First Exhales It's Just a Puff

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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                       FIRST EXHALES IT'S JUST A PUFF...

Linda, Karen and Julie were walking down the street from school.  They were
all 12 years old and in the 7th grade at St. Michaels.  Linda had short
shoulder length straight blonde hair, green eyes and nice legs.  Karen was a
bigger girl, not fat, but big boned with nicely developed breasts for her age.
She had firey red wavy hair that went halfway down her back.  Finally there
was Julie, with medium length brown hair that was kind of frizzy in the back.
Julie had wonderful brown eyes and also had nice high cheek bones.

The girls walked down off the street, and walked over to the park.  The park
was empty except for a twenty something woman pushing a toddler in the baby
swings.  The girls walked through the park, and stopped at the swings. They
all dumped their bags behind the swings.  Karen and Julie didn't notice Linda
slip her foil package into the wasteband of her skirt.

The girls sat down on the swings, and Karen and Julie began to lightly swing
on the device.  Linda felt nervous, took a deep breath of air and pulled out
the foil pack of Benson and Hedges 100's from her skirt wasteband.  She
wrinkled her small beautiful nose, pulled one of the long white cigarettes
from the pack and put it between her lips.

Karen dragged her feet on the asphalt, "Linda, what's that between your lips."
Julie, who was swinging a little higher, stopped herself in mid swing.  "Is
that a cigarette," Julie asked.  Linda pushed the matches out of the
cellophane pack and opened the book.  She pushed the match against the cover,
cupped her hands and drew on the B&H.  She pulled the cigarette from her lips,
and the girls watched as a ball of smoke disappeared to her lungs.  As Linda
did this, Karen and Julie watched as Linda's eyes dropped, as she savored the
warm smoke in her lungs and the nicotine flowing in her blood.  She exhaled a
plume of smoke and watched it disappeared in front of her and put the
cigarette between her lips.

"It's like you're drawing on a straw," Karen exclaimed.  "My god, I can't
believe you're smoking," Julie said, "don't you know that smoking's bad for
you.  Miss Pitts said so."  Karen laughed as Linda put the cigarette back
between her lips and double pumped some more nicotine into her lungs. "Miss
Pitts smokes a pack of day."  Julie sighed, "come on, how can she teach that
anti smoking stuff if she smokes.  Karen stared at Linda drawing deeply,
marveling that she already had smoked half the long cigarette. "Because they
make her.  I got a ride home from her once, her ashtray was overflowing with
Marlboro butts and she had a pack on the dash," Karen said.

Linda took another puff, "would you guys like a cigarette," Linda asked.
Karen giggled, "yeah, I've wanted to try it for like forever," said Karen.
"How 'bout you Julie?"  "I...I...I don't know," she stammered.  Linda pulled
out two new cigarettes from her pack.  She popped them both in her lips.
"What are you doing," Julie asked.  "Lighting another cigarette for me, and
one for Karen."  Linda took what was left of her smoked B&H and put the cherry
to each of the new cigarettes in her mouth.  After she had them lit she passed
one to Karen, held the other between her lips and flicked the butt of her
first one in front of her.

Karen held the cigarette in her hand.  "So what do I do?"  Linda shrugged,
"smoke it."  Karen looked at the cigarette between her two fingers, and
studied the smoke as it floated up to her nose.  "Just pull the smoke in
through the filter and blow it out, after you do that like seven or eight
times, like for half the cigarette, then inhale the smoke."  Karen put the
cigarette to her lips, "hey Julie, how do I look."  "Oh so cool, so chick,"
she said sarcastically.

The woman was walking their way, Linda groaned, she didn't want another
unsolicited "smoking is bad for you" lecture.  Karen took her first puff, it
tasted good on her tongue, nice and warm.  She quickly blew the smoke out of
her lips and giggled.  "God, you two look like young hookers," said Julie.
"Come on, it's just a puff," said Karen, this time taking a more measured
drag.   The woman with the toddler had reached them.

"Excuse me girls, I was wondering, do you think I could have one of your
cigarettes?"  Linda looked surprised, and she passed the pack to the young
woman.  "I thought you were going to lecture me on my habit."  The woman
laughed, and looked at Karen and Linda as they smoked.  "Naw, I've been
smoking since I was 9.  My husband doesn't like it, so I need to sneak around
and I'm out, so what the hell."  The woman pulled a cigarette out of Linda's
pack, took out the match book, leaned away from the wind and lit up, stylishly
waving the match out and flicking it on the ground.

