Countdown to Ecstasy

(by anonymous, 09 May 1997)

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    Countdown to Ecstasy

    First of all, let me say that this is a true story. All the dates and
specific details have been reported with reasonable accuracy. The dialogue has
been inserted to closely match what probably was said as best I can remember
(keep in mind that this spans over sixteen years). I tell this story after
reading many of the others posted here. The intent is to provide hope for all
those out there that have not yet fulfilled their fantasy with their wife,
girl friend or significant other. Given my marital situation over the years, I
find it hard to believe that it finally happened to me. I hope that this story
will give all of you still-in-the-closet fetishers some hope. There are
definitely advantages to sharing it.

    Cynthia and I were married in the first half of 1980. She was soon to turn
20 and I was 23. During the time we were dating, I did confess to her (even
back then) that seeing a woman smoke a cigarette (under certain conditions)
was somewhat of a turn-on. Even though she admitted that she understood, I was
doubtful that she truly "got it". It was during this same conversation she
confessed to me that during high school she and her best friend had
experimented with smoking while out in restaurants, pizza places and the like.
This didn't immediately turn me on but it was intriguing. I followed on with
questions.....did you enjoy it, did you inhale, what brand did you smoke?
Cynthia unhesitatingly answered, yes, yes and Benson and Hedges Menthol Lights
(taken from her best friend's mother). Now I was excited. The idea of seeing
her (and her also good-looking best friend) at 17, sitting together at a table
in a restaurant, smoking long, all white cigarettes (and inhaling!) did turn
me on. I struggled to keep my feelings inside and calmly asked how long this
went on - I mean, did you smoke long enough to get hooked, when was the last
time you smoked? Cynthia, I think, sensed I was now more interested than she
initially thought but answered nonetheless. She said she and her friend
(Rachel) smoked this way mostly through their senior year (just before I met
her) but she quit before she truly got addicted. Rachel went on to smoke
another year before she met her future husband who was a vehement anti-smoker
and born-again Christian. She was addicted and had to go through a
semi-painful withdrawal before she got married (sidenote - to this day, Rachel
has not smoked.) Before Cynthia and I dropped this subject for many months, I
asked one more question (I had a million but only asked one). Did you smoke
any other time than around Rachel? Yes, came the reply. The summer before her
senior year (just after she and Rachel had started), she smoked by herself on
several occasions at home after her parents and family were gone. (Hard to do
since she has two sisters and an older brother). This was to practice so she'd
feel more confident in public. She said smoking by herself seemed pointless.
In a way, it was fun but "didn't do anything" for her. By the way, this
practice was worthwhile because (as I was later to find out) Cynthia's smoking
style could have been ranked as very advanced considering how little she

    As mentioned, Cynthia and I were married in the summer of 1980 after I
finished college. We lived in many locations during the first 4-5 years. After
about 4 months of marriage, the subject of smoking came up again. We were
sitting in a bar in her hometown (visiting her parents) when she suddenly
announced (after 3 glasses of chardonnay) that she wanted a cigarette. We were
tucked in a small booth and the bar was semi-crowded and a bit smoky. She'd
been watching this couple in another booth both smoking and decided she wanted
one. My mind raced. What was she going to do? What was I going to do? I was
still shy about letting on about my complete fantasy(s) and nervous about
"letting" her smoke. After all, I was only 23 and had never been with a woman
that smoked. Still, Cynthia confidently announced she wanted a cigarette and
began sucking on the little straws that come with your drinks and blowing
imaginary smoke at me. She then got up to walk to the machine to buy a pack
but realized she had no change (back then you needed a whole $1.50 in
quarters). I was literally shaking inside but said to her to let me get them.
I should say right now that I had smoked a bit myself (experiments) while
growing up and was familiar with the machines since I could not take any from
my non-smoking parents. I knew what brands were generally found in them and I
wanted to be the one to pick out Cyndi's cigarettes -- long, all white ones. I
walked over to the machine which was in the foyer out of sight from the
tables. As I scanned the selection, I was very pleased to find Virginia Slims
Menthol on one of the tabs. They also had Benson and Hedges Menthol Lights but
at the time, I could not pass up Virginia Slims. The lights may have been the
right choice because, as I headed to the table, I realized that the VS's were
full flavor. I handed them to Cyndi with a slight mock-guilty look on my face.
She thanked me and immediately tore open the slender white and green striped
pack. I was captivated as she pulled out the very long, slim white cigarette
from the pack and placed it expertly in between her lips. She asked me to
"light her" while the cigarette dangled in front of her. God, I couldn't
believe all this! I carefully lit her cigarette and watched intently. She
sucked in a normal amount to get it going but did not inhale this first puff.
Then, without taking the cigarette from her mouth, she started her second
puff. She removed the cigarette and simply opened her mouth and inhaled. A
faint white cloud disappeared inside her mouth. For a non-smoker, she held the
puff inside her for quite a while (about 5 seconds) before exhaling in the
same manner that she inhaled - leaving her mouth open and not pursing her
lips. I think to her surprise, a lot more smoke came out than she was
expecting. It took another exhale to finally clear her lungs as I felt a firm
arousal in my jeans. Cyndi took a sip of wine and one more (smaller) puff.
Again, the same inhale and exhale. I asked if she was feeling okay. She smiled
and just said um-hmm. She took about five more measured puffs before putting
it out and saying thank you. This whole episode is permanently etched into my
brain because it would be almost 2 years before Cyndi would smoke again. (And
I thought about it a lot in those 2 years.)

    Later, on the way out of the bar, I was very curious to know how she felt
during and after her cigarette. I asked somewhat of a leading question...are
you feeling okay? This was designed to get her to comment on her smoking,
which it did. "Oh, I feel fine, that cigarette was a little stronger than I
remember...maybe it's because I haven't smoked in a while. I got a little
dizzy. The wine may be affecting me a bit too." I said, "Do you want to keep
the cigarettes?" Her response: "Of course, don't know when I'll smoke again
though...". And that was that. I said nothing else. Cyndi said nothing else.
She kept the Virginia Slims in her purse.

    The next 12 years or so of our marriage was not entirely smokeless on
Cyndi's part. On her 22nd birthday we had a small celebration at home. After a
couple of friends left, Cyndi was feeling the effects (again) of the wine. She
wanted some more but we were out. I said I'd have some more too if she went to
the store. I started cleaning up. In about 15 minutes, she came back with the
wine and a lit Virginia Slim Menthol Light in her hand. Just like at the bar,
I was shocked and excited at the same time. She said she hoped I didn't mind.
"I was standing in line at the checkout and couldn't resist." She walked over
to me at the sink, looked me right in the eye and took a long puff. She kept
eye contact as she inhaled in the same manner that she had over two years ago.
Then, without closing her mouth any, out came a slow exhale. Not nearly as
much smoke came out as with the regular VS. I took my hands out of the sink
and kissed her long and slowly while she held the cigarette at her side. Cyndi
had one more cigarette that evening before we went upstairs and made love with
a renewed passion that rivaled our first time. I noted throughout the evening
that Cyndi was careful and measured in her smoking as if she was getting to
know it again. I don't think she wanted to feel any nausea or dizziness this
time. I pretended to carry on a conversation with her as we sat on the
overstuffed sofa while she smoked. I was so hard down below and I knew that
she saw it through my pants. Yet here I was, trying to talk about nothing in
particular and act like this happened everyday. I counted 9 puffs on her
second VSML. Not bad and she said several times that she felt wonderful.

