End of Days: The Temptation of April, Part 4

(by uciboy2001@yahoo.com, 02 May 2004)

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None of what had just transpired between April and her sister made any sense
to the 16 year old who was now acne-free.  All she had to do was place her
hand on Candy's chest and command her to smoke, and her sister obeyed - as if
lighting a cigarette were as normal as breathing.  But it's not possible.  No
one has the power to make another person smoke.  And yet her sister WAS

April wondered whether she was still dreaming.  She walked out of the bathroom
down the hall and took a look into Candy's bedroom.  There was her sister,
talking on the phone with a friend and happily smoking her cigarette.

"Oh, hold on," Candy said into the phone.  "April, do you have any more

April handed her sister the pack out of her shirt pocket.  "Keep it.  I have
another in my room," she said in disbelief.

"Thanks, sis!" the young girl beamed as she picked up the phone.  "My sister
is so cool," April heard Candy say as she walked back into the living room to
sit on the couch.  

"Oh my God," April said as she put her face in her hands again.  "How am I
gonna explain this to Mom?"  But then an evil thought entered her brain.
"What if I don't have to?  What if I just make her a smoker, too?"  April
could feel a cold shutter go through her body again - the same shutter that
she felt when she transformed her sister; that dark feeling that was so
pleasurable - like a slow orgasm building until the final climax.  "Then I
could smoke as much as I want."  Things suddenly didn't seem so bad.

But a pang of guilt now replaced the pleasurable feeling.  "What am I
thinking?  There's something wrong her.  And it all seemed to start with
Jezzie."  April decided she had to go next door to talk with her new friend
about this.


"Hellooooo," April said after knocking on the front door several times.
"Jezzie?  It's April."  Finding the door unlocked, April decided to walk in.
"Are you home?" she said as she slowly opened the door.  But she was in for a
shock when she stepped into the now empty house.  There was no furniture, no
smell of cookies baking from the kitchen - not even a single light fixture
that worked.  In fact, the house was dusty and the wall paper was peeling.  It
was obvious that no one had lived there for years.

Stunned by what she saw, goose bumps started to form along April's arms as she
had the creepy feeling that she had entered into a haunted house.  She turned
around and ran out the door, never more confused about what was happening to
her than now.  


"I came as soon as I could," Annette said as she sat next to April on the park
bench.  "You sounded terrible on the phone."

"Annette," April said, fear rising in her voice, "I don't know what's
happening to me.  I'm so scared.  First I had this weird dream, and then I
turned Candy into a smoker, and now the house where Jezzie was living is
totally empty."

"Whoa, whoa," Annette said as she placed her hand on her friend's shoulder.
"You're not making any sense here.  Start from the beginning."

April took a deep breath.  God, she wanted a cigarette so bad, but she knew
that Annette would chastise her for lighting one.  Still, she couldn't hold
back; there was just something about those long white sticks that she had come
to love.  And so she pulled out her pack of Virginia Slims.

"Oh my God," Annette said, "what are you doing with those?"

"I'm sorry, Annette, but I really need to have one right now," April replied
with some shame.  As she lit the long cigarette and drew the smoke deep into
her lungs, she suddenly felt more calm and ready to tell her story.  "It all
started last Sunday," she began, and she told Annette everything about Jezzie,
about her dream (though she left out the part about Father Ken), about Candy's
transformation, and finally about the empty house next door.  Annette remained
quiet until April finally finished her tale.

"April, you can't really believe this story you're telling me, do you?"

"But look at my face," she protested, "it's completely clear of acne."

"Well, that doesn't prove anything except that your body is changing as you
grow older."

April thought for a minute about what Annette said.  It sounded logical.
There were times where she had pimples grow and disappear within the same day.
And she had been using some new acne medicine recently.

"But what about Candy?  She's at home right now smoking!"

"Honey, if she lit up a cigarette in front of you without a single cough, then
isn't obvious that she's already been smoking quite a bit and just hiding it
from you?  She no doubt used the opportunity of finding you in bathroom
smoking to come out into the open about her own habit."

April didn't even ask about the house after listening to Annette's logic.  Was
everything just a dream?  No, it couldn't be.  She was smoking cigarettes that
Jezzie had given her!

"You're still not convinced, are you?"  The expression on April's face was a
clear indication that she still believed something was very wrong.  "Here,"
Annette said, "let me prove it to you that this is all just fantasy.  Have you
ever seen me smoke before?"

"No," April replied quietly, feeling even more guilty about the cigarette she
held between her fingers.

"Nor will you ever.  It's a terrible habit and I hope you quit before it's too
late.  But just to convince you that I'm right...," Annette picked up April's
hands and placed them on her chest, "...make me smoke."

April pulled her hands back.  "No, I can't do that."

"Honey, you won't do it - because it's all just make-believe.  But you need to
be convinced of this.  So come on...command me to smoke.  Transform me into a

April began to fear where all of this was heading.  She suddenly felt a
tremendous desire to do just that; to command Annette to smoke and make her a
slave to nicotine addiction.  She could feel that cold shutter start to move
through her, and she liked the feeling of this temptation.  "Annette...I

"Come on, April...make me obey you," Annette said with a smile as if it were
all a big joke.

April hesitated, afraid to take that step towards the cold, comforting
darkness, but then she heard Jezzie's voice echo in her mind.  "Make her
obey," the voice said.  Now the excitement was rising within April.  Yes, she
would transform Annette into a smoker, and she would enjoy doing it.  What a
wicked act that would be, to turn this model church-going mother into a slave
of the smoke.  April slowly moved her hands onto Annette's chest, feeling the
cold power build up within her, flooding her mind with such wicked thoughts.
Her eyes began to flutter as a feeling of ecstasy started to overcome her.
And then the words came out of her mouth, deep and echoing like in her dream:
"Obey the smoke."

There was no delay this time in the transformation of April's newest convert.
The cold power moved through her arms and hands like lightening, and Annette
gasped as she experienced the sensation of an orgasm rolling through her body.
Her eyes immediately glazed over, but just as quickly returned to normal
before her eyelids shut tight.  April half-expected to watch her exhale smoke
and a cigarette magically appear between Annette's fingers, but Annette only
took several breaths before saying, "Oh my, I feel a little dizzy."  When she
opened her eyes, she looked down at the lit cigarette between April's fingers.
"You couldn't spare an extra one of those, could you my dear?"

Without even the slightest starter's cough, Annette smoked half the cigarette
in two minutes.  "I don't know why I never tried this before," she said with
total satisfaction.  "You've really opened my eyes today, April."

"I'm glad I could help," April said coyly as she held her 120 perpendicular to
her face as she had seen Jezzie do so many times before.  

"Tell me, my dear, have you lost some weight?  I'd swear that you're ten
pounds lighter than when I first got here.

April looked down at her waist and could see her shirt hanging loosely and the
waistline of her pants drooping.  The connection was now obvious to April -
the more she used her power to transform others, the more she was transforming
herself - and not just physically.  The wicked temptation that she had felt in
converting Annette was not dissipating as it had after Candy's transformation.
If anything, April felt that temptation stronger than ever before; she liked
it, and she wanted to experience that feeling of power again.

"Tell me, Annette," April said with a wicked smile, "don't you think your
daughters would enjoy smoking?"

Annette replied with a wicked smile of her own as she puffed deeply on her
Virginia Slim.  "I believe they would," she said before exhaling a cone above
April's head.  "I believe they would indeed."


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