The Glamor Girls

(by, 19 January 1998)

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    "The Glamour Girls"
    (A Sequel to Liz and Diane and Kimmy)

    The alarm beeped loudly in Liz's bedroom. It was 5:30 AM. Liz rolled over
and smiled. She had set her alarm an hour earlier than usual because she
wanted extra time to get ready for school. Liz thought to her, "This is going
to be a big day for me." Liz also noticed the first hints of the craving that
she was so rapidly getting used to. "I need a cigarette." Liz got up out of
bed and quickly put on her robe. She stopped at her dresser and grabbed a
fresh pack of VS120 Menthols and her lighter. Putting them in her pocket, she
headed downstairs. On her way down stairs, she noticed a light from the
bathroom. Diane, Liz's mother was already up and getting ready for work.

    Diane called out when she heard her daughter's footsteps in the hall, "
Liz honey, will you put a pot of coffee on when you get downstairs?"

    "Sure, Mom, no problem." Liz went downstairs and put on the coffee. Liz
went into the kitchen and started the coffee maker. She then eagerly opened
her pack of VS120's. She quickly took out a cigarette and lit up. Closing her
eyes, she hungrily inhaled deeply her first smoke of the day. She held the
smoke in, hoping to get as much nicotine as possible into to her body. She
then exhaled with a sigh. Liz eagerly took another drag and then as she slowly
exhaled through her nose took the double pump. Feeling the nicotine rush
through her bloodstream she paused and thought, "this is so great, I feel so
relaxed. I'm so glad I started smoking. Why didn't I try this before."

    Several minutes later, Diane came downstairs. A concern momentarily
crossed her mind, as she smelled the cigarette smoke from the kitchen. She
then remembered that her daughter Liz was now a confirmed smoker too. After
all, she only started 3 days ago. Diane walked into the kitchen just as Liz
was taking her last drag off her cigarette.

    "Ah, the coffee is ready, you want a cup, Liz," Diane asked.

    "Sure, Mom that would be nice." Liz replied.

    Diane poured two cups of coffee and sat down at the table. She pulled her
pack of Pall Mall 100's from her pocket and lit up. "You are up very early
today, honey. What's up?" she asked.

    "Well Mom, I needed some extra time to get ready for school. I want to
wear the new outfit you bought and I would like you to help me with my makeup
too." Liz happily answered.

    "Sure, I would love to do that. Why don't we have some toast and then we
will go upstairs and get you ready for school," Diane answered. Liz and Diane
finished their breakfast and headed upstairs. "You get your makeup and your
cigarettes and come into my bedroom so we can use the mirror on my dressing
table for your makeup," Diane instructed. Liz grabbed the makeup from her
dresser and joined her mom. Turning on the makeup lights in the mirror, Diane
told Liz to have a seat.
    "You might as well light up a cigarette, I always smoke when I'm doing my
makeup." Liz lit up and took a quick drag of her VS120 and set it in the
ashtray on the table. "You need to watch what I'm doing so you can do this
yourself," Diane said. Diane applied Liz's eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and
mascara. "Here Liz, you can put the lipstick on and I think you'll be ready,"
Diane said as she stepped back and examined Liz. Liz applied the lipstick and
then looked at herself in the mirror. She reached out for her cigarette and
took a deep drag admiring herself in the mirror.

    "Gee thanks, mom, this looks terrific," she exclaimed.

    "Now go put the rest of your clothes on and we can see what you look
like," Diane said. Liz took the last hot drag of her cigarette the butt now
stained bright red by her lipstick. Liz returned to her bedroom and quickly
put on the new outfit. She had a short navy skirt, white blouse, red scarf and
blue jacket. Liz then went back to her mom's room and modeled the clothes for

    "Just a second, you need a final touch," Diane said as she went into her
walk-in closet. "Try these red heels on, they should fit and they match your
lipstick." Diane said. Liz quickly put the heels on and stood before the

    "Wow, Mom, I look so hot!" Liz exclaimed.

    "Well, I'm not sure hot is the word I would use but you do look good. Just
be careful wearing those heels. You're not used to those spike heels. I
wouldn't want you to fall and break your neck," Diane replied.

    Liz went to her room, gathered up her books and hurried downstairs. Liz
lit up another VS120 and waited as her mom gathered up her keys and her
briefcase. Liz and Diane then headed out to the car, Liz trailing smoke behind
her as she finished her cigarette. Once in the car, Diane lit up a cigarette.

    "Liz, you need to remember, they don't allow smoking in school. Even
though I allow you to smoke, the school doesn't. I know you'll probably be
sneaking them in the bathroom before long but with your good grades, you don't
need the hassles of getting caught," Diane said.

    "I know Mom, I won't get caught. I'll just have to wait till lunch when I
can go off school grounds." They soon arrived at school. Diane parked her car
across the street as they were 10 minutes early.

    "Liz, you better smoke one of my Pall Mall's to get you through till
lunch," Diane said as she handed Liz a Pall Mall from her pack. Liz took the
cigarette and quickly flicked her lighter. Several boys walked by noticing Liz
and Diane smoking in the car. Liz couldn't help but notice and enjoy the
attention that the two attractive women were drawing as the smoke poured out
the open windows of their car. Liz continued smoking with deep inhales trying
to get every bit of smoke she could from what would be her last cigarette for
a few hours.

    "Liz, do you need me to pick up more cigarettes or are you OK for now?"
Diane asked.

    Liz thought a moment; she had two packs left at home, plus the one she had
opened this morning. "Yeah, mom, would you pick me up a carton on your way
home," she replied.

    "Virginia Slim 120's, right? I probably should pick up two cartons for
myself. You seem to like to smoke my Pall Mall 100's every once in a while,"
Diane asked.

    "Yeah, that sounds fine. Get the regulars not menthols, OK?" Liz replied.

    Liz opened the car door, got out and walked slowly to the school entrance.
As she walked up the steps, Liz noticed the admiring glances she was receiving
from the boys who were standing on the steps and smiled. Kimmy was waiting for
Liz inside the entrance. Kimmy was startled by Liz's appearance. She could
hardly recognize Liz as the same girl she had seen last Friday.

    "Liz, I can't believe its you. You look so elegant," Kimmy exclaimed.

    Tossing her head back and smiling, Liz said "Yeah, Kimmy it's me. I
decided I needed to change my look. Do you really like it?" Liz replied.

    "I sure do." Kimmy replied.

    "My mom helped me pick out the clothes and the makeup. She's really good
at that," Liz said. "And that's not all that's changed, but you will have to
wait for the rest. Why don't you meet me for lunch," she continued somewhat

    The morning passed quickly. Liz continued to revel in the attention her
new look was drawing. The boys in her classes were almost drooling at her. As
her last class before lunch ended, Liz felt an increasing desire for that next
cigarette. "No doubt about it, I'm hooked," she thought as she nervously
watched as the clock in class took that final click toward the lunch bell. It
finally rang and Liz rushed out to meet Kimmy in the cafeteria. Kimmy was
waiting for her as Liz entered the lunchroom. The two girls quickly filled
their trays and sat down in a corner.