    It took Cyndi a little more than two months to finish her pack of Virginia
Slims Menthol Lights. I kept hoping that she would increase her pace and
immediately replace her first pack. She did neither. My hopes (and fantasy) of
her getting up to 5 or 6 cigarettes a day never did materialize. We did
however, make love a lot more during those 2 months that she owned that pack
of VSMLs. If I was to guess, I'd say over the next 12 years, Cyndi owned about
4 packs of cigarettes. She probably finished 2 of those. It was very tough
times for me because I wanted her to smoke more regularly but it had to be
under her terms. If I over-encouraged her, it wouldn't be know
how it goes. Part of the fantasy is that she has to want it as much as or more
than me.

    There was one other time during this 12 year period that there was a
memorable evening. We had just moved into a new condo/townhouse and Cyndi made
casual friends with the woman of a married couple across the walkway from our
unit. I got to know both her and her husband a little bit later. Come to find
out, the woman, Yvonne, smoked but not her husband. I was very encouraged when
I learned this fact. We would see each other and wave or talk outside in the
common areas but wouldn't really do anything (as couples) together. Yvonne
smoked Marlboro Light 100s. She was about 35 (this was when Cyndi was 25) and
very well dressed. She looked okay and was very trim - like she worked out or
something. When I was getting to know her, it was very hard to get to see her
smoke. I definitely knew she did because I'd see her go by outside our window
holding a newly lit cigarette as she walked to her car or got the mail. She
looked very natural with it. Finally, I made a point on one of these trips to
intercept her. I caught her just as she had lit a new Marlboro 100. We talked
for a short bit while the whole time I'm dying to see her take a puff. I guess
because she was talking to someone she was just getting to know, she wasn't as
relaxed. Yvonne just kept holding the cigarette at her side flicking ashes
every now and then but never taking a puff! Finally, with the cigarette half
gone and our brief chat coming to an end, she decided it was time to take a
puff. What I saw amazed me. I think she was compensating for all the missed
puffs during our conversation. She placed the cigarette between her full lips
and began to draw. I watched as her cheeks caved in and the cigarette angled
down in her mouth. This lasted about five seconds. She then removed it and
pursed her lips just before inhaling deeply. She glanced at me, smiled faintly
(almost embarrassingly) then began another puff of exact style before even
thinking to exhaling her first. Now, with smoke from two long puffs deep
inside her, Yvonne turned her head slightly away from me and exhaled most of
it. Turning back toward me, she gave that same slightly embarrassed smile and
finished her exhale. We talked some more (about what, I don't remember) and
she took only one more puff before she was done smoking. She said she had to
run and we made an agreement (out of courtesy, I suspected) to all get
together sometime. As she drove off in her late model Camaro, I saw her just
long enough to observe her putting an unlit cigarette in her mouth and reach
for the lighter, then she was gone.

    When I got back into our townhouse, Cyndi noticed Yvonne and I had been
talking. She asked if Yvonne had mentioned our getting together next Friday at
their place. I said no (maybe she had but after she took that double puff, I
was in no position to remember anything). We did visit Yvonne and her husband
the next Friday. Cyndi mentioned we were going to play Trivial Pursuit and
just have "light" hors devours for dinner. When we got to their condo, Yvonne
looked great. She was wearing a short leather skirt and black silk blouse. She
wasn't smoking but there was a slight trace of smoke and food cooking in the
air. She also seemed much more relaxed than the other day. The glass of wine
in her hand probably was helping in that direction. After both of us filled up
some glasses with wine, we began some small talk. Cyndi was interested in
something Mark (Yvonne's husband) was showing her in the living room. I
followed Yvonne into the kitchen to help with some of the food. She
immediately walked over to the spot on the tiled kitchen counter where her
cigarettes were. It was an almost full pack of Marlboro Light 100s. She
carefully took one out using her long fingernails, turned away from me and lit
it using a colorful Bic lighter. Without removing the cigarette after lighting
it, Yvonne took a long puff reminiscent of our first meeting. No immediate
second puff though... This time however, there was no embarrassed smile, just
confidence that it was okay to smoke. I helped Yvonne carry some food out to
the small formal dining room. We all got back together in the living room. I
was curious to see the interaction between Yvonne and Mark about her smoking.
Was he okay with it? Did he once smoke but quit? Did he have the fetish?
Initially, I couldn't tell anything. Mark didn't give her any grief but he
didn't seem any closer to her when she lit a new cigarette either. Then, just
after our light dinner and maybe third glass of wine, Yvonne lit her fourth
cigarette since our arrival. She had just exhaled a long puff when Mark gently
leaned over to where she was sitting and kissed her ever so lightly. It was
then I knew....he had the fetish all right. I think this entire moment was
lost on Cyndi however she was grasping the theme of the evening. Because of
the wine and the general festive mood, I suspected Cyndi would be smoking
fairly soon. The only problem was, I wanted her to smoke her usual brand;
VSML. I was afraid that she wouldn't like Yvonne's brand (non-menthol) and,
once trying it, not smoke any more for the balance of the evening. I was happy
to admit to myself later on that I was wrong.

    As I predicted, Cyndi asked for one of Yvonne's cigarettes just as we were
sitting down to play the game. Mark just poured Cyndi her fourth glass of wine
and without hesitation or question, Yvonne handed Cyndi the pack of cigarettes
and readied her lighter. Cyndi leaned over toward Yvonne as Yvonne flicked the
lighter to life. Cyndi's first real puff surprised me. It was not her usual
breathe in through the mouth, hold, then breathe out. It more emulated
Yvonne's (purse lips together before inhale) style. After a sip of her wine,
Cyndi met my eyes, held the stare and took a long puff. She inhaled just as
before, keeping her eyes on me then she turned her head away and let a long
slow exhale come out while holding her lips together. She had never done this
before. It looked great! She looked great. Again, I was getting hard very
quickly as she continued to smoke the cigarette.

    As the evening went on, we all played the game, laughed, drank wine and
(the ladies) smoked. I got so I was not paying attention to Cyndi on her every
puff which was good. I'd notice Yvonne on occasion though. I especially
noticed that the more she drank, the longer her puffs got. Plus, she was, in a
very true sense, chain smoking. Sometimes she would still be exhaling smoke
from her last puff as she was taking out her next cigarette. Mark didn't seem
to mind or pay much attention. Cyndi was also smoking at a pace that was
frighteningly fast for her....about 4 in an hour. At this rate, Yvonne's pack
was gone around 10pm. Our game ended about 10:30 when Yvonne suggested that we
get in their newly-installed hot tub. We ran home quickly to change. I was
back in five minutes, Cyndi in ten. I considered making love to her once we
were back in our condo, we kissed enough to get each other aroused but, no I
thought, let's wait until we're back here for good.

