My first time

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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                              My first time
                               by Karrie

I started smoking at the age of 15, my mother and aunts, uncles all smoked and
I just picked one up one day and started.  I ran with a crowd where smoking
was out, so I smoked secretly most of the time, but lit up occasionally at
parties with other girls.  It was more a social thing then, kind of show the
boys who was naughty and nice.  Then at the age of 18, I graduated and went to

I had resigned myself to two options.  If my new roommate was a non-smoker,
then I would quit smoking too.  If however she smoked, I would continue to
smoke, and come out of the closet from smoking, because I was now "grown up"
and at college, and could do what I wanted.

I packed my things, and my parents helped me move to my college town, and I
nervously waited to meet my new roommate.  By luck, our dorm floor had only
one opening left and it was for a smoking room, but the Resident Advisor told
me there was a good chance my roomie would be a non-smoker like me because of
space limitations.  I was organizing my stuff when she walked in...

She was a very nice looking (not drop dead georgeous) girl with strawberry
blonde hair, shoulder length, blue eyes, and a nice figure.  Her name was
Tiffany. We talked as I helped her bring her stuff in and get unpacked.  The
odor of smoke was on her clothes and in her car, so I thought "YAY, a smoker!"
(I really enjoyed smoking, so I was happy that I wouldn't have to quit
afterall.)  Over the next several days, we hung out and became quite close,
but I had yet to see her smoke.  I thought maybe the smell was from smoking
parents like I always blamed my smell on.  I was not going to light up until I
saw her light up too.

We got along great and did everything together over the next week and then
studying started to take priority.  She was in some honors classes and I could
tell she was getting pretty stressed.  One night while we were studying, she
was very agitated and suddenly slammed her books closed.

Tiffany whirled around in her chair and asked "You wan't to go get a drink or
somethin, I gotta get out of here!"

I looked over my work load and said "sure... why not, can't concentrate
anyway" so we walked to the downtown area where the college bars are located.
"Dont worry," Tiffany reassured me, "I know of a few places that'll serve us,
I know the bartenders".  "Cool," I agreed.  I was gonna be in trouble. I have
to have a cigarette with a drink, and I was starting to get the itch for a
Marlboro Light 100 very badly!

It was a Thursday night, and it was quite busy, but there were still two
stools at the bar near the end, so we parked there.  The bartender motioned
towards Tiff, and she waved back with a wink, and he came and got our orders,
Tiffany ordered a beer, and I ordered a wine cooler.  While he was fetching
our drinks, Tiff looked around the room nervously and finally said "I'm sorry
Karrie, but I have to go buy some cigarettes, I'm going nuts!" My eyes lit up
and I said "Fine with me, buy me a pack too, Marlboro Lights, 100's..." She
looked at me strangely, took my two dollars and walked towards the vending

The drinks arrived at the same time she returned, and she already had the foil
ripped off her Marlboros and had one hanging in her lips, unlit.  She was
surveying the bar for a match, but I surprised her by flicking my lighter in
front of her.  A smile came across her face, and she leaned forward to light
her cig.  She lit the end and dragged deeply, inhaled quickly and dragged some
more, and repeated the process once more, filling her lungs to capacity. I
watched intently as she then held the smoke while she took a large sip of
beer, finally letting the smoke exhale from her nose and slightly through her
lips, filling the beer bottle. When she was done with the sip, she took one
more large drag from her cig and exhaled a very tight stream towards the

She must have noticed my staring, as she said "Hello, earth to Karrie...  wake
up woman!" I looked away embarrassed, and sheepishly lit my cigarette, with a
small drag and inhale.

"Damn, that feels so good," she said as she once again pumped on her cig,
"Don't know why I ever thought of quitting" she said through a cloud of smoke.
I was staring again, but managed to agree, relating my story of quitting or
starting for real in college.  Her story was basically the same, only stole
cigs from her mother, having 2-3 a day on average, and hiding it from her

We continued to laugh, drink and smoke throughout the night, sharing more and
more secrets as we got more drunk.  We agreed that we would smoke in our room
if we needed.  Throughout the night, her smoking mesmerized me, I couldn't
help but watch her lips wrap around the filter, her cheeks hollow as she
dragged, her eyes light up in the flicker of the lighter, I was in awe.  I had
never watched or cared about smoking techniques, and felt a funny ache in my
crotch when she did this for me. I started watching the other women too, and I
could tell those that smoked socially, seriously, needed the smoke, or just
did it for attention.  It was a whole new window opened for me.

Tiffany noticed something was on my mind. She reached over and put her hand on
mine and asked me "So whats up, you're like a zombie, hardly talking..." I was
surprised by her move, but I didn't pull away, and since I was drunk, I
started to talk.

I looked right into her eyes and said "Tiff, I can't explain it, but I can't
keep my eyes off of you, something is different tonight, your smoking is very
sexy and hypnotic to me, and I'm starting to feel different about you in other
ways too..." I lit a new cig and held it in my hand, but then Tiffany blew my
mind... she reached over took the cig from my hand and twirled it around in
her fingers. "You mean this makes you hot?" She asked as she looked at me
straight in the eyes, slowly ran her tongue around her pouty lips and inserted
the cig in corner of her mouth.  She then took a huge drag, and opened her
lips slightly and the smoke started to drift out.  Just then she started to
inhale through her nose, and the stream took a Vturn up and into her nostrils.
She french inhaled the entire drag and took another deep drag when that was
finished... she exhaled directly into my face, and chest, breast, and then
towards my crotch.  My mouth hung open a bit as I reached for something to
say, but instead Tiffany took the cig and placed it in my mouth, and said "Now
you make me tingle Karrie, I've been watching you too..."

