Friends (incomplete), Part 1

(by anonymous, 26 November 1997)

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Part 1 of 3 "Friends - a story of male non and female smokers"

"I'm so excited," I say as I am driving toward my dinner. This dinner is 
special because it is the night before a big dance that Lindsay, my 
friend set up. She also told me she has a friend for me to meet. It has 
been 3 years since I have seen Lindsay. She had short black hair and 
wore what I call grunge clothes. When she was 15 or so she took up 
smoking as a habit but she never smoked around me. She only smoked for a 
few months then just myseriously dropped the habit. It always seemed an 
unlikely friendship between me and her. She always went to parties while 
I was more of the quiet, reserved type.
I have never tried smoking at all. A while ago, when I was a high school 
senior,  I noticed myself getting excited when I saw girls smoking in 
their cars. I would walk by cars and notice a group of girls pull out 
there cigarettes and light up. Soon enough I looked at television for 
the latest actress smoking and used the internet for pictures. These 
thoughts were last in my mind as I was driving to the restraunt.
Anyways I arrived at the restraunt and asked for the reserved table. I 
arrived early so I took my seat and relaxed. I instinctively looked 
toward the bar to see if there were any girls smoking. Unfortunately not 
tonight. Unexpectedly two girls got up and started walking
toward the table. I thought "This can't be them." One of the girls had 
long dark hair and was wearing a bright orange vest with a black 
mini-skirt. This vest has a generous opening in the front, revealing a 
good deal of clevage. The second girl had long blonde hair almost
near her waist. She was wearing a pink vest of the same style and a 
matching black mini-skirt. She says, "Is that you?"
We exchange pleasantries about how we have been and what we have been up 
to. She introduces her friend, named Christy. Christy is 21 which is the 
same age as me. It was weird that I never ran into her at all. Anyways 
we order meals and talk away catching up on old times. Once we finished 
our meals, we all sighed cause the meal was so good. I accidently 
dropped my fork. I went to pick it up casually went I heard a match. I 
figured at first that the candle on our table simply went out. When I 
looked up, to my surprise, i see Lindsay with a cigarette. I watched as 
the flame gently carressed the cigarette. Her eyes lit up as soon as she 
started her first inhale. I also noticed that her chest got larger. She 
smootly plucks the cigarette from her mouth with a "pop" sound. She 
exhaled a light cloud of smoke, then blew that cloud to the sky as she 
finished the rest of her exhale. Lindsay proped the cigarette in proper 
form. I asked "When did you start smoking?"
"It's no big deal." she explains, Anyways..." To me it was a huge deal. 
All my concentration went to Lindsay. The conversation went on but I 
kept nodding and saying "yeah." She gracefully waves the cigarette back 
and forth very lightly. She pulls it toward her mouth and this time I 
notice the glow. Her cigarette glows a bright red and lights up her face 
upon each inhale. I can even hear when I listen closely her saying, 
"ooh" or "yeah" during exhales.
I fade back into reality upon her crushing her cigarette out. She talks 
a lot about her boyfriend she has and how much in love with him she is. 
I look over to Christy. I inquire what she is like. Lindsay replies that 
Christy is from her college and is getting help in fashion and whatnot. 
She also replies that Christy doesn't smoke or drink. I think, "For 
shame, she would have been an excellent smoker."
Lindsay asks Christy to pull the car around to pick us two up. When 
Christy is gone Lindsay asks what do I think. I tell her that she is 
great but i wish ... Lindsay breaks in and says, "that she smokes, 
right." I immediately lie and say no. She says, "I know you really want 
her to smoke, we both know that. You two seem to hit it off so well. I 
have not seen her gel together with anyone else. I will see what I can 
do tomorrow for you." Without saying a word Christy pulls around and in 
a sweet, angelic voice yells, "C'mon hun! Let's go!" We get in the car 
and head off. 

End of Part 1
*feel free to comment on this or to motivate me to finish this story*

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