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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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Authors note:
I originally wrote this story to post on the Erotic Mind control Archive.
Someone told me I might consider posting it here as well, so here is it. Also
after reading some of the other stories here, I decided to revise the story
slightly from its original. Please email any comments to
lisalynn_me@yahoo.com I promise to reply back. I love receiving comments
first because its nice to know someone is actually reading and second it
encourages me to write again.


Fulfilled copyright 2002 by Lisalynn_me

The sweep second hand inched ever so slowly. "I swear they must slow these
clocks down after lunch", Carrie spoke under her breath. "Five-. Four-..
Three-. Two-.  One! Come on Kel we're out of here!" As she flipped the
switch on her computer.

"Carrie, you are not supposed to do that. You're supposed to wait for it to
shut down"

"I don't care Kel, you flip the switch and its on, you flip the switch and
its off. Instant just like that. Besides I don't have the patients for that
right now. Time to go and we have three days reprieve from this hell hole."

"Oh Carrie" Kelly shook her head and smiled, "Never the one to conform."

The two young women gather their things and headed for the door, anxious to
start their long deserved weekend. Kelly and Carrie not only worked together,
they were also roommates, and had been best friends for years. They worked as
documentation specialist for Henderson Consulting. Lots of typing, not much
else. The days were often long and grueling with frequent tight deadlines.
Added to that the pay was nothing to write home about. So a three-day weekend
was welcomed treat.

"Come on Kelly, hurry up we are going to miss the bus!"

"When are you going to buy me a car Carrie, so that we don't have to take the
bus anymore?"

"As soon as I get a raise!"

"Like that is ever going to happen anytime soon. Face it, Carrie we're just
slaves at this place.  It's just not fair, you remember that Todd Guy?  He
started six months ago doing the same job that we're doing.  And now I bet
he's making twice what we are.  I don't care what people say things are still
not equal between men and women."

"Come on Kelly, here comes the bus RUN! Oh damn missed it again!" Carrie
pouted, "Now were are going to have to sit here for a whole hour for the next
bus to come."

"Sorry Carrie."

"Oh its not your fault, just seems like we have been in quite a rut lately
and I just want to get out of here."

Kelly sat on the bench watching Carrie pace back and forth. She worried that
perhaps her friend was becoming a little depressed lately. Stuck in this dead
end job, every day it seemed as if they were going nowhere. About the only
excitement either of them had was watching ER on Thursday nights. 

The pair had been waiting at the bus stop for nearly ten minutes when a car
pulled up to the curb. The young woman driver rolled down the window. "Excuse
me, I think I am lost. Could either of you tell me how I might get to 5791
Essence Road?"

"Sorry I have no idea. Do you know where Essence Road is Kel?"

"Yeah, Essence is over in the older part of town."

"Oh no, that sounds like it might be further away that I thought and I need
to be there in twenty minutes." The young woman's look of concern suddenly
turned to a disarming smile. "I don't suppose I could you to come with me so
that you might help me find my way? I am going to a meeting of the Woman
Fulfillment Society. You might enjoy meeting with us. We are working toward
allowing all women the ability to fulfill her true destiny. Afterwards I
could give you both a ride home. Did you have anything planned for this

"Ummm, those are pretty lofty goals," Kelly said sarcastically.

"Come on Kelly it sounds like it might be fun. Or we could just sit here for
another hour waiting for that bus. And beside maybe they can help us get that
raise and then YOU can by me a car," Carrie joked.

Kelly's impulse was to walk, no run away from this situation. Something told
her to be careful. However the frustration of having missed the bus and
nothing but another night of television allowed her to let down her defenses
if just for a moment.

"Ok Carrie this time you win. Sure we'll join you, what the heck."

"Great! I think you will have a great time, and you are doing me a big favor.
My name is Whisper by the way." 

"Nice to meet you Whisper. I'm Carrie and this is Kelly."

"What an odd name," Kelly thought, "oh well, takes all kinds."

Kelly got into the front seat so that she could give directions. Carrie had
to ride in the back. Kelly laughed a bit at that idea, as usually it was the
other way around. 