    "I still can't get over how great you look, Liz. Do you think your mom
could help me with a new look?" Kimmy asked eagerly.

    Liz noticed that the "Glamour Girls" were in their usual seats. Several of
them were occasionally glancing in Liz's direction. Some of the boys in the
cafeteria drifted by Liz and Kimmy's table, covertly glancing at Liz. After
they finished eating, they still had about 20 minutes until their next

    "Kimmy, why don't we take a walk over to the park across the street. It's
such a nice day," Liz said.

    "Sure Liz, that sounds great." Kimmy replied. The two girls dropped their
trays off and left the cafeteria. Exiting the school the girls crossed the
street to the park. Once they were out of sight of the school, Liz opened her
purse and took out her pack of VS120's. Taking out a cigarette, Liz lit up,
and deeply inhaled. As she began to exhale, Liz took another drag pulling as
much smoke as she could into her lungs. Kimmy was shocked. Exhaling, Liz
laughingly said, "Oh, I'm sorry Kimmy, would you like a cigarette."

    Kimmy was dumbfounded. "Liz, what is this, when did you start smoking?
Does your mom know? " Kimmy stuttered. Liz took another deep drag from her
cigarette and just smiled. She handed Kimmy a VS120 and offered her a light.
Kimmy took a quick puff, still not believing her eyes.

    "I started Friday night Kimmy. I talked it over with my mom and she gave
me permission to start smoking. In fact, she taught me how to inhale and
really enjoy my cigarette. My mom's so cool. On Saturday, we went out to lunch
together and I was able to smoke in the restaurant with her and everything.
Yesterday, I smoked a whole pack." Liz explained.

    "Wow, Liz, that is so neat. Here I've been smoking for 2 months and I
barely can get through 15 a day. I just told my mom yesterday that I smoked.
It was scary but my mom was pretty cool about it," Kimmy replied.

    As the two girls finished their cigarettes, another girl from school
walked up and joined them. It was Julie, one of the "Glamour Girls". Julie
pulled a brown cigarette case from her purse and pulled out a Winston 100.
"Could I get a light from one of you" Julie asked.

    "Sure, allow me," Liz replied as she pulled another of her VS120's from
her pack. As Liz lit her lighter, Julie took a deep, hard drag from her
Winston and slowly exhaled the rich smoke. Liz did the same with her VS120.

    "I could tell you were a smoker, by the way, I'm Julie," Julie said.

    "I'm Liz Johnson and this is my friend Kimmy," Liz offered.

    "I'm president of one of the unofficial school clubs, we call it the
"Glamour Girls," We are having our initiation of new members next week and I
would like to invite you both to try to pledge," Julie said.

    "That would be really great, Julie, I know I'm interested," Kimmy

    "I guess you can count me in too," Liz chimed in.

    "Great, I'll put the invitations and some of our rules in your lockers
this afternoon. See you around," Julie said as she finished her cigarette.
Julie headed back toward school.

    Liz took a double pump from her cigarette and dropped it in the sand at
her feet. Looking at her watch, "Come on Kimmy, we have 2 minutes till class."

    The rest of the afternoon passed quickly for Liz but by the time her last
class was over, Liz felt she really needed a cigarette. On her way out of the
school, she stopped at her locker. Inside was a pink envelope. "I'll bet this
is the invitation that Julie mentioned," Liz thought to herself. Sticking the
envelope into her purse, she headed on the door to meet Kimmy.

    The two girls quickly crossed the street into the park. Once the school
passed from view, Liz quickly reached into her purse and pulled her VS120's
and lit up. Kimmy lit up one of her Marlboro Light 100's. Liz double pumped a
drag and exhaled with a sigh. "Boy, I needed that," she exclaimed.

    Kimmy took a puff, holding it in her mouth before she inhaled. "Liz, will
you show me how you inhale so much smoke? You get so much more smoke than I
do," Kimmy asked.

    "Well Kimmy, I'm not sure you're ready for that," Liz laughed and then
took another drag. "Do you have to go right home or can you stop at my house?"
Liz asked.

    "No, I can stop off with you, I'll give my mom a call from your house."
Kimmy replied.

    The girls quickly reached Liz's house. Walking in the kitchen, Liz noticed
a message on the phone answering machine. She reached over and hit the "PLAY"
button. "Hi, Liz, I hope school went OK. I'm going to be a little late getting
home. Don't fix any dinner, I'll take you out when I get home around 6:30. Why
don't you ask your new friend Kimmy to join us? See you when I get home."

    "What do you think Kimmy? Would you like to go to dinner with my mom and
me?" Liz asked.

    "Sure, that sounds like fun. Let me check with my mom." Kimmy called her
mom and made the arrangements. "Liz, is it OK to smoke in your house?" Kimmy

    "No dummy, why do you think there is an ashtray on the kitchen table." Liz
replied and lit up another cigarette. Kimmy opened her purse and pulled her
cigarettes and a pink envelope out.

    "Oh, I'm so glad you got one too, Kimmy." Liz replied and got her envelope
out also. Opening the envelope, Liz pulled out a pink card. It was an engraved
invitation that said, " You are cordially invited to pledge for the "Glamour
Girls". The initiation will be held September 12-14 at 2213 Lakeview Drive.
Please review the attached rules for pledges before you RSVP to this

    "Wow, a whole weekend for initiation. I wonder what they will do to us?"
Kimmy asked.

    "I don't know, lets see what these rules say." Liz replied. Liz looked at
her rules sheet and read down the page;

    1. You must be a smoker to become a member of "Glamour Girls". We only
accept girls who enjoy the experience of smoking. You will be tested, so if
you have any doubts, don't come.

    2. Your parents must accept your smoking. We don't need to deal with irate
anti smoking parents who will not accept the fact that you are a smoker and
your friends are smokers.

    3. You must have your parent's permission to spend the weekend without
interruption. One or more adults will supervise our activities.

    4. You must be allowed to wear and bring makeup to the initiation. If you
don't know how to use it properly, we will teach you.

    5. You must bring at least two of your best outfits. We will be taking
pictures at the end of the initiation.

    6. No drugs, no booze, just your cigarettes (at least 4 packs).

    7. Bring $20.00 to cover the cost of the food for the weekend.

    8. If you have any doubts, don't come.

    After reading the list of rules, Liz said, "Well, no problems for
    me here. How, about you Kimmy, the parent thing going to be a problem for

    " I don't think so, now that my mom knows that I'm a smoker. I guess I
better start smoking more. 4 packs in two days is a lot of smoking," Kimmy
replied uncertainly. Liz got up and got one of her Mom's packs of Pall Mall
100's out of the cabinet. She opened the pack and lit up one of the full
flavored cigarettes. She inhaled deeply, drawing the smoke deeply into her
lungs and held it, exhaling slowly through her nose. She took another deep
drag and sighed, "Oh, that tastes so good."

