The Good Teacher

(by anonymous, 16 August 1999)

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Good Teacher
Part I

It was one of those days that defined the essence of summer: temperature in
the mid-90's, humidity around 70%, and the sky had that hazy look to it.
Perfect July weather in my book, the kind that made you think of pools and
beaches. Perfect unless you're in business clothes driving somewhere, that
is. Even cranked up all the way, the car's A/C was having a hard time keeping
up and I could feel the annoying sheen of sweat between the seat and my back.
The sensation was at it's worst whenever I moved significantly, like to shift
gears or trim the ash off my cigarette. "Well, at least I'm almost there," I
thought, and made the next-to-last turn on my homeward trek. I took a long,
leisurely pull on my BH Menthol to counteract the discomfort and settle into
"weekend mode".

Rounding the corner, I saw something that ALWAYS catches my eye, and made me
forget all about the heat, sweat, and uncomfortable clothes.  Up ahead,
walking in the grass strip along the side of the road was what looked to be a
teenage girl (and great looking, at last from the back!) with a cigarette in
her right hand. I slowed down a little, hoped for a "sighting" and looked in
the rearview as I drove past.  Sure enough, her right hand raised up to her
lips and came down a second or so later, then - "Holy shit," I cried
incredulously, "it's Amber!" She's my kids' favorite sitter and absolutely
stop-your-heart gorgeous. "THIS has possibilities," I thought, and slowed the
car to a stop. Throwing it into reverse, I honked the horn and started to
back up the fifty or so feet to her. She just kind of stood there, with a
mixed look curiosity and fear. I knew why.

"Hi Amber! Do you need a ride home or someplace?"

"Oh, hi Mr. Kavanaugh...I didn't recognize the car. Did you get a new one?"
she asked, and tried to hide the cigarette behind her.

"Yeah, 'bout a month ago, I guess. It was about time, don't you think?", I

"Well, I really like it. It's pretty!"

"Thank you very much! So, would you like a ride? It's kinda hot to be walking
if you don't have to!"

"Uh, sure...thanks!", and with that she opened the door and discreetly
dropped the cigarette, hoping that I wouldn't notice I suppose.

"You didn't have to do that," I said, adding, "Like I was going to mind?",
indicating my own and taking a pull to emphasize the point.

"Yeah, guess it was pretty stupid," she smiled and blushed a little.

Damn she's beautiful, I thought.

"I wasn't sure if you saw me smoking or not, and I was afraid you'd get mad
at me or something. You know, since I sit for your kids..."

"Nah. It's no problem. I was in your same shoes once - and it wasn't THAT
long ago!", I laughed.

Directing the last of my exhale out the window, followed by my spent BH, I
put the car in gear and headed towards Amber's house.

"I take it your parents don't know you smoke?"

"It's just my mom, and she'd have a fit if she found out! Mr.  Kavanaugh,
could we stop by your house real quick? Since I'm not walking now..." she

"Good point. Use some mouthwash or something to clear your breath & stuff."

"Yeah, how'd you know ?" she asked wonderingly.

"Like I said, 'been there, done that, got the tee-shirt' ".

"Cool," she smiled brightly, "Thanks, Mr. Kavanaugh! One thing, though. How
come I never knew YOU smoke? I've been over to your house a few times, and
I've never smelled it or anything..."

"Easy. I never smoke indoors when my family's at home. I always go outside.
And my wife quit when she became pregnant the first time."

Less than thirty seconds later we pulled into my driveway. As soon as the
front door opened, Amber got a puzzled look on her face. The comfortable
smell (to a smoker at least) of slightly stale cigarette smoke greeted us.

"I thought you don't smoke indoors around your family?"

"I don't. They left on vacation Wednesday afternoon. They're doing the
visit-the-whole-family thing, and won't be back for a couple of weeks."

"So how come you're not with them?"

