Football Fantasy, Part 1

(by Dar, 31 May 1996)

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Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 23:22:17 -0400

Football Fantasy
by Dar

This story depicts sexual arousal due to smoking. If don't want that, read no

Part One

It was a dismal situation. I had flown in to Dallas for the pro football
game, expecting warm weather and wearing only a light jacket, but a cold snap
brought the air down to 40 degrees at the start of the evening game. With my
favorite team, the visiting Reindeer losing 38-3 at halftime, I thought of
leaving early, but I was stuck. I had taken one of the eight shuttle buses
from the Parker Hotel to the stadium, and they would not be departing until
after the game. I consoled myself with the thought that this might be my
chance to get an autograph from their great linebacker, Jim Roblez. With only
a handful of people left in the stands at the end of the game, surely there
would not be a crowd outside the visitors locker room, especially considering
the final score: 56-10. 

When the game was over, I stood freezing in my light jacket outside the
visitors locker room for twenty minutes, smoking a couple of my Benson &
Hedges Lights as I waited. Eventually a security guard came over and told me
that the whole team had used a different exit on the other side of the
stadium. Weary and cold, I trudged over to the parking lot to catch one of
the shuttles back to the hotel. I was surprised to see that only one bus was
left. Apparently more time had gone by than I had realized. "Hurry up,
laddie," said the bus driver. "We are full and about to leave." 

I stumbled onto the bus, wondering what else could go wrong. The first few
seats in the darkened bus were filled with some older men, smoking cheap
cigars and moaning about the Reindeer loss. I moved slowly down the aisle,
not able to see a single open seat through the hazy smoke in the dark, hot,
crowded bus. This was really becoming a terrible night, I thought. My team
lost, I spent the entire game freezing, I didn't get the autograph I wanted,
I almost missed the bus, the bus is too hot, and now I can't even find a
seat. What else could possibly go wrong? Finally I got to the rear of the bus
and saw the final row of seats with room for three people, next to the
lavatory. The middle seat was open and I wearily plopped into it. At least I
was one whole seat away from the lavatory! 

As my eyes adjusted to the dark space, I noticed that I was sitting between
two women dressed in hooded gray sweats. The bus began to pull out, and the
woman on my left by the window suddenly murmured something about it being too
hot, and pulled her hood back. I couldn't help noticing that she had long
blond hair, pulled back in a ponytail. She appeared to be in her early
twenties, with stunning high cheekbones and a professionally made up face.
Noticing that I was looking at her, she smiled and said, "Hi! How did you
like the game?" 

"Well, I've been a Reindeer fan ever since I was in high school," I replied,
"and never had a worse time than at tonight's game." I paused a second and
asked, "Are you a Reindeer fan also?"

 She giggled slightly and said, "Oh yes, I'm one of the Vixens. We go with
the team to all the games, doing the sideline cheers and routines. I hope it
looks exciting to the fans, but it sure was cold out there tonight. This is
all ten of us, right here in the last three rows of the bus." I blinked and
took a closer look at the female on my right and the eight others sitting in
the two rows just in front of us. Maybe this football game might have a
pleasant ending after all, I began to think. Little did I suspect how right I
was. I noticed that a couple of the Vixens in the seat in front of the
lavatory had just lit long white cigarettes. I could see the tips glowing
orange-red in the dark bus as they pulled on them, but it was hard to see the
smoke as they exhaled in the dark bus. 

I must have been staring for a few seconds, when the woman on my left spoke
again. "What's your name?" she asked. "Jeff," I replied. "Hi, Jeff," she
smiled. "My name is Angela, and that's Jennifer on your right." "Glad to meet
you both," I said, somewhat surprised at  Angela's sudden introduction.
"Jeff, may I ask you a question?" she continued. "Sure," I said, even though
Angela's surprisingly open and forward manner made me feel not quite sure
what was really happening here. "I noticed you staring at Gwen and Honey as
they were starting to smoke their cigarettes, and I just wondered if you
minded people smoking on this hot, crowded bus." "No, not at all," I said.
"Why do you ask?" 

Angela blinked her long eyelashes, and said, "Well, I'm just dying for a
smoke, but of course I didn't want to offend you. So many people seem to
object to smoking these days." The bus went over a bump, and I was jostled up
against Angela for just a moment, and could feel how warm her body was. I was
also starting to get much more interested in this whole situation in the back
of the bus. "Well, I just smoked a couple of cigarettes myself before I got
on the bus," I chuckled, "so it's definitely not a problem for me." I began
to think that this could be my dream come true. Angela flicked on the reading
light above her and began looking in her purse. "Darn," she said, "I can't
find any cigarettes. Could I possibly have one of yours? What brand do you