    Since I arrived back at Mark and Yvonne's first, I met them as they were
headed into the small backyard. Yvonne had on a great-looking two piece
bathing suit and was carrying an unlit cigarette. Mark was bringing an
unopened bottle of champagne. Looking at Yvonne in the soft backyard light
with practically nothing on was especially exciting to me this night. She
finally lit her cigarette, laid the fresh pack on the pool deck and slid into
the bubbling water. I helped Mark with the champagne as we both watched
Yvonne, with her head tilted back, eyes closed and water up to her neck, puff
on her long, white cigarette. Just then Cyndi entered the backyard in her
suit; a tight fitting one piece. She smiled at both of us men, strolled into
the hot tub and lit her own cigarette; her fifth of the evening. I never could
have forecast what a turn-on this night would be....sitting in a hot tub with
two women (one on each side of me) talking, laughing and smoking. Under the
water, I reached over and stroked Cyndi's breasts and stomach as she sat back
blowing smoke into the night air. Afterwards, at home, we again made love like
two teenagers lusting after each other. When it was over, I reflected that I
had a lot to be happy for. Cyndi was back smoking (seemed to enjoy it) and she
had a friend that smoked too....things were looking up.

    It had been almost a week since the night at Mark and Yvonne's and Cyndi
had not had a single cigarette. Worse, she hadn't even asked for one. Finally,
I forced myself to ask her about it. I came at it rather obliquely. "Hey,
Cyndi (from the other room), have you been with Yvonne since last Friday?"
Yes, she answered. "Well, I was just wondering what she said about it
all....". Cyndi came into the room. "Things went very well, I think you know
that" she said. I had to ask: "Have you been smoking since?" I tried to make
it sound somewhat upbeat, not interrogative. Sadly enough, Cyndi said that she
hadn't and I knew she was telling the truth. Yvonne, on the other hand
certainly was smoking. I saw her the next day as I drove up to the parking
area as she was checking her mail. She had a cigarette in her left hand while
she stooped to look inside her box. As usual, she was dressed and made up
perfectly...she must've just gotten in from work herself. I mentioned
something to the effect that I hadn't seen either one of them since Friday.
She said yeah, she knew...wasn't Friday a blast? Yes, it was I mentioned.
Yvonne could see that I wanted to talk some more. Somehow, since Yvonne was a
true smoker, I felt I could discuss what was coming next. I asked her what she
felt about smoking. At first, she looked at me as though it was a weird
question, then she said "are you worried about Cyndi? Do you think she's going
to get hooked on cigarettes or something?" Very calmly, I said, "Yvonne, I'm
worried that she's not going to get hooked". She looked at me for about a
second, then laughed. It was maybe a nervous laugh but genuine nonetheless.
She explained the day after she met Cyndi (about 6 weeks ago), she and Cyndi
had several cigarettes with their coffee at her place. During the course of
that morning, she showed Cyndi how to more effectively inhale and why smoking
was more enjoyable with coffee. "It's funny" she said, "Cyndi seemed very
eager to want to smoke with me and she picked up all my mannerisms quickly.
Then Friday night, when I saw how free and easy she was smoking, I thought,
yeah, she's hooked or soon will be". Yvonne took a long puff on her cigarette,
inhaled, then asked me, "have you ever smoked". I told her once or twice in
college. I lied. I had smoked more than that - before college. She shook her
head as smoke came out, "I don't know what to think" she said. "Maybe Cyndi
thinks of you as her fair-haired wonderboy that would disapprove of her
smoking -- have you ever just come out and said 'Cynthia, I want you to start
smoking' or 'Cynthia, it's a real turn-on to watch you smoke.'?" "Good lord,
no", I uttered. "Listen", Yvonne said with a smile on her face, "Mark loves it
when I smoke. I started for him 10 years ago just as a sexual thing at parties
and the like, then, before I knew it, I was smoking 4, 10 then 20 cigarettes a
day. Now I smoke for both of us...he loves it and so do I. There's really
nothing more to say", her words trailed off. "You're like Mark, aren't you?",
she asked honestly. "I guess, if he likes....uh, to watch you, I mean, women
smoke", my mind raced, how did I get into this conversation?! In a way, I
wanted to hear it but it was very uncomfortable to have my secret fantasy out
in the open with a women I barely knew. We talked briefly and directly for a
few minutes more. Yvonne really understood a lot. She and Mark must've been
over this subject more than 10 years prior. At the end, she did say she was
slightly puzzled over Cyndi's not smoking recently in light of Friday but
dismissed it as just her needing more positive reinforcement from me. Her last
words to me were (and I mean her last because she and Mark moved two weeks
later), "keep working with Cyndi, she can do it. There's more fun than either
of you know about when you mix smoking and sex".

    Those words were not lost in the many years to come. It was mid-1985 when
Yvonne gave me that insight but it would seem like forever before I would
understand its full meaning. Life with Cyndi had the usual marital ups and
downs during this period. On occasion, she would buy a pack of cigarettes when
we were out and smoke a few of them. Then the pack would disappear a few weeks
later more than half full. Sex was better when she was smoking and I was
surprised when I truly felt she was not aware of this. Cyndi was getting much
better with her smoking mannerisms and, if you did not know her, you would
think she was smoking everyday. During these years, she even got bold and
experimented with Virginia Slims SuperSlims menthol, Capri menthol and
VSML120s. Seeing her smoke a 120 was a sight to behold. They looked so
unbelievably long! When we were in the Olive Garden restaurant, where she
first tried the VS120, there were more men's eyes on her than just mine. The
only thing that was puzzling me was why wasn't she smoking more? How could she
smoke so expertly and so sexily and not smoke regularly? I never did directly
ask her these questions. I had to be patient.

    In early 1996, about 8 months from my 40th birthday, Cyndi and I had a
conversation one night that would forever change our sexual lives and lead us
(me) more towards completing my fantasy . Before this conversation, we were
out at the mall one Saturday and ended up looking at sun glasses in one of
those specialty shops. Cyndi found a pair of wrap-around Bolles that gave her
a very sexy look. I told her as much and she bought them right then. The
glasses made me think of one of those mid-80s Virginia Slims magazine ads
where the model is sitting outside wearing a pair of similar glasses, a white
blouse, a matching pearl necklace with a Virginia Slims cigarette in her right
hand. I almost told Cyndi that on the spot...but didn't. I did, however,
remember this vision long enough to get us into the "conversation that changed
our lives".

    Since my 40th birthday was less than a year away, Cyndi and others were
occasionally teasing me about my upcoming "mid-life" crisis and such. The
conversation we had started in this light. This time I exploited her teasing
me and said something like, "yeah, I've still got a few fantasies I need to
live out". Cyndi got very interested in this comment. She said she'd be glad
to help me live out any fantasy I had in mind with a wink in her eye. I took
her line and said, "any fantasy?". She said, without hesitation, "any fantasy!
What do you have in mind?". My mind raced. I wanted to say "I want to make
love to you while you smoke." but all that came out was, "I want to see you
smoke while you where those sun glasses you bought today". She didn't even
blink. All she said was, "you do?", in a very sexy voice. "Well, we'll see
what we can do about that".