"Ok, you need to go down here a couple of blocks and make a left turn at the

"I am sure glad that I met up with you two, I do not think I could have ever
found it, I always seem to get lost so easily."

"You're welcome, what are friends for?" Remarked Carrie, her thoughts anxious
for some adventure.

Kelly thought to herself, "Carrie what are you saying we hardly know this
person. If it weren't for me, Carrie would be in constant trouble. 

Suddenly Kelly realized that Whisper was lighting a cigarette! "How rude she
didn't even ask. " Kelly braced herself for the enviable outburst from
Carrie; she hated smoking with a passion. The car began filling with the
smoke from Whisper's cigarette, Kelly thought certainly she was going to gag.
She tried to crack the window, however the button didn't work, apparently it
was locked.

"Whisper do you mind if I open the window?"

Whisper either did not hear the question or she was ignoring Kelly. Kelly
began to feel that bit of churning inside which told her something just did
not seem right. "And why wasn't Carrie saying anything?" Apparently Carrie
was a little preoccupied-.

Carrie did not like the idea of sitting in the back, she never did. She
always wanted to be the center of attention and never thought twice about
speaking her mind. As she slid into the car her face showed her best pout.
Immediately she noticed a strange looking disk lying on the seat beside her.
Not bothering to ask she picked it up. It looked as if it were a game or
something. Although it was disk shaped it felt comfortable in her hands, two
buttons on either side sat naturally under her thumbprints. She pressed down
on the buttons hoping to bring something to life. As she did she felt a
strange sensation radiating up through her fingertips. Not really an
electrical shock but it did kind of tingle. Actually it felt kind of good,
then something odd happened, the surface of the disk came to life.  Flowing
and swirling with what appeared to be abstract colors. However as Carrie
looked a little closer she noticed that there was actually within the colors
a swirling spinning spiral. The spiral rotated around the outside of the
larger circle, which held the rainbow of dancing colors. "Ok, this is pretty
but what else does it do?" Carrie started randomly pressing the buttons
trying to get something else out of this strange contraption. Nothing
different happened, just kept swirling, so she pressed the buttons a few more
times. The third time she pressed the left button she felt the wonderful
tingling feeling flowing up from her fingers into her arms and throughout her
body. The same sensation she felt before only this time stronger. She pressed
the left button again-nothing. Again, again, and again-nothing. Then she
tried the right button strongly determined to find out how this thing worked.
Suddenly she felt the sensation again, and wonderful quiver of pleasure
flowed through her body. She continued to play with the buttons and soon
discovered the disk seemed to rotate faster each time she felt the pleasure.
She also noticed that if she pressed one of the buttons when the disk was in
a certain position on the screen, she received her reward. At first it just
appeared to be pure dumb luck, however the longer she played the game, the
more natural it seem to be able to crack its code. Every time she pressed a
button now Carries body vibrated with deep addictive pleasure. It felt so
good, so controlling, and so wonderful, Carrie lost track of time, her
surroundings, and the moving car. Now nothing else mattered now but the

Whisper drove the car slowly along the tree lined street and pulled into the
drive of the old Victorian mansion. By the time the car settled to stop Kelly
was anxious to get this all over with. Whisper had smoked the entire trip and
Kelly wanted more than anything else to get some fresh air. Even though Kelly
continued to provide directions it was almost as if Whisper was on autopilot.
She barely said a single word, just sitting at the wheel smoking her
cigarettes and carrying a look of contentment on her face. Kelly tried to
open the door however the door wouldn't open; apparently someone had
forgotten to take off the child locks, how embarrassing! Kelly looked up to
see a group of women come out to great the new arrivals. It appeared obvious
that one woman in particular seemed to be leading things. Kelly was struck by
the woman's long vibrant read hair. All of the women wore silk robes; while
the others wore green her robe was gold. The woman opened Kelly's door.

"You have done very well Whisper, I am pleased!"

"What is going on here?" Kelly protested.

"Please come in, its very cold outside. We can talk in the house."

