Farmer's Wife, Part 2

(by Gray Haze, 08 December 2007)

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Farmer's Wife
By Gray Haze

Part 2

Megan adjustment to college went smoothly.  For the first few weeks, she
studied hard and mostly kept to her quiet self.  Sherry and Megan got along
well, but they were two different people.  Sherry liked to live life and she
partied hard and often.  Megan was the total opposite.  So, although they
were friendly toward each other, they pretty much hung out with different

Megan and Terry were fast becoming good friends.  Both were quiet and both
liked to study.  They would often hang out in Megan's room.  Sherry was
rarely there, so it was a good place for the two girls to study and watch TV

One Friday, late in September, Sherry decided to ask Megan if she would like
to go to a party with her.  Sherry liked Megan and wished that they would do
things together now and then.  At first Megan declined.

"Do you mind if I ask you something?" Sherry asked Megan, while putting out a

"Sure, Sherry.  You know that you can always talk to me."

"Do you like me?"

"Of course I do.  You're a great roommate," Megan answered in a reassuring

"Then why won't you ever do anything with me?  I think we would have a great
time at the party tonight."

"I guess we are just different people, that's all."

"What do you mean, we're different?" Sherry asked after lighting another
cigarette.  "I think we have a lot in common."

"I don't know, Sherry.  I mean, look at you.  You're gorgeous and a lot more
outgoing then I am."

"And you're not gorgeous yourself?  I mean, I could only dream of having a
set of breasts like yours.  Sure, you dress a little conservatively.  If you
got out of one of your sweatshirts and put on something else, you would be
very sexy.  Add a touch of make-up and do your hair a little differently, you
would be an absolute knockout."

Megan looked at herself in the mirror.  Nobody ever told her how attractive
she was.  Sure, her Dad would occasionally say it, but she just figured that
he was being nice to his little girl.  Megan did know that she had a very
nice pair of knockers.  Couple that with a slim figure, and her body was top

"Well thank you, Sherry.  I guess I never really thought of myself as

"If you would like, I could help you out a little bit with the make-up and
hair.  And I'm sure that you must have some clothes that show off your body a
little more than the outfits that you usually wear."

Megan thought for a few minutes while she continued to look at herself in the
mirror.  Sherry was right, Megan did need to get out some more, and maybe
even meet some boys.  She had never really dated much in high school.  She
lacked the self confidence to really pursue the boys that she liked.  Maybe
with a little better look, she could gain that confidence and attract some
boys to her as well. 

"You know Sherry, I would really appreciate it if you would help me out with
my look.  You're right, I do look a little plain."

"Great Megan, let's get to work.  We've got a party to go to!"

For the next hour, Sherry worked hard to improve Megan's appearance.  Once
done, Megan couldn't believe her eyes.  Staring back at herself in the mirror
was this sexy, gorgeous babe that she barely recognized.  

"So, what do you think?" Sherry asked Megan as she looked into the mirror
while standing behind her.  "Do you like?"

"Oh God yes, Sherry.  Thank you.  I hardly recognize myself."

Sherry then shook out a cigarette and lit up.  She took a nice big drag and
her customary deep inhale.  "You know I think one more touch would really
help you attract the boys."  Sherry then extended her cigarette toward Megan.
"Here, take this."

Megan didn't know what to think.  Why would Sherry want her to hold the

"Go ahead and just hold it.  You don't have to smoke it.  A lot of guys get
turned on by smoking women.  I'm not sure why, but it sure seems to be the

Megan took the cigarette from Sherry and admired the entirely different Megan
staring back at herself in the mirror.  "Hey Sherry, I look really naughty,
don't I?" Megan asked with an evil grin.  "Hey big boy, how about a light?"
Megan said, pretending to be flirting with an imaginary guy.

"See, I told you," Sherry answered as she admired the newly created vixen.
"If you would like, I could teach you how to smoke that thing.  I can
guarantee you will never regret it."

"That's OK," Megan said as she handed the cigarette back to Sherry.  "I'll
take my chances without the cigarette."