    "Aren't those cigarettes a little strong for you Liz," Kimmy asked.

    "No, not anymore. They were at first but I like them now every once in a
while. I think I may change to these soon, I like the richer taste and I can
really taste them," Liz replied.

    "Can I try one, and could you show me how you inhale so deep?" Kimmy

    Offering the pack to Kimmy, Liz replied, "Sure, it's so easy. Instead of
drawing the smoke into your mouth and then inhaling, you suck the smoke right
to your lungs, like this." Liz took another deep drag, the end of her
cigarette glowing brightly and her chest expanding as the smoke entered her
lungs. Kimmy held the Pall Mall 100 to her lips and accepted a light from Liz.
She drew gently on the Pall Mall to get it lit and she took a small puff just
to get the taste of the new cigarette. Then steeling herself, Kimmy for the
first time dragged the smoke directly to her lungs. She noticed the brighter
glow on the tip of her cigarette and felt her chest expanding as the thicker
richer smoke went into her young lungs. The stronger cigarette burned her
throat a little as it went down. The larger amount of nicotine in the Pall
Mall's caused her to feel a little of the dizziness she had felt when she had
first inhaled with her sister two month's ago. Kimmy held the smoke in much
longer than usual, feeling the higher dose of nicotine spread throughout her
body. Exhaling slowly, Kimmy noticed the smoke was considerably thicker than
her usual puff. Trimming the ash into the ashtray on the table, she quickly
put the cigarette back to her lips. More confident, she took a very deep drag,
pulling as much smoke as she could from the cigarette. Liz watched as Kimmy's
cheeks hollowed and her chest expanded as the smoke poured into Kimmy's lungs.
Kimmy again held the smoke in and slowly exhaled. Halfway through the exhale,
Kimmy quickly started another inhale pouring even more smoke into her lungs.

    Kimmy finally began to exhale the double pump and exclaimed, "Wow, what a
rush, no wonder you smoke this way. If you are going to smoke, SMOKE! This
tastes so good," Kimmy exclaimed. Liz determined not to be outdone, took her
cigarette and matched Kimmy's double drag. She too enjoyed the smoking
sensation caused by the full flavored cigarette. The two girls finished the
cigarettes with the slow deep drags of women who loved to smoke.

    Diane arrived home about 6:30 PM. She walked into the door, trailing smoke
from her cigarette. As she entered the kitchen, she noticed that it was full
of smoke from her daughter and Kimmy's cigarettes.

    "You must be Liz's friend Kimmy?" Diane said.

    "Yes, Mrs. Johnson," Kimmy replied.

    Laughingly, Diane said, "So you are the one who started my poor innocent
daughter smoking."

    "Yes, I guess you could say that," Kimmy sheepishly replied.

    "Don't worry about it, with the way I smoke, it was inevitable that Liz
would try smoking although I never thought she would like it so much so soon,"
Diane replied.

    "Where are we going to dinner, Mom?" Liz asked.

    "I don't know dear, how about Mexican? Is that OK with you Kimmy?" Diane

    "Sure, as long as they have a smoking section," Kimmy replied.

    "Of course they do, Mom wouldn't go there if they didn't," Liz chuckled.

    "Mom, do you think we could stop at the mall on the way home and see
Regina, Kimmy would like to get some makeup," Liz continued.

    "I don't see why not, Regina is always looking for more customers," Diane
replied. Grabbing their cigarettes, Diane, Liz and Kimmy headed out to the
    Once in the car, all three lit cigarettes of course, Diane her Pall Mall
100, Liz her VS 120 and Kimmy, her Marlboro Light 100. Kimmy noticed she was
smoking the Marlboro Light much faster since she was now inhaling more deeply.
She also noticed that it just didn't seem to satisfy her after her experience
with the Pall Mall 100. Arriving at the restaurant, they were quickly seated
in the smoking section. Once seated, they all quickly pulled their packs from
their purses and lit up. Diane noticed that the bus boys were all staring at
Liz and Kimmy and what's more, a few of the older men standing at the bar were
staring at her. The waiter arrived and offered cocktails to Diane and much to
her surprise, Liz. Obviously, Kimmy appeared to young to the waiter but with
Liz's outfit and makeup, she apparently could pass for 21.

    "I'm sorry Liz, but while I believe you are old enough to smoke, you have
a few years to go yet before you can drink," Diane firmly stated.

    "That's OK mom, I would rather have a Pepsi anyway," Liz replied exhaling
another cloud of smoke from her VS120.

    The Mexican food was outstanding as usual and the service was superb.
Diane couldn't help but wonder if it was a result of her good looking daughter
and her friend Kimmy. Certainly the waiter and the busboys were hovering
constantly, looking for an opportunity to serve.

    After finishing the meal, Diane reached for her Pall Mall 100's and
luxuriously lit one up. "Diane, would you mind if I had one of your
cigarettes, please?" Kimmy asked.

    "Are you sure Kimmy, they are much stronger than the Marlboro Lights you
have been smoking," Diane asked.

    "I tried one earlier with Liz and I really liked it," Kimmy replied.
Handing her pack to Kimmy, Kimmy withdrew one of the Pall Mall's and lit up.
As soon as she had a good light, she inhaled deeply, once again pulling the
thick rich smoke into her lungs. Meanwhile, Liz, took a VS 120 out of her pack
but before she could light it, the waiter was there with a pack of matches. He
lit a match and held it to Liz's cigarette. Liz drew a small puff and turned
her head to exhale. "Thank you very much," she said. "You're welcome, and
please keep the matches," the waiter said. Taking the matches, Liz noticed a
phone number and a small note that said, please give me a call, you're such a
babe. Laughing, Liz stuck the matches into her purse. Liz watched Kimmy smoke
the Pall Mall. Each drag that Kimmy took was longer and deeper. The filter
grew darker with each puff. Kimmy seemed to be sucking every bit of smoke she
could from the cigarette.

    "You sure do seem to like the Pall Mall 100's, Kimmy?" Liz asked.

    "Yes I really do. They taste so much better than the Marlboro Lights. I
also can tell that they have more nicotine. I just love the buzz I get from
them. As soon as I get home, I'm going to tell Mom to pick me up a carton,"
Kimmy firmly stated. She then took a last hot drag and snubbed the cigarette
out in the ashtray.

