The Estrangement, Part 1

(by, 20 September 1995)

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Subject: The Estrangement - Part 1 of 3 (long)
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John Miller picked up his mail that Saturday morning and began shuffling
through the usual
assortment of advertisements, junk mail, and bills when a letter from
Clarence P. Atwater caught
his eye. He knew the letter was from Roxanne's attorney and it contained
the final divorce
papers. John tore it open and began solemnly reading the legal ease until
a certain paragraph
caught his eye "..whereupon Mrs. Miller, unbounded from the commitments of
matrimony does
hereby partition the Commonwealth for restoration hereto and henceforth,
of her maiden name,
Emerson, for all purposes, legal and.." .  Although the letter rambled on
endlessly, John's mind
reflected back to a time, some 15 years ago.
He recalled the evening when, after five months of dating, he finally met
Roxanne's parents,
Patricia "Trixie" and Jim Emerson. He recalled every detail of that
evening, how surprised he
was to see that Roxie smoked openly in front of her parents, and even how
Trixie and Roxanne
had the same smoking style, right down to the double pumps and French
inhales. And even
though neither John nor Roxie's father Jim smoked, John remembers Jim
putting his arm on his
shoulder that evening, in a kind of future "father in law" to "son in law"
way, and commenting, "I
sure hope you appreciate the way Roxie smokes, her moma taught her 'bout
everything she
knows. The Emerson ladies are smokers, don't ever try to change that, it's
just the way it is
John knew that he was not the one who had changed it, in fact, Roxanne's
smoking had become
very much an integral part of their happy marriage. Looking back over the
years, John had fond
memories of their early years, before their daughter Vicky (Victoria) came
along. John relished
Roxie's smoking before, during, and after their frequent love making. And
even at 33, Roxie
could still turn heads, with her awesome figure and shapely legs, when she
would seductively
light one of her long cigarettes. Everything seemed to change the night
that Roxie caught Vicky
smoking. She began reading, and worst of all believing, the half baked
lies on the dangers of
smoking, and the "politically correct" movement of the day. Roxie forbid
Vicky to smoke and
even quit herself. The following months were sheer hell for John and for
Vicky as well. John saw
Roxie go from a perfect size eight to a size 15, gaining 45 pounds in the
process. And although
Vicky was not permitted to smoke in the home, she stayed out late at
night, hanging with the
"wrong crowd", just so she could smoke. Roxie was always on edge, quick to
temper and slow
to forgive, during this period, as she was denying herself the one
pleasure which had glued the
marriage together in the first place, smoking. And Vicky grew more distant
and estranged, as
she spent more and more time away from the home, just so she could enjoy
the pleasure and
satisfaction of smoking.
John finally left, nearly one year ago, as he saw that there was no
happiness or love of life left in
the marriage. John had not even seen or heard from Roxie or Vickie for six
months, that is, until
that evening when he called to let Roxie know that she needed to sign the
papers. John called
the once familiar number and was surprised to hear Vickie answer the
phone. After several
minutes of catching up, Vicky put Roxanne on. John got right to the point,
informing Roxie of the
papers which needed to be signed. Then  John overheard Vicky interrupting,
from the
background. "Hey mom, have you seen my lighter anywhere?" Roxie responded,
away from the
phone, "Here honey, use mine..". John's curiosity peaked as he could tell
from the exchange that
not only was Roxie permitting Vikcy to smoke, but that Roxie herself might
just have picked up
the beautiful and alluring habit once again as well. John, overwhelmed at
the prospect that maybe
his daughter and wife were both enjoying smoking again decided to take the
direct approach,
after all, the papers he held in his hand could signify an end to the
marriage, once signed. John
asked Roxie, "Don't tell me you finally gave in and let Vicky smoke in the
house?". Roxie,
sheepishly admitted "Like mother, like daughter, I guess. Oh John, you
would be so proud of
her...". John interrupted asking "You too, huh?". Roxie responded "Yes
John, after gaining all
that weight and generally feeling miserable, yes, I'm back to my pack and
a half day habit, right
along with Vicky I'm afraid...". John, thinking it all sounded almost too
good to be true decided
to arrange a meeting for Roxie to sign the papers, so he could see for
(Part 2 of 3 coming soon)

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