Sherry, Megan, Jill and several other girls from the dorm headed for the
party shortly afterwards.  They went to a fraternity party just off campus.
The house was big and there were a whole lot of guys there for the girls to
flirt with.  Throw in a lot of booze, and it was one wild party.

Although Megan looked a lot more attractive than normal, she still was the
same, quiet, introvert that she always was.  She soon felt uncomfortable in
this setting, and that did not go unnoticed by Sherry.

"I wish we could get Megan to loosen up a little," Sherry confided to Jill.
"She doesn't seem to be having a good time.  I was hoping the beer would
help, but it doesn't seem to be working."

"I know what you mean, Sherry," Jill said with a smile.  "I got something,
though, that will get her going."

"Oh, what is it, Jill?" Sherry asked.  

Jill then reached into her purse and pulled out a little pill.  "Here, when
she drinks that beer, offer to get her another one, and then slip this into
it.  She will be the life of the party in no time."

"You're bad, Jill," Sherry said, shaking her head as she grabbed the Ecstasy.

Megan woke up the next morning to an unfamiliar sight.  Lying beside her with
his bare arm around her was this stranger she didn't remember meeting.  In
fact, Megan couldn't remember anything from the night before.  "I must have
had way too much to drink," she thought to herself while trying to figure out
what to do next.  She looked around the room and saw her clothes on the
floor.  On a nightstand next to her was a pack of Salem's, an ashtray and an
empty beer bottle.  

Megan suddenly lifted her torso up in bed in a panic.  What had she done?

"Hey Megan, are you alright?" asked the strange man who was awoken by her
sudden movement.

Megan didn't know what to say.  She was wondering if she had lost her
virginity without even remembering it.

"I guess I had way too much to drink last night," Megan finally said as she
tried to cover her bare breast.  "I barely remember anything."

"Yeah, I guess you did," the man answered.  "Remember me?  My name is Mike."

Megan didn't remember.  She just stared at him.  "Did we like, you know, do

Mike then reached over to his pack of Marlboro Menthols and pulled two out.
He lit both up and then handed one to Megan.  "Don't worry, we didn't.  I
respect you too much to do anything in the state you were in."

Megan wasn't sure what to do with the cigarette.  Why did he give her one?
Not wanting to seem weird, she decided to lift the cigarette up to her lips
and take a puff.  Amazingly, the smoke didn't taste foreign to her.  She then
took a shallow inhale, held it, and then released a small stream of smoke
into the air.  It was surprisingly good.  She didn't even cough or anything.

"Megan, I want to tell you how good a time I had last night," Mike said
breaking the silence.  "You are one of the nicest girls I have ever met."

Megan didn't say anything.  She just kept smoking the cigarette, trying to
figure out what the hell happened last night.  "Thanks Mike, I appreciate you
not taking advantage of me."

Megan finished her cigarette and put it out in the ashtray on Mike's covered
stomach.  She got up and while trying to conceal her naked body as best she
could, got dressed.  While dressing, she noticed the slight buzz from the
cigarette.  It actually felt good.  She was also surprised that she didn't
have a whopping hangover.  "I got to go," she said to Mike as she was putting
on her shoes.

"Can I see you again?" Mike asked, hoping that she would say yes.

"I don't know, maybe," an embarrassed Megan said as she walked toward the

"Hey, don't forget your cigarettes," Mike said, pointing to the pack of Salem
100's on the nightstand.  "You don't want to forget those."

Megan grabbed the pack, put them in her coat pocket, and headed out the door.
At first, she wasn't quite sure where she was.  She soon realized that she
was upstairs in the fraternity house.  She headed down the stairs to the
large party room of the house.  It was a wreck - that must have been one wild

It was a fifteen minute walk back to the dorm.  Megan was depressed.  The
walk gave her some time to think about what happened the night before.  As
hard as she tried, she couldn't recall much.  Finally, at about 11 am, she
arrived back to her room.

"Hey, there you are," Sherry said with a big smile as Megan entered the dorm
room.  "Looks like you had a really good time last night!"

Megan didn't say anything.  She just took her coat off and plopped herself
down on her bed.  Still very tired, she quickly fell asleep.