    One Friday afternoon in early May, I met Cyndi after work at a place
called Chelsea's for a drink and possibly dinner. It was near 6pm when I
arrived and she had already gotten us a table for two outside on their very
popular and somewhat crowded terrace. It was a beautiful early evening and
somewhat warm with no wind. Cyndi was wearing some very tight jeans and a
black sleeveless sweater and something else....those Bolle wrap-around sun
glasses. I had a nervous, excited twinge run down my spine. I knew what was
coming but I knew I had to play it cool. I kissed her briefly as we met at the
table, sat down and ordered a glass of merlot. Almost on cue, Cyndi reached
down into her purse and pulled out a pack of Virginia Slims Menthol Lights
with an accompanying Bic lighter. I noted that at least three cigarettes were
gone when she pulled one out. She placed the long, white cigarette between her
lips and started to light it. I soaked in this scene as best I could. She
looked fantastic...the glasses, the clothes, the VSML, everything! Very
adroitly, she got the cigarette lit without inhaling, then, without removing
it from her mouth, came a very long puff which she did inhale just like Yvonne
did (more than 10 years ago). The best came next. Because we were outside and
there was no wind and the sun was in the perfect low angle, I could see every
bit of smoke come out of her during her long exhale. It took at least three
exhales to clear her lungs (which she pursed her lips on each one). I think
the light being what it was even made Cyndi take notice. She took a sip of her
wine and immediately took another long puff. I could see that she herself was
watching with fascination as the smoke kept coming out in repeated exhales.
This did not intimidate her...quite the opposite. I did not think she could
take as many puffs as she did without an adverse reaction. Cyndi just kept on
smoking between sips of her wine. About halfway through her cigarette, I spoke
for the first time since sitting down. I didn't blow it this time. "You look
unbelievably sexy, Cyndi. You really look great smoking". She smiled, took
another long puff and inhaled deeply and audibly. You could purposely hear the
air rushing over her lips into her lungs. Holding the smoke inside her, she
took a sip of wine, turned her head slightly and exhaled. She played with the
smoke allowing some to come out of her mouth, some out of her nose, then back
to her mouth for the final exhale. I practically came in my pants sitting
right there at the table.

    We finally got the conversation going again and Cyndi continued to smoke
into the evening. The sun glasses came off after her second cigarette and we
stayed at the same table until around 11pm. The most incredible part was that
Cyndi only stopped smoking long enough to eat her "dinner" which was actually
a small appetizer that we shared. By 11, all but two of the cigarettes were
gone from the pack. Cyndi had smoked each one with the look of a pack-a-day
smoker. I think she herself was amazed the next day when I asked her how she
felt. Other than a slightly scratchy throat, she said she felt fine. We made
love twice when we finally got home. The drive and the passion was back and
more importantly, Cyndi finally recognized it and what had caused it.

    It was now Saturday and I could not stop my mind from drifting back to the
previous night. I kept thinking, "when's she going to smoke again". I knew
that only two VSMLs remained in the pack and I had no idea when we'd be going
out again. I forgot to mention that, along the way, we had two children, now
11 and 15. Cyndi certainly would not smoke in the house (at least while they
were home) and I agreed with that. Around 3pm on Saturday, we were in the
kitchen cleaning up after a late lunch and Cyndi came up to me very closely
and said in a soft voice, "I'd love a cigarette right that bad?" I
smiled and asked "do you have a strong craving?" and she said yes, one sounded
really good right now and that she had no idea how it crept in, especially
during the middle of the day. I said something like I don't care, go for it.
So she did. She walked into the bedroom, retrieved her pack, walked out the
door and headed for our neighborhood park. I had a definite urge to follow her
but I didn't do it. Something inside told me that she was probably getting
addicted and if that was so, I'd get to see her smoke quite regularly and
quite often in the future.

    When Cyndi got back to the house (with her last two cigarettes consumed),
the kids had left so we headed for the bedroom and had a great afternoon of
love-making. When it was over and we were lying in bed, Cyndi mentioned that
she would love to try an after-sex cigarette (she'd never done it before). I
think she would have had one if she had not finished her pack earlier. She had
no cigarettes in the house. I suggested that she go buy some and she looked
over at me, kissed me gently and said she would later today. What actually
happened next surprised me in light of all that had occurred in the last 24
hours. Cyndi got home from the grocery store having picked up some food items
with not only a carton (her first) of VSMLs but also a pack of VS120 menthols.
She said the 120s "looked like fun, so I got them". She also mentioned that
she hoped I didn't mind her getting a carton; that she didn't plan to smoke
more than a few a day and didn't want to be caught without any -- especially
after we made love. Things seemed to be happening so fast. One day I'm
sweating out the long dry spells (months, years) of Cyndi not smoking. Now,
it's looking like she is starting to become a regular smoker and doing on her

    Cyndi quickly developed a regular smoking routine now that she had what
seemed like an endless supply. On weekdays when the kids were in school, she
would smoke two cigarettes with her coffee in the morning (another new routine
she became hooked on), have two after lunch, then one more just prior to the
kids getting home. These five a day seemed to satisfy her newly developed
cravings. We both seemed comfortable with this consumption. What increased
Cyndi's desire to smoke were the evenings that we would go out. It seemed that
she would smoke almost constantly from the time we left the house until we
departed the restaurant / movie / bar, etc. Cyndi's five a day could easily go
to 10 - 15 a day when we went out. I am sure it was these evenings out that
drove her desire to want to increase her daily consumption.

    By late summer 1996 (as my 40th approached), Cyndi was easily smoking a
half pack a day. Despite her smoking regularly, I never did take it for
granted. I went so many years wanting her to smoke on a more casual basis. So
now that she was, I was determined not to ignore her or her smoking. This gave
positive results all around. The more she smoked, the more attention she got,
the more attention she got the more she smoked. I was beginning to understand
Yvonne's comment from 10 years ago but I knew there was still something that
was yet to explore.

    Around August of 1996, we had a unique opportunity arise that we could not
pass up. Cyndi's parents were going to come to town to visit us, then they
wanted to take the kids back east home with them for 10 days just prior to
school starting up. Needless to say, we jumped at the offer. We lived a long
way from both our parents and opportunities like this didn't come along too
often. When Cyndi discovered we would have this time together (alone!), she
made some reservations at one of the in-state resort hotels (at the special
off-season rate). In Tucson, Arizona, August is still very much "off-season".
Anyway, we were going to treat ourselves to two nights in a resort, play golf,
swim, eat, drink, dance, etc., etc. The etc. interested me the most. This
would be the perfect time to make love to her while she smoked - I was sure of

    I took several days off before our weekend at the resort. We spent the
time mostly around the house doing some minor fix-up projects but went out to
several movies at night. I was amazed at how easily and carefree Cyndi smoked
around the house now that the kids were gone. I finally got to see her in the
morning in a kid-less house smoke and enjoy here coffee. Just watching this
little ritual was a major turn-on. She would sometimes forget I was even in
the kitchen nook when she got her coffee poured and her Virginia Slims Menthol
Light going. I noticed her method was puff, sip of coffee, puff, sip of coffee
then a light exhale through her nose as she continued sipping her coffee.
After several cycles of this, she would look up at me, smile and either offer
conversation or just keep on going. It was obvious that she was not doing this
just for my benefit.....Cyndi truly loved her new found habit and used it to
please us both. There was no doubt now that she was addicted. She would
sometimes get antsy if we were out and she could not smoke. In movies, she
would begin to fidget unconsciously. In the now non-smoking malls, she could
only hold her concentration on shopping for the first hour or so before she'd
want to either run outside or enter the smoking section of one of the
restaurants. I usually looked forward to these signs because it meant that if
I was there when she finally got to smoke, I'd get to see her take her longest
puffs, deepest inhales and longest, slowest exhales.