"I have some Benson & Hedges Lights," I answered. "Here, please have one." I
decided to see if my luck would keep improving, so I turned to Jennifer on my
right and asked, "Would you like one also?" She smiled sweetly and said in a
warm alto voice, "You are such a dear. Yes, I would love one. I always like
long, white cigarettes." I gave them each a cigarette. As they lit up, I
noticed that Angela's reading light was shining down right on her cigarette,
illuminating the rising smoke from its tip. She took a modest drag, inhaled
slightly; then took a much deeper drag, sucking on the cigarette for a long
time. As she removed it from her mouth, I could see her red lipstick on the
filter. An enormous round ball of smoke puffed briefly in front of her lips,
looking thick and creamy because of the reading light shining from above and
the darkened window beside her. She then inhaled the double hit deeply, and
held the smoke in her lungs as her chest rose in a relaxed way. As she softly
blew the smoke out in a long plume under the light, she noticed me staring at
her. In my excitement, I hadn't realized how big my eyes had become. 

Angela didn't seem to mind, though, because she took another puff  on her
cigarette and said, "Jeff, Jennifer and I just hate to smoke alone. You
wouldn't mind smoking along with us, would you?" This woman is reading my
mind, I thought, as I pulled a cigarette from my pack. I thought I saw Angela
smile and wink over at Jennifer as I was lighting up, but my mind was racing
with excitement. I not only enjoyed seeing beautiful women smoke, I also
liked hearing them talk about it, so I thought I would see how far I could
push the subject. "You know, I must confess to being a bit surprised that you
two are smoking. Do all the Vixens smoke?" I asked, trying to be casual. 

Angela giggled again, and took another deep drag on her cigarette before
replying. I was getting very accustomed to her sweet giggle. "Six of us do,"
she said, while the smoke came out of her mouth in little puffs as she spoke.
"Jennifer and I, Gwen and Honey, and Tiffany and Raven all smoke. Honestly,
we love it. The other four members of the squad don't smoke yet, but we are
working on them." She seemed to give another little wink over to Jennifer. 

Jennifer was taking only occasional drags on her cigarette, and in between
her puffs she held it in her lap. The air flow in the back of the bus was
moving from right to left, and the side-stream smoke from her cigarette was
wafting just by my lips and nose, almost as though she was deliberately
holding it in just the right position for the smoke to rise to my face. I
took a deep drag on my cigarette, and as I inhaled I pulled in a lot of the
side smoke from Jennifer's cigarette. I enjoyed the feeling of the thick
smoke warming the inside of my lungs. "How did you you all get started
smoking?" I asked. 

Angela was smoking almost constantly, taking one deep drag after another,
even before she had finished blowing out the thick smoke from her last
inhale. She stubbed out her cigarette in the window ashtray, and said, "Well,
I will tell you that, but could I please have another one of your cigarettes.
I hope you don't mind, Jeff." I produced the pack of Benson & Hedges Lights
and gladly offered her another one. I flicked my lighter as she put both
hands on mine and held the long cigarette with just her red lips wrapped
around it, facing directly toward me. After a short puff to light the
cigarette, she took another deep double hit, leaning over almost in my face.
 I could feel the heat from the surging tip of her cigarette. The thick ball
of smoke that emerged from her mouth nearly touched my nose before she
deliciously pulled it back in her mouth as she inhaled it deep into her
lungs. I was almost passing out with excitement, when Jennifer spoke up on my
right. "Jeff, I hate to bother you, but I've finished my cigarette also, and
I really would like another one. May I?" I was happy that my pack was still
half full, so I gladly offered her another cigarette. 

Angela slowly exhaled another thick plume of creamy smoke and smiled at me.
"Jennifer and I were both on the same cheerleading squad in high school. When
we were freshmen, we always went out with the older girls for a snack after
the game. I had always wanted to smoke, because I thought it looked so
grown-up, and I guess Jennifer felt the same way." She paused to take another
one of her slow, sexy drags. Her red lips wrapped tight around the filter as
she pulled the smoke into her mouth. As she was inhaling her smoke I took a
deep drag on my cigarette. Just as I opened my mouth to inhale, Angela leaned
close to my face and blew out a slow thick stream of smoke, seeming to aim
directly at my lips. As I inhaled, I half-closed my eyes in almost dreamy
enjoyment as I got the thick scent of her rich smoke mixing with mine as I
breathed in. The bus made another bump, and Angela tilted toward me, putting
her hand in my lap to keep from falling. She smiled slightly as she could
feel the swelling in my lap beneath her hand, and then continued her story as
though nothing unusual had happened. 

"All the upperclass cheerleaders smoked when we went out together," she said.
"They all seemed to love smoking. I remember after the first Friday night
football game. We went out to a fast food place. We ordered pizzas and then
went into the side room. All the upperclass cheerleaders lit up their
cigarettes: Salem 100's, Marlboro Light 100's, Virginia Slims 120's, Benson &
Hedges Gold 100's..." 

