Farmer's Wife, Part 5

(by Gray Haze, 08 December 2007)

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Farmer's Wife
By Gray Haze

Part 5

Megan's freshmen year was a year of firsts.  It started with cigarettes in
September and followed later by a little weed.  Mike was her first real
boyfriend, and they continued to date throughout the year.  During the second
semester another first happened.  Her relationship with Mike became much more
physical.  Her virginity was soon lost.  Finally, she had her first taste of
coke, which she liked very much.  So during the last day of school, she
smoked, snorted and reached new orgasmic heights with Mike.  Life was truly
good.  That shy young woman who entered college was long gone.  In its place
was a heavy smoking, hard partying woman of the world.  She couldn't have
been happier.

Megan arrived to her home in Connecticut in mid-May.  It was her first trip
home since Christmas, because Megan spent spring break at the farm with Mike.
There she smoked like a fiend once again with Joan.  In fact, smoking like a
fiend with Joan was no longer the exception.  During the course of the
semester, her smoking continued to increase from the Chrismas level of two
packs a day.  So, by the time she arrived home, she was a very heavy, three
pack a day girl.

"Anybody home?" Megan said as she opened the front door and walked in with
her bags while her cigarette dangled from her lips.  Not hearing anything,
she put her bags down and headed for the kitchen.  Megan entered the kitchen
and saw her mother sitting at the kitchen table.  She almost fell over at
what she saw.  "Oh my god mom, you're smoking."

Sure enough, there was her mom, Salem 100 in her hand as her elbow rested on
the table.  Just when her mother was about to respond, Jen walked in and
immediately gave her a big hug.  "Welcome home sis," she said to Megan.  

"Welcome home, honey," her mother said, getting up to give her another hug.
Megan then reached over to the ashtray on the table while Jen and her mom sat

"Well mom, it looks like you must have really liked that cigarette we shared
a few months back," Megan said as she sat down and pulled another Salem out
of her pack.

"She's not the only one, Meg," Jen said as she reached for the pack of
Salem's on the table.  She then extracted one, placed it between her lips,
and accepted a light from her mom.

"Well, when did this all take place?" Megan said with a little giggle.  "I
thought both of you had smoked you're last cigarette."

"Well I did, that was until I caught your sisters smoking a few months ago,"
her mother answered Megan.

"You mean `sister', mom," Megan said, puzzled at her mother's use of the

Just then, Amy walked into the kitchen, a lit Newport between her fingers.
"Hi Meg, welcome home," she said as she hugged Megan, then sat down at the
table with the rest of them.

"Yes Megan, I said `sisters'," her mother said with a frown.  "So once I
caught them, there was no longer any reason not to smoke.  So I decided to
start back up myself."

"I feel terrible about this.  I'm the one who got you guys started," Megan
said distraughtly as she flicked her ash.

"No you didn't, Meg," Amy said, Newport propped up next to her face.  "I
started smoking almost two years ago."

"Amy, you're only 15 now.  You mean you've been smoking longer then me?"
Megan said, surprised.  

"Yes, I was 13 when I had my first cigarette.  I guess you can say I hid it
well," Amy said, smiling.  

"You should have said something to me last Christmas," Megan said as she
watched Amy take a huge cheek hollowing drag.  "I would have been happy to
share a smoke with you."

"Well, I was a little scared that you would have told mom.  But as you can
see, mom was a lot more understanding than I thought," Amy said to the
laughter of all the ladies.  

"So, how is Daddy taking all this?" Megan said still laughing.  "Don't tell
me he's smoking too."

"Actually Megan, he is," her mother said.  "We both used to smoke before you
kids were born.  He quickly gave into the habit after everyone else was

The four women shared a few cigarettes together until finally Jen and Amy
left.  "So, how is Mike doing, Megan?" her mother asked as the two continued
to smoke and talk.  

"Mike is doing great, mom," Megan answered.  "We really had a great time
together all semester."

"Sounds like you two have turned into quite the couple."

"Yeah, we get along great, mom," Megan said after she lit another cigarette.
"He is really nice.  Hopefully you will meet him sometime soon."

"I see you are still smoking very heavily," her mother commented after
watching Megan finish one cigarette after another.  "Are you still thinking
about quitting if you and Mike don't work out?"

"Yes, more so now then ever," Megan replied.  "You're right about my smoking.
It has gotten a little out of hand.  I smoke way too much, that's for sure.
I guess that's why I want to quit.  I don't seem to have much control over

"You're right, Megan, you don't seem to have much control over it."

