Game Day (Softball II)

(by (now, 12 September 1998)

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Game Day (Softball II)

For the second time in less than two hours, Carly and I were again 
both in total terror.  My reflex to yell out something - coming or 
yes - was squelched by Carly slapping her hand over my mouth.  Of 
course she was right.  We remained dead silent.  The seconds ticked 
by and amassed first into one minute and then into two.  No second 
knock came. Another three or four minutes past as we lay quietly 
holding each other tightly.  

After perhaps ten minutes I slipped up quietly and tiptoed across the 
room.  Peeking ever so slightly out of the corner of the curtain, the 
doorstep was visible.  And no one was there.  Moving to the other 
edge of the window it also appeared all clear.  Behind me Carly was 
slipping back into her robe.  Recognizing that the clicking of her 
high heels would telegraph her departure, good judgment prevailed and 
she tucked them inside her robe.  Less considered however was the 
cigarette she casually lit before dropping her paraphernalia into her 

Being still unclothed I stuck my head out door and there was no one 
in sight.  I turned around to give Carly the all clear signal but 
found her already by my side.  "I'm sure that that was just one of 
the girls pranking us" she said.  While those words seemed relieving 
to her, they were still a little disconcerting to me.

"Do they all I know?" I questioned with a touch of disapproving alarm.

"Of course not" she replied tartly.  "Just those who checked out the 
electronic reader board in the motel lobby."

God, she was quick.  She rendered me speechless again.  I just shook 
my head and chuckled.  For a final time I took her in my arms and we 
kissed.  A recent inhale not yet released, I recoiled just slightly 
at the exhale she shared.  Not unpleasant but altogether foreign 
having never been a smoker.  As we slowly parted she couldn't resist 
a final inspection.  Brushing her hand gently along the top of my 
again erect penis, she said "Can you put that on ice for tomorrow 
night?"  And then sliding quietly out the door she whispered "This 
was the best night of my life."

"Mine too" I replied with absolute conviction as she swayed down the 
walkway - pumps in one hand and cigarette in the other.     

Sleep came neither quickly nor easily.  I'd just had the 
unequivocally most fabulous night of sex I'd ever experienced - and 
with someone who I adored.  I could have used a stronger word but was 
totally unprepared to deal with those implications.  Admittedly 
however it was far more than just lust.  That Carly was the girl of 
my dreams produced ecstasy; that she was just sixteen - AKA jail bait 
- substantial stomach acid.

"Good morning Mr. Alexander.  I did your daughter last night.  How 
did you sleep?" - and thank God, then I woke up.  I leapt out of bed 
literally trembling.  The dream was so vivid that I could virtually 
taste the strawberries on my cereal.  Clearly some subconscious 
dissonance was already at play and I had just ten minutes to get 
dressed and meet the father of my illicit young lover for breakfast.

Tom was already in the cafeteria along with Kara's mom.  As I said 
before, both of Carly's folks smoked so that's the section that I 
found them in.  He made that obligatory "I hope you don't mind" 
gesture and again I claimed indifference.  As long as it was just him 
I was indifferent but when Kara's mom nodded permission to bum one of 
his Marlboro Reds, my interest increased. 
She mouthed some explanation like she was a reformed smoker but 
occasionally still enjoyed indulging herself - particularly out of 
Kara's line of sight.  Since none of the girls were likely to be up 
for another hour, she apparently felt safe.  Her hungry inhale and 
long withheld exhale belied the occasionalness of the habit.  She 
looked like a closet case to me.  

We spent the next thirty five or forty minutes discussing the 
strategy for the day.  With one win under our belt, another one this 
morning and second this afternoon would get us a bye into the finals. 
 The key decision would be when to pitch Carly.  Kara's mom - Karen - 
had scouted both of the teams during our game the night before and 
felt that we could get lucky and squeeze by the morning opponent and 
save Carly for the afternoon.  That was fine by me as long as I could 
save her for my twilight doubleheader.  I, however, kept that 
observation to myself.

Karen was on her third "occasional" cigarette when three of the girls 
entered the room.  She was obviously watchful in the fact that she 
crushed it out in a hidden ashtray on the bench beside her nearly 
that same instant.  There was clearly a story here but it wasn't the 
story of the moment.  We completed the conversation on the line ups 
and agreed to positions.  With me there I'd take over my old spot at 
third and Tom would coach first.  That would again leave Karen free 
to wander to the other fields and do a little mid-game scouting.

