Great Lovers Are made, Not Born

(by Uncle Duke, 29 October 2003)

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Great Lovers Are Made, Not Born
By Uncle Duke

Sometimes the way things are depends on where you view them.

As long as I can remember I have always had this "thing" or fetish for women
who wear make-up and smoked. Maybe it came from my home environment, someone
like my sister; someone like my mother.

When I look back at all of the relationships I had before Suki I see that the
better ones were with the ladies that wore make-up and smoked. Not that I
didn't have good times with the others, it's just that they left me

When I first met Suki in college she wore light pale makeup and smoked only
when she went drinking or partying. A brilliant beautiful woman, she was
almost perfect. 

When I first met her I had just finished a course in hypnosis and, if I say,
was pretty good at it. We learned that the best hypnotic suggestions were
those that were subtle and reinforced notions that were already there. She
wore make-up and she smoked, I just wanted to reinforce and strengthen these

Over the next semester she started to use more and more make-up and her
smoking developed to about two packs a day. At night she would put on even
more make-up and looked like a diva or a fantasy queen. She was now perfect
in every way.

We graduated that June and married shortly thereafter. As I said, great
lovers are made, not born.


Greg was the typical handsome, brilliant, and shy guy you find in most
engineering graduate school programs. His family was saber rattling
anti-smoking zealots. He even got upset at someone smoking ten meters away on
the quad. Somehow my roommate Jenny had set us up on a date and the last
thing I needed was a night of anti-smoking babble. With both parents
practicing shrinks, I learned hypnotism as a young teen and have used it ever
since. Long story short, he and Jenny's friend showed up, Jenny and her
friend retired to her room for a while, Greg and I were alone in the parlor.
I hypnotized him to not object to smoking and to be slightly intrigued by it.

The evening went great with the smoking issue behind us. He made a few
comments about my make-up being too heavy. (I love make-up!) In fact, with a
few changes here and there I thought he might be the "one."

We continued to see each other and I deepened his interest in smoking into a
full blown fetish and then extended it back so he thought it had always been
there. The same with the make-up. I also gave him a new dating history and
how the best ones he had dated wore make-up and smoked. He now suggests that
I put more make-up on. (What a lovely thought!)

As we were both scheduled to graduate the coming summer, I had him move in
with me so we could do more sessions. Now that his fetish was in full bloom,
I had him believe he just completed a course in hypnotism and that he had
hypnotized me to wear more make-up and smoke full time.

For spring break his kid sister April stopped by to see us. She had started
smoking in the last year and didn't know how she would face her parents in
the summer. April was relieved to find out that I smoked and Greg was
ecstatic that she smoked. He did suggest that she put on more make-up, which
surprised her and delighted her. I sent Greg off for the day and had a long
session with April. I increased her enjoyment of smoking and make-up and had
her believe that she had started both activities at twelve. I synchronized
Greg's memory that night. I told them not to worry; I would work out the
problems with their parents.

A month later his mother came to visit on the return leg from seeing her
sister. We aired out the apartment for a week before her arrival. As the
former President of the local Lung Association, she would be a real hard
case. I toned down the make-up and hid all of the ashtrays to not arouse
suspicions to early. After about a half hour of pleasantries Greg got called
away by a professor, which left us alone. She never saw it coming and was
easier to hypnotize than either of her children. I called Greg to come back
and at first he was shocked to see his mother wearing make-up and smoking. 

She "invited" us to visit them that weekend at their home. Her husband was as
easy as she had been. Turns out he had been secretly smoking cigars for
years. He and his son now share a make-up and smoking fetish. They believe
that they taught their daughter to smoke at age twelve. Greg and I announced
our wedding plans that night and celebrated with cigars all around.

As I said, great lovers are made, not born.

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