(by anonymous, 17 December 1997)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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   Angela blinked her long eyelashes, and said, "Well, I'm just dying for a
smoke, but of course I didn't want to offend you.  So many people seem to
object to smoking these days." The bus went over a bump, and I was jostled up
against Angela for just a moment, and could feel how warm her body was. I was
also starting to get much more interested in this whole situation in the back
of the bus. "Well, I just smoked a couple of cigarettes myself before I got
on the bus," I chuckled, "so it's definitely not a problem for me." I began
to think that this could be my dream come true. Angela flicked on the reading
light above her and began looking in her purse. "Shit," she said, "I knew I
was running low on cigarettes, but I thought I had another pack in here.
Could I possibly have one of yours? What brand do you smoke?"  "I have some
Benson & Hedges Lights," I answered. "Here, please have one."  Angela took
one eagerly, and looked at the white cigarette.  "Not exactly my usual
strength, but It'll do for now.  Thank you".  I decided to see if my luck
would keep improving, so I turned to Jennifer on my right and asked, "Would
you like one also?" She smiled sweetly and said in a warm alto voice, "You're
sweet, I would love one. I sometimes like lighter cigarette."  As they lit
up, I noticed that Angela's reading light was shining down right on her
cigarette, illuminating the rising smoke from its tip. She took a modest
drag, inhaled slightly; then took a much deeper drag, sucking on the
cigarette for a long time, the end crackling as it grew longer and hotter.
When she finally removed it from her mouth, I could see her red lipstick on
the filter. An enormous round ball of smoke puffed briefly in front of her
lips, looking thick and creamy because of the reading light shining from
above and the darkened window beside her. She then inhaled the double hit
deeply, and held the smoke in her lungs as her chest rose in a relaxed way.
As she softly blew the smoke out in a long plume under the light, she noticed
me staring at her. In my excitement, I hadn't realized how big my eyes had
become.  Angela didn't seem to mind, though, because she took another deep
drag on her cigarette and said, "Mike, Jennifer and I just hate to smoke
alone. You wouldn't mind smoking along with us, would you?" This woman is
reading my mind, I thought, as I pulled a cigarette from my pack. I thought I
saw Angela smile and wink over at Jennifer as I was lighting up, but my mind
was racing with excitement. I not only enjoyed seeing beautiful women smoke,
I also liked hearing them talk about it, so I thought I would see how far I
could push the subject. "You know, I must confess to being a bit surprised
that you two are smoking. Do all the Vixens smoke?" I asked, trying to be
casual.  Angela giggled again, which caused her to turn to the side and cough
deeply, her chest rattling as she tried to take a couple of deep breaths
before she took another deep double drag on her cigarette before replying.
"Six of us do," she said, while the smoke gushed out of her mouth and nose as
she spoke. "Jennifer and I, Gwen and Honey, and Tiffany and Raven all smoke.
Honestly, we love it. The other four members of the squad don't smoke yet,
but we are working on them." She seemed to give another little wink over to
Jennifer.  Jennifer was taking only occasional drags on her cigarette, and in
between her puffs she held it in her lap. The air flow in the back of the bus
was moving from right to left, and the side-stream smoke from her cigarette
was wafting just by my lips and nose, almost as though she was deliberately
holding it in just the right position for the smoke to rise to my face. I
took a deep drag on my cigarette, and as I inhaled I pulled in a lot of the
side smoke from Jennifer's cigarette. I enjoyed the feeling of the thick
smoke warming the inside of my lungs. "How did you all get started smoking?"
I asked. Angela was smoking almost constantly, taking one deep drag after
another, even before she had finished blowing out the thick smoke from her
last inhale. She stubbed out her cigarette in the window ashtray, and said,
"Well, I'll you that, but could I please have another one of your cigarettes.
I hope you don't mind, Mike." I produced the pack of Benson & Hedges Lights
and gladly offered her another one. I flicked my lighter as she put both
hands on mine and held the long cigarette with just her red lips wrapped
around it, facing directly toward me. After a short puff to light the
cigarette, she took another deep double hit, leaning over almost in my face.