Karen and Tom both drove vans big enough to convoy the entire team 
between them.  I watched from my rebuilt Mustang as they piled in.  
Carly and Lisa were the last two out and they waved her dad off and 
headed over in my direction.  My heart started pumping.  Lisa opened 
the door and Carly slipped in the middle with Lisa following - the 
door slamming behind her.  The two vans each tooted their horns and I 
fell into line behind them for the five minute drive to the field.

I had a thousand things to say to Carly but not with my sister 
sitting there.  Checking the back seat I realized that I'd left my 
glove in the room, honked the caravan to a standstill just before 
exiting the lot, and ran back to get it.  There it was on the table - 
right next to the unopened box of condoms.  What an instant mood 

Returning to the car, the girls, taking advantage of their private 
chauffeur, were sharing their final cigarette for the foreseeable 
future.  The white filter said it was Lisa's but the red lipstick 
stain was all Carly.  As if I didn't already have enough distractions 
going on.  Conversation was noticeably limited and all attempts 
slightly stilted.  I did slant the passenger mirror however so that I 
could watch them smoke.  

When the ice was finally broken, Lisa did it up right with "I think 
you guys will make a great couple."  We shared a quick glance and a 
wink.  "That's great that you do but I'm a little more concerned 
about some other folks - like Carly's parents for instance." I 

"Don't overworry" was Carly's simple reply.  By some unwritten code 
of conduct neither Carly nor Lisa ever really looked in my direction 
which permitted Carly to lightly cup her left hand over my crotch.  
It didn't take two seconds to fill it as she remained totally silent. 
 Gently massaging, she said "it's still just our secret - the three 
of us."

"The three of us and whoever knocked last night" I amended.

The girls piled out of the car as I remained inside to allow the 
swelling to decline.  It was a shame that Carly couldn't have 
completed the job, but there were certain to be more opportunities 
before long.  Concerned that I would soon be missed I rearranged my 
underwear a bit and emerged hopefully looking totally the picture of 

I fell into my old routine of hitting lazy flies for the outfielders. 
 Tom conducted infield drills while Carly warmed up Amy.  They were 
our battery with Carly replacing Amy behind the plate when she wasn't 
herself on the mound.  To give you some idea of the difference, Carly 
delivers a sixty MPH riser while Amy settles for 35 MPH drifters on a 
good day.  We'd be really lucky if we could get through this morning 
round with a win.

We won the flip and were the home team so as the girls took the field 
I retired to the stands to watch.  I sat down next to Mrs. Alexander 
who had quite recently lit a Camel Light 100.  Sitting downwind I 
basked in the fragrance which had engulfed me the previous evening.  
Her efforts to politely exhale in some other direction were defiantly 
counteracted by the persistent summer breeze.

I'm not going to do a full play-by-play but there are some highlights 
worth sharing.  Our opponents got a couple of runners aboard in the 
top of the first but a nice play at second by Lisa forced the third 
out at second just ahead of the runner heading for home.  Our half of 
the inning was uneventful.  Three up and three down.  That meant that 
Carly would be leading off the second.  A two out triple and a wild 
pitch found us down by one when Carly came to the plate.  

Carly took a ball and then slapped the next pitch to deep right 
center.  As she rounded second I raised my hands to signal her to 
hold and she obediently scampered successfully back into second.  
Strategically with no one out, attempting to steal third would be 
inadvisable but she clearly so intended.  I steadfastly put the hold 
sign up yet she continued to dance well off the base.  When the 
pitcher uncorked a wild one she needed no encouragement arriving at 
third standing up.

"Happy to see me?" she greeted me with.  

"Look down to see and you'll embarrass us both" I replied.  We both 
remained expressionless and kept the conversation inaudible like any 
good coach and player would.  

The nagging voice in the back of my head wouldn't subside.  Finally I 
whispered "Am I going to regret not wearing a condom last night?"

"You know you were a little careless last night cowboy.  No 
protection" she responded rather matter-of-factly.

The degree of difficulty of remaining expressionless just became 
tenfold.  "Shit" I muttered "You could of thought of that last night 
yourself.  It isn't that time is it?"  I questioned pleadingly.