    "Well girls, if you have finished your coffee, let's go see Regina and see
what kind of magic she can work on Kimmy," Diane said as she stood up. They
then left the restaurant and headed out for the mall.
    When they arrived at the mall, they immediately headed for the cosmetic
counter where Regina worked. "Hi, Diane, Hi Liz, don't tell me you are already
out of makeup?" Regina cheerfully asked.

    "No, not yet, I have another customer for you to work with. This is Kimmy,
Liz's friend," Diane replied.

    "Well, Kimmy, why don't you have a seat there at the counter while I get a
few things," Regina said.

    "Mom, why don't we go check out some clothes while Regina does her thing,"
Liz said.

    "Sure, I'm certain that Regina has things well in hand," Diane replied.
Liz and Diane headed off to the shoe department.
    "Well Kimmy, what can we do for you?" Regina asked.

    "I would really like you to do the same thing you did for Liz, OK?" Kimmy

    "Well, it won't be the same, because everyone's different." Regina said.
After studying Kimmy's face for a few minutes, Regina opened a couple of
display cases and removed several items.

    "You know Kimmy, one of the first things I would do is change your hair.
The ponytail is fine for little girls but I think you would look really good
with your hair down and with a little bit of it combed over your face, it
would give you a sense of mystery," Regina said thoughtfully. "Now, since
you're a brunette instead of a blonde like Liz, we'll go with a little more
subdued colors I think. Some darker eyeshade, a little bit of rouge for the
cheeks and some wine colored lipstick should do the trick for you," Regina
said and began to apply the makeup. When she finished, she said, "Now, take
your hair out of the ponytail and comb it over like I said." Kimmy pulled her
hair out of the ponytail and brushed it over as Regina instructed. "Well, what
do you think?" Regina asked. Kimmy looked at herself in the mirror and was
really surprised at herself. Kimmy could not believe that it was the same
person. She looked much older and had a certain subdued sexiness that was
certainly appealing but it a much different way than Liz's brash blondeness.

    "You do work magic, Regina. I really like this look," Kimmy said happily.
Kimmy quickly paid Regina for her makeup and went off to look for Liz and
    Kimmy quickly found Diane and Liz in the shoe department. Walking up
behind Liz, Kimmy said in a deep husky voice, "Miss, could you spare a

    Liz turned around and was definitely startled by Kimmy's new appearance.
"Wow Kimmy, I can see Regina worked some magic with you. You look really
fabulous," Liz exclaimed. Kimmy did look about five years older with the
makeup and the change in her hairstyle.

    "I don't know girls but I think you will have to really watch out for the
boys now," Diane said but thought to herself, that she was definitely going to
have a long talk with Liz about boys.
    When Kimmy got home later that evening, she found her mom in the living
room. Without looking up from her newspaper, she asked "How was dinner with
Mrs. Johnson and Liz."

    "Fine mom, we had Mexican food," Kimmy said as she sat down in the across
from her mother. Kimmy opened her purse and lit up a cigarette. Her mom
finally looked up and couldn't believe that it was her daughter sitting across
from her. Kimmy was no longer her little girl. She noticed the makeup and the
new hairstyle and of course the cigarette.

    "Where did you get the makeup dear, you look very nice," her mom said.

    "After dinner, we stopped in Penny's. The lady that sells Mrs. Johnson her
makeup was there and gave me a quick makeover," Kimmy replied taking a deep
drag on her cigarette.

    Thinking for a moment, her mom sighed and said, "She did a good job with
you, you look very sophisticated."

    "Well, Regina did all the work, but she is so good at it. I think I will
definitely have to get some new clothes though. By the way, could you pick me
up a carton of Pall Mall 100's at the store tomorrow, please," Kimmy asked.

    "Those are a little strong for you don't you think Kimmy?" her mom

    "Oh no mom, Liz's mom smokes them and I tried a couple tonight. I really
like their stronger taste and the kick they give me," Kimmy replied.

    "No problem dear, I need a carton myself so I'll pick them up tomorrow,"
her mom said.
    Once Kimmy started smoking the Pall Mall 100's, she found it easy to get
up to over a pack a day. She quickly became more comfortable with the stronger
cigarettes. Her inhales continued to become deeper and her holds longer as her
body quickly adjusted to the higher nicotine levels. Of course Kimmy noticed
this but the pleasures of her smoking habit had also increased. Kimmy also
continued to work on her new look. She changed her daily wear from her blue
jeans and cotton blouses to stretch pants and sweaters. With her new makeup
and hairstyle, Kimmy had become quite attractive. Kimmy frequently loved to
stand in front of the mirror, and watch herself smoke. She tried to look as
elegant as possible. Meanwhile Liz also found herself smoking more. She too
began to smoke her mom's Pall Mall 100's more often but didn't give up on her
VS 120's completely. Although she enjoyed the richer taste of the Pall Mall,
she loved the way she looked with the VS 120's. The attention the two girls
received from the boys at school also increased. They found themselves
continually receiving stares at lunch time and from time to time, when a boy
mustered the courage to speak to them, the girls got offers of dates, a couple
of them from seniors. Of course they were also making frequent trips across
the street to the park to have another cigarette.

    On Thursday during their lunch break, the girls ran into Julie from the
"Glamour Girls" in the park.

    "Hi, Julie, how are you doing today?" Kimmy asked.

    "Dying for a cigarette of course," Julie replied as she lit up and dragged
deeply on her Winston 100. "Are you girls ready for the initiation this
weekend? I hope you are ready for some serious smoking?" Julie asked.

    "I know I am," Liz replied.

    "Me too, I'm up to a pack and a half a day now, and I really love
smoking," Kimmy added cheerfully.

    "Well, I guess I'll see you both at my house at 7:00 PM tomorrow," Julie
said as she stubbed out her cigarette and headed back to school.

    "Liz, can you stop by my house after school and we can talk about getting
ready for the initiation?" Kimmy asked.

    "I don't see why not, I'll call my mom from your house," Liz replied.
    When the girls arrived at Kimmy's house, Liz called her mom and told her
that she would be home a little late today. The two girls went on into Kimmy's
bedroom and began to pack for the initiation. "I think I'll take two really
nice outfits with me. I really like the black stretch pants with my white
blouse and the red skirt and sweater outfit. What do you think about red spike
heels to go with it Liz?" Kimmy asked as she pulled clothes out of her closet.

    Lighting a VS120, Liz replied, "I think they would be really good, the
heels add a nice touch and make you look a little taller."

    "Julie said we would be doing some serious smoking, do you think I should
take a carton?" Kimmy asked.

    "I know I am. I can't believe that I am smoking almost two packs a day
now. And its only been a week," Liz laughed as she double pumped her VS 120.
As Liz exhaled, a worried look crossed her face and she said, "I sure hope
it's enough for the "Glamour Girls.""

    "I know it will be, if looks count for anything, you do look so sexy when
you smoke. I am sure we'll do OK," Kimmy replied.