Kelly thought briefly about simply running away, but the woman was right it
was cold outside and she began to move with the others towards the large
house. Two rather large double doors opened to reveal the rather plain and
empty furnishings. Actually it appeared as though the house was empty of all
except it inhabitants, although perhaps no one really lived there. Oh Kelly's
head was starting to spin! Kelly was directed to follow the others as they
knelt in a circle on the hard wooden floor. Kelly seemed to notice that many
of the women in the green robes had that same contented smile on their faces.
The gold woman stood in center directly in front of Kelly.

"Ok, now what the hell is going on here?"

"This is the Woman's Fulfillment Society. Here we learn to discover your true
potential and discover complete happiness. My name is Eternity and this is my
home, welcome."

"Ooookaaay.. so how do you do that?"

"Its really quite simple. I keep all of my ladies in trance most of the time.
Well actually all of the time but we are beyond paying attention to things as
insignificant as time here.  Happiness, frustration, peace, turmoil,
pleasure, pain all simply the reality your mind knows to be reality. My
ladies have learned to experience the wonderful fulfillment of trance,
completely changing their lives."

"Hmmm-ok, well that sounds wonderful, but no thanks! Carrie come on, we are

Kelly looked around the room, for a few moments she had forgotten about

"I think your friend may not be in full agreement about your leaving."

Just then Kelly's eyes met Carrie's. Kelly's heart stuttered as she read the
blank blissful look in Carrie's eyes.

"You see your friend has begun to understand the pleasurable experience of
trance.  Perhaps if you allowed yourself just a moment to let your mind free
of all the worries and concerns which consume you."

"No! Snap your fingers or whatever it is that you do and bring Carrie out of
it. I don't care what you are selling, we aren't buying."

"I am sorry you feel that way my dear. It does make it a little more painful
to watch you struggle against your destiny, although I must admit that I do
feel a bit of a thrill in the hunt." Eternity grinned with absolute
confidence. "Perhaps a little rest will do you good, I must spend some time
attending to your friend."

Eternity gave a slight wave of finger, almost immediately Kelly found herself
surrounded by four of the 'green girls'. Gently but firmly she was taken by
the shoulders and guided down a long hallway, a door opened and Kelly nudged
into another empty room. Before she could turn around the door swiftly locked
behind her. This room was no different than any she had seen up to now.
Complete void and empty. Kelly did notice in the corner some sort of disk
shaped gadget. She walked over and picked it up. Her curiosity quickly swept
away with panic as the disk bounced on the hard cold floor. 

"What am I doing here? I liked my old boring quiet life!" Tears slipping over
her cheek.  Kelly thought she heard soft music playing in the room or did
she? She didn't know, was this some sort of nightmare, and was this really
happening? She tried not to listen to the music whether it was her
imagination or not. Her defenses acutely aware of every sight, every sound,
every smell. Kelly propped herself in the corner farthest from the door,
continually scanning the room for the slightest movement. Then the lights
turned off.

Kelly's eyes struggled to adjust. The bright light blinded her if only for a
moment. Her head beginning to clear, then it hit her, she had fallen asleep.
How long had she been asleep a few moments? Several hours? Perhaps even days?
Kelly felt vulnerable. How much longer could she continue to struggle? Maybe
it wouldn't be so bad after all to be in trance constantly, walking around
with a blank grin on her face. "What am I thinking, I have to get Carrie and
get us out of here.

Just then the door opened. Two of the 'green girls' stood in the doorway.

"Good morning. We have brought you something to eat." Offering Kelly a small
cup of rice. 

The void of hunger dwelt in Kelly's body. Without a thought she took the cup
and emptied it's contents. It felt good to eat something. Somehow Kelly
allowed herself to relax but only for a moment.

"Would you like a cigarette?"

"Uh? Oh no thank you, I don't smoke." Why anyone would ever want to smoke
totally escaped Kelly. Apparently it did not escape the two 'green girls' as
they both helped themselves to the cigarettes offered to Kelly.

Kelly watched as the two "green girls" smoked their cigarettes. The look of
pleasure filled their faces each time their cigarettes touched their lips.
Long streams of smoke exhaled, having produced its effects. Then the ritual
was repeated again and again.