At about 4, she was suddenly woken by a knock at her door.  Sherry got up and
opened it while Megan looked on.  "Hey Megan, it looks like someone has sent
you a present."

Sherry handed Megan a big bouquet of two dozen long stem red roses.  "Looks
like you have an admirer," Sherry said as she handed them to Megan.

Megan didn't know what to think.  Her heart started to race as she pulled the
small card out from within the roses.  She slowly opened it, wondering where
they came from.

Dear Megan,

To a wonderful, beautiful person.  I hope we can get together again soon.

Love, Mike

"It's from Mike, isn't it?" Sherry asked, as she shook a cigarette out from
her pack.

"How did you know?" Megan asked.

"My God Megan, you guys were the life of the party last night.  I mean, you
two were dancing together all night.  I have never seen you have so much

Megan didn't know what to say.  She couldn't remember much at all.

"And what did I tell you about the cigarettes?  As soon as Jill got you to
smoke one of her Salem's, the men started flocking to you.  I guess you
didn't need me to teach you how to smoke.  You smoked like a pro.  In fact,
you liked it so much, Jill gave you a fresh pack so that you could smoke the
entire night without constantly bumming off of her.  Are you sure you never
smoked before?"

Megan was quite embarrassed.  "No, I never have, honest," she said as she
grabbed a vase off of a shelf.  "I guess I don't quite know how to say this,
but I must have had way too much to drink last night, because I barely
remember anything."

Sherry grinned to herself as she took a drag off of her cigarette.  She knew
that it wasn't the alcohol but the little pill that Jill gave her.  "Hey,
what did I tell you about smoking?  It's great, isn't it?" Sherry said
through a talking exhale.  "Welcome to the club."

Megan hated to admit it, but that cigarette she had with Mike that morning
was quite good, but that didn't mean she wanted to become a smoker.  "I can
assure you Sherry, I won't be joining that club anytime soon.  Last night was
a true anomaly."

"Oh, suit yourself," Sherry responded.  "At least now you know what you're

Megan arranged the flowers in the vase and placed them on her desk.  She was
quite impressed with Mike's gesture and started thinking about him.  Flowers
have a way of doing this to women.  Over the next few days she thought a lot
about him.  He was after all quite cute, and Megan knew it.  She even started
thinking about maybe looking him up.  But she was way too shy to do that.

On Wednesday, five days after the party, the two accidentally met again.
Megan was in the courtyard outside of the dorm reading and enjoying the
beautiful early fall weather when Mike happened to walk by.

"Mike," Megan said as he passed her.

Mike turned around and noticed Megan sitting there.  "Hey Megan, how have you
been?" he said as he approached her.

"Wonderful," Megan said with a provocative smile.  "Thank you so much for the
beautiful flowers."

Mike sat down next to her and the two started to talk.  It was really Megan's
first chance to meet the guy who she had slept with not too long ago.

"You know Megan, I want to apologize about the other night," Mike said as he
pulled his pack of Marlboro Menthols out of his shirt pocket.  "I should have
taken you home instead of up to my room.  I guess you weren't the only one
who had too much to drink.  I really am not like that.  Will you forgive me?"

Mike then shook a few cigarettes loose from the pack, and with his lips
pulled one out.  He then extended the pack toward Megan.  Not quite sure what
to do, Megan pulled one of the cigarettes out from the extended pack.  She
placed it between her lips and accepted a light from Mike.  She drew gently
on the filter and tasted the rush of smoke entering her mouth.  She removed
the cigarette from her lips and inhaled deeply while she watched Mike light
his own cigarette.  The smoke felt heavenly inside her lungs as she savored
the hit of nicotine.  She could hardly believe that she was not only sitting
there smoking a cigarette but also enjoying it immensely.  

"Think nothing of it, Mike," Megan said, looking into his blue eyes.  "After
all, it takes two to tango."

"You know I'm glad that you smoke," Mike said as lifted his cigarette toward
his mouth.  "I prefer dating girls who smoke.  Non-smoking girls have always
nagged me about my habit.  Besides, you are incredibly sexy when you smoke."