    "What do you think I should wear, Kimmy," Liz asked.

    "Well, I really like the suit your Mom picked out for you. I also like the
red short skirt with a dark blue blouse. Maybe your mom has some dark blue
heels to go with it," Kimmy replied.

    "You don't think its too fancy do you, Kimmy," Liz asked.

    "No, it just makes you look so totally hot, I'm jealous," Kimmy replied.
    Friday passed quickly for the girls although they smoked more than what
was usual. They both passed it off as nervousness over the initiation that
evening. When Liz got home her mom was already there.

    "Well, hon., I guess this will be a big weekend for you. I know you
haven't said much but I know that joining this club is important for you,"
Diane said.

    "Yeah, but I'm really nervous. They make a big deal about smoking and I've
only been smoking for a week or so," Liz nervously replied. Liz reached over
and picked up her mom's Pall Mall 100's. Pulling one out, she calmly lit up
and inhaled deeply. As she began to exhale, Liz took another deep drag and
felt the nicotine calming her down.

    Looking at her daughter, Diane said, "I really don't think you have a
thing to worry about. Your smoking is just fine. You enjoy it still don't

    "I sure do, sometimes I find it hard to believe that I enjoy it so much. I
just keep wanting to smoke more and more," Liz replied taking another drag off
her Pall Mall 100.

    "Well, I know you will do just fine and all the other girls will like you.
I'm not worried at all. I talked to Julie's Mom yesterday and she told me a
little of what's going to happen and I know you will really like it," Diane
said reassuringly and then continued, "you had better get your things and I'll
run you over."
    Liz quickly ran upstairs and grabbed her overnight bag and the garment bag
with her dress clothes. She stopped in the kitchen and pulled her carton of VS
120's out of the cupboard. There were six packs left in the carton. Just to be
safe, Liz took two packs of her mom's Pall Mall 100's and stuck them in the

    "Ok Mom, I think I'm ready, let's go," Liz said as she stuffed the carton
into her overnight bag.
    When Liz and Diane arrived at Julie's house, there were several other cars
parked in the driveway. Diane decided to walk in with Liz and check things out
just to be sure. Julie's mom answered the door.
    "Hi, I'm Liz Johnson and I'm here for the "Glamour Girls" initiation. This
is my mom, Diane," Liz said to Julie's mom.
    "Hi, I'm Pam and you'll find the girls out by the guest house in the back.
Just go on down that hall, turn right at the end and go out through the
sliding glass doors. You'll find the other girls out there," Pam replied.
    "Good luck honey," Diane said as Liz went down the hall.
    "Would you like a cup of coffee before you go Diane?" Pam asked.
    "Sure if it wouldn't be to much bother, a cup of coffee would be nice,"
Diane replied.
    "No bother at all, I have a fresh pot brewed and you are more than
welcome," Pam said as she headed of toward the kitchen.
    Diane and Pam went into the kitchen where Pam poured them both a mug of
coffee. Sitting down at the kitchen table, Pam pulled out her cigarette case
and lit up a VS120.
    "Oh, good, you smoke, I was hoping to have a cigarette myself," Diane
said. Diane pulled out her pack of Pall Mall 100's and joined Pam.

    "You know, Liz is really nervous about this initiation. She just started
smoking last week and she's worried that she won't be good enough for this
club," Diane said as she exhaled a cloud of smoke from her cigarette.
    "Well, if she smokes anything like you do, Diane, she won't have any
problems at all," Pam replied.
    Laughing, Diane continued, "She should smoke like I do, after all, I
taught her."
    "Well isn't that a coincidence. I taught my Julie too. It was tough
though; Julie was an anti-smoking terror until I made her try smoking. I just
got tired of listening to her BS, and I made her smoke a whole carton. In the
end, it turned out she really loved smoking just like me," Pam replied.
    "You know, if the schools would just knock of some of this garbage they
call education these days, the world would be a better place," Diane said as
she took a last drag from her Pall Mall 100.
    "Don't I wish," Pam chuckled and then continued, "can I freshen up your
    "Sure, why not. By the way, what are they going to do for an initiation?"
Diane asked.
    "Well, I'm not sure of everything but they are going to teach the new
girls a little about how to smoke elegantly. You know, no long ash dangling.
They have a thing they do with cigarette holders that's pretty neat. Tomorrow,
a girl named Regina from Penny's at the mall is coming over to do some makeup
tips. A friend of mine from a boutique downtown is going to do a presentation
about wardrobes. I am going to talk to them about smoking and boys. Nothing
too sexual but they need to know about the effect they have on boys with their
smoking. Oh, and I guess the usual giggling and horsing around," Pam said as
she refilled Diane's cup.
    "That all sounds fine to me. I know that I have been meaning to talk to
Liz about boys and smoking but I haven't had the chance. I know Regina, in
fact, I had her work with Liz and her friend Kimmy on some makeup tips," Diane
said as she lit up another Pall Mall 100.
    "Why don't you come over about 3 PM on Sunday so you can see all the girls
dressed up for the club picture," Pam asked.
    "Sure, that sounds good. Well, I better run, I wouldn't want Liz to get
the idea that I was spying on her. Nice to meet you and I'll see you Sunday,"
Diane replied as she gathered up her pack of cigarettes and walked out.
    Meanwhile, Liz had walked out to the guesthouse and found Kimmy and 5
other girls there. They were all outside smoking. In addition to Kimmy, there
were 3 other sophomores, Amber, Marybeth, and Lisa, who Liz did not know but
recognized from school. There were also two juniors, Betty and Maggie. Kimmy
quickly introduced Liz to the other girls. They were all a little nervous
about the initiation. They were all different in their looks and they all
smoked different brands. Amber was smoking a Winston 100, Marybeth smoked
Salem 100's, Lisa smoked Camel Filters, Betty smoked Newport 100's and Maggie
was smoking a Saratoga 120. The girls were soon interrupted when Julie,
Stephanie and Dawn walked up. They were all dressed in short skirts and
blouses, with plenty of makeup on and carried leather cigarette packs.
    "Girls, let's get started, please go on into the guest house. In the
living room, please find a seat," Dawn said.
    Once inside, the 7 girls all quickly found seats. Looking around, Kimmy
noticed that there were plenty of ashtrays but otherwise nothing remarkable
was apparent to ease her anxiety. Julie quickly walked to the front of the
    "Let me welcome you all to this years initiation for the "Glamour Girls".
You have been selected as potential members because of the way you look, your
intelligence and ... the fact that you smoke. It is a very exclusive club.
There are only 25 members in our club. Each year we invite no more than 7 or 8
to join so you should feel very privileged. Now, before I continue, I would
like everyone to light up," Julie formally said.
    All of the girls quickly grabbed their cigarettes from their purses and
the ceiling of the room quickly filled with smoke as each girl lit her
    "Please feel free to smoke at any time during this initiation but there
will be times where you will be required to smoke. There will be no limits on
how much you smoke but we will limit how you smoke. One of the things we will
teach you if you don't already know how is how to smoke elegantly and
femininely. The club believes that smoking is enjoyable and exciting if done
properly. In addition to smoking, we will be having makeup and wardrobe
experts in to help you with your appearance. A "Glamour Girl" has a certain
look that she is expected to keep at all times. We will also have someone come
and talk to you about smoking and boys," Julie continued and chuckled when she
finished. Continuing on, Julie said, " And now, I will turn things over to
Stephanie who will show you a couple of cool videos to get us rolling."
    Stephanie walked to the front of the room and lit up a Marlboro 100.
Taking a deep drag, she let the cigarette dangle from her lips. As she
exhaled, she took another deep drag, never touching the cigarette with her
    "Now does anybody here think this looks elegant?" Stephanie said as she
continued holding the cigarette at the side of her mouth like some truck stop
waitress. "No of course not. Men can dangle cigarettes but not a "Glamour
Girl". There are times that you may need both hands to do something but always
try to find an ashtray or ask someone to hold your cigarette for you,
especially your boyfriend," Stephanie giggled. "I would like you to watch the
TV now as I will show you some really neat smoking sequences that suggest
style and grace," Stephanie concluded.
    The girls all watched the TV as the video began. It was an excellent
compilation of smoking from the movies. It included scenes from the greats of
the 30's and 40's including Bette Davis, Hedy Lamarr, and Joan Crawford. These
were followed by some more recent smoking shots of Alyssa Milano, Christina
Applegate, Traci Lords, Andrea Parker and Michelle Pfeiffer.
    When the video was over, Stephanie said, "just to reinforce a few things
not to do, please watch the next movie. I stole some of this from Mrs. Majors
health class so please don't let her know." Stephanie giggled at the last
comment, as did the other girls. All the girls except Liz, who was new at the
school, knew about Mrs. Major and her health class. They all had sat through a
week of anti-smoking propaganda mandated by the Board of Education. The next
video was highlights of the worst anti-smoking movies ever made. Every girl
shown smoked like a fiend and dangled their way coughing through the movie
until by some miracle, they either died or quit smoking. By the end of it, all
the girls were laughing.
    "Well of course you all now smoke so are destined to end up just like the
girls in the last movie. Notice how in those movies, they never showed any of
the pictures from the first movie showing an elegant and sexy side to smoking.
Nobody ever mentioned how they enjoyed smoking. You girls know better now
don't you?" Stephanie asked.

