Fear Of Flying, Part 6

(by kalithanatos, 28 December 2009)

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Fear of Flying
by kalithanatos

Thursday and Friday followed much the same pattern for Janet, smoking 3 or 4
cigarettes in her car on her way to work and going out for breaks with Sarah,
Michelle, or both. However, she limited herself to only one cigarette on the
way home from work to avoid stinking up the car or her clothes too much. She
was now finding not being able to smoke at home particularly stressful, to
the point where she actually looking forward to going to bed early just so
that it would seem like less time until the she could smoke in the morning.
The only upside to going to bed early was that David and Janet's love life
was now much more intense, with both their fantasy minds working overtime -
David imagining his lovely wife smoking and Janet thinking about all her
smoking experiences so far and looking forward to her next cigarette.

When Saturday came around, Janet and David stayed in bed late and found time
for another bout of lovemaking. This was the most activity their bed had seen
since the early days of their romance, and they both appreciated it. When it
was finally time to get out of bed, it was midday. This was now the longest
time Janet had gone without a cigarette since she started smoking, and every
pore of her body was now crying out for a nicotine fix. She announced over
breakfast she was thinking of going to the shopping centre (believing this
would give her time for one or two cigarettes) and was dismayed when David
said he would join her. Maria was still studying for her exams, so when David
asked her if she would like to come she politely declined.

David suggested they take Janet's car as he claimed he was having some engine
trouble with his own vehicle. In reality, he wanted to root around for clues
as to whether Janet actually was smoking and was given an opportunity to do
so when Janet realised she needed fuel. They stopped off at the petrol
station down the road, and Janet filled the tank. While she went in to pay,
David had a quick look around the car. He could definitely smell an
underlying odour of smoke, but Janet had explained that by saying she was
giving a colleague a run home. That could also explain the cigarette butt he
found in the ashtray, although his heart did skip a beat when he saw that;
what if it WAS Janet's, he wondered? He then had a quick rummage in her
handbag, and at first glance there was nothing incriminating. Just as he was
about to give up, he spotted a receipt sitting on the top of breath mints. He
brought it out and read it - two packets of cigarettes, a lighter and a box
of the Tic-Tacs Janet had suddenly become fond of in the last week! Could
this be the evidence he was desperately looking for? Janet had never really
eaten Tic-Tacs before, and now here she was eating a packet a day. This,
combined with buying two different brands of cigarettes (maybe she was
experimenting with different tastes?) and also a lighter, plus the smell in
the car had David 99% convinced Janet was indeed smoking.

Soon after, Janet was back in the car and they headed out to the shopping
centre. Once they were parked and had wandered round a few stores, the
incessant nagging voice in the back of Janet's mind told her to get rid of
David so that she could sneak off for a cigarette. Her opportunity came when
David found some break dancing street performers showing off their skills.
David always loved to watch great dancers, and Janet suggested he stay here
while she visited some of the fashion stores David detested going in to.
Leaving David to watch the show, Janet hurried off to find a quiet corner
where she could smoke in private. She had put her cigarettes and lighter into
her jacket pocket this morning, just in case David had needed to go into her
bag for anything, and soon found a secluded area where she could smoke away
from any crowd.

As Janet lit up, her cravings immediately subsided. "This feels so good", she
thought to herself, as she took time to play with the smoke, performing
French inhales and double drags. As soon as she finished her first cigarette,
she treated herself to another, thinking that the shops would still be there
another day.

Unknown to Janet, the show David was attending was nearing its end when he
started watching, and less than five minutes later it was over. David had
watched the direction Janet had walked off in and although they had agreed to
meet forty-five minutes later, he decided to try and find her early. There
were only two or three shops Janet could have been in since she had left him,
but a quick scan inside each of them revealed she wasn't there. Just as he
was about to give up and phone Janet, he thought he spied her in a corner on
the far side of the mall. Wondering what she was doing over there, he started
to make his way towards her, but he lost sight of her because he had to go
around the escalators to reach her. Luckily for Janet, this meant he never
saw her taking her final drag and stub the cigarette out underfoot. Just as
David came round the final bend of the escalator, he cried out, "Janet!"
Janet, startled, looked up sharply. She still had a lungful of smoke, and
David could see her in full view. She quickly decided to hold the smoke
inside, hoping her lungs would absorb the majority of it. David approached
rapidly, calling over to Janet, "What are you doing over here?"

"Err, nothing," Janet replied, her heart thumping. Had David seen her
smoking? Thinking on her feet, she blundered out, "I mean, I was looking for
a quiet bit to give you a call so that you could meet me. Fancy some lunch?"

David nodded in agreement, his mind racing. Had he just seen faint wisps of
smoke escaping Janet's mouth? And was that two cigarette stubs lying at her
feet? Had his wife just been smoking mere moments ago? Moving in closer, he
puckered his lips for a kiss, eager for clues. Janet could not really refuse
the motion, but instead of locking mouths, she opted for a quick peck on
David's cheek, not giving him an opportunity to taste the smoke on her
breath. David immediately took this to mean Janet was indeed trying to hide
something, as normally she is only too willing to kiss full on the lips, in
public or not. In David's mind, this was all adding up to only one thing -
Janet was smoking, and was hiding it from him. Now the question was: how
could he get her to admit it?

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