Megan blushed as she took another puff off of her cigarette.  Hearing a guy
say that she was sexy made her feel real good.

The two sat and talked for the next two hours.  During that time, Megan
smoked another three cigarettes with Mike.  She was shocked at how easy and
enjoyable smoking was.  But most of all, she was really falling for Mike.  He
was so nice, and was every bit the perfect gentlemen.  

"I got to get to my Economics class," Mike said as he got up.  "Would you
like to go out Friday night?"

"I'd love to," Megan answered as she got up with him.  

"I'll pick you up at seven," Mike said while he extended his head toward
Megan and gave her a kiss.

Megan picked up her book and headed back to her room.  Once there, she
couldn't get her mind off of Mike.  He was everything she ever dreamed of and
then some.  She also couldn't take her mind off of smoking as well.  She
realized that she would have to smoke while with Mike.  After all, Mike
prefers smoking girlfriends.  But what really surprised her was how excited
she was about smoking.  It no longer seemed repugnant.  Quite the contrary,
something about inhaling the mentholated smoke made her feel so wonderful.
Was she going to join Sherry's club?  She was no longer sure what the answer
was.  All she knew was that she couldn't wait to smoke again.  So while she
sat there quietly in her room, something dawned on her.  The pack of Salem's
that she had from the party were still in her coat pocket.  

Not being able to resist, she got up and took the coat out of her closet.
She found the pack and a lighter and took them out.  Looking at the pack, she
noticed the Salem 100's logo and the words "Full Flavor" written on the face
of it.  Megan wasn't sure what they meant by "Full Flavor", but figured that
it had something to do with the taste.  She then looked at the side of the
pack.  Hmmm, she thought to herself as she read the Surgeon General's
warning.  Smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema and heart disease.  Written
right there before her eyes was everything bad she had learned about smoking.  

This made Megan pause for a second.  In the past she had always wondered why
people would do such harm to themselves for no apparent benefit.  Hearing
Sherry hacking away every morning just confirmed to her how awful smoking
was.  And yet, she was now starting to learn about the benefits - how it
tasted and felt as she pulled the smoke inside her body, how the boys seemed
to pay attention to her with a burning cigarette between her fingers.  

Was it worth the hazards?  Megan didn't think so.  She certainly didn't want
to wake up ten years from now sounding like Sherry.  But what harm would
there be in just smoking for a little while?  She knew that Mike preferred
smoking girlfriends and she certainly wanted to be his.  If that's what it
took to attract Mike, then she figured that she would just smoke as long as
she dated him.  There was no sense worrying about health hazards that only
harm long term smokers.  

Megan flipped the lid to the pack and peaked inside.  Staring at her were 11
loosely packed white cylinders of pleasure.  She slowly removed one, still
somewhat surprised that she had smoked that much on Friday night.  She placed
it between her lips and fired up the lighter.  Smoke poured into her mouth as
she drew the flame into the cigarette.  Once lit, she removed it with her
right hand and inhaled deeply.  She felt the nicotine hit her blood stream as
she slowly exhaled through pursed lips.  It felt marvelous.  

Megan then walked over to the mirror and watched herself take another puff.
She was impressed by the look.  It seemed to make her much sexier.  She then
took another puff, but this time she tried to emulate Sherry.  She drew
heavily on the filter, causing her cheeks to collapse.  She continued to drag
for as long as she could.  Once done, she slowly parted her lips and inhaled
deeply.  Megan immediately noticed the incredible extra kick that she felt
inside her lungs.  She held it in as she savored the feeling.  Finally, she
exhaled.  The cloud that slowly poured through her lips looked impressive -
much like a veteran smoker of many years.  She continued to work on her
technique, trying to refine it to make herself look as sexy as possible.  

As she crushed out the cigarette, she was impressed at how she smoked.  She
was even more impressed at how she felt.  The extra dose of nicotine that she
got from the larger puffs made her body tingle with a slight buzz.  "I could
definitely get used to smoking" she thought as she sat down on her bed.
Little did she know how used to smoking she would become.

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