"Well, actually it is" she continued coolly "but since I've been on 
the pill for the last six weeks or so I'm not too concerned."

"Bitch" I whispered into her ear.  An endearment that was to become 
quite a regular.  The bitch and the cowboy.  

On the next pitch Lisa singled her in to tie the game up.  It was a 
real struggle trying to coach and at the same time never wanting to 
take my eyes off Carly.  With no one yet out she recognizes an 
opportunity to disappear unnoticed.  I saw her get something out of 
her bag and slip into the Ladies Room.  I got hard thinking about her 
smoking.  I got harder picturing her probably playing with herself.  
Only a hard single to right and Lisa rounding second got me back in 
the game.

We took a two to one lead and held it until the top of the seventh - 
more on good D than on good pitching - when they tied it up.  With 
one out in the bottom of the inning, Carly came up with that killer 
look on her face.  She waited patiently for her pitch and on a two 
and one count laced it over the left field fence.  She slowed 
perceptibly rounding third and this time she got a solid pat on the 
ass.  As she touched home for the winning run I followed her down the 
line and was one of the first to congratulate her.  I hugged her in 
as restrained a manner as I could manufacturer.      

The second game was all Carly from the mound.  We won by six or seven 
runs.  I really don't remember.  The good news was that we'd now have 
the evening off with two opportunities tomorrow to take it all.  With 
our morning opponent coming out of the loser's bracket, they'd have 
to knock us off twice to win the tournament.

The rest of the day was less pleasant than you might imagine.  I just 
wanted to be alone with Carly and instead I'm sitting around with her 
dad planning the next day's strategy.  The girls are warned to take 
it easy in the swimming pool because softball and swimming don't mix 
well.  Different muscle sets.  The good news there is that the girls 
ended up just lounging around the pool in their bathing suits.  
Several were fairly attractive but only one drew my attention. 

Lisa was really cool about the situation and would occasionally play 
the role of "third" so that our conversations had some camouflage.  
The plan was pretty much carbon copy and we decided that spending too 
much time around each other during the evening might just arouse 
suspicions.  After a fairly early dinner I excused myself and went 
back to the room to wait anxiously for the witching hour.  

At barely eight o'clock I was surprised to hear someone at the door.  
I feared it Tom, prayed it Carly, and was satisfactorily relieved to 
find it only my sister.  She was so excited she could barely contain 
herself.  "Do I have a story for you" she started.  "Do you have a 
beer for me?"  I did and subsequent to retrieving a slightly cooled 
Bud, a plastic bathroom cup, and the ashtray that she would obviously 
soon request, she calmed slightly.  I shrugged a "So let's have it."

"Where do you think Carly is right now? she asked clearly 
rhetorically.  Again I shrugged as she now took the time to fish a 
Marlboro Light 100 out of the pack in her pocket.  Her hand 
perceptibly shaking I took the lighter from her and offered it back 
to her ignited.  Both hands drooping at her sides she leaned forward 
and sucked the flame to the awaiting tip.  Once lit she exhaled 
around the cigarette still so tightly gripped by her lips.  Taking 
another deep drag she removed the cigarette while executing a 
simultaneous nose and mouth exhale.  

Smoke still emitting, she finally continued with an apparent 
anticlimactic "With her folks."  Continuing the Q&A she then asked 
"And what do you suppose she's talking to them about?"  Of course the 
answer to her own question awaited another prolific puff.  Again amid 
bursts of smoke she finished "Spending the night with you!"

That got my attention.  "You're telling me that she's telling them 
about us?  That's what you're telling me?  Jesus Christ she's even 
crazier than I thought.  Who're they going to kill first - her or me" 
I concluded, now my opportunity for rhetoric.  I would have carried 
on longer but again came another knock on the door.  It sounded 
familiar.  I hoped to hell it was familiar. 
It was Carly still in her shorts and tank top and carrying her travel 
bag.  She walked in with a smile and said "Don't I at least get a 
hello, I'm glad you're so early or something?"  Then sniffing smoke 
she turned to see Lisa "Oh company I see.  You blew my cover didn't 
you, sweetie?" 

