Fear Of Flying, Part 3

(by kalithanatos, 28 December 2009)

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Fear of Flying
by kalithanatos

When Janet arrived home at around 8 o'clock that night, she immediately
dumped all her bags in the living room and said hi to her family. David and
Maria were very happy to see Janet back home since they missed her terribly
while she was away, even if it was only for a couple of days. David worked
from home most of the time because he was in I.T. and provided technical
support over the phones. Maria was an 18 year old student who was studying
for her final exams at school.

They decided to eat in since it was too late to make any dinner. David took
Janet's order before she took a quick shower, but after making the call to
the local Chinese takeaway, realised he had no money. David did what he
usually did when he had no cash and went looking for Janet's purse inside her
handbag. What he found surprised him greatly - why did Janet have a packet of
cigarettes in her handbag? As far as David knew, Janet had never smoked a
cigarette in her life - in fact, she had told him as much on several
occasions. What Janet did not know was that this disappointed David no end,
for as long as he could remember, David had had a smoking fetish. He would
have liked nothing more than for his wife of nineteen years to light up an
all-white menthol cigarette and pull voluminous amounts of smoke into her
grateful, waiting lungs. He had fantasized about this many times over the
years, but it never seemed a likely possibility; at least, until now. Could
it be that Janet had been smoking? Surely not...

David decided not to mention his find to Janet, and when the takeaway arrived
they ate as a family, catching up on everything that had happened over the
last few days. Janet mentioned she had met two really nice, new friends but
neglected to state the reason Beth and Fiona had come into her life.

After they finished their meal and washed the dishes, Maria went off to her
room to study and Janet and David retired to the bedroom. As they made love
that night, it was especially vigorous. What they failed to realise was that
the reason for their shared passion was exactly the same for both of them -
Janet's smoking!

The next day, Janet left for work early in her car. As usual, London traffic
was a nightmare and before long Janet found herself in a massive, unmoving
jam. She switched the radio on and found there had been an accident ahead,
and that she was likely going to be stuck here for at least an hour. After
phoning in to work to let them know, Janet was at a loss for something to do.
It seemed there was nothing that could relieve the boredom, and then Janet
remembered she had a book of Sudoku in her handbag. As she reached in, her
hand touched an unfamiliar object; then she realised what it was - the
cigarettes Fiona had left her! Janet took them out, opened the packet and
looked inside. Three all white cigarettes stared back at her. Not knowing
what to do, she put the packet on the passenger seat and retrieved her Sudoku
and pen from her bag. 

After ten frustrating minutes of not moving and getting stuck on the puzzle,
Janet's eyes drifted back to the cigarettes. Picking the pack up again and
looking inside, she started to feel an anticipation building up within.
Should she light up? After all, no one would know, and she had to admit, she
had enjoyed the sensation that smoking brought her. She pulled one of the
cigarettes out of the pack and held it between her fingers. It felt good. It
felt right. She started to wonder what she looked like holding a cigarette
and pulled down the sun-visor in the passenger side with the mirror in it.
Angling the mirror toward herself, she put the cigarette in her mouth. Damn,
she looked hot! However, the look was incomplete - the cigarette remained

Fiona had not given Janet a lighter, but the car had a functioning cigarette
lighter on the dash. Pushing the lighter in, Janet started to feel impatient.
"C'mon, c'mon," she said, eager to feel the smoke in her mouth once more.
Finally, the lighter popped out and in an instant Janet had it in her hand.
She lit the cigarette and inhaled as deeply as she dared. She held the smoke
for as long as she could before exhaling a small stream towards the open car
window. An incredible head rush followed and Janet immediately raised the
cigarette to her lips again. This time she dragged for six or seven seconds
before opening her mouth and breathing all the lovely smoke into her lungs.
She did not even attempt to blow this out for at least ten seconds, instead
letting her lungs absorb the smoke. Finally she exhaled and a small, almost
imperceptible amount of smoke came out of her mouth and nose. She smoked the
rest of the cigarette at a more leisurely pace before finally throwing the
stub out of the window. She then lay back in her seat and closed her eyes,
thinking about what she had just done. She had smoked a cigarette as if she
had been doing it for years, and had loved every moment of it. She now knew
what it felt like to be a smoker.

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