Without knowing what I was doing, I reached into my purse and pulled out my
lipstick, a cinnamon color that goes on thick and sexy, refreshed my lips, and
then took a long, solid drag from "our" cigarette.  I too french inhaled, and
exhaled slowly towards her. Tiffany didn't take her eyes off of me.  She
uncrossed her legs a few times as if nervous, and then reached for our
cigarette, I gladly shared it with her again. "I love the color of lipstick"
she said as she dragged, and rolled the cig from side to side, coating her
lips with the remnants of mine.  My eyes rolled, I was so horny, and I loudly
shouted and laughed as I spun my barstool away from her "stop it, stop it,
your driving me crazy, I can't take it anymore".

She giggled as she crushed out our cigarette, and nudged me in the back "Come
on, lets get out of here and go back to the dorms." As we walked back, we were
both kind of silent but she broke it by saying "I only thought that smoking
seduction worked on boys, but I think it works on girls too, don't you agree?
And I apologize for driving ya nuts." She said as she lit another cig "I used
to do that for the boys all the time, didn't realize I was doing it to you
until it was too late, again, I'm sorry."

"It's ok Tiff, I actually loved it, you are very sexy when you smoke and when
you don't too, I just hadn't noticed it before, you should be proud of it." I
added. "You aren't bad, just need to be more aware of it, and be aware of
others who are aware of it too!" she said.

We arrived at the dorms and got ready for bed.  I really didn't think anything
else would happen, we had quit talking about smoking about 15 minutes earlier.
I sat on my bed indian style with a night shirt and my panites.  Tiffany came
back to the room and sat across from me on her bed wearing a night shirt too,
but when she sat down, I realized she wasn't wearing her panties.  I could
also see that she shaved most of her area down there, except for a small area
at the top. My crotch started to tingle again.

She lit one of her Marlboro's and took a large drag, and asked "Mind if I try
that color of lipstick, I really like it?" "No problem, its in my bag" I
replied.  "I know, but you still have some on your lips, could I try it from
there?"  My look must have said yes, cuz she reached into my bag and tossed me
the lipstick and said "You'll need a little more Karrie, its getting kinda
worn off, and we're gonna need a lot." She triple pumped her cig as I applied
the lipstick, never taking our eyes off one another.  I then made the next
move, as she finished her drag I sat next to her and we started to kiss
gently.  As she exhaled through her nose, the aroma surrounded us, it was
heaven.  I planted as much lipstick on her as I could, I was breathing her
smoke, and sharing our mouths, lips, tongues and juices...  I was in absolute

She took one more drag of her Marlboro and then laid me down on her bed and
lifted up my t-shirt, exposing my hard nipples.  She gently started to kiss
and suck them, slowly exhaling her smoke on my body the whole time.  Her
tongue danced over my chest and teased playfully at my nipples, making me so
wet beneath. I had never been with another woman before and I was very
nervous, but the alcohol really helped my nerves, I let her touch me where she

We french kissed some more as I petted her soft breasts, and then she started
to rub my inner thighs.  I hesitated and told her I was kinda nervous, it was
my first time. "I don't want you to stop, but I'm really nervous, I don't know
what to expect, I'm scared Tiffany." She kissed me gently and said, "You just
need to relax, thats all, I'll get something to fix that..." and she got off
the bed and started to reach into one of her drawers.

She pulled out a band-aid tin, opened it, and extracted a large sized joint.
"I've never smoked pot before, what's it gonna do to me Tiff?" I asked. "Just
make you open up and relax, and thats what I want you to do, relax, and then
open up to me", she said as she placed the joint in her lips.  She lit it and
took three deep inhales, then passed it to me, we shared more smoke as we
finished the joint, kissing and playing with each other.

I was apparantly stoned, so Tiff put out the joint, handed me a cig and told
me to smoke it to cover the smell.  As I laid back and enjoyed my cig, Tiffany
started to pull off my panties.  She slowly started to lick my inner thighs,
and then slowly lapped at my labia and swollen clit.  I just laid with my head
back, smoking, and groaning with each lick, I was just about to explode.  Then
I did.

My orgasm started in my toes and the back of my ears, and rushed towards my
clit at 1000 mph.  My hips bucked as she continued to finger my hole and
nibble at my clit.  My head was swimming so fast I could barely see, I
couldn't talk and I just shook for what seemed like minutes.  I looked over to
see I had chained three cigarettes during that session, and I wasn't sick at
all, just tingled.

Tiffany laid in my lap and we held each other for a long time.  She explained
to me that she was "Bi Sexual", still loved to date guys and that sex with
women was just that, sex.  She didn't see herself getting majorly involved
with a woman emotionally, and that I shouldn't get attached.  She said all of
this in a way that made me realize these were some of my own thoughts.  Sex is
great, but it shouldn't be confused with emotions, which run much deeper.
During our year together, Tiffany and I grew to be 1-2 ppd smokers, and great
lovers.  We left the sex at that, just sex. But we explored our sexuality in
new and different ways all the time, always incorporating some type of smoking
with it.  I'd have to write a book to tell all the ways we made to each other
and different people as well.

Now, I am a single, bi woman leaning heavily towards just women, but still
love the comfort, support, caring and sex that a man can provide.  Tiffany is
out of the picture, we've both moved on. I'm in awe of the smoking fetish
sites and smoke constantly through an online session, chaining and getting wet
each and every login.  I'm looking for that special online friend to
potentially meet someday, and share more great smoking adventures with.


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