    "OK, so you all know what not to do now. I think we'll get Dawn up here
and show you something you can do," Julie said as she motioned Dawn to come

    Dawn walked to the front of the room. She was carrying in her hands, seven
leather cigarette pouches in a variety of colors. "If I could get you each to
come up hear and take one of these pouches, we'll get started," Dawn said.

    The girls all came forward and selected a pouch and returned to their
seats. Liz and Kimmy had both selected a nice brown pouch. Opening the pouch,
Liz noticed that inside the pouch was a pack of Pall Mall Reds and a 5-inch
cigarette holder. None of the new girls had ever tried a non-filter cigarette.

    "All right girls, we are going to find out if you are all really dedicated
smokers. I would like you all to open the pack of Pall Malls that are in the
pouch. If you would please light up, we will proceed with our next lesson. I'm
sure most of you have never tried a non-filter cigarette so you will probably
find them a little strong for you at first," Dawn said as she opened her own
pouch and lit up one of the Pall Mall's. Dawn drew a large puff into her mouth
and proceeded to demonstrate an almost perfect French Inhale. She quickly took
another puff and again allowed the smoke to slowly drift out of her mouth and
inhaled through her nose.

    Kimmy was the first of the new girls to light up the Pall Malls. Kimmy
quickly took her normal deep inhale. She felt a little bite in the back of her
throat but she noticed that she really liked the strong tobacco flavor of the
non-filter. Exhaling, the stream of smoke was really thick. "Oh, Liz, you have
to try this, these Pall Mall's taste really good, and the kick from the
nicotine is really strong," Kimmy said as she quickly took another deep drag
from the Pall Mall.

    Liz took one of the Pall Mall's from her pack and lit up. Unlike Kimmy,
Liz coughed slightly on her first inhale. She was game though to keep trying
and took another drag. This time she did not cough but she could really feel
the stronger nicotine dose from her cigarette. In fact, she felt a little
dizzy much like she had when she had smoked her first cigarette. Of course as
she continued to smoke, her discomfort became less and by the time she took
the last hot drag, she found herself enjoying the strong thick smoke from the
Pall Mall.

    The other girls were also having their first experiences with the
non-filters. Marybeth and Betty being menthol smokers were having a little
difficulty with the Pall Mall's. There was a considerable amount of coughing
but finally all of the girls had finished their first non-filter cigarette.

    "Well girls, I hope you enjoyed the Pall Mall. You will get to finish the
pack today and tomorrow. I don't know about you, but I really like the kick
from these non-filters. I don't usually smoke them because non-filters turn
off so many people these days but they are my favorite. They also are good for
the next lesson because they give you such thick smoke from each drag. Inside
your pouch is a short holder. Please take it out. Cigarette holders go back
many years. Many of the most famous smoking scenes in movies involve women and
holders," Dawn said as she picked up a black ten-inch holder. She took another
Pall Mall from the pack, inserted it in the holder and lit up. Elegantly, Dawn
took a deep drag from the holder. She allowed a thick cloud of smoke to float
from her mouth momentarily before she executed a snap inhale. As she finished
the exhale, she took another drag and did a beautiful French Inhale.

    "You have just seen a couple of my favorite techniques. The French Inhale
and a Snap Inhale. A lot of men find the French Inhale incredibly attractive.
I know my boyfriend really likes it when I do it with a Pall Mall and my long
holder," Dawn chuckled and then continued, "please try it yourselves now."

    Kimmy took one of her Pall Malls, inserted it firmly in her holder and lit
up. She found the smoke to be slightly cooler and a little less harsh as she
drew her first inhale through the holder. She took the puff into her mouth and
did her first French Inhale. "Liz, you have to try this, its so cool," she
said as she exhaled through her nose.

    All of the girls quickly were practicing with their holders and the room
was filled with a variety of snaps and French Inhales. Dawn continued
speaking, "I can see you all are really getting into this. That's good.
Although you can use the holder with most all cigarettes, they are especially
good with non-filters. Your fingers won't get nicotine stains as easily from
non-filters. They will also allow you to smoke the cigarette a little further
down when it starts to get too hot. I also like to use it if I want to vamp it
up a little around the boy's. You do have to clean your holder out
periodically but I find one of my dad's pipe cleaners works real well for
that. The only difficulty I have found using a holder is they don't work real
well with the slim cigarettes. I hope you all enjoyed this little lesson, so
hang onto your holder, we will be using them again later but for now, it looks
like the pizza is here."

