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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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As far back as Jenny can remember she had been fascinated with smoking.
When she was breastfeeding she always looked up at her mother with her big
blue eyes, watching her French inhale the beautiful thick white smoke, and
then exhale it in a huge cloud, usually ending it with a few perfect smoke
rings. She looked on in awe as her little mind found the contrast between
the red coloured lips and the white smoke very pretty, though she had no
idea that such words even existed yet. As she grew, her fascination with
smoke increased, and she started asking her mom about smoking about the age
of five. She was now a cute little girl, with golden hair, big blue eyes,
and a face that told of an unusual beauty to come.

"Mommie, why do you smoke and not I?"

"Well honey, smoking is for grown ups, and it's also damaging to your
lungs," she replied.

"Oh. But why do you smoke then?"

"I smoke because I love to honey."

Jenny smiled. Yes she certainly understood. "If I smoked I would love it
too mommie," she said happily. Her mom looked surprised. 'This is a
surprise,' she thought. 'she wants to smoke already. Right, a five year old
smoker.' She laughed at the thought. "Jenny. You will definately love it
when you start smoking. Everybody does. But five year olds don't smoke,

"Ok mom" she answered, and the disappointment was written all over her
little face.

As all kids that age, she soon forgot about the disappointment, and went
back to play with her dolls.

Later that evening her mom started thinking about her little speech to her
daughter. 'I understand her fascination of course. I was always fascinated
with smoking myself before I started. Now of course, kids don't start
smoking until their teens, as I did.' She thought on; 'Now why is that
really? Are they not curious earlier? I sure was. But I was always told
that you had to be grown up to smoke. Society told me that, tells me that
still. Well, I gotta get to bed'

Three more years passed.

"Mom, can you do some smoke rings for me?" Jenny asked smilingly, as she
did almost every day when her mom lit her after dinner cigarette.

"Sure baby, watch this," she said and took a good sized drag on her
cigarette. She was actually enjoying this daily performance. It made her
daughter happy and it was fun too.

One day she noticed that Jenny leaned over to a smoke ring that came
directly at her, stuck her nose to the ring and inhaled. The ring
disappeared into her pretty little nose, and she giggled. The amount of
smoke was far to little to make any visible exhale of course, but the
experience was thrilling to Jenny anyway. "That was fun mom. Can you blow
another ring at me?"

Her mom was surprised, and a bit uncertain. 'Now THAT looked strange.'
Watching that white ring being sucked into her eight year old daughters
nose stirred something indefinable inside her. "Um, sure honey. Here you
go," she said and blew another ring. Events proceeded just like the first
time, and Jenny smiled happily as she inhaled the ring into her nose.

"One more mom," Jenny asked enthusiastically.

"No, I think it's enough for today. You go and play now."

Jenny did as she asked, and her mom lit another cigarette while pondering
what just happened. 'Strange. That was just soo cute to see. Maybe I'll let
her do that tomorrow too'

The ritual continued for a few weeks, and she always let Jenny have two or
three rings to inhale after every dinner. Then she got a raise from her
company, and decided to celebrate by going to a restaurant to eat. As they
entered the restaurant, a waiter asked them if they wanted the smoking or
non-smoking section. Jenny abruptly said "smoking" and smiled. A bit
embarrassed, her mom nodded to the waiter that that was right, and so they
were shown to a table. On the table next to them sat another mother with
her daughter, she must have been about eleven years old, eating their meal
and chatting. And as Jenny's mom finished ordering, the other mom and
daughter finished their meal. The mother was a few years older than her,
she was 26, and had a slim figure with brown hair down to her shoulders,
while the daughter's brown hair was almost waist long. Suddenly Jenny's mom
noticed something a bit out of place. Sure there was a pack of cigarettes
next to the moms plate, she saw it was Marlboro100's. But she noticed there
was a pack next to the daughters plate too. 'Strange,' she thought, 'maybe
the father left earlier and forgot?' She noticed the brand: Virginia Slims
100's. 'Strange thing for a man to smoke though'. She hadn't finished the
thought before she saw the daughter picking up the pack, opening it up and
extracting a cigarette from it. Was she going to get one for her mom
perhaps, but no. In a swift experienced motion she put the cigarette
between her lips and got the lighter from on top of her moms pack. She lit
her cigarette while the mom was saying something to her and getting her own
cigarette out of her pack. She proceeded to take a good cheekhollowing drag
and, opening her mouth, she expertly snap inhaled a thick white cloud of
smoke into her young lungs, while smiling at a comment her mom had made
about something.