"I really couldn't afford to take that kind of time off from work all at one
stretch. At least not this year. I'll do some long weekend stuff with them
later in the summer." Even though I hadn't exactly planned coming here with
her, I hoped she'd put two-and-two together.  She did, and lightning fast.

"Mr. Kavanaugh, would it be okay if I had a cigarette, like right now?" she
asked hopefully.

"Of course. Please be my guest. It's NOT a big deal!" I said, as nonchalant
as possible. This was no small feat - as soon as Amber asked, my cock began
to pitch a tent in the front of my pants. "Join you in a second...going to
make some coffee first. Hot as it is outside, I still love to have a good cup
with a cigarette!"

"Me too! Could I have some?" she asked, as I set about making a fresh pot.

"Ah, a kindred spirit! Sure thing, it'll just be a few minutes."

Going through the process of brewing coffee was just the ticket, as it kept
me moving around the kitchen. That would make it harder for her to see my
"problem", which worsened by the second. The anticipation of hearing the
tell-tale click of a lighter or scratch of a match, knowing that this
beautiful creature was lighting up was almost more than I could stand. The
sound never came though, and by the time the automatic drip machine was
switched "on" so was my cock... at full, throbbing erection. Instead, Amber
moved closer to me in the kitchen, biting her lower lip with a slight
embarrassed smile. Fear washed over me for an instant, thinking she'd

"Could I have one of your cigarettes, Mr. Kavanaugh? I don't have any more
with me."

Whew! My relief on the one hand was almost audible, but on the other hand
what she'd just asked made things worse!

"First a ride, then some coffee, and now a cigarette..." I said laughing,
which seemed to ease both our tension.

"Hey, the ride was your idea...but thank you! It worked out great!"

"True about the ride," I replied and offered her one of my BH Menthol 100's,
"and I suppose on all counts. Hope you don't mind menthols," I said, as Amber
accepted the long, all-white cigarette. I pulled one out for myself too - man
did I need it!

"No, that's great! I like menthols best. I usually smoke Virginia Slims
Menthol Lights," she added, bringing it to her perfect lips, "it's what
Brit's mom smokes. They're good."

Throb, throb.

"You DO have good taste!" I said with a wink, "but you might want to take it
easy with these at first. They're not 'light' anything..."

She nodded "okay" and I "flicked my Bic". What a sight! The beautiful teen
with the long dark hair and perfect-everything tilted her head forward to
take the light. I could feel the precum oozing from my raging hard-on as her
lips carressed the filter and the tip of her cigarette met the flame. Her
flawless cheeks caved in as she pulled a little harder than expected. A bit
of surprise showed in her exquisite face as she finished lighting the
cigarette. I watched in awe and tried not to show it as her lips parted and
the creamy ball of smoke hovered for an instant, then disappeared down her
throat and deep into her chest. Its lovely curve expanded outward to draw it
all in. That nearly made me blow a huge load right then and there! Quickly I
lit my own to help calm down.

"Thanks... these are really good, Mr Kavanaugh!" she said, escaped smoke
punctuating every syllable. "But you're right, they are kinda strong!"

"Told ya. They're GREAT with coffee though. You'll see," I answered through
my own smoke. "Speaking of which, we're getting somewhere now!" Enough of the
fresh brew had filled the pot to pour us each a cup, and then some.

I fetched two mugs and asked what she liked in it. With coffee in hand, we
headed towards the table and sat down.

"Take a sip," I suggested, "and then try your cigarette. But remember, don't
draw as much smoke this time". Amber smiled briefly - it was real obvious she
enjoyed the comeraderie of smoking with an adult. She tried a sip, then
another pull from her freshly lit cigarette and her face lit up again.

"That's like, totally AWESOME!" she chimed in her best Valley-speke, and
exhaled a long, graceful column of smoke up over my head. It was absolute
heaven watching this girl smoke, as my throbbing member reminded me every
second. Good thing we were sitting! I was about to steer the conversation in
a different direction (no sense in overdoing it!) when a thought struck me.

"Uh, Amber, shouldn't you call your mom and let her know where you're at?"