I could feel the heat from the hot-burning tip of her cigarette. The thick
ball of smoke that emerged from her mouth nearly touched my nose before she
deliciously pulled it back in her mouth as she inhaled it deep into her
lungs. I was almost passing out with excitement, when Jennifer spoke up on my
right. "Mike, I hate to bother you, but I've finished my cigarette also, and
I really would like another one. May I?" I was happy that my pack was still
half full, so I gladly offered her another cigarette.  Angela slowly exhaled
another thick plume of creamy smoke and smiled at me as she cleared her
throat, smoke pumping out of her nose as she did, "Jennifer and I were both
on the same cheerleading squad in high school. When we were freshmen, we
always went out with the older girls for a snack after the game. I had always
wanted to smoke, because I thought it looked so grown-up, and I guess
Jennifer felt the same way." She paused to take another one of her long, hot,
sexy drags. Her red lips wrapped tight around the filter as she pulled the
smoke into her mouth as hard as she could. As she was inhaling her smoke I
took a deep drag on my cigarette. Just as I opened my mouth to inhale, Angela
leaned close to my face and blew out a slow thick stream of smoke, seeming to
aim directly at my lips. As I inhaled, I half-closed my eyes in almost dreamy
enjoyment as I got the thick scent of her rich smoke mixing with mine as I
breathed in. The bus made another bump, and Angela tilted toward me, putting
her hand in my lap to keep from falling. She smiled slightly as she could
feel the swelling in my lap beneath her hand, and then continued her story as
though nothing unusual had happened.  "All the upperclass cheerleaders smoked
when we went out together," she said.  "They all seemed to love smoking. I
remember after the first Friday night football game. We went out to a fast
food place. We ordered pizzas and then went into the side room. All the
upperclass cheerleaders lit up their cigarettes: Newports, Winstons, Marlboro
Reds and 100's, Benson & Hedges Gold...It seemed like they all smoked the
strongest brands." Jennifer interrupted, "Tell him about Irene."  "Oh yeah,"
said Angela, "one sophomore named Irene had a pack of unfiltered Pall Mall's.
You won't believe this, Mike. She would light two of the Pall Mall's at the
same time, and smoked them both at once, like really fast and then
immediately light up two more.  Her smoke was so thick it was unbelievable,
pouring out of her mouth and nose nonstop.  She had a really nasty smokers
cough, too, but that didn't even seem to slow her down.  Soon the air was so
dense with smoke that Jennifer and I were breathing it in, almost like we
were really smoking. I remember it smelled so good, that I really wanted to
smoke." Angela interrupted her story to take another deep double drag, and
again she blew it in the direction of my lips. She immediately took another
double drag, and continued talking as the smoke puffed out of her mouth and
nose. "One of the juniors sitting next to me could see how big my eyes were,
so she asked me if I wanted one of her cigarettes. She was smoking a B&H
Gold.  I remember my first cigarette. She lit it for me, and then showed me
how to puff on it. I got the smoke in my mouth and thought it tasted good,
but then I kind of coughed it out. So she showed me how to inhale, just like
this." To demonstrate, Angela took a nice drag on her cigarette, opened her
mouth which was full of smoke just starting to curl over her lips, and then
breathed it all in. She held it in her lungs for a few seconds and then blew
it softly toward my lips. "That's just how she showed me how to smoke," said
Angela, "including the last part about blowing the inhaled smoke toward my
lips. I breathed her smoke in, and found that it gave me a special rush of
excitement. So I tried inhaling myself. It made me a little bit dizzy, but I
liked the feeling and wanted more, so I took several more puffs, and inhaled
a bit more each time. It was wonderful. By the end of football season, I was
a 100% addicted two-pack-a-day smoker."  Angela smiled at Mike, took another
big drag on her cigarette, and continued, "and that's not easy when you're in
school or cheerleading practice from about eight to four every day.  A lot of
fast and heavy smoking in the bathroom and at the bus stop.  But ever since
that first time learning to smoke, I have always enjoyed having smoke blown
on me. How does it affect you, Mike?" Now it was Mike's turn to giggle.
"Angela, I think you already know that I am enjoying this very much," he
said, "but I am curious about your friend who smoked two Pall Malls at once.
