Fantastic Experience

(by anonymous12, 14 March 2002)

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Fantastic Experience

This story is about a fantastic experience that I had with a sexy smoker 
about three years ago, I hope you enjoy it. 

It was about eight pm on a Saturday night, my patrents had gone away for 
the weekend and I was broke, stuck at home on my own with the mind numbing 
Saturday evening television. 

After flicking through the four channels I got up and went through to my 
room and flicked on the computer, whilst making my way through to the 
kitchen the doorbell rang. 

I could make out her figure through the obscured glass, it was Lisa, and we 
had been friends for a couple of years. I had met her through an 
ex-girlfriend. I opened the door. 

"Hi Stu she said," "What you doin," She was it was fair to say very hot and 
I had always partly fancied her even whilst with my ex but had never said 
anything to her. 

She was 17 and had a lovely figure, the warm summer evening ment she had on 
a low cut top that exposed her flat perfect stomach and a pair of cut off 
denim shorts. She had sandy shoulder length blond hair that she wore down. 

She was a three years younger than my ex but they had been good friends for 
a long time. At 12 Lisa had been introduced to smoking by her and over the 
past five years had developed into a pack a day smoker. 

She smiled up at me and took a drag from her nearly finished cigarette 

"I was just wondering if I could come in and use your computer with you for 
a while, you know my dads too tight to buy me one," She said after a long 
exhale that drifted past my face and into the house. It was not unusual for 
her to come round like this I had been receiving these little visits 
regularly over the past few weeks and wondered if she had a crush on me. 

"Yea sure you can, I was just putting it on myself come in," I exclaimed. 
On that she put out her now finished ciggy and came in, as she passed me I 
caught the smell of the tobacco smoke mixed with her sweet perfume, wow 
what a smell it made my hart miss a beat. She went through to my room and 
put her pack of twenty B&H 100's on my bed. 

"I'll have to pop out side every now and again for a smoke ok." She said 
coming back out into the hall. 

I went through to the kitchen and she followed, picked up an ashtray and 
handed it to her, she looked puzzled. 

"Don't worry, you can smoke in my room tonight, everyone's away for the 
next two days, I've got the run of the house," 

"Excellent," she said taking it from me and heading back through into my 
room, "I think I will have one now," 

I smiled to my self, how this night had suddenly started to look up. I went 
through to my room where she had one of her 100's in her mouth lighting up. 

As strange as it may seem I did not smoke myself but adored girls that did. 
I stood in the door transfixed as she took the freshly lit 100 from her 
lips and inhaled, following it up with a endless exhale, the smell of her 
smoke started to drift round my room, I went inside shutting the door. I 
didn't mind my room getting smoky but I didn't want to air the whole house 

"Can you go on the Internet and load some of those chat rooms for me?" She 
asked, small wisps of smoke still coming from her mouth as spoke. 

"No probs," I replied. I sat at my computer chair and logged in. she came 
and stood next to me putting the glass ashtray on the desk. I looked up in 
time to see her take a cheek hollowing drag and follow in up with a 
luscious exhale. "Sure is nicer being able to smoke in your room," She 
exclaimed "Hate having to go outside but there's no way I can go without a 
fag for the whole evening," She flicked some ash from her ciggy in to the 

"Let me get you a chair," I said beginning to get up. 

"I'll be fine," She replied placing a hand on my shoulder, just her touch 
made me feel alive. I realised that I fancied the pants off her, she was a 
very sexy girl and watching her fill her body with delicious cigarette 
smoke made me want her even more. "Why get two chairs she said, I'll sit on 
your lap." With that she did, her tight little arse actually sat on y lap. 
For a moment I didn't know where to put my hands, in the end I opted for 
the arm rests not wanting to miss read the situation. By now Lisa had 
finished her ciggy and started to chain another. "Sorry if I'm smoking to 
much but just recently I've been going through nearly two packs a day." 