"Hello, I'm glad you're so early, and what the hell are you doing 
here now?  Did you really tell your folks?" I challenged.

""Relax" she said as she made herself comfortable.  Scanning the room 
she located the second ashtray and placed it by the corner of the 
small sofa.  Reaching into her bag she pulled out her cigarettes - 
two packs of Camel Light 100's tonight - and put them down next to 
the ashtray along with her fancy lighter.  Still saying nothing she 
shook out a cigarette, pulled it from the pack adroitly with her lips,
 ignited the lighter, and slowly brought the two together.  Turning 
toward me she open her mouth in a perfect circle so I could watch the 
smoke dive deeply into her lungs.  After maybe a five count she 
inhaled directly at me.  Maintaining silence she repeated this 
precise exercise several more times.  "I'm spending the night" she 

"And I'm not" announced third wheel Lisa, already heading for the 
door with beer and cigarette still in hand.  "Have a good time, 
y'awl"  she drawled salaciously as the door closed behind her.

As for me, I guess you'd call it gulping - that little reaction when 
your Adam's Apple bobs like it's Halloween.  "Your staying the night" 
I repeated like a well trained parrot.

"Ya" she continued "it doesn't work for me not to be honest with my 
parents.  Mom's known for a long time that I had the hots for you.  
She's even the one that pointed out to me that you had a smoking 
fetish which of course just made me like you more.  That little act 
at Spring Break was carefully orchestrated.  We both caught you 
watching.  So anyhow when I told her a couple of months ago that I 
was going to offer you my virginity, she was fine with it.  Better 
someone she likes and trusts than some slime.  That's when we went to 
the GYN and got me on the pill.

"You're telling me that your mom knew that you were going to sleep 
with me last night?" I asked in quiet disbelief and then watched in 
silent appreciation as she double pumped and triple exhaled.  And on 
further reflection "And you're telling me that I was your first?  

"One thing at a time.  I didn't exactly tell her.  More like broad 
hinting that the moment was coming.  She did figure it out though 
when she went to my room last night to bum a pack of cigarettes and 
couldn't find me.  It was her at the door and the knock was just her 
way of saying that I'd better get back to the room.  It wasn't 
disapproval - just kind of a be careful  

So tonight the three of us had dinner together.  I just decided to 
come completely clean.  I told them that I seduced you last night.  
Dad was a little surprised but then put together that little episode 
at the door and started to roar.  And yes, you popped what was ever 
left of my cherry from all of the sports I've played."

"So what did they say?" I persisted.  "Do they think I'm some cradle 

"Oh for God's sake no.  They know that I'm no child and they don't 
treat me like one.  Sometime I'll tell you the whole story (See Carly 
Starts) but in brief on my thirteenth birthday they pretty much 
affirmed that they'd support any and all decisions that I make as 
long as they're well thought out and I'm honest with them."  

Taking a final draw, stubbing out the cigarette, and emphasizing her 
words with thick rushes of smoke, she finished "That's how I started 
smoking.  Why should fucking be any different?  So I said to dad 
'Don't you think I'd get a better night's sleep if I go over to 
Joey's room shortly after dinner, mess around early, and then just 
sleep the night in his arms?'  

'What do we tell the girls in your room?' he asked.  'The truth might 
be a good idea' I responded.  'After all they all pretty much know.  
I've told them for over a year that I would give myself to Joey at 
the first good opportunity.'  He was a little frazzled but after a 
few minutes he said 'we raised you to be responsible - and your 
mother now informs me you've been on the pill for several weeks - so 
I can't see any reason to argue.  We'll see you at breakfast.'"

"Well I'll be God Damned" was all I could get out.  Shaking my head I 
moved closer on the couch and we entwined.  But only for a moment.  
"I'm sorry Joey.  I'm not quite ready" she announced and with that 
picked up her bag and went into the bathroom.  Expecting her back 
momentarily I must have waited a good ten minutes.  Boy was it worth 
the wait.  Hair now down to her shoulders, eye make up and fresh 
lipstick, those provocative red heels, and a white lace nightie 
stretched out over her gorgeous breasts.  My penis which had taken a 
little rest was back at full attention.