That seems kind of odd. Why did she do that?"  "Well, it does look a bit
odd," replied Angela, "and I'll have to tell you Irene's story sometime, but
I just remember what she said when I asked her.  She didn't say, 'I like to
smoke' like most people would say. I remember her exact words. Irene said
'Angela, I need smoke, lots of smoke. I love it in my mouth and deep in my
lungs. I need to smoke.' Well, at first I didn't understand exactly what she
meant."  "But now you do?" I asked. "Oh yes," Angela replied, "I totally need
to smoke now. too.  I love the smoke itself, lots of it. But the best way to
know why she did it is to try it. Here, take a drag on your cigarette and
mine at the same time, Mike, and tell me what you feel." I brought my
cigarette to my mouth while Angela gave me hers. I felt a bit awkward getting
them both in my mouth at once.  When I got the two cigarettes in position,
Angela said, "Now just take a nice slow drag on them both." I stretched out
the drag for about 5 seconds, until my mouth was full of smoke, and then took
out the two cigarettes and inhaled deeply. After holding down the smoke for a
few seconds, I blew it out slowly, in the direction of Angela's lips.
"Angela, that's awesome," I said."  "Isn't it?", she replied, taking her
cigarette back along with mine and raising them both to her lips and taking
an amazingly long and hard drag, the ends of the white cigarettes growing
longer and longer as she sucked with her eyes closed.  She finally inhaled
deeply and spoke as the thick smoke gushed out of her nose and painted lips.
"The smoke draws so much easier, and you get a lot of thick smoke without it
being so hot. I smiled, " I could taste the lipstick on your cigarette, too."
Angela laughed and coughed for a moment before clearing her throat and
replying in her husky, raspy voice, "I thought you'd like that," she replied.
The bus was just pulling up to the Parker Hotel as Jennifer spoke to me and
said, "You know, Angela and I think you might be just the person for a new
game we've been thinking about, just something to amuse ourselves and a few
of the other Vixens in the hotel room. Would you like to come up to our room
for a while, Mike?" "Well, I'm not sure," I began. "Is this some kind of
group sex thing?" "Not really," replied Jennifer. "In fact, our Vixen
contract prohibits any sexual liaisons while were are on the road with the
team." "So, what are we going to be doing?" I asked.  Angela smiled, took a
last puff on her cigarette, and blew the smoke toward me. "It's simple,
Mike," she said. "We're going to smoke!" She smiled and continued, "But we
have a new twist or two that we think you might like."  "Kind of like smoking
two cigarettes at once?" I asked. "Something like that," smiled Angela. "And
Jennifer and I have been checking you out. We think you are just the right
man to enjoy our smoking game." 

   She motioned over to the bed. "Come and relax on the bed," she invited. I
walked over to the king-size bed, slipped off my shoes, and noticed that the
entire surface of the bed was covered with a large piece of soft, thick,
black velvet. "What's this for?" I asked. "Oh, it's to make you feel
comfortable," replied Jennifer, "and to set the mood for our little game."  I
lay down on the luxurious and warm feeling fabric. As I stretched out on my
back, the six Vixens introduced themselves. I noticed that three of the women
were blondes: Angela, Honey, and Tiffany; the other three were brunettes:
Jennifer, Gwen, and Raven. All had long, soft flowing hair. I noticed that
they had all pulled out the ponytail clasps, and let their hair flow down
over their shoulders. They each took a fresh pack from a carton of B&H Golds,
which was sitting on the bed nest to a fresh carton of Marlboro Reds as
Jennifer placed a soft, black towel on my chest and on top of that placed a
clear glass ashtray, about eight inches in diameter, with its nearest edge
just a few inches below my chin. The three blondes sat around my head, with
Angela just to the left of my head, Honey by my left shoulder, and Tiffany on
the right side. The three brunettes sat near the foot of the bed.  Angela,
just to my left, spoke next. "Mike, here's the first part of our game. We
want you just to relax. Here, let me slide an extra pillow under your head,
so you can see the ashtray on your chest better." After adjusting the pillow,
she paused to light a Benson and Hedges. She took a couple deep drags to get
it going, and then put it in the ashtray on my chest, just a few inches in
front of my face. The filter was facing toward me, and I could see the smoke,
lit by the soft light next to the bed, winding its way up toward the ceiling.
