Grandmas house for the weekend

(by anonymous8, 03 September 2001)

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Grandmas house for the weekend

Mom and dad would always take trips together. Dad worked for the airlines so 
he could get cheep tickets, this weekend they where going to Cancun. Well it 
was more like 4 days but that's not really important, what is is that they 
would always drop me off at my grandmothers house when they went. Mexico is 
no fun for an 11 year old is what they would always tell me. I hated not 
getting to go anywhere, but I loved grandma's house. Grandma was a lady; a 
real lady who was very old fashioned. I loved her stories of the good old 
days and she would always let me play dress up in her old elaborate 
costumes. Furs, and jewellery it was always so much fun, sometimes she would 
even play with me and teach me how to be a lady.
    So anyways mom and dad kissed me good bye and drove off. Dad and grandma 
hated each other. Dad always said she was too old fashioned and that she was 
bad for woman's rights. Grandma hated dad because he let mommy work and he 
despised her smoking. Actually mom and dad both hated it, they where always 
warning me about it. I never really knew anyone that smoked Jamie's mom, 
Russle's dad and grandma that's it. It was never really in my face. I never 
told anyone but I thought it was so cool. Smoke everywhere and I always saw 
adults in movies acting so refined. I thought it made woman look better.
   Grandma was great, she loved me like her own daughter and always came 
running out to meet me. She lived in a big house over in the rich people 
neighbourhood. I think dad was jealous. I got all settled in and the maid 
she had made me some food. She was only around during the week to help clean 
up because grandma thought that it was proper for a lady to never do that 
sort of stuff. I went out on the balcony where grandma was reading in the 
sun and smoking. She looked like a movie star. "Sit up straight young lady" 
she said jokingly stern. We both laughed and started some chitchat. She told 
me how much I was growing and made jokes about my dad the usual routine. For 
some reason though I just couldn't take my mind of  smoking though.
   She sat there all pretty smoking away, smiling and enjoying my company. 
Being the forward girl I am I asked her straight out.
    " grandma why do you smoke?" Thinking my father had bugged me she kinda 
snarked. "Because I enjoy it honey, your father doesn't know what he's 
talking about"
" My father" oh yes I giggled a bit then she smiled when she realised it was 
just curiosity and not a campaign.
"What is that stick that holds it called?" I asked not hiding my interest.
She could see that I was very curious and her always present smile grew 
larger as she smoked some more.
"Its a holder dear, all ladies smoke with holders its vulgar not too. In the 
old days cigarettes weren't filtered and a lady didn't want tobacco on her 
teeth so she smoked with a holder and I guess it just became fashion". I 
thanked her for the quick lesson and went in side to play.