"Well, I have promised that I will quit if Mike and I don't work out.  I plan
on keeping that promise."

"It won't be easy quitting with all of us smoking now," her mother said.
"But I hope you will eventually."

"Mom, I almost fell out of my chair seeing Amy smoking.  Weren't you

"Surprised is not quite the word for it, Megan.  Shocked is probably more
fitting.  But by the time I caught her, she had been smoking for almost two
years.  She was so hooked, that even if I made her quit, she couldn't have."

"So if you can't beat them, join them," Megan said laughing.  "Are you glad
that you're back to smoking?"

"I hate to admit it, but yes.  I really like to smoke, and unlike you, I
don't plan on ever quitting."

For the rest of the summer, Megan now had a good supply of people to share a
smoke with.  None of them smoked nearly as much as Megan, although Amy's
habit was quite developed.  Mike visited once during the summer, so her
family got to meet him.  Megan spent several weeks at the farm, chain smoking
with pleasure with her favorite smoking buddy, Joan.  

When school started up again in September, she decided to share a room with
her best friend Terry.  She continued to date Mike throughout her sophomore
year.  Without a reason to quit, her habit became completely entrenched.  
In May, Mike graduated from Colgate.  Megan stayed at the farm to attend his
graduation.  It was a big day, and his family planned a big party.  Once the
party was over, Megan decided to stay at the farm for a few more weeks.
Megan's family was quite rich, so she didn't have to work to help pay for
college.  Thus, she really had nothing better to do than hang out with Mike.

Megan awoke the first Monday at the farm to the familiar sound of Mary's
cough.  Her cough was like a farm rooster, always waking Megan up in the
morning.  Soon Megan joined in with her own morning cough as she reached over
for her pack of Salem's.  She immediately lit up and headed downstairs for
her favorite activity, chain smoking with Joan.

"Good morning Megan, can I get you some coffee?" Joan asked as Megan sat down
at the table.  With that question, Joan and Megan started the three hour
ritual of heavy smoking.  It was a ritual which had made the two very close
over the last few years.  

At ten, Mike returned from the barn, grabbed a blanket and asked Megan if she
would like to take a walk.  Megan said yes, and the two of them headed down
the dirt road that went by the house.  Ten minutes after they started, Mike
stopped.  "Follow me, Megan, I have something I want to show you."  The two
then turned into a small stretch of wooded land and walked another minute
until they reached a clearing up on a hill.  Below them stretched a large
field with a creek about 200 yards below.

Mike put the blanket down on the ground, and sat down as Megan lit another
cigarette.  "What do you think, do you like it here?"

"It's beautiful, Mike," Megan said, not knowing where Mike was headed.

"Dad asked me if I would like to stay on and work the farm with him.
Eventually, after he retires, the farm would be mine."

"What about your degree in business, Mike, do you really want to be a farmer
the rest of your life?"

"Yes, I love to farm," Mike answered as he pulled out a Marlboro.  "Do you
see the land below?  Dad bought about 200 acres from the farm that foreclosed
nearby.  This land is his now.  He plans on expanding the farm quite a bit.
We milk 100 cattle now.  But with my help, we think we can eventually milk

"That's great, Mike," Megan said with a smile.  "I kind of knew that you
would continue with the family farm after you graduated."

"I have other plans as well, Megan," Mike said after lighting up.  "I'm going
to eventually have a house built right on this very spot."

"This would be a great place for a house," Megan said, while looking at the
gorgeous scenery.  

"That's not all, Megan.  I plan on having a big family and being able to take
the kids down to the creek swimming someday.  I just need to meet the right
girl to help me with all the kids."

"I'm sure you will Mike."

"I think I already have, Megan.  I really love you and want to spend the rest
of my life with you."  Mike then got on one knee and faced Megan.  "Megan,
would you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Tears flowed down the cheeks of a shocked Megan.  "Yes, oh yes, I will,"
Megan answered as she gave Mike a big hug.  "I love you so much."

Mike then reached into his shorts pocket and pulled out a large diamond
engagement ring.  Megan immediately put it on as tears continued to pour down
her face.  

"I know you will want to finish college Megan," Mike said while holding her.
"We can wait until you are done to get married.  Hopefully, by that time, I
will have the house built."