"Just relax with the smoke, Mike", said Angela, while she, Honey, and Tiffany
all lit their own cigarettes. "You won't need to smoke this cigarette," she
continued, "Just watch the smoke. It's kind of like being hypnotized, except
we don't think you will go to sleep just now," she giggled. The three
brunettes did not light up.  "Now, just try to stay calm, Mike, and see if
you like this," Angela said.  She drew hard and long on her cigarette, puffed
the smoke out of her mouth in a tight ball, and then inhaled it deeply. Honey
then began the same process, but just a few seconds later. As she was
inhaling, Tiffany began drawing on her cigarette. Just then Angela leaned
close to me and blew her thick smoke on my lips. "Breathe in deeply," she
murmured softly. As I began to breathe in, Honey leaned over and softly blew
her smoke on my lips, saying "My smoke is just for you, Mike." Just as she
was done, Tiffany leaned over from the other side and caressed my lips with
her rich smoke, and softly said, "Oooh, that tastes good." Then I noticed
that Angela was ready with another thick lungful of warm smoke. As she leaned
over my lips, she tenderly blew it on my lips, and murmured, "God, I love
smoke, don't you?" Now I began to see how they were doing this, as Honey
again wafted her next exhale in my direction., followed immediately by
Tiffany again, and then Angela. They were timing their smoking, almost like a
three part musical round, so that my lips and nose were continuously bathed
in their successive exhales of smoke. While one was drawing on her B&H, the
second was inhaling, and the third was leaning over blowing warm smoke mixed
with her moist breath and scent of perfume. Meanwhile, the smoke from the
cigarette in the ashtray presented a beautiful sight as it drifted up to the
ceiling, kind of relaxing and yet exciting at the same time. Each time one of
the girls took her turn to blow smoke on me, she leaned over close and blew
the smoke in a long, rich stream, and then murmured a comment with her smoky
breath, like "The smoke is so good, isn't it?" and "Suck my smoke in, Mike,"
and "My smoke is so thick, just for you." Each time they said the word
"smoke" they seemed to stretch and caress the word with their smoky voices,
kind of like "ssssmmmoooooke".  Every now and then one of the girls would
need to turn away and cough deeply, so the other two would need to smoke
faster to keep the continuous flow of smoke blowing onto my face.  Angela
seemed to like these times as she got to take faster and deeper drags, the
long hot end of her cigarette glowing in the dim light.  She had the deepest
sounding cough, as well, sometimes coughing so hard that I worried she might
gag, but she would just clear her throat with a gurgling kind of sound,
swallow, and continue to smoke.  At first I thought I wouldn't be able to
breath, but then I realized that each of the girl's exhales still contained
enough oxygen in addition to the rich smoke. I was now inhaling deeply and
rapidly, both to get enough oxygen to breath, and to enjoy the thick smoke
which was coming from their three sets of lips one after another, and flowing
over my lips and nose almost continuously.  I could feel myself getting hard,
and wondered if the three brunettes near the bottom of the bed would notice
the swelling in my pants.  After a couple minutes of this ecstasy, the three
blondes each took a long final drag from their spent cigarettes, Angela's
just a long glowing ash burned down to the very end, and blew it softly on my
face all at once.  They put out their hot butts in the ashtray, Angela
coughing hard as they did.   "Are you enjoying yourself, Mike?" asked Angela,
after coughing up something from deep in her lungs. "Oh, yeah," I started to
reply. I was going to ask if that was the end of their "game",  but Jennifer,
sitting near my waist, interrupted, "Oh, poor Mike. We wanted you to be
comfortable.  Jennifer pulled off my pants and my member sprung out, standing
straight up and throbbing. "Seriously, Mike". Angela and Tiffany both lit up
B&H Golds, gave a couple puffs, and put the two cigarettes in the ashtray.
"Those two are for you," explained Angela, "You can watch their twin strands
of smoke rising up, just like before, but when you think you are about to
come to a climax, take them out of the ashtray, and take the longest, deepest
drag you can on them both at once. Heavy smoking really turns us on,
especially me and Raven."  Now the three brunettes adjusted their positions,
with Jennifer sitting just to the left of my waist and Gwen just to the
right. Raven lightly moved my legs apart, and sat near the foot of the bed,
between my knees.  All six proceeded to take fresh cigarettes from their
packs, Raven and Gwen choosing the stronger Marlboro Reds, and lit up.  They
each took a couple long drags, to get them going fully, and I noticed that
they all liked to inhale deeply, keeping the smoke in their lungs for a few
seconds, and then blow it out in a thick cloud that seemed to go on forever.