"You've been smoking a while," she said as she handed the pack back to Linda.
"Yeah, for a few months."  "You're very good, for someone your age."  Linda
blushed, pulled hard on her cigarette, dragging deeper than ever before.
Karen tried to emulate Linda, but failed when she gushhed out a bunch of smoke

"Let me guess," the woman said smiling, "this is your first day smoking."
Karen laughed, "yeah, this is my first cigarette."  "Here's what you do, to
start inhaling."  The woman put the cigarette to her lips, pulled in some
smoke, exhaled through her nose and the smoke emptied into her lungs.  "All
you do is suck in some smoke, then exhale through your nose.  The exhale in
your nose will suck the smoke down you're throat.  Karen tried, and it worked,
she exhaled a nice cone of blue smoke.  "Wow, this is cool!"

She looked at Julie, "what about you?"  "I'm not exactly into blackening my
lungs," Julie said deadpan.  The woman laughed, pulled deeply on her
cigarette, and emptied her lungs.  "It's just a puff.  Maybe I'll see you guys
tomorrow, we could chat and all enjoy a cigarette."


On the way home, Linda told Karen of the gas station that sold cigarettes to
anyone.  Karen stopped in there, and it was clearly apparent she was about 11,
in her blue vest and blue plaid skirt.  She walked up to the scrawny boy in a
white t-shirt pumping gas and said, "pack of Benson and Hedges 100's
please...and a lighter."  The boy scratched his beard, walked over to the
cabinet and pulled out the pack of B&H and a lighter.  Karen paid the guy, put
her cigarettes in her bag and walked home.

A little after midnight, she woke up.  She smiled.  Karen had never done what
she was about to do.  She stripped herself to her panties, pulling off her old
gym shorts and night shirt and walked over to her bag.  She pulled out the
smooth box of B&H's and her lighter.  She flicked the lighter and lit two
candles on her dresser.

She settled back in her bed, on top of her sheets and pulled down her panties
to her ankles.  She unwrapped the cellophane on the cigarettes, got up and
found an empty pop can to ash in and lay back down.  She opened the flip box,
pulled off the foil and put the cigarette between her lips.  She could see
herself in the mirror.  The white cigarette in between her lips, her mane of
red hair dangling down touching her breasts, "I look sexy," she thought.  It
was a wonderful picture with the candlelight.

Karen began to touch her breasts, first the right one, then the left one. Soon
her nipples were at attention, and she felt her tummy, in a sexual way,
gliding the palm of her hand down from her chest.  She winced for a second, as
she felt a little of her flab, and then moved her hand down to her clit.

She stuck in finger inside her soft flesh, and was surprised how warm and
wonderful it felt.  She felt herself become slightly moist.  Staring at
herself in the mirror, she pulled one of the candles off her night table, and
put it to the cigarette while watching herself in the mirror.  She watched the
end of her cigarette grow red, and watched the smoke float lazily up from it,
while some of the smoke escaped from the side of her lips.

She lay there for a second, cigarette dangling, just looking at herself.  She
liked this.  She lay back on her pillow and began to move her finger inside of
her, she felt a tingle throughout her body and took the longest drag of her
short smoking career.  She pulled hard on the cigarette as she moved her
finger inside of herself.  After her inhales she let the smoke escape lazily
out of her lips, enveloping the cigarette sticking up from her lips, and then
watching the smoke fall and envelop herself in the light from the street lamp
and candles.

She sat up, and ashed into the coke can by her bed.  Then lay back down and
put another finger inside herself.  She stroked her fingers inside herself and
slowly the tickle feeling inside her began to grow and grow and grow. With
each intense feeling inside of herself, Karen pulled hard on her cigarette.
The ash fell off her ciggy and onto her sheets.  She arched her back, took a
real deep 10 second inhale, pushed in her third finger, and balanced her
pinkey and thumb on either side of her clit.  All of her muscles tensed up,
she groaned lightly, and felt her love juices explode inside of her and start
to trickle out of her.  She collapsed back on the bed, a smile on her face.
She pulled the cigarette from her lips, and deposited it inside her empty coke
can.  She pulled another cigarette out of her pack.  She brushed the ash on
the floor of her room, sat up in her bed, leaned into the candle and lit up.