    During this time that we had to ourselves (no kids), we went out to a long
movie one night. At the end, I had to quickly follow her as she exited her
seat before the credits began to roll. She had her pack of VSMLs out of her
purse in the lobby and the cigarette in her hand as she went through the main
door. Once outside, she stopped to light it, drawing long and hard. After her
first long puff, she quickly and deeply inhaled, then took two more puffs
before inhaling again. In the middle of her third puff, smoke from her first
puff began slightly exiting her nose. With the smoke from three long puffs
deep inside her, Cyndi turned and looked at me as if she wanted me to come
closer. As I got about two feet from her, she began an exhale that seemed to
last forever with smoke coming from both her mouth and nose. We had gotten
ourselves out of the main movie theater traffic and were slightly out of view
hidden by one of the main columns of the building. Cyndi began another long
puff while looking directly at me. She then pursed her lips momentarily before
opening her mouth to show the usual white cloud of smoke inside. After her
inhale, she motioned me closer. She wanted to kiss me I thought. Our lips met.
She used her lips on mine to signal me to open my mouth slightly. At this
point, I knew what was going on and I readily complied. This was to be the
first time I ever inhaled Cyndi's smoke. I wasn't really expecting to enjoy it
since a) I was too worried about who might see us (nobody) and b) I didn't
think smoking like this would taste very good. Yet, as I said, I complied
without hesitation as far as Cyndi could tell. As she released her smoke into
me, I began to inhale. She did it very slowly and gently. I was actually
surprised that during this exchange, I briefly lost complete contact with the
surroundings. Her smoke going down inside me was very much a turn-on. It
tasted cool and sweet. I exhaled almost directly back at her. Actually, very
little smoke came out. However, Cyndi was not done with this little episode.
She took another puff (longer this time). I noticed that the usual white cloud
in her mouth during her inhale was more dense this time. I glanced around to
see if anyone else was near (no) while she directed me (without words) to this
time give the smoke back to her. Her lips met mine again. With our bodies
barely touching, she gave her smoke to me a little quicker this time. I could
feel it entering my lungs along with the same cool, sweet taste. When she was
done, I practically missed her cue to give it back. She moaned softly just
before her inhale almost pulled the smoke out of me. I started an exhale and
she took it all very quickly. After the smoke was deeply inside her again, she
opened her mouth but exhaled rather forcefully through her nose. Even after
two exchanges, quite a bit of smoke came out. I was feeling dizzy from my lack
of experience with nicotine and possibly from this very sexy game Cyndi was
playing. Nonetheless, Cyndi held her cigarette at her side and pressed up
against me for a long kiss. With her free hand she felt my bulging crotch. I
think she was pleased with herself. We then both came out from behind this
large pillar and headed for the car. On the drive home, I asked her how'd she
learn to do that. "Yvonne taught me.", she replied. "You mean she explained it
to you?", I asked. "No, we did it together", she said confidently like she
wanted me to know. During our love-making that night, the vision of Cyndi and
Yvonne smoking like that kept filling my mind. When I was deep inside Cyndi, I
asked her to tell me about the Yvonne adventure. She said that Yvonne had told
her about how she and Mark would do it and what a turn-on it was for Mark. She
said that she immediately asked Yvonne to show her. As they sat on the couch
with Yvonne feeding Cyndi a long exhale, Cyndi said her crotch got quite wet.
It scared her at first but the pleasure was too great to stop. She said that
she and Yvonne smoked practically a whole cigarette this way but stopped after
they realized they both were getting turned-on. Cyndi then said she went home
and masturbated herself into a very satisfying orgasm. Upon hearing all this
during our love-making, I myself came very quickly into Cyndi. Afterwards, we
both fell asleep with Cyndi again not having her much talked about post-sex
VSML (even though the kids were gone).

    It was Friday morning and we were packing for our drive north for two
nights at Princess Resort in Scottsdale. I knew what was in store and I could
barely contain my excitement. I think Cyndi knew too but we both avoided the
subject so the fantasy would have a chance to run its course without any
detailed planning. Cyndi did do a little advance planning on her own. In her
suitcase, she deliberately let me see her newly purchased carton of Virginia
Slims Menthol Lights. She had also bought her third pack ever of VS120s and
stuck them in with this new, short black nighty she called her "smoking
pajamas". As I continued to pack, I was already getting hard. "Control,
control" I kept muttering to myself. As I thought about it, Cyndi's smoking
this week had been fairly consistent since we had the house to ourselves. She
would usually have two or three with her coffee in the morning, two before
lunch (if we ate lunch on time), then two after lunch. Afternoon and evenings
were less predictable since we didn't adhere to any routine pattern. She
didn't smoke as much then anyway because her usual day was spent in the kids
presence. One evening we came very close to making love while she smoked but
both of us consciously did not let it happen. Cyndi had just finished taking
her makeup off and brushing her hair before bed. While sitting at the vanity
in our master bathroom, she lit her 12th cigarette (approx) of the day. I
remember this well because it was the first time I ever saw her smoke with the
big mirror in front of her. After watching her take a few puffs, I figured
that she had done this before but, nonetheless, she did take time to watch
herself inhale and blow smoke back at her reflection. I was lying in bed
already when Cyndi came over to get in with her less than half-smoked VSML.
She took a puff, inhaled then crawled into bed. She was lying right next to
me, now with nothing on. She exhaled the puff gently towards the vaulted
ceiling. I moved closer to her until my skin was touching her breasts. I
stroked her vagina. It was moist. She looked over at me as she held the
cigarette on the other side of her. The time had come. I could have her now if
I wanted. As tempting as it was, I knew our trip up to Scottsdale was in two
days, so I backed off and rolled onto my back. Cyndi understood. She took one
last long puff, opened her mouth to let me see the creamy white cloud before
she inhaled it deeply into her lungs, then reached over to the nightstand to
put out the now half-smoked VSML. With the smoke still inside her, she clicked
off the light and pulled me close. As she exhaled the smoke, I slide easily
inside her. We were both very turned on at this point and came rather quickly.
Again, afterwards, instead of smoking, Cyndi fell asleep.

    I was amazed at the size of our room at the Princess after we had checked
in. For the off-season rate of $89/night, plus an extra discount Cyndi was
able to get because of a friend, we got this gorgeous suite complete with a
huge bathroom, lots of mirrors and a Jacuzzi installed in the oversized
bathtub. Along with the minibar, a large plush chair big enough for two, two
26" TVs and two phone lines came the best part; a king sized bed with 6 large
pillows. After we quickly surveyed the room, we embraced, kissed, then I
opened a bottle of champagne that I had brought to sort of "kick things off".
It was going to be a fantastic weekend.