'I can't believe this,' Jenny's mom thought. 'I've never seen anyone so
young smoke. And in public too, with her moms obvious permission! This is
so...nasty. She looks way too cute waving that cigarette around and
exhaling like a grown-up towards the ceiling.'

The waiter returned to ask them if they wanted a coffee after the meal, and
the daughter explained something to him, exhaling while she talked. When
she finished explaining, she blew a cute smoke ring with the last of the
exhale and smiled gorgeously at him. He smiled back and turned to her mom.
While he talked to her, the daughter took another deep drag and opened her
mouth again. The smoke was so thick and lovely in her young pretty mouth as
she snapped it in again. Jenny's mom felt herself getting moist between her
legs. 'Jeezuuss, is this possible? God how cute,' as the daughter exhaled a
big cloud.

Years later she would remember that moment as a turning point in her and
Jenny's life.

Their food came soon enough and she had no idea what she ate. She couldn't
take her eyes off that gorgeous little smoking girl. The mom and daughter
left before Jenny and her finished eating though, and it was time for the
after dinner cigarette. 'Damn. I had no idea that it was even possible to
smoke at that age. And her mom allows her to too. If I had let Jenny smoke
I'd never let her smoke in public. Hm. If I had let...........' She
pondered this while sending a few smoke rings for Jenny to inhale and made
her decision.

When they got home she sat down in the living room. "Jenny, come here and
sit down honey," she called.

"Ok mom," Jenny replied. She retrieved a cigarette from her pack and lit
up, Jenny watching entranced as usual, "oh, would you care for a cigarette
honey?" she asked. Jenny's face lit up as she answered, " Yes I think I
would like a cigarette now mom," in an as grown up manner as she could,
while beaming with pride. She retrieved one from the pack her mom offered
her and put it between her young lips, smiling all the time. Now was the
moment she had been waiting for her whole life.

"Could you give me a light mom?" she asked innocently.

"But of course. Here baby," she said as she lit her young daughter's first

Jenny had of course studied her moms technique all her life and knew
exactly how to proceed, and so she took a good sized drag. And inhaled it
all. From the smoke rings she'd been inhaling for a few weeks her young
lungs had somewhat accustomed themselves to the smoke, and Jenny thought it
kinda slapped her throat a little bit, before giving her a warm filling
sensation in her chest. 'This is good,' Jenny thought, 'and her whole body
almost trembled with joy as her dream came true when she exhaled her first
thick white cloud of cigarette smoke. She giggled, and her mom saw that
this was truly something she would enjoy. For herself it was almost
unbearable to watch her beautifull young daughter's face exhaling the
smoke, and she thought 'if an eleven year old can do this, my daughter sure
can too.'

She watched Jenny take drag after drag, exhaling clouds in different
directions and trying to play with the smoke she enjoyed so much to blow.
Her mom gave her some rules to follow. She was not to smoke in other
people's presence yet, as she was afraid it would create comments and
reactions neither Jenny nor herself could handle right now. She gave Jenny
her first carton of cigarettes as she thought to herself, 'I have a little
smoking daughter now.' And she thought about the whole nastiness of the
thing and got a bit wet between her legs again.

Jenny was in heaven. 'I'm smoking, I'm smoking. I'm a smoker. ' She ran up
to her bedroom, cigarette in hand, and stood in front of her mirror. 'I
look so good smoking,' she thought, as she tried different poses, and
different ways to hold her cigarette, and exhale the smoke. 'I'm a grown up
now. I smoke like mommie.' Jenny smoked four more cigarettes that evening
before going to bed. So she became a smoker.