"It is time to meet Mistress." The 'green girls' announced as they guided
Kelly down the hallway to the meeting room. 

It appeared as though all of the others were already in place, kneeling on
the floor in a perfect circle. Kelly was led to a place in the circle. Her
mind swirled, perhaps if she simply went along for a while and look for the
first opportunity to get out.

Kelly surveyed the others in the circle. Many sat with the now all too
familiar blank look of bliss. Most of them were smoking cigarettes. Kelly
tried to control her distaste for being in a smoke filled room. As she
scanned from face to face suddenly her heart dropped.

Kelly had to blink her eyes; they were not playing tricks on her. Directly
across the circle sat Carrie. Eyes completely blank and void of the spirit so

"Oh my god! Carrie is smoking a cigarette!"

What had they done to her friend? Did she struggle? Kelly instinctively
jumped up and ran over to her friend.

"Carrie what have they done to you?"

Carrie did not even blink or acknowledge her friend. Instead she simply
inhaled on her cigarette, the look on her face that of complete pleasure.

"Carrie what is wrong with you? It's me Kelly!"

Kelly felt a hand on her shoulder as she turned, it was Eternity. 

"Her name is not 'Carrie', her name is Soft Breeze. Her name has always been
Soft Breeze."

"What do you mean her name is Soft Breeze? Her name isn't Soft Breeze, I have
known her all her life her name is Carrie! What have you done to her?"

Kelly's mind rushed-. "What is going on here?" Her knees started to buckle
under the stress. 

"Perhaps you would like to come with me and we shall talk about your future."

Kelly did not know what to think, her mind swimming in confusion. Kelly
followed Eternity down the hallway now to a different room. This one much
different than the others. The actually appeared to be more of an office.
Thick deep carpeting swallowed Kelly's toes. Eternity gestured for Kelly to
sit in one of two large leather chairs.

"Please my dear, be comfortable."

"What have you done to Carrie?"

"I am afraid that you do not understand. Carrie no longer exists. She had
such a difficult and unfulfilled life with no hope and completely miserable.
And so I have given her what she so desperately needed. Soft Breeze is at
this very moment experiencing more happiness and pleasure than Carrie ever
dreamt about. In fact she no longer has any idea that the person you refer to
as Carrie ever even existed. Soft Breeze loves the feeling of trance, needs
it, and craves it. You need not concern yourself my dear, you too will come
to understand completely."

"I don't want to understand your hocus pocus, I want you to give Carrie back
to me and I just want to leave. I have no desire to be tranced or anything
like that!"

Eternity simply smiled, "it is far too late to turn back now. Whether you
realize it or not and likely you don't, but you have been in a light state of
trance for quite sometime now.  "

Kelly thought back to last night, she should never have fallen asleep or was
it last night or the night before? She felt so confused. One thing for sure,
she knew she had to keep resisting, keep holding out for her sake and that of
Carrie's. It was completely up to her now.

"I have something to show you dear." Eternity help out a small crystal ball.

Kelly immediately looked away, instinctively fighting. Struggling to hold
onto every ounce of will in her headstrong mind.

"Look at the ball my dear, so beautiful. Just a simple little ball, I assure
you it is safe, you have nothing to worry about. And you are so CURIOUS, so
CURIOUS to look at the ball. So very CURIOUS. Completely CURIOUS. CURIOUS to
look at the ball."

For some strange reason some thing in Eternity words caused Kelly's mind to
loosen.  Loosen the resistance just a little bit more each time. She fought
hard to look away.  Struggling to resist.  "You are so CURIOUS. Yes that's
right so CURIOUS to take just a quick peek."

Kelly now gritting her teeth, fighting, struggling, resisting. And then-.
Looking.  Looking at the ball in Eternity's hand. Crystal clear ball, simple
yet so beautiful. Kelly tried to look away again, however her eyes now locked
unto the beautiful ball.

"That's right my dear. Gaze upon the ball. Allow your eyes to settle in on
the beautiful ball. So easy to watch. Feeling so comfortable-"

Kelly noticed that the ball appeared to fill with soft thick gray blue smoke.

"Notice how the smoke swirls around in nice little patterns." 