    Our plan for the first night was to have dinner at Hops (a somewhat trendy
micro brewery) then go over to this country and western bar we had heard about
to dance. We finished the champagne in about 45 minutes while Cyndi smoked two
fairly uneventful cigarettes. We sat in the big chair together, sipping
champagne with Cyndi's back leaning into me. I was able to reach around her
and massage her breasts and rub her back as she alternated between long puffs
on her cigarette and sips of champagne. She was becoming just mildly
intoxicated. As this happened, I noticed that her puffs were becoming longer
and she was holding her inhales inside with no visible exhales. She was just
letting her slow breathing clear her lungs with no real interest in exhaling.
As a result, she seemed to continually be emitting smoke gently out through
her nose. At one point, she let out a soft sigh for no reason in particular.
It was obvious she was gaining pleasure from all this. Even though I knew my
pleasure was coming, I was somewhat envious of what she was feeling at this

    We had no time for sex before we had to get ready to go out to dinner /
dancing. I was ready for sex and I knew Cyndi was ready but we settled for a
shower together before getting dressed. When we arrived at Hops, we found that
the entire dining area was non-smoking but they had a fairly large bar area
with tables and stools that allowed smoking. You could get anything from the
menu in the bar. The bar seemed to be the place to be anyway. It was almost
full and at least half the people were smoking. The atmosphere seemed much
more festive than the dining room. As I sat across from Cyndi and watched her
instinctively take out a cigarette and light it, I thought to myself just how
far we'd come since that first Virginia Slim Menthol she had in the bar almost
16 years ago. She expertly double pumped her first and second puffs. She was a
smoker now and it was on her terms. She wanted it as much as I did and it gave
us both pleasure....unbelievable, just like Yvonne had said it would. A funny
thing happened though, just as we started to order our drinks. Cyndi announced
after she inhaled her third puff that this would be her last cigarette until
we got back to the hotel. "Would that be okay?" she asked with smoke starting
to come back out of her mouth. At first, I wasn't sure what to say. She
obviously had a plan so I felt the best response was to just go with it.
"Yeah, I guess. We still have three of four more hours till we get back to our
room. What's up?" I said. "Oh, I don't know. I think that when we get back, I
want to feel the craving for a cigarette. If I smoke all night, I could finish
this pack." Cyndi lifted the VSML pack which was full when we arrived in
Scottsdale this afternoon and now held about 11 cigarettes. I thought, so
what, she's got 9 more, make that 10 more packs counting the lone VS120 pack,
back in our room. She continued, "If I finish this pack, I won't want to smoke
as much when we get back". Maybe she isn't as addicted to smoking as I
thought, I remember saying to myself. Cyndi still had about 3/4 of her
cigarette to go. Because this was going to be her "last", she played it up a
bit. Her puffs lasted her usual 4 seconds or so but she began to French
inhale. Even though I rarely saw her do this, she did it very expertly. In
fact, several other men took brief notice when Cyndi French inhaled her third
puff in a row. We didn't converse much during these final minutes. I just
watched Cyndi smoke as sexily as she could manage. Her French inhales seemed
to last forever. She would let the smoke slowly curl up from her lips. The
interaction between her mouth and nose seemed to hold the smoke suspended in
air while it actually, very slowly, migrated from her mouth, through her nose
then deep into her lungs. She was really quite good at this. When she finished
her inhale, no smoke was left in her mouth like some beginners have. All of it
was gone. Then, after about 10 seconds, Cyndi would tilt her head back
slightly and exhale all the smoke in a single effort. I noticed that not much
came out. Whenever she held the smoke inside her for a long time, not as much
would come out. After watching this, I thought how could she not be addicted?
She loved to smoke....she needed it. What was going on with this "I don't want
any more cigarettes tonight" act?

    Cyndi was determined to not smoke any more cigarettes while we were out. I
thought to myself, geez, why did we sit in the smoking side of the restaurant?
Later, I was glad that we did stay in the smoking section. I could at least
watch the other women smoke. There was this blond, about 25 years old, sitting
two tables away, smoking either Capri or Virginia Slims Super Slims almost
continually. Her "significant other" had his back to our table and Cyndi had
her back to their table. I was in the perfect position to watch her with
neither Cyndi nor the other guy noticing. Cyndi and I continued to make small
talk but after a while she noticed I was looking at something behind her. It
had been about an hour since her "last" cigarette. She said, "Is someone
behind me smoking or something?". This surprised me. I just smiled at her as
she turned around to notice this blond in mid-puff on her thin cigarette.
Cyndi quickly spun back around to face me as I watched Miss Blondie open her
mouth widely before she inhaled a large amount of smoke. At this point, Cyndi
looked down below her chair where her purse was. I thought, ha, she's going to
break down and start smoking again. I almost felt smug about it. Cyndi did not
take out her cigarettes. She pulled out this lipstick then began applying it
to her full lips. When she finished, she asked me, "do you think I have sexy
lips?" I gave her the only answer a married man for 16 years could give. "Yes,
I love your lips." I truly meant it. She said, "good, let's go do some country
dancing". I paid the check and we left. As we passed the blonde's table, she
gave me an ever so slight wink as she exhaled one of her puffs. She knew about
me, I was sure.

    During the rest of the evening, I noticed some of the usual anxious
mannerisms Cyndi would subconsciously display when she needed a cigarette.
During our conversation, she would either shred a napkin or crinkle one of the
little straws in her drink but she did not give in. Finally, I said "Cynthia,
(I used her formal name for effect sometimes) I wish you'd just go ahead and
smoke. One wouldn't ruin it for later would it?" "No", she said, "we'll both
be glad later tonight". To help take her mind off of smoking, we danced the
next four or five dances in a row. Then, after one more drink and several more
dances, we headed for the hotel. I had that "Oh, God" pit in my stomach as we
walked from the building to our car.

    In the low light of our room, Cyndi looked perfect as she emerged from the
bathroom in her "smoking pajamas". It was really just a skimpy one piece black
negligee but I liked her nickname. She had nothing on underneath as she
strolled over to the chair for two with an unlit VS120 in her right hand. I
was sitting in the chair with only my silk boxers on. Cyndi handed me her Bic
and said "Light me" just like she did the very first time I saw her smoke. I
complied. She pulled very lightly on her VS120, just barely enough to get it
going. I was expecting her to settle in next to me and enjoy her first
cigarette in over four hours. I was ready. Instead, Cyndi sat across from me
with her legs folded. Our bodies were about two feet apart with only our legs
touching. She said, "I want to smoke with you". She then took about a 10
second puff on her VS120, inhaled quickly and motioned me closer. I had
thought we might do this and, as I said, I was ready. The last time had been
quite a turn on and we didn't really get to finish because we were basically
in a public place. Cyndi's eyes were closed as our lips barely touched. I
started to inhale almost craving the taste and feel of her smoke. I took all
of it as I started to get very hard under my boxer shorts. Once all of Cyndi's
smoke was deep inside me and because we'd done this before, I could clearly
sense that she wanted it back. After we completed the second exchange, she
began another long puff. Again, she inhaled quickly and leaned over towards
me. I was a bit worried as to how this large puff was going to feel but went
ahead anyway. Cyndi locked her lips to mine and began to give me this huge
puff. As I was inhaling, I could feel the dizziness creeping in. It felt
mildly tingly and pleasant. Now, as my heart began to beat faster, I could
feel that Cyndi had already taken my huge cock in her free hand and begin to
squeeze and massage it. This time I didn't give the smoke back to Cyndi. As I
exhaled toward her, I was amazed at how much came out. Cyndi kept rubbing my
cock as she handed me her VS120. I took a normal puff. As I inhaled, Cyndi's
lips were right there to catch my exhale. I gave her every bit. Now I was
reeling. I handed the cigarette back to her and she took her own long puff
with my smoke already deep inside her. Because I was so dizzy, I marveled at
her ability to take, to really desire, this heavy amount of smoking. She
inhaled her puff and continued to rub my cock. I was getting very close to an
orgasm. I was wanting badly to put my cock deep inside her already wet pussy.
She slowed her rubbing and began to focus her attention on her cigarette. It
was now about the length of one of her 100mms....still plenty left. As Cyndi
sat back in my arms smoking very leisurely, I whispered to her that I wanted
inside her right now. "No", she said, "not yet. I want to finish my
cigarette." That's the point I thought, I wanted to make love to her while she
finished her cigarette. I said nothing. Cyndi then turned back around and
slowly maneuvered her lips onto my very hard cock. She alternated sucking it
and smoking her cigarette. Rather than take time to exhale, she'd let the
smoke escape through her nose after I was back inside her mouth. This was
bringing me very close to the brink and I could tell she was getting very
excited too. About three minutes later, even though I was trying to hold out,
I came very hard as she had turned away to take another long puff. I could
tell that Cyndi was surprised but very pleased with herself. She stroked my
penis lightly as she sat back to take the last two puffs on her cigarette.