    "Well girls, I hope you enjoyed tonight's lessons. You will be tested on
these skill's tomorrow," Julie chuckled.

    The girls quickly grabbed the pizzas and some sodas when Pam brought them
into the guesthouse. Everyone was in a good mood and chatting happily as they
quickly devoured the pizza. After they finished eating, the room quickly
filled with smoke from the girls cigarettes as they relaxed with an after
dinner smoke. Kimmy seemed to have fallen in love with the Pall Mall
non-filters as she smoked one after another. Liz remarked to her, "Well Kimmy,
it seems you have a new friend with those Pall Malls."

    "Don't I know it. I just really like the strong tobacco taste and the kick
they give me. They draw so easily so it feels like I can just fill every inch
of my lungs with smoke. It's probably not cool to smoke a non-filter these
days, but they taste so good," Kimmy sighed as she took another deep drag.

    "Yeah, you're probably right there but who cares. If you like them, smoke
them," Liz giggled.

    "OK girls, that's it for the formal presentations for this evening. You
can roll out your sleeping bags whenever you want. Tomorrow, we are going to
talk about makeup and wardrobes. So let's just relax and let our hair down
tonight," Julie said as she grabbed a new soda.

    The evening passed quickly for the girls as they chatted mostly about boys
and of course smoking. Of course, each girl had there own "How I started
story." Julie told the story about how her mom had forced her to smoke a whole
carton as part of a deal. Liz talked about how her mom had taught her just
last week. They found out that Amber had started when she was eight and smoked
cigars too. The girls were all curious about Amber and her cigars but she had
neglected to bring a cigar with her. Amber offered to call her Dad tomorrow
and have him bring over a couple of Amber's favorites for the girls to try.
Julie quickly agreed. She hadn't tried a cigar but she knew that they were
becoming more popular among women.

    When the girls woke the next morning, Pam had already brought in coffee
and pastry for all the girls. The girls had their morning coffee and of course
their morning cigarettes. Kimmy continued smoking the pack of Pall Malls she
had started last night. Dawn noticed Kimmy was smoking the Pall Malls and came
over and joined her.

    "A girl after my own heart, Kimmy," Dawn laughed as she lit up her own
Pall Mall.

    "Yes, Dawn, I'm so glad we had a chance to try these. I never would have
thought to try one on my own. I haven't seen anybody our age smoke these, "
Kimmy said as she dragged deeply on the cigarette, enjoying the heavy nicotine
dose in the non-filter.

    "Most of the girls try them just as part of the initiation but I'm like
you. I smoke them all the time because I really enjoy them. Nothing else seems
to get me going. My mom smoked these for years, still does occasionally, in
fact, they were the first cigarette I tried," Dawn said as she took another
drag on her Pall Mall before continuing, " I still get a lot of kidding from
the other "Glamour Girls" about them, but I really like them. I guess I must
since I go through almost two packs a day. I really do like to use a holder
with them though so I can really smoke them down to the end. Besides, it
really turns my boyfriend on when he sees me smoke them with my long holder."

    "Your boyfriend doesn't mind that you smoke then?" Kimmy asked and then
took a last hot drag before stubbing out her cigarette.

    "Not at all. In fact, I taught him to smoke right after we started going
out together. He doesn't particularly like Pall Malls but he certainly doesn't
mind me smoking them," Dawn giggled.
    Julie walked into the room and quickly called the girls together. "I would
like you all to get dressed up in something nice today. Save your really fancy
stuff for tomorrow but something dressy would be good. Our makeup consultant
will be here shortly so you girls get ready," Julie said motioning to the
girls to get moving.

    Liz decided that she would wear her short red skirt and blue blouse with
the blue spike heals. Although Liz was only 16, she was already 5'7" tall and
had inherited her mom's beautiful long legs. The short skirt really brought
out the length of her legs. On the other hand, Kimmy being only 5'2" chose her
tight black pants, white blouse and red spike heels.

    The girls continued to chat and smoke as they awaited the arrival of the
makeup consultant. Liz and Kimmy were surprised when shortly thereafter;
Regina from Penny's at the mall walked into the room. Julie stepped up to the
front of the room.

    "I would like to introduce an old friend of mine and a former member of
the "Glamour Girls", this is Regina," Julie said as she motioned Regina up to
the front of the room.

    "It's good to be back with the "Girls". I used to be a "Glamour Girl"
myself a few years back. I see Liz and Kimmy are here. I guess you could use
some more makeup girls," Regina said laughingly. "Why don't you all light up
and we'll get started," she continued. Regina opened the small suitcase she
had brought with her and pulled out a portable makeup mirror and a variety of
cosmetics. She also opened her purse and pulled out her leather cigarette case
and lit up a VS 120.

    "Makeup can be a girls best friend or worst enemy. It can make you look
glamorous or like some trailer park tramp. It's all in choosing the right
amount for the right occasion," Regina continued as she spread out the tools
of her trade. "Fortunately, most of the cosmetic companies give me a lot of
free samples so I brought along quite an assortment so we will be able to do
quite a few things today. A lot of girls today have just one style of makeup
that they use. I like to vary my look depending on the situation. For daytime,
I like to go for a clean fresh look and at night, I'll go for something a
little fancier and provocative. Since I've already worked with Liz and Kimmy,
we'll start with them," Regina continued.

    Over the next half-hour, Regina worked with Kimmy and Liz. For Kimmy, she
pulled her hair into a ponytail, and worked with just a little foundation,
light blue eyeshadow, a touch of mascara and a subdued red lipstick. For Liz,
she put her hair up into a tight bouffant, put on a little rouge, a darker
eyeshadow, longer lashes, and a brighter red lipstick. When Regina was
finished, she brought the two girls up to the front of the room.

    "Kimmy is ready for school. You don't want anything too heavy because it's
such a pain to keep up with gym class and showers. Kimmy can reapply hers very
quickly and be back in time to sneak a smoke before her next class," Regina
giggled. "Liz, on the other hand is all set for a night on the town with just
a little bit of dark suggestiveness in her look," she continued.

    For the rest of the morning, the girls all worked with Regina trying a
variety of looks and colors to match their personalities and moods. After
lunch, the girls were looking forward to the next presentation by the wardrobe

    "Well girls, I'm sure you all don't need any new clothes, right, so here's
are next session. I would like to introduce another former "Glamour Girl",
this is Linda from the Starlight Boutique," Julie said as she pointed to an
elegantly dressed blonde young lady at the back of the room.