Raven, after her extra-deep inhales, would exhale thickly through her nose.
"Are you ready, Mike?" asked Angela, smoke pumping out of her nose.  I looked
down and saw that the three brunettes were also doing the same thing with my
upright member! Jennifer on the left and Gwen on the right were bathing the
sides of my shaft with their smoky breaths and coughs, and Raven was leaning
over between my legs and warming the tip with the thick smoke from her nose,
sometimes coughing and hacking up thick clouds of dark smoke right onto my
cock.  The smoke from all six women flowed over my body parts and seemed to
gather and hang in an ever-thickening denseness on top of the black velvet.
The three blondes began taking heavy double hits from their long-burning hot
cigarettes, so as they were blowing their smoke on my lips they could make
their smoky, sexy comment with lots of thick, hot smoke continuing to gush
out of their mouths and noses. "You need my smoke," said Angela; "My smoke
makes you big," said Honey; "Take my smoke deeper and deeper into you," said
Tiffany, coughing deeply.  I could feel my balls ready to burst, and as
Angela chained her way into another cigarette, I knew the time had come.
Just as I reached up to the ashtray and took out both long Benson and Hedges
and brought them to my lips, Raven began an unbelievable series of drags,
five deep pumps in a row off the red-hot Marlboro, and then began to cough up
thick smoke from deep in her lungs.  I began to draw, wrapping my lips around
both of them tightly, with the filters deep in my mouth. I kept sucking, with
the smoke coming from the two cigarettes so richly and smoothly that I could
pull it in from the bottom of my lungs as I closed my eyes in rapture. I
heard Raven and Angels both moan with pleasure at the sight of my deep
smoking and I opened my eyes to see both of them sucking nonstop, the
hot-glowing ends getting longer and longer as they continued to fill their
lungs with more and more smoke until they could breath in no longer, their
chests full to capacity, totally full of smoke. I opened my mouth to inhale,
just as all the other girls leaned over  blew their dense smoke in me and at
me at the same time.  It was then that both Raven and Angela started to cough
uncontrollably, but did so straight at me.  Angela's hot coughs filled my
face with her hot, smoke filled breath as I watched her nicotine stained
teeth in her open mouth as she tried desperately to breath in, but just ended
up coughing deeper and deeper, smoke continuing to pump out of her lungs with
each wet, hacking cough, her t-shirt hanging loose over her breasts as she
leaned over me.  

   I looked down just in time to see the two brunettes covering my throbbing
shaft with their hot smoke as Raven, still hacking out clouds of dark smoke,
placed her nicotine stained fingers around my cock and put her mouth right
over the tip of it, coughing hot smoke the whole time.  She took another
ferocious drag off her third cigarette as hard as she could, inhaled quickly
and deeply, and then put her burning-hot lips around me, somehow still
coughing deeply in her chest as her hot, wet tongue began to lick, sucking in
air through her nose in between her wheezing coughs.  I lost all control as
the others continued to blow their smoke on me, sucking long and hard on
their cigarettes, all with long-burning hot ends, hot smoke constantly
gushing out of their mouths and noses.  I kept my two cigarettes in my mouth,
inhaling their smoke over and over, deeper and deeper into my lungs, and
exhaling through my nose.  Angela was rubbing herself now, sucking on her
dangling cigarette in between deep coughs, ashes spilling onto the bed, the
pillow and me, but I hardly noticed.  Over and over I felt my shaft pumping,
and still the Vixens blew more smoke on me and Raven licked and coughed all
over my pulsating cock.  I could feel the hot smoke caressing my shaft, as
the girls were now double and triple pumping on their red-hot cigarettes,
Gwen with two going at once, covering my face with more and more
smoke--thick, rich, hot smoke--mixing with the heavy smoke from my two
cigarettes. My shaft shot everything in its massive convulsions as Raven
swallowed before removing her mouth just long enough to let out an enormous
hacking cough that seemed to reach the tip of her toes as her chest rattled
and rumbled as if her lungs were filled with a thick fluid rather than air.