Jennifer interrupted, "Tell him about Irene." 

"Oh yes," said Angela, "one senior named Irene even had a pack of unfiltered
Pall Mall's. You won't believe this, Jeff. She lit two of the Pall Mall's at
the same time, and smoked them both at once. Her smoke was so thick it was
unbelievable. Soon the air was so dense with smoke that Jennifer and I were
breathing it in, almost like we were really smoking. I remember it smelled so
good, that I really wanted to smoke." Angela interrupted her story to take
another deep drag, and again she blew it in the direction of my lips. She
immediately took another double drag, and continued talking as the smoke
puffed out of her mouth and nose. "One of the juniors sitting next to me
could see how big my eyes were, so she asked me if I wanted one of her
cigarettes. She was smoking a B&H Gold. I remember my first cigarette. She
lit it for me, and then showed me how to puff on it. I got the smoke in my
mouth and thought it tasted good, but then I kind of coughed it out. So she
showed me how to inhale, just like this." To demonstrate, Angela took a nice
drag on her cigarette, opened her mouth which was full of smoke just starting
to curl over her lips, and then breathed it all in. She held it in her lungs
for a few seconds and then blew it softly toward my lips. "That's just how
she showed me how to smoke," said Angela, "including the last part about
blowing the inhaled smoke toward my lips. I breathed her smoke in, and found
that it gave me a special rush of excitement. So I tried inhaling myself. It
made me a little bit dizzy, but I liked the feeling and wanted more, so I
took several more puffs, and inhaled a bit more each time. It was wonderful.
By the end of football season, I was a confirmed smoker." 

Angela smiled at Jeff, took another big drag on her cigarette, and continued,
"Since that first time learning to smoke, I have always enjoyed having smoke
blown on me. How does it affect you, Jeff?" Now it was Jeff's turn to giggle.
"Angela, I think you already know that I am enjoying this very much," he
said, "but I am curious about your friend who smoked two cigarettes at once.
That seems kind of odd. Why did she do that?" 

"Well, it does look a bit odd," replied Angela, "and I will have to tell you
Irene's story sometime, but I just remember what she said when I asked her.
She didn't say, 'I like to smoke' like most of us say. I remember her exact
words. Irene said 'Angela, I love smoke, lots of smoke. I like it in my mouth
and deep in my lungs. I love smoke.' Well, at first I didn't understand
exactly what she meant." 

"But now you do?" I asked. "Oh yes," Angela replied, "I love to smoke, and
now I love the smoke itself, lots of it. But the best way to know why she did
it is to try it. Here, take a drag on your cigarette and mine at the same
time, Jeff, and tell me what you feel." I brought my cigarette to my mouth
while Angela gave me hers. I felt a bit awkward getting them both in my mouth
at once.When I got the two cigarettes in position, Angela said, "Now just
take a nice slow drag on them both." I stretched out the drag for about 5
seconds, until my mouth was full of smoke, and then took out the two
cigarettes and inhaled deeply. After holding down the smoke for a few
seconds, I blew it out slowly, in the direction of Angela's lips. 

"Angela, that feels wonderful," I said. " The smoke draws so much more
easily, and you get a lot of thick smoke without it being so hot. It all
seemed so rich and smooth when I inhaled. Plus," I smiled, " I could taste
the lipstick on your cigarette." "I thought you would like trying that," she
replied, "and thanks for blowing the smoke my way. I do like that a lot." 

The bus was just pulling up to the Parker Hotel. Jennifer spoke to me and
said, "You know, Angela and I think you might be just the person for a new
activity we have been thinking about, just something to amuse ourselves and a
few of the other Vixens in the hotel room. Would you like to come up to our
room for a while, Jeff?" "Well, I'm not sure," I began. "Is this some kind of
group sex thing?" "Not really," replied Jennifer. "In fact, our Vixen
contract prohibits any sexual liaisons while were are on the road with the
team." "So, what are we going to be doing?" I asked.  Angela smiled, took a
last puff on her cigarette, and blew the smoke toward me. "It's simple,
Jeff," she said. "We're going to smoke!" She smiled and continued, "But we
have a new twist or two that we think you might like."  "Kind of like smoking
two cigarettes at once?" I asked. "Something like that," smiled Angela. "And
Jennifer and I have been checking you out. We think you are just the right
man to enjoy our smoking game." 

I could barely conceal my rising excitement but thought I had best remain at
least outwardly cool. "Okay," I said. "What's your room number?" "Come to
Room 1218 in about half an hour," said Jennifer, "and Jeff, we need you to do
us a favor. Could you buy a carton of your favorite cigarettes and bring them
with you?" "All right," I said. "I'll get them and see you in thirty

End of Part One

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