Friday Night Excitement

(by anonymous, 22 October 2003)

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Friday Night Excitement

(this is non-fiction, this really happened last April,

The most exciting situation happened to me a few weeks ago. It began not
being so exciting, but it ended with a big "BANG".

I was spending Friday night with a friend; my husband was away on a
business trip. It was about 11:00 PM, and we were very comfortable in
our evening clothes; I was just wearing a pair of underwear. My friend
didn't smoke, but had no problem with me smoking in her house. About an
hour after I crushed out the last cigarette from my pack, I was ready
for another. I stood up and went to get my purse, so I could fetch a new
pack. Then I realized something.

I was out of cigarettes.

Shit. I forgot to get some more this afternoon when I was at home. And
that was an hour's drive.

I need a cigarette! NOW!

There was a gas station about 10 minutes away. Okay, let me see if I can
last that long. I slipped my feet into a pair of sandals. It was
raining, so I put a raincoat on. Then I realized that the only thing I
was wearing was underpants. But I looked at myself; no problem, this
rain coat covers me up most adequately.  So away I went, almost at the
speed of light.

At the gas station, the only thing I brought with me was my car keys, a
$5 bill, and my cigarette lighter.  There was nobody in front of the
cashier (thank God), who by chance happened to be a man.

"One pack of Misty 120's please. And QUICKLY!"

I exchanged the $5 bill for the cigarettes with my left hand, then
quickly opened the pack with the right hand, which also had my lighter
ready. Within seconds, and while the cashier was trying to give me my
change, I had lit that desperately needed cigarette. I didn't notice
the "No Smoking" sign on the door, probably because the cashier was
also a smoker. I thanked him and started walking towards the door.

"Excuse me, ma'am."

"Yes-", I said, with a cigarette dangling from my lips.

"I can't allow you to take that lit cigarette outside where the gas
pumps are. You'll have to smoke it here, or put it out and light it
again when you get to your car."

"That's fine, could you please share your ashtray with me?"

As I enjoyed that cigarette that I waited for what seemed to be an
eternity for, I noticed in the corner of my eye that my cashier was
definitely enjoying what he saw. I actually got more excited than I have
in a very long time. I could feel that my nipples were as hard as
stones, rubbing against that coarse raincoat.  I'm glad I at least wore
underpants; they were quite wet by now.

A 120 normally lasts me for 10 minutes, that is why I smoke them. But my
goodness, that was a fast 10 minutes! I finished my cigarette, crushed
it out, and thanked for the cashier for his hospitality. I left the
store, got into my car, and still excited and wet, and still a little
bit deprived of nicotine, I lit another cigarette. Then I started
thinking. Thank God I was wearing my wedding rings, and Thank God he was
a gentleman. Probably the only reasons we didn't have sex right there
on the counter of the store.

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