    I sat back in the chair as Cyndi excused herself to the bathroom. I almost
dozed off until she came back out with her hair just brushed, a bit of fresh
perfume on and another unlit VS120 in her hand. As spent as I thought I might
be, just seeing this sight renewed my excitement. She asked in a whispery
voice, "are you ready to fuck me now?" Without saying anything, I reached up
to her, pulled her close and gave her a long French kiss. Her tits brushed me
in the face. After the kiss, Cyndi backed off. Standing about 5 feet away, she
carefully lit her cigarette. She looked so great. Her long blond hair arranged
perfectly....her black "pajamas" covering just the essentials....the freshly
lit VS120 in her hand....I was slowly getting hard again just watching her.
Cyndi remained about five feet away, standing, smoking and playing gently with
her hair. She watched me closely until she knew I was hard again. Then she
moved closer. My heart began to beat a little faster. Cyndi stepped up to the
chair and kneeled on it. She began a puff as she moved on her knees closer to
me. I was sitting up with my back against the chair and my cock was rock hard.
She exhaled her puff and asked me again in a soft voice, "are you ready?" She
knew the answer. This is when we made contact. I'll never forget it as long as
I live. Cyndi inched closer until her vagina was right at the tip of my cock.
It brushed her and I could tell that she was very moist. She began what would
be a very long puff as she slowly lowered herself onto me. As I slid inside,
she used her hands on either side of me to control the penetration rate. The
VS120 was between her lips and she was still sucking. Finally, after about 8
seconds, I was inside her to the hilt and she stopped her puff. She removed
the cigarette with her left hand and inhaled deeply with an audible whoosh. As
she held the smoke inside her, she moaned in pleasure. I began a slow, rocking
motion. Cyndi began following me in rhythm. She held her arms behind her head,
her hands played with her hair as she took long puffs, she moaned, she smoked
some more all the while I'm sitting back enjoying the fuck of my life. This
relatively slow pace soon gave way to some faster movement. Cyndi went from
the sitting up position to laying right on top of me. She continued taking
long puffs on her VS120 but now she fed me the smoke which I gladly took. I
could tell (from experience) that this exchanging of smoke really turned her
on. She continued to lay on top of me smoking as her own orgasm approached. We
were rocking rapidly now. Cyndi was so wet I could actually hear the friction.
Finally, she rolled off me and began a last, long puff on her VS120. I quickly
let her assume the position on the chair that I had just left and maneuvered
to get back inside her with me on top. As I slid my cock back deeply inside
her, she exhaled her last puff toward the ceiling. Again, Cyndi moaned a bit
louder then began a series of orgasms that lasted until I came inside her a
half minute or so later. Afterward, we somehow got over to the bed and both
quickly fell asleep. Again, no post-sex cigarette for Cyndi. I woke up about
an hour later just reflecting on what had happened. It was still hard to
believe. I pulled Cyndi's nude body closer and thought, my wife smokes now. We
just made mad, passionate love while she smoked a Virginia Slims Menthol Light
120. It was heaven. She did it for both of us and I knew she'd do it again.

    Cynthia continued to smoke her VS120s into the next day rather than go
back to the regular lights. We sat out by the pool until late morning. (It was
too hot to sit in the sun on these summer afternoons.) We had our breakfast
near the pool deck around 9am. Cyndi really looked great sitting on the patio
in her two piece bathing suit, sipping her coffee and smoking this incredibly
long cigarette. Even she noticed some of the other men occasionally looking at
her. The 120 couldn't help but catch people's eyes. Since this was one of her
first times smoking one of these in public, I noticed that her mannerisms
became very deliberate and feminine. She would move the cigarette very slowly
to her lips and take her usual 4-5 second puff. Then, again, very slowly she'd
purse her lips as she removed the long, white 120. When she opened her mouth
to inhale, she'd let the smoke just sit there for about a second revealing the
usual dense white cloud inside. Then, as part of the cloud began to move
slowly outside her lips, she quickly inhaled deeply, making the entire thing
disappear inside. A few times she would take a sip of her coffee as she
exhaled slowly through her nose. Other times, she'd just gently lick her lips,
then begin a measured exhale that would take at least three pushes to get
entirely out. She'd softly smile, sip her coffee again and repeat the process
until she had taken nearly 16 puffs. Before we went out to the patio for
breakfast, I thought that after last night it would take quit a lot to get me
excited whenever I watched Cyndi smoke again. I was wrong. Just sitting there
on the patio watching this "show" made me want her again immediately. I was so
tempted to grab her and run off to our room as I rubbed Coppertone on her back
watching her smoke from behind. Instead, Cyndi and I sat in the sun until
11:30 or so while she continually smoked her VS120s. I counted 10 in the three
hours we were outside.