Later she came into her old closet room where I was pillaging through her 
old close and wearing and old 30's hat. She dressed me up in this little 
dress and I was covered in jewellery. We went and sat in the living room by 
the coffee table and I pretended to have tea. She drank the real thing.
"Do I have a treat for you" she said as she got up and went over to a little 
cabinet that she seemed to have allot of around the house. She came back 
with a black holder that was about as long as my arm in a little jewellery 
case. "Here" she said as she grabbed her own and her cigarette case. I 
pulled it out and inspected it. It was lovely. All black and very slender. 
Hers was just like it but it had a little inscription that she always turned 
to the bottom. She said a lady never fiddles with her cigarettes she doesn't 
want to get stains if she's wearing gloves. She showed me how to put it in. 
The cigarette was very long already  and it looked very pretty. All white 
and contrasted in the black holder.
    I reached for the case to put mine in but she laughed and put them on 
the floor. "I'm sorry dear you're not a lady yet" as she laughed. She put 
the holder in her mouth and quickly lit the cigarette. She taught me how to 
hold it and said that it was not good to smoke too much at once. "Never 
drink tea until the cigarette is done it is vulgar" she said. The lesson 
continued until her cigarette was done and then she retired to take a bath.
    We watched TV until late and it way great. Her sitting in her old chair 
as I lied on the coach. We watched all the TV shows that I never got to at 
home. Leno and Saturday night live. It was awesome. She sent me to bed so 
she could watch TV by herself a bit. I couldn't sleep though. All I could do 
is think about smoking, It was marvellous, the smell wasn't that great but 
the smoke and the way grandma made it look was incredible. I had to try it. 
I stayed up in my room practicing with the holder and walking around the 
room like I was in a party.  I imagined everyone complimenting me on my lady 
skills as I curtsied. I took small puffs like grandma had taught and I held 
the holder up and parallel as I smoked from the side of my mouth. Its vulgar 
I said to myself to smoke too much, then I giggled and walked over to the 
door. I checked my clock and it was very late I had been dancing for 2 hours 
around my party.
     I opened the door slowly to see if anyone was awake. The maid had gone 
home for the weekend and grandma was obviously asleep in her bed at the 
other end of the house and upstairs. She had a big room that was very nice. 
I walked into the family room where we had been watching TV and there they 
where. Her cigarette case. I ran over to it silently and fumbled with it 
until it opened. It was lovely and gold trimmed. I pulled a cigarette out 
and started to fumble with it. My chance was here. I ran back to my room and 
grabbed my holder, I thought it wouldn't be lady like to use hers. I put the 
cigarette in and marvelled over its beauty. I sat down in her chair and 
grabbed her lighter. The ashtray was positioned on a little table next to 
the chair for easy access. I didn't even think of and consequences I was a 
lady and ladies smoked.  I put the holder in my mouth like grandma always 
did and flicked the lighter a few times. I put it up to the cigarette and 
sucked just like she had said to. I could see the smoke start at the end of 
the cigarette so I put the lighter down. My mouth filled with smoke and I 
quickly blew it out. It tasted awful. The smell was so much worse when it 
was up close but for some reason I loved it.
    I brought the holder to my mouth and started to smoke. Not much was 
coming out of my mouth though. There wasn't much room in there I thought so 
next time I would breath it in. I took another puff after I thought I had 
waited the appropriate time. I sucked it in and breathed. I could feel it 
tickling as it when in me. I held the holder up straight as I exhaled in a 
big cloud of smoke. This was fantastic. I taped the cigarette in the ashtray 
and stood up to continue my party I walked around smoking and breathing it 
in. I felt little dizzy but I was so happy it over came it. I walked over to 
the mirror and watched myself. I was a lady. My little nighty was a dress 
and I imagined myself in full attire. I smoked for what seemed like ever but 
then the cigarette was almost gone and the taste started sinking in. I put 
in out and pulled the but from the holder like grandma had taught. Knowing 
what I had just done the party ended as I tried to waft the smoke around. I 
knew she would tell my dad and he would kill me. I searched the floor for 
fallen ashes  then ran to my room uncase she woke up. She never did and 
after an hour of listing to silence in paranoia I fell asleep.
        Breakfast was crazy at first as I tried to find out if she knew. I 
asked her how her sleep was and mentioned that I had gone to the bathroom 
late last night. I thought it was good cover. Of course she heard nothing. I 
couldn't help but stare more intensely as she smoked at breakfast. Knowing 
that I had done the same thing a few hours ago. It drove me nuts, I wanted 
to do it again so bad. I loved it I started asking her questions again, and 
I saw the same smile appear. She thought that I was on her side and was 
against my dad. "How old where you when you first smoked grandma?" "I was 
about 13 but I never really smoked until I was 18 steadily darling". I knew 
I should keep quite so she doesn't catch on but I couldn't help myself. "Did 
your father not like it?" I asked before I could stop myself. "People back 
then didn't mind, my father smoked too. A pipe and cigars, it was the thing 