She increased her intake over the next few weeks and after two months she
was a pack a day smoker. She enjoyed it immensely when she sat smoking
cigarette after cigarette with her mom in the evenings, and she was as
happy as any eight year old could be. She practiced her smoking style
constantly, and her mom showed her how to French inhale, snap inhale, blow
smoke rings (which she loved so much she almost always did), nose exhale,
talking exhales and more, over the next two years.

When Jenny was ten she started to change. Her young mind was so in love
with smoking, but she started noticing that she was having new thoughts
about her smoking now. One day she was smoking in front of her mirror and
she suddenly felt something stir at her lower abdomen. She got an urge to
touch herself down there, and as she did, she was surprised to find out
that it was very very good. So she kept on rubbing herself and smoking
faster and faster, thinking about the smoke entering her young body,
leaving tiny particles of tar in her lungs and she climaxed with a loud
scream, smoke oozing out of her mouth as she screamed. Her mom didn't hear
the scream, but from that day things started to change more in Jenny's
life. She asked her mom if she could start wearing lipstick, for one. And
the first time she had put it on she went to her room and she could hardly
contain herself, as she trembled at the sight of her young face, with
beautifully red coloured lips sucking on the white cigarette. She french
inhaled and came almost instantly as she watched the red lips and white
smoke mix in front of her face. ' Smoke smoke smoke,' she thought. 'I love
to smoke. I must smoke all the time.' And then she started imagining
herself smoking in different situations with other people watching. The
nastiness of it made her light another cigarette and start rubbing herself
again. After she finished she made a promise to herself. From now on, every
day she was going to smoke at a different place, in front of different
people, no matter what her mom said. She was going to show the world that
smoke was the greatest thing ever. She was going to smoke everywhere!

So the next day she brought her cigarettes with her to school for the first
time. Once she entered the school grounds she met up with a few of her
classmates as they were standing talking about the last movie they had. Her
heart trembled with excitement as she opened her purse, took out the pack
of VS120's (which she had been smoking lately, due to their sexy look) and
extracted a cigarette. The other girls stood there with open mouths as she
lit up and took a deep cheekhollowing drag. Jenny beamed with pride as she
exhaled a good sized cloud above her head and asked 'is something the
matter? Have you never seen a smoker before?' and laughed a little at their
discomfort. Jenny was the most popular girl in her class, outgoing and
always friendly to everybody, so the classmates mouths closed and they
started bombarding her with questions. When did she start, was she allowed
at home, didn't she know it was dangerous and such. She just smiled at them
and answered politely every question, often exhaling as she did, until they
ran out of things to ask about. She noticed a few of the girls clearly
looked at her with envy. The first class started, and she dropped her
cigarette to the ground before entering the school, crushing it with her
heel. Her last drag still within her chest she entered and saw one of the
female teachers standing next to a classroom door waiting for her pupils to
enter. Jenny smiled at her, and she felt that familiar stirring between her
legs as she exhaled the smoke towards her, ending it with two big smoke
rings. 'I did it,' she thought. 'I exhaled in front of a teacher.' The
thought came so quickly that she was shivering in expectation of what the
teacher would say. She tried to walk as unaffected as possible past her and
the poor woman must have thought she was hallucinating, because she didn't
say a word, just turned around and entered her classroom. 'This was soo
great. I gotta do this again. I need to do it soon. God how I love smoking'
she thought as she entered her own classroom. She sat down at her desk and
her teacher entered. ' Should I do it?' she thought to herself. The thought
of lighting up in the classroom in front of her teacher got her moist
between her legs again, and she was helpless to resist the urge. She
quickly got her pack open and got a cigarette out. The male teacher was
looking in a different direction but turned towards her as she lit up.
Surprise and shock registered in his face as she dragged hard, inhaled
deeply and exhaled nonchalantly while looking for the book the teacher had
asked them to open.

"Young lady, what are you doing?" he said in a hard tone.

"Oh. I'm sorry. Does my smoking bother you?" Jenny said in her cutest most
innocent voice. Inside her heart was pounding in excitement, but she put on
a good act.

"No, that's not what I meant...."