Megan sat quietly as Mike continued to talk about his plans.  Finally, she
put her cigarette out and immediately lit another one.  "You know, Mike, I
really don't see any need for me to finish college.  I don't really like
school that much anyway.  I just want to be like your mom.  I want to stay
home and raise your babies.  Just don't ask me to work in the barn."

"Are you sure Megan?  Quitting college is a little drastic, don't you think?"

"Mike, I just want to be with you.  Let's say we get married this summer."

Mike reached over and passionately kissed Megan as his hand touched her
breast.  Soon, the passion got heated as both sets of shorts came off.  Megan
climbed on top of Mike, then reached over for a cigarette.  She pulled one
out and lit it.  With cigarette dangling, she slowly slid Mike's penis into
her vagina and started thrusting.  She continued to thrust as she puffed
heavily on the cigarette.  Finally, with the cigarette almost spent, the two
simultaneously reached climax.  

Megan flicked the spent butt and then embraced Mike as Mike reached for his
cigarettes.  Mike pulled two Marlboro Menthols out, handed one to Megan, and
then lit both.  "Wow Megan, that was incredible.  Seeing you smoke while we
made love really intensified it."

"Double that for me," Megan said with a smile.  "Having smoke in my lungs
while feeling your cock inside me was the most intense sensation I have ever

"Well Megan, once we are married, you can smoke every time we make love."

Megan looked down at the burning cigarette between her fingers.  She lifted
it up to her lips and took a cheek hollowing drag.  She then inhaled deeply
as she thought about what Mike just said.  Megan would be smoking while
having sex.  It suddenly dawned on her that she wouldn't have to quit smoking
now.  She was marrying Mike, and her promise to quit would not be necessary
any more.  

She looked down at the pack of Salem's sitting on the blanket.  She realized
that she smoked four packs of them yesterday, and was well into her second
pack already this morning.   Over the last couple of years she had lost all
control of her smoking.  She had used her promise to quit to justify her full
enjoyment of smoking, without worrying about the consequences.  Now the
consequences were staring her in the face.  Living here with a heavy smoking
husband, just down the street from an even heavier smoking mother-in-law,
would mean one thing, a lifetime of heavy smoking.  This was not what she had
planned when Mike bought her first carton of cigarettes almost two years ago.

Megan took another puff and felt the amazing feeling of smoke filling her
lungs.  A sense of joy permeated her body as she exhaled, realizing that she
would be able to continue enjoying the feeling of inhaling the rich
mentholated smoke of high tar cigarettes hundreds a time a day for the rest
of her life.  No, being a lifetime smoker was not what she originally
planned.  But marrying a man as wonderful as Mike was a dream come true.
Consequences be damned, Megan was going to smoke.  Not only was she going to
smoke, but she was going to smoke the way she enjoyed smoking the most.  

Megan finished her cigarette while the two quietly snuggled on the blanket
together.  She then immediately pulled another Salem out and accepted a light
from Mike.  "You know, I was planning to quit smoking when our relationship

"You still can if you want," Mike answered.  "I love you for who you are, not
for what you suck into your lungs."

Megan started to laugh.  "No Mike, I'm not going to quit.  Quite the
contrary, I plan on smoking for a long time now.  I love smoking more now
than ever.  So you asking me to marry you is quite a relief.  I won't have to
break my promise to myself."

"So, that's why you said yes," Mike said to Megan while laughing.

"Of course not, silly.  I love you Mike, you have to know that.  Marrying you
will be the best thing that ever happened to me.  When I was a little girl, I
dreamed of marrying someone like you.  You are smart, strong and handsome - a
great friend who shares all the same values that I do.  I would stay home and
take care of the babies while my dream husband worked and took care of the
family.  Little did I know that I would have a little companion to keep me
company throughout the day," Megan said while looking at her burning
cigarette.  "Let's just say I never dreamed I would be a smoker."

"The way you have been smoking lately, it will be a constant companion."

"I know my smoking has gotten way out of hand.  That is one of the reasons I
promised myself that I would quit.  I just don't seem to have the will power
to control my smoking at a reasonable level.  Six months ago I became so
concerned about what smoking was doing to my health, I tried to cut down.
Let's just say that I failed miserably.  But you know what, I don't care
anymore.  I smoked four packs yesterday, and enjoyed every one.  I'll
probably smoke another four today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life.  I
guess you can say I'm just like your mother.  I love my cigarettes and I
don't want to live without them."

"Maybe both of us should try to quit," Mike said as he put out his cigarette.
"I bet you that we could do it if we really wanted to."

