Forcing Judy to Smoke

(by anonymous, 14 December 1999)

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Please don't mind my sometimes bad english, i'm not from your country.
This story isn't very violent, but there's one scene in it, that is
probably X-rated.

                                        Judy, a new nicotine addict

Judy ran up the stairs to wake her mom. As she waked, Kim started to
cough as always when she got up. She was now 34 years old and had been
smoking for more than 22 years. Although she had had a smoker's cough
since she was 16, she loved her smoking. And when she got out of bed,
she lit one of her Marlboro Red's. She inhaled, inhaled and inhaled
again.Then she felt better. Jody, her 14 year-old daughter looked at
her, and said:
"When are you finally gonna quit that terrible habit of yours, mom?
You're all shaking and coughing till you had your first couple of drags.
It ain't good for you".
"Im will never quit smoking, honey. It's just so nice to feel the smoke
enter your lungs".

Kim took another long drag from her cigarette and inhaled deep into her
lungs. She was too addicted to even consider quitting. She smoked 60
cigarettes a day, and she would smoke more if her body could cope with
it. Guys had always admired her smoking. She thought about the time she
smoked her first cigarette. She was about 13 years old, and her then 18-
year-old sister got so much attention from guys at school because she
smoked. Then one day she finally dared to ask her for a cigarette. Julia
was surprised by this request, but directly handed one to her little
sister, and lit her up. Kim took a little drag and inhaled it directly
into her lungs. She coughed and Julia laughed.
"That happens with everyone when they take their first drag", she said
while feeding her craving lungs with nicotine. "But try it again, you
will start to like it very soon".
Kim took another drag and another... At the end of her first cigarette
she was a little dizzy but she could inhale without coughing. From that
moment Kim would ask Julia for a cigarette every now and then. But after
a few months, the inevitable happened; Kim was slowly losing control
over her smoking and was starting to get hooked on nicotine, just like
her sister and parents. She tried to fight it, but it was no use. Kim
now needed the smoke to feel comfortable. Julia had been so kind tot
tell her parents that her little sister smoked after just a few
cigarettes, so they weren't surprised when Kim told them.
"We knew that, honey. We were just waiting for the moment the nicotine
would take hold of you, so that you had to tell us. Well, that moment
has come, hasn't it?
"Uhhh... I guess so", Kim said. "Very well then. I can see that you're
craving one, so light one up! Kim rapidly took a cigarette and lit it
up. She inhaled the smoke as deep as she could, then exhaled. There was
no doubt she was addicted, and from that moment on, she smoked more and
more until finding her level at 3 packs a day.

Kim actually regretted the fact that Judy was not interested in taking
up the habit, she discussed this often with her sister, Julia. She said
that she may change her mind as she grew older. But now she was 14, and
chances of her becoming a smoker, were not so big anymore. Therefore she
decided to give her a little help. Kim would, together with Julia, force
Judy to smoke some cigarettes. After that they would let the addictive
nicotine do its work.

The two sisters had figured out a plan, and when Judy came home from
school one day, her mother offered her a cigarette. She refused, of
course. "I don't want to smoke, and cough like you all the time", she
said. "But you will", was Kim's answer. She took her daughter's legs,
while the suddenly appeared Julia grabbed Judy's arms. They put her on a
chair, and tied her up. Judy screamed and struggled, but was unable to
fight the two ladies. As sson as she couldn't move anymore, the sisters
both lit up, and began blowing smoke into Judy's face. She coughed and
choked almost, as the ladies were geting closer and closer and more
smoke was hitting Judy every second. Then, her nose was taped, so that
she couldn't breath through it anymore. Kim put her burning cigarette
into her daughter's mouth and told her to drag. She did, but
immediately, exhaled the smoke. Julia slapped her in her face. "You must
inhale, you stupid little bitch!", she yelled, and quickly took another
drag herself. "You will get hooked, whether you like it or not", she
said, exhaling.
Kim hit her daughter as well, and told her to do as she was told. After
a few more hits, Judy was powerless to resist, and she inhaled the smoke
from her mother's cigarette. She coughed, but the sisters showed no
mercy and told her to do it again. After two cigarettes, the session was
over. Judy was very dizzy, as she was untied, and almost fell. She
couldn't deny, though, that the the smoke was rather nice, but she
didn't permit it, as yelling at her mother: "How could you do that to
me! Don't think I will ever smoke again!", she said. But she would.
Every two days she would be forced to smoke two cigarettes, and after a
week, her mind was weakening already. Her non-smoker's mind was slowly
turned into a smoker's mind and she told the sisters not to tie her up
anymore. She wouldn't resist the cigarettes anymore. That was the first
sign, taht Judy was getting hooked after all. After a month or so, her
body, began to crave nicotine. But she could still think straight enough
not to smoke. She started to look forward to her 'forced smoking' more
every day, though. Of course, this was noticed by her mother and aunt.
They knew that Judy was not far away from giving in to smoking, and
every time they felt she wanted one, the offered her a cigarette. She
always told them: "No, it's worse enough that I have to smoke two
tomorrow". But she knew better. She really liked smoking now, and
couldn't wait for her next cigarette.

Finally the day came, that Judy was too addicted not to smoke.
Kim came home and settled on the sofa. Judy was already home, watching
Kim lit up, and the bell rang. It was Julia, because Judy would have a
smoking session today, and Julia was always present, although Judy
didn't struggle anymore. As the sisters smoked together and paid no
attention to Judy, the girl broke down. She started to cry, and began
shouting: "OK, you won, give me a fucking cigarette!". Her mother asked
why she wanted a cigarette. "Because I need it, I need nicotine!", she
said. "That's what I wanted to hear", said her mother and gave her
daughter a cigarette. Judy lit up and inhaled deeply, before exhaling
the remaining smoke. Her mother laughed, and realized that her daughter
had become a smoker. She talked with her daughter. "Do you now
understand why I don't quit smoking?, she asked. "Judy took another
enormous drag, and talked while exhaling. "Yes, mommy". She was
completely hooked now, and wasn't angry anymore, because her mind was
influenced by the nicotine she so much needed.

Judy smoked 7 cigarettes that day, and in the next few weeks, the
cigarettes became a part of her. Nicotine was playing with it's newest
slave, and made sure that Judy couldn't imagine a life without
cigarettes anymore, and had to smoke cigarettes to feed her craving
lungs, just like her mother. After two months 13-year-old Judy took her
cigarettes, Marlboro Red's, everywhere to make sure she could have a
smoke when she needed it. She would light up between classes, and smoke
as soon as she waked up. Now, she couldn't ran up the stairs anymore to
wake her mother. Instead, she would cough a few minutes, light up a cig,
clear her throat and yell at her mother if she cared to join her for a

                                                        The End

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