Kelly let out the slightest sigh of the word, "yesss". She had let down her
guard for only a moment, and now slowly falling into and endless void. 

"Watch the smoke for just a moment, some find it very enticing."

She felt herself drawn in by the vision of the ball. How the swirls of smoke
flowed around and around each other in little mystic patterns, capturing her
full attention.
"That's right just focus on the smoke, swirling round and round. So nice
isn't it?"

"Ysssss", she mouthed the words however all she could seem to think about
were the swirling patterns.

"That's right dear, loose yourself in the smoke...focused and complete...more
and more...easy to watch and loose yourself in the smoke.........nothing more
important for you to do right now than watch the swirling patterns of
smoke...clouds filling your mind...more and more...no effort...so easy to
watch.........now release and let go.... let go now completely and easily..." 

A sigh left her body as she was consumed by the swirling patterns of
smoke...only the patterns...so focused and complete...clouds filling her
mind.... so easy...nothing else to do right now...lost in the smoke... 

"Very good, your mind so empty of thoughts...so open to my words...drifting
more and more...into the swirling patterns...deep and complete...deep and
complete...more and more.........now close your eyes and listen to my words."
Black emptiness...lost in her words...feels so good...no concerns...swirling
patterns of smoke...mmmm so nice. 

"Now as you listen to my words...you realize.... my words feel so good in
your mind...so right.... you want my words to fill your peaceful empty
mind.... more and more...craving them...and you are beginning to discover
that my words are your words..........and if I should happen to suggest
something.........it is something that you would have thought of anyway on
your own...eventually...so happy that I know you so well...so happy to let me
think for you.............more and more.... so easy.... no need to think for
yourself............so much effort.........allow me to do all the
work.........so happy that I will do all the work of thought for
you...........so easy..........you have felt so much stress..........and now
I have allowed you........to free you mind.........so empty.....and now so
full of my words.............your thoughts........so deep.....more and
more........now slowly open your eyes." 

The words danced around in Kelly's now weak and empty mind. "Light words of
truth.........no effort...so hard to
think...peaceful...comfort..........Eternity thinks for me..."

"Now you may notice the things around you.... but they don't matter...only my
words...and your thoughts ...my words.........control your
actions.........your body.... your movements............more and more-
watching the smoke-lost in the smoke-.  surrendereing-. empty-. all
slipping away now-slipping away-gone- watching-"

Eternity gave Kelly no hope, no chance, no ability to rest for even a moment
as the relentless conditioning continued. Kelly's eyes lock onto the ball and
the smoke. The channel to her mind completely open to Eternity's

Time passed, although what was time now anyway? So insignificant,
conditioning continued on and on. Kelly so lost in the conditioning.
Changing, learning, feeling and thinking only her instructions. Slipping down
down down into the endless sight of the smoke and the sound of Eternity's

Her eyes opened, no longer knowing who she was and no longer caring. She no
longer needed to think or care about anything but her conditioning. The room
was empty as she knelt quietly in the corner. The soft music continued to
play; however she no longer noticed. It did not matter, nothing for her to
give any conscious thought too. Not knowing or caring that everything in this
home of bliss and fulfillment had a purpose. The purpose to keep those lucky
souls inside in a constant trance and completely open to the never- ending

She rose to her feet and slowly walked towards the door, automatically, no
thought but for divine purpose. Through the door she made her way down the
hallway, her green robe flowing in the air as she moved. The others were
already waiting in the room, positioned in the perfect circle. She did not
have to think, she did not have to care, she only followed the conditioning
now permanently etched in the walls of her mind. She stepped to the center of
the circle and quietly knelt, the complete look of bliss and happiness on her
face. Now prepared quite nicely to surrender herself completely. 

Her eyes closed in obedience feeling pleasure surge through her body.
Fluttering waves of tingling pleasure. Consumed as the pleasure flooded every
crevasse of her mind and soul. Becoming more and more instant and automatic
each and every time she performed the ritual.  Her eyes opened to the most
wonderful sight her mind was allowed to ever imagine, her Mistress Eternity
standing before her.