Angela was trying to get one more burning-hot drag off the long-burning butt,
burning her lips as she sucked away the last ounce of nicotine soaked tobacco
before exhaling the darkest smoke I had ever seen directly into my face as
she hacked up an enormous phlegm ball from her throat with a long, hacking,
retching sound, smoke pouring out of her as she did.  And then it was over.
After a moment of heavy coughing for everyone, we all laughed as Raven said
in a scratchy voice, "Now that was a real touchdown!", and then began to
cough uncontrollably again as she staggered toward the bathroom, lighting up
a new cigarette on the way in between coughs.  Angela was smoking a pair of
new cigarettes already.  and came over by me. She took a tremendous drag, and
held her cigarettes to my lips for me to take a puff, as she cleared her
throat and said, "Mike, that was our best football fantasy ever. You were
great."  "You weren't so bad yourself, you know", I smiled, noticing that the
other five girls had slipped into the living room of the hotel suite, closing
the door behind them.  "So, anyway, let's just say that I win and I'm ready
for my prize now."   With that she kicked the sheets down with her feet and
spread her legs, as she lit two more of the full-strength Marlboros and left
them between her shiny-red lips, sucking non-stop for a full 15 seconds
before exhaling an immense cloud of thick smoke out her nose as she started
to drag again on them, and then again.  The ends were already getting long
and hot and a few stray ashes spun off one of the ends on to her chest as she
sucked another two inches off the two Marlboros with her fifth consecutive
drag.   "Your shameless," I told her.  "No shit, Sherlock", she whispered,
before coughing deeply as she tried to clear her throat.  "What was your
first clue?"   I kissed and licked my way down the length of her body as
Angela sucked down the two cigarettes dangling from her lips.  After chaining
into another Marlboro, she started to cough again as smoke gushed out of her
lungs with each deep, hacking cough.  This almost seemed to excite her even
more as her body began to tremble violently and her uncontrollable deep
coughing became a gurgling kind of scream as she came again, trying in vain
to breath in between her hot drags and her deep coughing.   "Oh, fucking
yeah!"  she said around a huge plume of smoke, her chest wheezing and
rattling as she spurted thick smoke from her mouth and news with every
shallow breath.  She paused for a second as she tried to take a full lungful
of air, but ended up coughing so deeply and uncontrollably that I worried she
might gag or pass out, but she just smiled, the long, orange butt glowing
red-hot between her fingers next to her face, as if to say, "you ain't seen
nothin' yet", and sucked away the last of the remaining tobacco in a
furiously intense, long drag off the red-hot Marlboro, her nicotine stained
fingers scratching at my chest as she started another series of deep, wet,
hacking coughs.

   The next morning I gradually came to concsiousness to the smell of
cigarette smoke.  I opened my eyes and took a moment to remember where I was
and get a bearing.  When I came to focus I saw Angela sitting up in bed next
to me.  A lit cigarette was dangling from her lips.   "'Morning, sleepy head.
I was about to wake you.  I'm getting bored of playing with myself."
"'Morning."  I reached over and took the cigarette from her mouth and brought
it to my own lips.  The filter was wet and hot.  "Mmmm.  First cigarette of
the day?"  She smiled and cleared her throat.  "Try about my eighth or ninth.
You missed the whole cough-and-drag show I do every morning.  It's pretty
gross.  I can't believe I didn't wake you up."  It was then that I noticed
the extra ashtray next to the bed, which had been empty the night before,
filled with cigarette butts, all smoked down to the very end and each filter
stained a dark, dark brown from her intense morning smoking session.  She
leaned toward me as I exhaled a plume of smoke into her waiting mouth, which
she sucked in deeply and then added a deep drag of her own on top of it
before closing her eyes as she exhaled forever through her nose.  "Hey, I've
got an idea, " I said.  "Wanna take a shower?"  She took a ferocious double
drag.  "You mean, like, together?  Hmmm."   "C'mon, you can go twenty minutes
without a cigarette.  Think of how good those first five cigarettes will feel
when we're done."  She laughed as she reached for a fresh pack of Marlboros.
"OK, just give me a minute".

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