"No problem," I stammered, "You smoke as much as you like." The though of 
this hot 17 year old taking two packs worth of smoke and nicotine into her 
curvy young body was amazing. 

"Thanks," She replied "I'll hold you to that." 

I tried to hold back the inevitable hard on that I was getting but it was 
in vain. Her tight little arse was right on my fast growing cock. I let her 
take control of the computer and watched her inhale and exhale huge amounts 
of smoke. 

"I'm I turning you on?" She suddenly asked turning round slightly and 
giving me a cheeky smile. She ground her arse down onto my hard cock. 

"Yea you have no idea how much," I had wanted to say sorry but my lust for 
her had over taken and at the last minute gone for broke. She turned back 
round to the screen taking a long drag. 

"Put your hands round my waist," She said exhaling smoke into the air. I 
did as instructed. Her skin was silky smooth. On my doing this she leaned 
back her hair went in my face, I got that fantastic mix of smoke and 
shampoo smell on her hair. I managed to move so I was looking over her 

"Umm she moaned," taking a drag on her half smoked Bensons. I moved my 
hands from her waist and up over her pert breasts. I felt her chest fall as 
she exhaled her smoke. "I've seen you watching me smoke," she coaxed in a 
lusty voice "Doest it turn you on?" 

"You turn me on Lisa," I groaned mounding her tits through her small summer 
top. "But yes seeing you smoke drives me wild," 

"I knew it did," she replied moving her hips round in a circular motion 
massaging my prick. "Lucy told me how much you loved her smoking, she said 
you loved it as much as she did." She put the filter to her lips and I 
watched her cheeks hollow out. She groaned as the huge volume of smoke 
filled her awaiting lungs to the max, the exhale that followed was the 
biggest yet. 

"Yea I did, and I love watching you smoke Lisa you're so sexy, you look so 
good smoking, it drives me wild." 

"I love it," She said breathlessly, as I rubbed a hand hard over the crutch 
of her shorts. "The smoke feels so good in my body." At this point she got 
up, turned round and straddled me, we were now face to face on the chair. I 
went to kiss her. "Not yet," She coaxed, I need more smoke. You need to 
watch me more" She put out her finished ciggy and lit another. She leaned 
back slightly and smoked it hard. When she got about half way through she 
came back up. "Breath me, smell my smoky breath." She put her face close to 
mine, the smell electrified my body, she moved and took a drag filling her 
lungs, I watched transfixed as the smoke left her mouth. I could wait no 
longer, I pulled her smoky mouth onto mine filling it with my tongue, she 
also gave me hers. The creamy bitter taste of a smoky kiss that I loved 
over took me. I probed her mouth as deep as I could lost in the sensation. 
As we parted she said "Smoke me," I just nodded. I knew this game I had 
played it with Lucy. Lisa filled her chest and lungs with smoke then bought 
her lips to mine and exhaled as she did I inhaled and took all of the 
delicious smoke that had been filtered by her tar covered lungs. The smoke 
felt and tasted wonderful. As I exhaled she said "I'm gunna turn you into a 
smoker your missing a good thing." I knew she was right the smoke was 
wonderful. I purposely had not opened a window and the room was in a thick 
cloud of smoke but neither of us minded. 

We both stood up and I took her clothes off. As she took down my shorts my 
cock sprang out about as hard as it had ever been. Lisa had a fresh 100 and 
began to wank me off the filter touching my cock as she went, as he done 
this I probed her wet pussy with my fingers and sucked her smokey tong. She 
then pushed me onto the bed put the glass ashy tray on my chest and rode 
me. Her pussy felt fantastic. It didn't take long before we both came, and 
after we lay in the Smokey room her on top of me while she smoked then 
passed her smoke to me. 

The rest of the night was filled with more smoking and sex. We have been 
having these little sessions for a long time now, she is now 20 and a two 
pack a day girl but that's a different story. 

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