    "Girls, you had better get your purses out and go for some money because
you all need a new wardrobe," Linda said jokingly. "I know that you are
limited on your budget so I'll be making some suggestions that will allow you
to improve your looks based on what you already have in your closets or maybe
your sister's or mothers," she continued.

    Over the next two hours, Linda worked with the girls to improve their
wardrobes. She sought to emphasize that the girls needed to choose clothes
that emphasized their assets. With Liz, she sought to highlight Liz's
beautiful long legs by working with shorter skirts. With Kimmy, she chose to
emphasize her larger breasts by working with tight sweaters and satin tops
that showed off those assets. When she finally finished with all the girls,
she paraded them in a mini-fashion show. They were all very pleased with the

    For dinner that night, the girls had a barbecue outside. They had all
changed back into their casual clothes. The conversations as is somewhat
inevitable with teenagers revolved around boys. They spent a considerable
amount of time comparing notes on who was hot these days at school. As they
compared notes, they were surprised to find the amount of interest some of the
girls received due to their smoking habits. Liz and Kimmy found it interesting
that some of the older girls talked about how many of the boys liked to watch
their girlfriends smoke. Of course neither had steady boyfriends at the moment
but both hoped to remedy that situation in the near future. As the girls
finished up their meal, Stephanie called the girls together.

    "Tonight, we are going to do something a little unusual. Since you all
expressed an interest, I have asked Amber to give us a little presentation on
cigars. So if I could have Amber come up front, we'll get started," Stephanie

    "As I mentioned yesterday, besides cigarettes, I like to smoke an
occasional cigar. My mom let me try a cigar about a year ago and let me tell
you that although I enjoy smoking cigarettes, I love a good cigar. A lot of
women are smoking them today with more trying them each day. I asked my dad to
bring over a few of my favorites for you all to try," Amber said as she walked
around passing out a cigar to each girl.

    Liz looked closely at the cigar she was handed. It was a Royal Jamaica
Petite Corona. She lifted the cigar to her nose and could clearly smell the
rich tobacco from the cigar.

    "I have already used my cigar cutter to prepare these. Now, a cigar
doesn't need to be inhaled like cigarettes although I do enjoy a good drag
every once in a while. You must be careful when you light it to not allow the
flame to touch the end of the cigar and roll the cigar to allow it to light
evenly. Take small puffs and draw the heat from the flame to the cigar," Amber
said as she lit her own cigar. Once lit, she took a large puff, and after
allowing the dense cloud to hang in her mouth for a few moments, she inhaled
the smoke. "Some of you may find the smoke a little strong to inhale, but the
beauty of a cigar is that you don't have to inhale to really enjoy it," Amber
said as she took another puff.

    Amber walked around the group, holding the lighter for each girl to light
their cigar. Liz was really surprised from her first puff. The taste of the
cigar was remarkable. It was quite different from her cigarettes but really
enjoyable. After several more puffs, Liz decided to try to inhale a puff. She
drew a large puff into her mouth and slowly inhaled. She felt the nicotine
spread throughout her body and she tingled down to her toes. "OOH, this tastes
really good," Liz said as she exhaled.

    The girls continued to smoke their cigars and chat over the next
half-hour. As they smoked the cigars, Julie walked around the group taking
pictures of the girls. She caught a really good shot of Liz and Kimmy hugging
each other exhaling puffs in unison.

    When the girls finished their cigars, Julie said to the girls, "I hope you
all enjoyed the cigars. I know I did. I guess we will have to add a section on
cigars at our next initiation. That's it for today. Tomorrow, my mom is going
to talk to us about something that's really interesting and we will dress up
for our final pictures."

    After breakfast the next morning, the girls sat together finishing their
coffee and cigarettes when Pam walked in and joined the group.

    "Well, it looks like you all have survived the initiation so far. I can
tell a lot of smoking has been going on here from the full ashtrays. This
morning, I would like to talk to you about smoking and boys. Now I know none
of you are interested in that subject now are you," she laughed and lit up a

    "I think you may be surprised to know that there are a lot of boys out
there who find the sight of a young girl smoking to be incredibly attractive.
They call it a smoking fetish. Now you may think that a fetish has some bad
connotations but let me assure you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with
a smoking fetish. I don't know where it started, but some men find it
absolutely irresistible to see a good-looking woman smoke. My ex-husband was
incredibly turned on when I smoked for him. In fact, you can use your smoking
to your advantage when it comes to boys. That's why you should always try to
keep your smoking glamorous. I know that a lot of you are computer literate
and you would not believe the number of web sites that are devoted to this. If
you are interested, you can check them out yourselves," Pam continued.

    "Now let me assure you that although a lot of boys think that just because
you smoke, you are easy. I think that it is due to all the propaganda the
anti's put out. They always like to picture smokers as "trailer park trash".
Now I don't think any of you live in a trailer and are certainly not trash.
You made up your own mind to smoke and there is definitely nothing wrong with
using it to your advantage when you deal with men. I know I do," Pam laughed.
She continued, "I think that if you talk to Julie or Stephanie, they can share
their experiences with you about how to use glamorous smoking with the boys so
I'll turn things over to them," Pam finished.

    Julie and Stephanie told all the girls about how they used smoking to
excite their boyfriends. When they finished, Liz and Kimmy chatted about how
they looked forward to the end of the initiation.

    After lunch, the girls all dressed up in their best outfits and put on
their makeup using the tips and techniques they had learned. Liz put on the
suit that her mom had selected for her while Kimmy chose to wear a pair of
dark blue slacks with a pink sweater vest over a white blouse. Once the girls
had all dressed, Julie, Stephanie and Dawn circulated taking candid shots of
the girls. Finally, they all got together for the formal pictures. They pulled
the chairs together and all lit up cigarettes. The best shot was one where
they all used their cigarette holders and vamped it up a bit. When the
pictures were all finished, Julie called the girls together.

    Julie giggled a little and said, "Well, you have all finished the
initiation. I would like to welcome you to the "Glamour Girls". I hope you
will always remember what it means to be a woman who smokes elegantly. I know
that you will always try to fit that image. Welcome to the club."

    Liz and Kimmy were both proud of their new status as "Glamour Girls". As
they gathered their things to head home, they chatted happily about all the
fun they would have at school over the next few weeks. As Diane drove up in
her car to pick them up, she almost didn't recognize the girls standing in the
driveway. Liz looked so much older as she stood there smoking her VS120. In
her mind, she reflected back to her own high school years and how she pictured
herself. In her mind eye, she saw so much of herself in her beautiful elegant
daughter as she stood there smoking. "If only I could be sixteen again..." she
sighed as she opened the door for Liz and Kimmy. Diane thought again, "the
next few years are going to be real interesting for these girls."

    As they pulled out of the driveway, Diane, Liz and Kimmy all lit up and
the smoke streamed from the car windows as they rolled on toward home.

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