"God, I almost forgot, Mr. Kavanaugh. Thanks!"

"Tell you what. Why don't you skip the 'Mr. Kavanaugh'? It makes me feel too
old. It's just 'Jeff', all right?"

"Okay...Jeff," she smiled, then took another sip followed by a moderate drag.
"Be right back!" she said through a smoky smile. She was so damn beautiful,
and SO sexy smoking that cigarette that my dick nearly erupted again!

Amber called, and sure enough her mom had just arrived home. Amber said
something about seeing my boys on the playground on her way home and deciding
to stop in for a visit. They talked for just a couple of minutes. All the
while she slowly walked the kitchen, admiring the cigarette between her
fingers. Twice she almost took a pull, then rolled her eyes and smiled at me
as if to say "Whoa, that was close!" when she caught herself. As things
stood, it would not be good if her mom heard it! I was captivated, and don't
know who was enjoying this new experience more - me or her. Amber hung up,
returned to the table, and we resumed our conversation. I casually placed the
pack and lighter between us, an open invitation for her to have as many as
she liked.

We chatted for about an hour, during which time I learned that she'd been
smoking for about a year. Once in a while she was able to buy her own
cigarettes, but mostly relied on her friends Brittany and Kristen.  (That
made me think I needed to meet her friends... What a time that would be!) She
also told me she would be a senior in the Fall, and was starting to focus her
electives on computer classes. So far she really liked it and seemed to have
a knack. When Amber found out computing was my living, she was excited - even
asked if I would mind teaching her more! I really enjoy teaching, and have
been told I'm good at it.  Especially with someone who wants to learn. I told
her it'd be my pleasure, and that she was welcome any time. Well, almost,
within reason! Then we both decided it was a good idea for her head home,
before her mother became curious about what might be going on. Amber asked
where the bathroom was so she could clear away some of the smell. Showing
her, I dashed off to find the mouthwash. Handing it to her, she confided,

"I think my mom's started smoking again, but not at home. I've smelled it on
her clothes when she comes home from work. Lots stronger than if she was just
hanging out with one of her friends that smokes, you know?"

"Yeah, I do. So, you're not too worried about the smoky smell in your

"No. I'll just change as soon as I get home. It's so hot anyway, it makes
sense. Then she'll never know."

"Why don't you ask your mom if she is? It couldn't hurt really; and if she
IS, then it could make things a lot easier for you. Know what I mean?"

"Uh-huh. But I don't think it's a good idea to ask her about it yet.  It's
kind of a sore subject with her right now."

We headed out to the car to get her home. I rolled the windows down and
cranked the A/C up all the way. This would help clear away the stronger smoke
smell. During the short trip there, she had a slight smile on her face and
looked VERY content. It sure didn't take rocket science to figure out why,
but it made her look even more lovely... if that were possible! I felt a
little guilty about noticing her beauty so much, but really couldn't help it.
She was truly something to see, and having just spent an hour smoking with
this young woman I was horny as hell. We pulled up to her driveway, probably
none too soon.

"Thanks,, Jeff," she giggled, "I had a real nice time." That smile

"No problem at all, Amber. It was my pleasure," I said quite truthfully!
"You're really quite a wonderful young lady..."

"That's so sweet... thank you!" It shocked me when she leaned over and gently
kissed my cheek.

"Well, I gotta go. Bye!" she smiled. She must have been able to tell how
rattled I was, looking like a deer caught in headlights or something.

"Uh... bye!" I stammered, "See you! Lemme know sometime if you're interested
in learning some more computer stuff." She just smiled that smile and waved.
On the way back home my head spun - from the kiss, her beauty, how sexy she
looked smoking. My mind was badly preoccupied with thoughts it oughtn't have
thought - of a much more intimate nature. I just couldn't help myself though.
As soon as I got home I headed straight for the shower - a cool one at that.
Then I lit a cigarette and got myself off, - big time - fondly remembering
the afternoon.

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