to do at the time. But if I had your father there's no way I would have been 
able to" she said as she laughed. She looked so pretty smoking, and I wanted 
to so bad. I dreamt of a different world where I would be allowed to smoke 
and my father wasn't there. It got me mad.
    "what's the matter dear?" She asked obviously noticing my anger. 
"Nothing grandma I'm going to go watch TV" I wanted to just light up one and 
sit with her but I knew that would never happen. The day went on as usual 
and I tried to forget about it. I played and watched TV until that evening. 
My grandma would take long baths at night before settling down for some TV 
before bed. As she walked upstairs it hit me that I was all alone. I ran 
into the kitchen and scanned for her cigarette case. It was on the counter, 
I ran over there while listening to the water run. I opened up knowing she 
was gone for a while and grabbed a cigarette out. I went back into the TV 
room where some play close and my holder where and put the cigarette in. 
Lighters where all around the house, so I grabbed one from the newsstand and 
hearing the water stop I lit it. It was fantastic, heaven all over again. I 
decided to walk around to help spread the smoke. Holding the holder up high 
like grandma and stopping for an occasional puff. It was better than last 
time. I walked past the mirror with my cigarette and stopped to watch myself 
smoke. It looked kinda funny I have to admit. The holder and cigarette in my 
hands. It was so big and I was so small. The smoke was actually coming from 
me it was awesome. Every room had an ashtray so I was in luck. I was a 
pretty daring kid back then so I even went up to the top of my stairs and 
asked my grandma how the bath was. I had to giggle she had no idea I was 
smoking when I did. I felt so relaxed. The taste was still awful but I loved 
the smell today. I decided I would wake up tonight  and do it again, I 
decided to smoke. I felt bad after I put the cigarette out, I wanted it to 
last forever. But it came to an end. I was all sat down in front of the TV 
when grandma came down stairs some time latter. She had no idea.
     The night was a repeat of the one before. I played in my room until I 
thought the time was right then snuck out for a cigarette; it was becoming 
so natural so fast. It must have been all the practice. I loved to so much 
that night I had 2. Sunday came and the only thing I was dreading was having 
to go home on Tuesday night. It would be along time before I could smoke 
again so I had to get as much in as possible.
Grandma hadn't caught on to my midnight cigarette so I pursued with more 
questions. "Grandma can I take this holder home?" I already knew the answer. 
"Dear I'm sorry but your father you'd kill me if he knew that you even 
touched that, so it has to be a secret or he wont let you come here again. I 
would die if that happened so don't say ok." I responded ok.
   I have always felt bad for what I am about to tell you, but down inside I 
knew I couldn't stop myself. I had come to realize while playing that day 
that even if I got caught grandma would never say. She was right I would 
never get to come over and she loved our little visits. I knew that I could 
smoke and get away with it. Grandma was outside gardening so I could test 
the waters. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a cigarette. I put it in my 
holder and went to play after I lit it. I was so nervous but I played 
anyway. Smoking for real. I was very careful not to burn anything as I 
puffed away. I loved it so much all the smoke coming from me, from my long 
cigarette. I only wished it were longer so I could smoke more. Grandma never 
came in and by the time she did everything had cleared. She went right to 
her cigarettes and lit one up, then went back outside to sit for a while. I 
thought that this was my chance. I went over to her cigarettes and grabbed 
yet another. I don't know what exactly was going through my head but 
somewhere along the line I thought she wouldn't mind. I lit it after putting 
it in my holder and went outside. I thought if I acted as natural as 
possible things would be ok.
      I saw the smoke coming from her chair and saw her cigarette of to the 
side. I stood there staring at her from behind for a couple of minutes 
smoking slowly, and trying to find some courage. I sat down across from her 
and quickly complimented her on the garden. There was a pause as she was 
thanking me. Then she sat up and took off her sunglasses. "what are you 
doing, are you smoking a cigarette?" I hesitated and said "yes grandma I 
want to be a lady like you" and before she could respond " see how good I am 
I'm not holding it wrong and I love it so much". She must have been in 
shock. She took another puff and at the same time so did I. She looked very 
upset then kinda giggled and sat back down as she pulled her sunglasses 
down.  She looked at me for a minute and said "Dear your father is going to 
kill me" " my father doesn't need to know grandma" I promised her over and 
over again that I wouldn't tell. We sat there smoking together 2 ladies and 
we set up some ground rules. She wouldn't let me get addicted but she would 
let me still smoke, I think she enjoyed having another lady around that 
agreed with her. I would only smoke when I was over there, I missed it allot 
when I wasn't.  I would pretend when I was on my own playing, but it was so 
much better when it was for real. Like I said mom and dad where gone allot, 
so I had many opportunities.  It went on like this for a long time until I 
was 15 or so when I finally just started smoking in front of my parents. I 
will always remember that first weekend at grandmas and we have always been 
very close

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