- which clicked off shortly.

I walked back up to her window- she had started the van and put it in gear- 
she again looked right into me and told me to hurry- she was anxious to get 
home and spend some time together.

Crap, I couldn't get going fast enough. Seems like it took an hour to pay, 
and another half day to get home- it was only a half hour until we pulled 
into the driveway.

Her van was parked in the garage, door left open for us to pull in, which I 
did. As I got out- I couldn't hear her and didn't see her- so I started 
hauling the kids in- still sleeping. Another 10 minutes getting them tucked 
in- NOW I could go look for her!

I quietly walked to a window on each side of the house- assuming she was 
outside- and didn't see her- I went back into the garage and checked out the 
van, in her purse was a pack of Marlboro Lights, several missing, lighter on 
the seat.

I went back inside- to find her in the guest room in the basement- showering 
(eliminating all evidence?). I poked my head in the door and smiled at her, 
she kissed me- no evidence of her smoking- She asked if I wanted to get in, 
and I did. We sometimes took showers before intimate trysts  which made her 
feel more comfortable when I got down to eating her- one of my favorite 
foreplay activities- I had hope that we were on that track tonight!

We kissed a little in the shower, she let my cock in between her legs a 
little as I stood close to her, but nothing serious.

After drying off, we kissed some more and took our `normal' track toward 
messing around- but this time in the basement (a walk out with a view 
through the patio door to the backyard and open land behind us)- She laid me 
back onto the couch and leaned over my cock- tasting and teasing me a 
little. As soon as she got a little `pre-cum' on her lips- she made her way 
up to kiss me- Lately she had some fun trading tastes from each other- she 
would finger herself and offer me a taste; she would suck me and then make 
her way to my mouth to share the taste; she would eagerly come in for a deep 
kiss after my venture inside her thighs with my mouth. I have an undeniable 
oral fixation and all of this was totally arousing for me- and now, it 
seemed it to becoming a turn on for her too.

We kissed for a few minutes and she stood up to get a glass of water - she 
asked if I would get her purse from the van for her- she didn't even crack a 
smile- neither did I (other than giving her a little bit of a hard time for 
sending me out at this important time). The purse was open, and cigarettes 
visible inside (I hadn't touched it), I snapped it closed and took it to 
her. Excited- I handed it to her, she opened it as she stared into me-and 
pulled out her Carmex, then set the purse down. I moved over to kiss her 
some more. We worked our way to the couch again- and she let me get into my 
favorite spot- she laying back onto the couch- legs spread apart with one 
foot up on the footstool - so I could easily lick and tickle her from my 
seat on the carpet-  I did for several minutes, and had closed my eyes- 
until I heard the roll of the lighter wheel. I looked up to see her- looking 
right into my eyes- drag almost half of the cigarette into her chest- It was 
deep and sensual. She exhaled the smoke slightly to one side and down past 
her thigh- never taking her eyes from me. My tongue slipped all the way into 
her- the tip of my nose against her clit  her left hand pulled some of her 
pussy apart for my easy access- the tip of her finger occasionally tickling 
her clit.

She continued to smoke where I could watch her from my vantage point - never 
saying a word, kinda smiling, until she pulled the back of my head in the 
direction of her face. As I leaned forward towards her she inhaled again- 
holding it until my face was within a few inches of her mouth. She moved 
slightly forward, parting her lips as if to dig her tongue in again, and 
turned away a few degrees to allow her exhale to miss me slightly- still 
staring into me.

As soon as the smoke stopped slipping out of her lips, she came in. Now, her 
hand was on my cock (which usually dulls some of my senses or makes me able 
to block undesireables out in the interest of pleasure). I couldn't take her 
deep enough- her dirty tongue seemed fuller than it ever had been, soft and 
powerful, and it filled my mouth tonight. We kissed for several minutes. She 
asked me if `this was OK', to which I started kissing again. She seemed 
relieved and further aroused by my reply.

She leaned back to take a drag, allowing me to be within inches of her 
beautiful mouth. Respectfully, she exhaled just away from my face, but 
allowed me to see everything- my absolute dream  and still fondling me 

My next breath would change everything- she inhaled sensually- and deeply, 
then looking into my eyes, pressed her mouth onto mine, and when I inhaled 
though her (as we sometimes did) she exhaled her last drag  a hot, dirty 
breath of sexual fire! I pressed my cock toward her, needing to get inside. 
She appeared impressed that I didn't cough and fall over- even aroused- the 
intensity kept increasing-

We continued our sexual experiment for the next 30 minutes, experimenting 
with more smoky kisses, anal penetration, and smoky blow jobs- as well as 
one more smoky buffet for me!

With the patio door open, the smoke drifted away and wasn't noticeable in 
the morning. She also didn't mention the experience to me to this day.

I think that she caught me looking at her on the road.

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