    Interestingly enough, those 10 VS120s were all that Cyndi smoked for the
entire day. Now, I found myself wondering again if she was addicted to smoking
or not. I could watch her smoke at a rate of 4 cigarettes per hour all day
sometimes, then (as last night and today were proving) I could go 8-10 hours
without seeing her smoke....very puzzling. Again, though, we were both
rewarded for her waiting when we got back to the room Saturday night. It was
about 10pm and Cyndi wanted to watch this movie on the pay-per-view channel.
She could tell I wanted to repeat last night right away. We sort of
compromised in a way that was very unique and still very exciting. Cyndi was
sitting partially up in bed with most of the six pillows around her as the
movie started. All she had on was one of her night shirts and panties. Lying
next to her, I moved up close and whispered in her ear, "don't you want one of
your cigarettes right now?" She let out a soft mmmm (recognizing a compromise
situation) and said "I'd love one. Will you get them for me?" I opened her
purse and found a new pack of VSMLs and the more than half gone pack of 120s.
I asked her which ones she wanted. "Bring me the regulars....they're smoother
and sweeter". It was no big deal but it did amaze me that she could be that
discriminating. I thought that VS120s were the same cigarette as the 100s only
with 20 millimeters added on. Apparently I was wrong. I carried over the
unopened pack with her lighter. Cyndi just laid there watching the movie so I
carefully tore open the wrapper, removed it and flipped the box lid open. I
then reached in and took out the light green foil tab revealing 20 very white
cigarettes. Cyndi continued to stare straight at the TV. She doesn't even seem
interested, I thought. I proceeded to take out one of the cigarettes. No
notice from Cyndi. I moved it towards her lips. Ah, recognition. Cyndi allowed
me to insert the filter into her full lips and light the tip of the cigarette.
She drew in a normal amount, inhaled quickly and said thanks but continued to
watch her movie. Upon seeing this, I was really not alarmed but it was
certainly a different approach - if you could call it that. I decided to take
off all my remaining clothes, get under the covers and slide up beside her.
Cyndi was not disinterested in her cigarette. She had the covers up over her
chest with four pillows placed strategically around her. She looked cozy and
relaxed as she played with the smoke on her exhales. I recognized myself
getting hard. As Cyndi continued to smoke and watch the TV, I slid her panties
off. She helped me by bending her knees and lifting her bottom but never
taking her eyes of the picture. She kept her legs bent at the knees which
allowed me to slide my lower torso under them to get my now hard penis right
up against her vagina. I entered her slowly at mid puff. Cyndi moaned just a
bit but kept right on smoking and watching TV. I laid there for a moment
wondering what to do. Cyndi's moist pussy was telling me that she was
interested but her face was saying something else. I just began rocking
slowly. I could tell that she liked this so I continued. In fact, as I kept
this up, Cyndi reached over to the nightstand and took out another cigarette
as she finished her first. We continued like this throughout her second VSML.
I was lying on my side deep inside her gently making love to her while she
smoked and watched the movie. Cyndi paid little attention to me except that
every time she took a puff and inhaled, I could feel her muscles contract to
squeeze my penis. This was very much a turn-on in its own way. I found that I
could actually control myself from orgasm even though we were lying in bed
making love and Cyndi was smoking!

    The movie was only half over and Cyndi had smoked two cigarettes, one
after the other. I could tell that she wanted to finish the movie. I was still
inside her moving in and out very slowly. She had stopped her contractions and
seemed very interested in what was happening on the screen. I don't think she
minded my being there but it seemed secondary. I debated whether I should
proceed or stop to wait for her full attention. Just then, she asked me to go
fetch her 120s. Hmmm, this is interesting I thought. I slid out of her as
slowly as I could and ran back to her purse. I took one of the long cigarettes
out of the pack and placed it between her lips again. She let me light it for
her. Like earlier today, she puffed only long enough to get it going with no
initial inhale. With the 120 dangling from her mouth, she pulled me closer and
said "come back here". I got back between the sheets. Cyndi had the plush
bedspread almost up to her neck with pillows all around her. She helped guide
me back inside her and began to smoke the cigarette without removing it from
her mouth. I was moving in and out of her much quicker now. She began moaning
softly again while smoke exited her nose. I knew we were both on the road to
climax. All of a sudden, Cyndi said "slow down, please slow down". I
considered ignoring her but thought better of it. She then removed the
cigarette from her lips for the first time and made a conscious effort to
exhale all the accumulated smoke from inside her. After watching a very long
exhale, I asked her if everything was okay. She kissed me lightly to assure me
that yes, she felt wonderful but she wanted to save our orgasms for later.
This was very frustrating sexually yet very exciting at the same time. I
remained next to Cyndi as we both finished the movie about a half hour later.

    When the movie ended, Cyndi jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom
and shut the door. I could here water running. I thought, "Is she taking a
shower?" A few minutes later she opened the door and had no clothes on. I
walked into the room and saw the huge bathtub filled and the Jacuzzi running
on low. Cyndi had added some type of lotion or oil or something. We both got
into the bubbly water without our clothes. Cyndi then picked up her regular
VSMLs which she had already placed in reach. This scene was reminiscent of our
night in Mark and Yvonne's hot tub. After Cyndi got her cigarette going, she
reached for a tube of KY that was also pre-placed. She rubbed it on my cock as
I started getting hard. Before I knew what was happening, Cyndi was in my lap
facing me lowering herself onto my waiting member. She used her free hand to
guide me in. This all happened very fast. With her face about a foot from
mine, she turned to take her first full puff on her cigarette. I felt the
familiar contractions below as she inhaled. Because she was facing me and so
close, I knew that she was wanting to play her little smoking game. This is
what truly turned her on about smoking and sex and was about the only way she
would have a true orgasm while smoking. My mind drifted back to her confession
about her and Yvonne doing this. Fantasizing about being Yvonne, I took all of
Cyndi's smoke as her lips made soft contact with mine. With her smoke inside
me, I said, "I still think about you and Yvonne doing this. I'd love to watch
you two do it". I got close to Cyndi's lips. She desperately wanted all the
smoke back. As soon as she had it, she took a very long puff of her own and
inhaled. With smoke coming out of her mouth and nose, she started to rise and
fall on my cock. I laid back in the Jacuzzi savoring every bit of this live
fantasy. We exchanged smoke several more times before Cyndi finished the
cigarette on her own. The entire time, she was bouncing on me, controlling the
entire session. Now it was my turn. We switched positions and I began
controlling the penetration. Cyndi laid back in the Jacuzzi, lit her final
cigarette with her eyes closed and began puffing while I moved my cock in and
out of her slippery pussy. I was totally energized and ready to explode.
Before I knew it, Cyndi arched her back in mid puff and began her orgasm. When
she finished her puff and instinctively inhaled, she was shaking and moaning
uncontrollably with her eyes tightly closed. Without her realizing it, I took
the cigarette from her hand and put it out. With still a trace of smoke coming
out of her nose, I started thrusting my penis in and out of her very
rhythmically. Cyndi's eyes were still closed when I quickly followed her
orgasm with one to match. I pressed up against her tits and began licking her
lips as my body began to get weak all over just before I exploded.

    We sat back in the Jacuzzi, completely spent as the jets continued to
bubble. The water felt so therapeutic, so relaxing. I think we could've both
fallen asleep very easily in there. We didn't. Cyndi stood up very slowly,
briefly toweled off and left the room. I followed her lead. Each of us walked
directly to the bed and crawled in on opposite sides. Cyndi curled up in my
arms and enjoyed her first ever "after sex" cigarette. She only smoked about
half of it. I suspected it was just for the novelty of it. Her last puff was
fairly long. After her inhale, she turned over to me and passed it into my
lungs. I obediently gave it back. Cyndi then turned out the light and softly
exhaled towards the ceiling giving a familiar, audible sigh. I squeezed her
closer and we both quickly fell into a deep sleep. My sixteen year countdown
to ecstasy had ended this night.

    Epilogue: Cynthia and I will celebrate our 17th anniversary next month. We
are completely happy and very much in love. Our sex life, which is very
important to both of us, is doing great. Cyndi is more than just the
occasional smoker now and admits it to anyone that asks. Her family even
accepts it. Even though she must smoke everyday, I am amazed at how methodical
and controlled she is. She only smokes 6 cigarettes a day when we don't go out
and maybe 10 if we do. She works out 3 times a week for an hour or so. Her
weight is down (from 135 to 126) and she looks fantastic for a 36 year old. We
make love maybe 3 or 4 times a least one of these is a "smoking"
session. As for a "moral to the story", all I can say is if you and your wife
love each other, and you have the fetish, don't be afraid to confess it.
Chances are, you'll be pleasantly surprised as to where it will
lead.......good luck!

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