"You have done so well my pet. And now has come the moment of your complete
and total surrender. To begin the journey to final phase of conditioning that
will make you mine forever."

"Yes Mistress."

Eternity knelt before her, placing a long, slender red candle between them.
"Hold out your hand and receive my gift."

She obediently held the palm of her hand towards her Mistress. Eternity
placed the final object of condition in her hand. So perfect and light, yet
so powerful, deliciously inviting.  She felt rolling waves of pleasure
dripping from every pore as she placed the cigarette between her lips.
Eternity raised the candle to bring the perfect conditioning device to life.

"Now my pet, take the delicious smoke deep into your body and surrender."

The tip of her cigarette glowed as the thick creamy smoke entered her mouth.
Her conditioned response pulling the magic deeply into her lungs. Holding it
for a moment and then releasing from her lips in a long stream as she had
become accustomed to watching the others do.

"Very good. You are doing so well and I am so proud of you. Now take another
deep wonderful drag of the delicious smoke and surrender- Surrender more and
more with each delicious drag- Needing to fill your mind and body with
delicious control and obedience- Each time slipping more and more helpless
and eager for more and more of my control- Each and every time you smoke-
You smoke for your Mistress-"

She had never known such wonderful pleasure. So much happiness. Happy to
surrender to her Mistress. 

"You do notice the fresh minty taste of the smoke don't you my pet?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good girl. The fresh minty taste is the menthol in your cigarette. Menthol
is something very special and sacred. Menthol controls your mind as I control
your mind-   Completely, totally, effortlessly- And menthol has such a
strong effect on your mind- Each and every time you smoke-. You smoke
menthol- Each and every time you smoke-. You smoke menthol- Each and every
time you smoke-. You smoke menthol- Each and every time you smoke-. You
smoke menthol- Isn't that right?"

"Each and every time I smoke-. I smoke menthol-  Each and every time I
smoke-. I smoke menthol- Each and every time I smoke-. I smoke menthol-"

"That's right very good. And the more you smoke, the more you become addicted
to smoking more-the more you smoke, the more you become addicted to smoking
more- so naturally and automatically- so naturally and automatically-.
more and more addicted to my control- more and more addicted. More and more
addicted- completely and naturally- unable to stop- only needing to smoke
more and more-and know my dear that every time you please me- every time
you complete one of my instructions..  Each and every time- "

Eternity used the naturally addictive nature of smoke in order to keep her
slaves in line.  Over and over she would condition them. It was the perfect
plan for even if a slave should stray or be taken by a deprogrammer, the
instant they lit a cigarette, that they would certainly crave, and they would
instantly slip back under her control.

"Now surrender my pet.. Surrender completely to my control.. Forever and
ever.. Forever and ever surrender.. Completely to my control.. Speak the
words my pet.."

"Surrender completely to my Mistress- Surrender completely to my Mistress-
Surrender completely to my Mistress- Surrender completely to my Mistress-
Surrender completely to my Mistress-"

Kelly was unable to stop as the words flowed from her lips. Over and over
again she spoke the words. Quivering in the pleasure of obedience. Completely
drained of every ounce of energy. She slumped to the floor. 

Eternity brushed the back of her hand softly over the cheek of her freshest

"Good girl, I am so proud of you. Now rise my pet and listen.. Listen to your
name- your name as it has always been- forever and ever- welcome home Silk

Feelings of deep wonderful pleasure flowed over Silk Mist. Pulling the smoke
deeply within her, its powerful effects flowing into every cell of her body.
Conditioning her mind as her body adapted to the smoke. The more she smoked;
the more she became Silk Mist. The more she smoked; the more she became
Eternity's pet. Slipping a little deeper each time, becoming more addicted
with each drag of smoke filling her lungs. As sinking in quicksand a little
deeper each time.

"Excuse me, I think I am lost. Could either of you tell me how I might get to
5791 Essence Road?"

"I am so happy that I happed to meet you. I am so late and I do not think I
would have ever been able to find it on my own-"

Silk Mist pulled the car away from the curb. Without thought she reached into
her purse for a cigarette, her reward, she had pleased her Mistress-

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