"I'm sorry. I just needed a cigarette badly right now. You know. Mom was
mad this morning and I was really stressed to get here on time"

"But, but.......come with me Jenny." He said.

Jenny threw her cigarette on the floor, crushed it out, and retrieved her
purse as she followed him out. They went straight to the principals office.

"Mr. Howden, we have a......strange situation here." The teacher said to
the principal.

Meanwhile Jenny was having her thoughts again. 'Now? Now?? YESSSS.' And she
quickly put a cigarette in her mouth and lit up.

"Mr. Principal, I think my teacher is bothered by my smoking. Would you be
a dear and get me an ashtray please?' She said exhaling, and put on her
best smile. Mr. Howden looked stricken.

"This is a non smoking school miss. Put that out", he yelled. "You'll
receive a two day suspension for this, AND a note home"

'Who cares,' Jenny thought. 'It was worth it.'

So she was sent home, but before she left the building, her experiences had
her so aroused that she had to relieve herself. So she went to the girls
room and lit up and started rubbing herself. 'This was soo cool. I'm soo
bad, she thought and came almost instantly.' Still with her cigarette in
hand she left the girls room and went out, making sure to wave the hand
holding the cigarette as ladylike as she could the few times she passed a
teacher or pupil. As she exited the building she took a deep drag, and held
the warm smoke in her lungs for a few seconds. She exhaled, and wondered
dreamily how it was possible that smoke could be so cool and beautifull to
watch. She wondered where the smoke went after it dissolved in the air and
decided that it must be rising to the sky, later to collect itself to the

After a talk with her mom, who actually thought the whole thing funny, and
a bit arousing herself (even though she didn't tell of course), Jenny
decided she was going to start carrying her pack in her hand all the time,
to show everybody how she loved to smoke.

The next day she went to a clothing store with her mom to get her a new
dress, and even though the ladies in the store looked strangely at her
carrying the pack, they said nothing. Jenny felt she needed a cigarette and
lit up. Holding it in her left hand she exhaled to the side as she rummaged
through a few dresses in front of her. Her mom watched proudly and was
excited as well. Her little chimney daughter just seemed to "fit" the
cigarette perfectly. Jenny was able to finish most of her cigarette before
one of the Ladies from the store came over to look.

"Is this the smallest size you have of this dress?" She asked, smoke
popping out of her mouth as she did.

"Um, no, I think we have one size smaller in the back," she said, smiling.
"And let me say, you look adorable smoking that Virginia Slims cigarette

"I know, but thank you anyway," Jenny replied smiling.

The lady left and got back a few minutes later, carrying the smaller sized

"My daughter prefers Marlboroughs." I can't understand what she sees in
those macho cigs. But she's still only nine years old. She'll learn what it
means to be female later."

Jenny tried on the dress and it fit perfectly. On the way to the counter
she lit up again and was puffing away happily in the line there. A few of
the other people looked at her with angry grins but noone said anything.
She was after all extremely good looking, and the cigarette just increased
her beauty.

The next days she started as she promised herself, to smoke anywhere. She
lit up in church, in the grocery store, in the restaurant, taking the
school bus and so on.

One day she was waiting for the bus when a lady in her fifties came up to
her. She was having fun blowing thick smoke rings as the lady spoke. But it
was no ordinary voice. It sounded like a machine somehow, and Jenny was
startled. She nose exhaled into the air as she heard what the lady had to

"Good evening young lady," she croaked. She started telling her about how she
started smoking at thirteen and at forty five she got throat cancer.  She
politely listened to the lady and she asked her a question when she was
finished with her story:

"Will you quit now?"

"I'm sorry Lady, but no way I'm quitting these. I love smoking, and I'll
smoke forever, no matter the risk."

"Well, then I wish you better luck than I had young lady. Have fun while
you can," she said and left Jenny's life forever.

Jenny smoked all the time now. She got the reputation that you could never
see her without a cigarette in hand, and you could often not see her mouth
at all, as she snapped and French inhaled all the time with her beautifully
manicured red lips contrasting the thick white smoke on a constant basis.

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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