A Fetishist's Web Dream

(by anonymous, 14 February 2002)

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A Fetishist's Web Dream

She lay on the silk sheets of the bed spread, one knee drawn up to her 
chin, revealing a generous amount of silk stockinged thigh. Her hair was 
sandy coloured, cut straight into the neck.I don`t usually find short 
haired girls attractive but there was something about the cute little 
fringe framing a pretty elfin-like face that was really beginning to appeal 
to me. 

Beside stockings and suspenders, she wore a short, tight fitting black 
leather mini skirt that creaked faintly each time she moved position on the 
bed.  The light from the bed side lamp was reflected in each and 
every crease, line and fold. 

She patted the bed provocatively and winking, invited me to join her. 

I was determined not to be tempted by straight sex. I merely wanted to 
live out my fantasy, a particular fetish which was rapidly driving me 

I simply had to tell her. 

"Do you smoke" I asked in a faltering voice. 

"Occasionally" she replied, "I`ve been trying to cut down" 

My heart leapt.  I began to explain that I had a re-curring fantasy that 
featured me kissing a girl whilst she was in the process of smoking a 
cigarette and that would it be at all possible for her to assist in making 
this dream come true. 

Without uttering a word, she leaned over the bedside drawer and took out a 
packet of Dunhills and a lighter. Opening the packet, she slowly drew one 
out and laid it on her lap. 

"See" she exclaimed "only my second of the day, I`ve been a good girl". 

Seeing the extra-long cigarette resting on the shiny leather of her skirt 
provided me with an instant erection. 

"Do you want to light it for me" she asked. 

I explained to her I didn`t actually smoke myself but merely wanted to 
taste the smoke from her mouth. 

I turned my back to her whilst she lit it and on turning round, noticed 
that she had resumed her seductive pose once again, knee drawn up to her 
chin and with the cigarette smouldering between the fingers of her right 

"Well" she teased, "what do you want to do with me" 

I approached her on the bed. 

"Before we do it" I stammered "can I give you an ordinary kiss first". 

Silently, she looped the hand holding the cigarette behind my neck and drew 
me towards her.  It was the most enjoyable kiss I had ever experienced. 
Soft, sensuous and incredibly sexy. 

When we parted, I whispered to her that the process of placing the 
cigarette in her mouth, drawing on it and taking it out once again neded to 
be as slow and prolonged as the kiss.  She nodded her approval. 

This was it.  My penis was attempting to batter its way out of my trousers. 

She slowly placed the cigarette between her lips. She didn`t draw on it 
for a second as she gazed lazily at me through the film of rising blue 
smoke. Then I saw the end of the cigarette glow brightly as she took a 
long drag. I could even here the gentle crackle of paper as it was 
transformed into ash. 

My heart was pounding. 

"Don`t inhale will you sweetheart"I exclaimed. 

She slowly withdrew the cigarette from her lips. At first no smoke could 
be seen apart from a thin trail drifting out from the filter. Then she 
slowly pouted her lips, opening her mouth slightly as if to prepare for a 
kiss and a thick ball of smoke curled out from below her upper lip and 
began to envelope her face. 

Without hesitation, I covered her lips with mine, cutting off the flow of 
the smoke. I could taste and feel the smoke moving into my mouth. Opening 
my eyes momentarily, I noticed gentle streams of smoke escaping from her 

Pretty soon the experience was over; 

"How was that" she exclaimed. 

"Everything I have ever dreamed of " I replied "now if you would just flip 
onto your tummy for me" 

"Ooh" she giggled "I thought you weren`t interested in sex". 

"I changed my mind" I managed to mumble. 

As I slid the leather of her skirt over her buttocks, I discovered to my 
joy that she wasn`t wearing any panties. 

As I raised her bottom into a suitable position and thrust my enormous 
erection inside her, she took another drag on the cigerette, the smoke 
rising in a slow, drifting cloud to the ceiling. 

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