As I was about to pick her up and onto me in a standing position she 
pushed me back onto the bed.  'Lie on your back cowboy' she said and 
who was I to argue.  She walked back over to the sofa and then 
returned to me with an unlit cigarettes dangling provocatively.  She 
pressed her right leg next to my left and threw her left over to the 
other side now straddling me.  In slow declination she captured my 
throbbing dick in her moist pussy.  

Deeper and deeper I penetrated as she came to rest astride me.  She 
flinched perceptibly - that little moan of pleasant pain - feeling my 
cock practically drilling through her.  And then she flicked her 
lighter and the tip of her cigarette glowed brightly in the dimly lit 
room.  She rode me up and down and all the while drawing hard and 
frequently from her dangling cigarette - and mostly exhaling through 
her nostrils.  It was more than I could stand.  Less cautious than 
the night before I bellowed out "YES" as I thrust myself upward and 
in turn her skyward.  Her expression confirmed that in my ecstasy I 
was not alone.    

We made love twice more that evening but as Carly predicted did also 
enjoy a good night's sleep.  Of course morning brought on renewed 
passion and yet another encounter.  We dressed quickly knowing that 
we should be at breakfast by seven thirty.  She grabbed a quick 
cigarette before we left the room knowing that her opportunities 
would likely be limited over the next few hours.  As it turned out 
however we joined her folks in the smoking section for breakfast and 
since she was not yet in uniform she could still smoke.  She 
exploited the opportunity to nicotine load to the tune of another 
three cigarettes in a half hour.

No one seemed quite sure how to address us that morning.  "How'd you 
sleep" sounded a little suspect and "How'd you fuck? a little forward.
  Mostly no one said much - just smiled.  And admittedly no one 
smiled much more than me.  The strategy for the day had been 
determined and it was much as yesterday.  Pitch Amy, the second 
stringer, in the first game and then throw Carly if we needed a 
second.  Only Carly didn't like the plan.  She was pumped and ready 
to go.

We reverted to player and coach when we got to the field.  She was 
one of the girls who shagged the flies I was hitting.  She helped me 
pick up the loose balls as we finished and said "I'm so chapped that 
I can barely walk.  You gave it to me big time last night, big boy" 
she grinned.

Of course all that did was make me want to give her more.  
Unfortunately we were already packed up and checked out of the hotel 
so there were no definitive plans for tonight.  I was suppose to head 
back down to Columbia after the last game.  And fortunately for all 
of us the last game came quickly.  We took an early four run lead and 
held it into the top of the seventh.  With the tying run on second 
and no outs however Tom decided to go for the clincher.  He brought 
Carly in to try and pitch us out of the inning and that's what she 
did.  A strike out, a pop up to short, and weak grounder right to 
Kara at first and game was history and we had our first championship.

Carly got out of her uniform and into civvies in record time - no 
doubt in order to have a cigarette - since she was already smoking as 
she emerged from the women's room.  She walked across the parking lot 
to where Tom and I were rehashing the game and planted a long, smoky, 
and deep kiss on me.  My enthusiasm exceeded my embarrassment as I 
responded in front of her father.  

Some of the girls wanted to get home early so Tom loaded up the van 
quickly.  Mrs. Alexander had driven up separately so Lisa and Carly 
had bid a ride back with her.  As the only two totally open smokers 
they much preferred the smoking friendly Toyota Camry to the 
association mandated nonsmoking van.  The four of us agreed to catch 
a bite before heading out and of course I wanted to claim every 
moment of Carly's time possible.

We found a little sandwich shop and took the outside table since it 
appeared to be a smoking hostile environment - particularly for a 
couple of young smokers.  Sitting there and watching Carly and her 
mother - and yes even Lisa - smoke was another episode of ecstasy.  
As lunch drew to a close Carly looked at her mother and said "You 
know that school's out and I really have nothing I have to do 

I grinned from ear to ear in instant anticipation.  I didn't have to 
wait long.  "How about if I go down to Columbia with Joey and look 
around a little.  I may eventually want to go there you know?  You 
wouldn't mind going back alone with my mom, would you Lisa?"  

"Carly, you don't have to play me like a harp.  I know what you're up 
to.  If it's okay with Joey, it's okay with me.  You'll be back when -
 Tuesday or Wednesday?"

"Ya" was all I could say "we'll be back when."  Of course it was okay 
with me.  Now with Missy, that might be quite another question.       

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