"Mike, you can if you want, but I'm not going to quit.  I have finally
accepted the fact that I'm a smoker and I couldn't be happier.  From this day
forward I'm going to smoke for complete pleasure.  My days of fretting over
the health consequences are over."  Megan pulled out another cigarette from
her pack and lit it with the burning end of her spent cigarette.  "You know,
Mike, it is such an incredible relief to be saying this.  The only thing I
love more than smoking is you.  And guess what, I'm going to have both you
and my cigarettes for the rest of my life.  Yes Mike, I'm a smoker!"

The next day, Mike and Megan drove back to Connecticut.  Mike needed to ask
her father for her hand before they announced it to the rest of the family.
Mike's dad gave his full blessing, although he wasn't thrilled with the idea
of Megan quitting college.  The rest of the family all shouted with joy when
Mike announced the news.  

That night before Megan went to bed, her mom and she spent some time talking
and making quick wedding plans.  "I'm so happy for you, Megan.  I really hope
being a farmer's wife is what you want."

"Mom, I always wanted to be a housewife and mother.  This is like a dream
come true," Megan answered after she lit a fresh Salem.

"Well, I guess you won't be quitting those then," her mother said, pointing
at Megan's burning cigarette.

"No, I won't have to now.  I only promised to quit if Mike and I didn't work
out," Megan answered with a sly smile. 

"I didn't think that you would want to quit anyway," her mother said as she
pulled a cigarette out.  "But I do hope that you at least cut down some.
Three packs a day is a little excessive."

"No mom, I have no plans to cut down, especially now that I will be living
near Mike's family.  In fact, lately I've been smoking almost four packs a
day.  But you know something mom, I really don't care how much I smoke.  I
really enjoy smoking, especially when I'm with other smokers.  I guess that
is how I became such a heavy smoker.  And you know something else, even if I
wanted to cut down, I probably couldn't.  I'm so hooked now I have trouble
going any length of time without getting a strong craving."

"Oh Megan, I hate to see you ruin your health like this," her mother said as
she watched Megan light up another cigarette with the spent butt of her
previous one.  "Smoking is really bad for even light smokers."

"I know mom, but there is no sense in worrying over something you can't
control.  I've accepted the risk and have decided not to worry about it.  I
have no regrets about smoking and I plan on smoking the rest of my life."

The wedding was in late August.  It was a large affair with all of Megan's
father's rich business associates there.  After the wedding, Megan and Mike
opened all the presents and the cards.  To their incredible surprise, the
amount of money they received totaled over $30,000.  It was enough for a down
payment on their dream house.

Two years had passed as Mike and Megan walked the ten minutes from their new
home to the barn.  Megan, as was her daily custom, joined Joan.

"How are you feeling today Megan?" Joan asked as Megan sat down with a cup of

"I feel great mom," she replied.  "The baby is starting to kick a little
inside.  But other than that, the pregnancy is going great."

"Say, I have to go shopping.  Would you like to come with me?"

"I need to go myself.  Let's go after breakfast," Megan replied.

Megan and Joan hopped in the car and headed for town.  Joan first stop was
the local convenience store where Joan bought her cigarettes.  Megan followed
Joan into the store and both approached the counter.  Joan asked for her
usual large supply of cigarettes for her family.  Megan then followed.  "I
would like two cartons of Marlboro Menthol and three cartons of Salem 100's,"
Megan said to the man at the counter.  Once back in the car, both women
immediately lit up.  

"Salem 100's, I thought you switched last week to ultra lights for the
pregnancy?" Joan asked as she turned the ignition on to the car.

"I tried to switch, Joan, but I just couldn't seem to quench my cravings with
the ultra lights.  I just ended up smoking more.  I was forced to steal
Mike's Marlboro's near the end of the week because my three cartons were
gone."  Megan paused to take another cheek hollowing drag.  "I should
probably just bite the bullet and quit for the sake of the baby."

"Nonsense," Joan said as she watched Megan exhale a huge cloud out the window
of the car.  "I smoked through all of my pregnancies and it didn't do any
harm.  I don't think you should be feeling guilty at all about smoking."

The fact of the matter was, Megan couldn't quit whether she wanted to or not.
Smoking three cartons a week of full flavor menthol cigarettes made it all
but impossible.  Besides, she didn't want to anyway.  Her dream of being like
Joan had come true.  Like Joan she would stay home and raise her babies.  And
of course, she would chain smoke the whole time.

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