She lay looking at her naked body, smoking.  She smiled, took a drag and let
the smoke gently exhale between her lips.


Karen and Julie left Julie's and started walking down the street.  "God, this
is all so liberating," Karen said as she pulled out her cigarettes from her
purse as she pulled her sleeping bag behind her.  "Hold up," she said as she
paused on the sidewalk, dropping her sleeping bag.  She cupped her hands
around her face, struck a match and sucked on her Benson and Hedges.  "God,
what's so liberated about smoking," Julie mumbled.  She sighed, "I can't
believe you're going to smoke.  What if Linda's parents smell it on you?"

Karen let the cigarette dangle in her lips as she pulled up her sleeping bag
and trudged along side of Julie.  "So Julie, have you tried it?" Julie sighed,
"no, I haven't snuck a cigarette yet.  I don't want to." Karen blew the smoke
out of the side of her mouth at Julie.  "No, not that, I mean feelin'
yourself, waxing the beaver."  Julie looked at Linda, "come on, I don't do
that shit, it's gross."

Karen dropped the half smoked cigarette on the ground as they rounded the
corner and got on Linda's block.  They walked up to Linda's house, and rang
the bell.  Linda's mom Mrs. McKee opened the door, with a Marlboro dangling
from her lips.  "Come in girls, drop your stuff here, Linda's in the tv room."
The girls dropped their purses and sleeping bags in the foyer and walked past
the living room to the tv room.

What they saw, when they entered the tv room, shocked them.  Linda was there,
feet propped up on the coffee table, with a cigarette between her fingers held
leisurely at her side.  "Oh, hi girls, come on in," Linda said.  She got up
and the girls all hugged and kissed, Linda holding her cigarette like a pro,
as she hugged both Karen and Julie.  Julie wrinkled her nose, when she smelled
the nicotine on Linda and slightly inhaled the wafting smoke from her burning

"Come on in, sit down," Linda said.  The girls sat down, and Linda took a deep
draw on her B&H.  "God, this is so wicked, I can't believe your mom let's you
smoke in here."  Just then Mrs. McKee entered the room, "ok girls, here's some
pop, help yourselves.  And here Karen, I understand you smoke, so here's an
ashtray," she said handing an ashtray to Karen.

Karen lit up, and bolted from the room, got her purse and came back and sat
down.  She pulled out her cigarettes, and Linda leaned over and flicked her
bic and lit Karen up.  As Karen exhaled almost effortly, Linda impressively
said, "Wow Karen, you must have smoked a lot, to get so styled at smoking."
Karen grinned, "naw, I had just like four or five, it was easy, that woman's
advice worked."

The girls sat down and spent the evening smoking and watching some movies
Linda had rented.  About midnight, they walked up to Linda's room.  Linda
grabbed her nighty, a frilly white cotton gown and walked down the hall to the
bathroom.  Karen and Julie spread their sleeping bags on the floor next to the
bed.  Karen plopped down on her sleeping bag, leaned over and picked up her
pack of cigarettes, she shook one out, popped it between her lips and pulled a
box of wooden matches down from Linda's night table.

Julie stared intently as Linda brushed what little hair that was in her face
to the side, she put the cigarette between her lips, slid the box of matches
open, and pulled out a wooden match.  She struck the match on the side of the
box, and noticed Julie was watching her.  She eyed Julie, as the match burned
in her hand.  Slowly, delibrately, she craned her neck and the long white B&H
into the flame.  She drew heavily, lighting the cherry, and taking a deep
drag.  With her exhale she blew the match out and tossed it into the already
used Ashtray.

She took another deep drag, and blew the smoke in Julie's face.  "I saw you
watching me smoke," she said to Julie.  "So, what else am I gonna watch?"
Karen put the cigarette between her lips, kicked off her gym shoes, and undid
her jeans.  "You can watch me fuck myself," Karen said.  "That'd be more
interesting than seeing me smoke.  I have a dildo in my bag, a nice big dildo,
bigger than any of the so called dicks the boy's have in our class."  She took
out what looked like an elongated penis.  Julie dropped her head on the
pillow, "god!"

