A Good Night Out

(by Lrae33@aol.com, 08 January 1997)

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From Lrae33@aol.com Wed Jan  8 01:29 EST 1997
From: Lrae33@aol.com
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 01:28:44 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Story: A good night out

A few hours before Greg and Heather prepared to go out for the evening at a
very exclusive night club spot, Heather went to the nearby gas station to
fill the car with gas. When she went inside to pay and to buy her usual two
packs of Marlboro Lights 100s, she noticed a display for Capri cigarettes.
She went up to the counter and asked the store clerk for her Marlboro Lights
100s and grabbed a pack of Capri menthol 120s off the rack.
"That'll be 17.83 please," the young cashier said.
Heather payed with a $20 bill, and upon receiving her change, she walked back
to her car, putting the two packs of Marlboros in her purse and clutching the
Capri menthol 120s in her hand.
When she got in her car, she tore the pack open.
"Let's see how these perform," she thought.
Heather was a dedicated french-inhaler. She finally confronted Greg, her
newlywood of three months, a month ago about his persistence about watching
her smoke.
She began to french inhale about a month after their marriage, experimenting
with it in college, where they met, but never did it on a regular basis.
But once she started to french inhale full-time, she noticed that Greg
couldn't take his eyes off her.
"I can't help but think that you're staring at me while I smoke," Heather
gently asked Greg before they went to sleep one night.
"Well Heather," Greg replied. "I don't know if you'll understand this or not,
but it drives me crazy when you inhale smoke up your nose."
"Oh, you mean french inhale," Heather said.
"Is that what it's called," Greg said. "Well, why do you do it?"
Heather reached over to the nightstand and turned on the light. Then she
grabbed her cigarettes off the nightstand as well. She calmly took out a
cigarette and lit it, took a deep drag and then performed a very sexy french
"It makes me feel good, plus it's very rewarding knowing that it's an
attraction of some men," she said as she blew smoke across the room. "But I
just wanted to see how you would react. I was expecting you to comment on it
sooner or later."
Heather pulled on her cigarette again as she reached for Greg's cock, already
"See honey, I just want to do this for you," she said, immediately after
another tight french inhale.
"It does have it's turn ons," he said.
As the couple went to sleep, Heather could only imagine what she could do
next to arouse Greg with smoking. She considered changing brands to a more
feminine brand, but was against it because her Marlboros seemed like the best
french inhale cigarette.
So it wasn't until the day she noticed the Capri rack that she decided then
and there to buy a different brand.
As she started her car at the gas station, she pulled out a Capri and lit it
up. She french inhaled it but noticed that the smoke was much thinner, but
she enjoyed the taste a lot better.
So that night before they went out, Heather brought along her new Carpri
menthol 120s and a pack of Marlboro Lights 100s, just in case she didn't feel
comfortable with her new cigarette.
As they sat down at a table in the rear of the night club, she thought about
introducing her Capris to the table. But she didn't have the fortitude to do
so at the time. She felt comfortable french inhaling in public, noticing on
occasion a glance from a man or two, but she loved doing it, even if it was
teasing nearly every man within sight of her.
Instead, she thought she'd warm up Greg with a constant barrage of french
inhales from her Marlboro. After she took her last drag and crushed it out,
she felt Greg's hard cock under the table. She then thought to herself that
this the time.
A minute or so later after they ordered, Heather pulled out her long Capris
and lit one up. She couldn't quite pull off the best french inhale from it,
but it would have to do. So to make up for it, she uniformly blew smoke out
her nose and mouth.
"See hon, I bought a new kind of cigarette today," Heather remarked. "Do you
want to try it?"
Greg immediately took a drag from the Capri and inhaled.
"Those aren't too bad," he said.
"Well, it's something different," she said, leaning towards his ear. "Plus,"
she whispered, "I thought this would put a new spin on things."
Heather gradually started to perform some awesome french inhales, but the
menthol smoke didn't quite please her while she did that. So she just decided
to curl a little smoke into her nose after each puff while she finished the
last half of the 120.
After dinner, a friend of Greg's stopped by the table. Randy sat down beside
him and they started to talk about the upcoming Dolphins football game.
Heather thought otherwise. She pulled out a Marlboro and started to french
inhale like she was in her own world. Knowing that Randy couldn't see her
hand below the table, she placed her hand on Greg's pants and felt his cock
grow with each french inhale she performed.
Randy also became mesmorized by Heather, politely breaking the football talk
by asking Heather about her job.
"Things are going well. The company is doing fine and I still have a job,"
Heather said, giggling.
After the trio finished their drinks, Randy asked the couple what their plans
are for the rest of the evening.
"I think we're going home," Greg said. "I am really bushed."
And Heather knew what that meant.

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