"Come on, you wanna smoke right?"  Julie sighed, "fine, if it'll shut you up,
then I'll smoke.  Give me one of those death sticks you little fuckin' cunt."
Karen tossed the pack over to Julie.  She took one out, rolled it in her
hands, and held it at her side.  "Hold on," Karen said, "we need a picture!"
She ran over and picked up the Polaroid Linda kept for such occasions and
snapped off a picture of Julie holding the unlit cigarette.

"Ok, gurly, it's time," Karen said.  She struck a wooden match, and held it
out.  "Light it up, suck it like it's a straw."  Julie took a breath and drew
on the Benson and Hedges as it came to life.  She coughed out the smoke, "just
do what the woman said at the park."  Julie tried to remember, "you don't need
a big drag to start, start small," Karen said.

Just then Linda entered the room, "my God, is that you Julie, smoking?" Julie
held the cigarette to her lips, pursed them, and took the most even drag she
had that night, Karen caught the inhale and then the exhale on film.  "Man,
you're doing well."  Julie beamed, "it feels so liberating, I feel so weird,
there's a tingling, all over."  Karen laughed as she went and took her bag to
the bathroom to change.

As Julie went to the bathroom, Linda lay on the bed, feet dangling and grinned
at Karen, "good deal gettin her to smoke.  So did you bring it?" Karen smiled,
and pulled the dick out of her bag.  "Are you ready to have your cherry popped
by this big cock?"  Karen climbed on the bed next to Linda, as Linda pulled
out two B&H's.  She put them both in her mouth, lit them up and passed one to

They sat in bed, looking at each other, slowly dragging on the cigarettes,
letting the smoke slowly drift out of their lips and nose.  Linda looked at
Karen, "have you ever wanted to kiss a girl?"  Karen blushed, she looked at
Linda's lips, how pouty they seemed, see watched as Linda put the ciggy to her
lips, double pumped, inhaled and let the smoke sit in her lungs.  As Linda
exhaled into Karen's face, Karen spoke, she put her hand on Linda's behind.
"I don't know, I mean I like guys, but damn, you seem so..."  Just then Julie
walked in.

"Oh god," she said as she saw the two girls on the bed.  "Come on in and join
us," Karen said.  "Ugh, I think I'll just have another cigarette," Julie
chimed, I need to practice.  Linda sat up in the bed, "give me the matches,"
she said after Julie had managed to light her fresh ciggy.  Linda took the
matches, lit the candles on her night table and turned off the lights.  She
climbed back into bed with Karen.  She pulled off her her nighty and smiled at
Karen,  Karen wiggled out of her t-shirt and sweats. Linda reached on the
night table, and pulled out a ciggy.  Karen felt a little awkward, and stared
at Julie, who was now stretched out on a chair by the window.

Julie looked magnificent, the outline of her body backlit from the streetlamp
from outside, as little beads of water formed on the window paine as the rain
lightly pelted the window.  Julie was staring out the window, Karen whispered
to Linda, "my god, that's a great sight."  Linda sighed, grabbed the candle
and tilted it to light her cigarette, in the process spilling some of the hot
wax on Karen's bare belly.  Karen giggled.

Julie exhaled a plume of perfect blueish grey smoke toward the bed, she
smiled, what are you guys doing?  In mock anger, Karen said, "the bitch
spilled hot wax on my belly."  Linda retorted, "you know you like it." The
girls all began to giggle.  "Let me kiss it and make it better," Linda said
with pouty lips.  She held the cigarette out to Karen, who held it and put it
to her lips taking a puff.

Linda leaned down, and put her pouty lips to Karen's belly, she sucked on her
skin, and moved down a little and put her tounge in Karen's belly button.
Julie watched the two girls through a haze of her own smoke.  Karen's eyes
were closed, Benson and Hedges smoldering in her hand.  Julie kept dragging,
deeper and deeper-her attention now focused on the ladies in the bed.  As
Linda kissed Karen's belly, Karen put the cigarette in the ash tray, leaned up
and undid her bra.  Linda came up, "give me a puff, just a little drag, dear.

Karen picked up the half smoked cigarette and put it between Linda's lips.
Linda pulled for about 6 seconds, Julie watched intently.  She felt her pussy
begin to itch and her nipples becoming erect.  She kept pulling on her
cigarette, as the long ash fell to the floor.  Karen pulled the smoke from
Linda's lips and took a long lazy drag.  Linda meanwhile went down on Karen,
and suckled her breast as the cigarette smoke she inhaled started to come out
of her lips in little whisps.  She leaned over and saw Karen's face, "god that
was good," Linda said.

Karen and Linda were now laying side by side.  Karen wiggled out of her
panties and let them sit at the foot of the bed and pulled of her bra.  Linda
imitated her, wiggling out of her panties.  Karen looked at Linda, and then
they both looked at Julie.  She seemed entranced in the moment, as they
looked, she pulled out a fresh cigarette, and lit it from the one that was
spent.  "Are you ok," Linda asked.  "Oh yeah, I'm fine." Karen laughed, "you
don't look fine."   She reached for the cigarette pack and pulled out two more

"I guess I'm ok, this is just so weird.  I've never felt this way before, my
tits are hard and my pussy is acheing," Julie said as she took a drag. Linda
smiled, "so we turn you on?"  Julie smiled back, "I don't know." Karen leaned
over Linda, and purposely spilled some hot candle wax on her, on her breast.
She put the candle to her cigarette, and then held it out to Linda.  Karen
sucked on the cigarette, and slowly spread her legs.  She moved her fingers
down to her bush, and slowly put one inside of her, and began to rub herself.
Linda followed, "god, this is great, I didn't know this could be so cool," she
said between moans and puffs on the cigarette clinched between her teeth.

Julie watched the two young women writhing in ecstacy on the bed.  Karen stuck
one, and then two more fingers inside her warm muff, as her love juices
started to flow out of her.  She collapsed, as Linda kept working on herself.
Karen slowly put out her arm, "stop, honey.  Let me finish for you. I've done
it a little more."  Linda sighed, pulled her finger out of her and said,
"Karen, you don't have to if you don't want to, I mean I know you have
some..."  Before she could finish, Karen had leaned up, pulled the cigarette,
with a very chewed up bitten filter out of her mouth, and kissed Linda
passionately.  It all happened so fast, Linda could barely get the cigarette
from her lips to the ashtray.

Delicately balancing the tattered mostly smoked cigarette in one hand, she
climbed on top of Linda and rubbed her pussy on hers.  Julie lost it, right
there, she couldn't contain herself.  Cigarette between her lips, she pulled
down her pants and panties, propped her spread legs on the desk and began to
masturbate wildly, ignoring the blood from her popped hymen and exhaling
cigarette smoke wildly.  Her heart was racing, and she began to moan quietly.

After Linda rubbed Karen's pussy, she placed the cigarette in Linda's mouth.
"Smoke the rest of this, and let me take you to exstacy."  Karen kissed
Linda's body, starting from the neck, giving her a hickey, down her shoulder,
her breasts, her belly, her thigh, her leg, and then back up the other leg and
thigh to her wet, warm pussy.  Karen breathed in the smells from Linda, and
began to lap her tounge in Lina's clit.  Seconds later, every body part in
Linda tensed as she orgasamed for the first time.  Karen climbed off Linda,
and the two moved close, very close and held each other. "I hope I didn't make
you do anything you didn't want to do," Linda said, "I mean I know you're
not..."  "Shhh, said Karen, I haven't made any decisions, but it was
wonderful."  She leaned in and kissed Linda on the lips, "it's better with a
cigarette", she said.  They laughed, "hey Julie, are you ok?"

The girls looked at Julie, sitting there with a big smile on her face, a
little trickle of cum hanging on her thigh.  Julie was lounging, smoking a
cigarette.  "I guess I got carried away", she said.  Linda laughed and Karen
smiled, "come on and join us, it's not that late."  Julie got up, pulled her
shirt off and joined the other naked girls in bed.

"Have you girls recovered yet," Karen asked.  "I still have the dildo, and I'd
like to try it out."  Julie laughed, "only if we can fuck you with it first, I
wanna know how it works.  Linda smiled, "I'd like to smoke a little first,
maybe just kiss."  Linda and Karen looked at each other, with Julie in the
middle.  They shrugged, and leaned in and both kissed Julie on the lips, as
they hugged and giggled.

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