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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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He watched the orange glow of their cigarettes, eyes adjusted to the darkness
well enough to see the streams of smoke circling toward the ceiling from
her long exhales.  The warm skin of her back felt comforting on his chest
and arm, her long dark hair caressing his neck and shoulder.  Their breathing
was slower now as they enjoyed their last cigarettes before going to
sleep.  As he watched her take another long drag and slowly exhale the
smoke from her nose and mouth, he thought of the happiness and serenity
he now felt, and his mind wandered back in time...

He had first tried smoking when he was 16.  Peer pressure was not the reason -
none of his friends smoked.  His mother and grandmother smoked and he used
to watch as they sat on the porch at a neighbor's house with other women,
gossiping and puffing away on the warm summer nights.  School had taught him
that "smoking was bad for you, smoking would kill you".  Yet before he
realized he had the fetish, he would watch the beautiful young women in
malls and outside movie theaters smoking, watch the way they held the
long cigarettes, watch as they took long, deep drags, held the smoke in
their lungs for what seemed like an eternity, then slowly exhale.  Oftentimes
he would have to put his hands in his pockets and clench his fists or carry
the shopping bag in front of him to avoid the embarrassment.  "If smoking
is so bad for you, why do all these beautiful women do it?  What am I 
missing?", he often wondered.

His first smoking opportunity came one fall weekend.  He had always been
too chicken to steal one of Mom's Salems and didn't want to actually
buy a pack.  A month before, while wandering in the backyard, he had seen the
neighbor's 13 year old smoking with friends behind the neighbor's garage. 
One day he discovered a small piece of plywood just laying on the ground behind
the neighbor's garage and absently picked it up, only to find a pack of Marlboro
Light 100s hidden beneath!  "My chance!", he thought, as he remembered the whole
family was going away Sunday to a big mall in the big city 90 miles away.
He wasn't interested and was staying home.  He deftly pocketed the pack and 
snuck back to the house to hide them.  "House to myself all day Sunday! 
Time to find out what smoking is like."

The family had left around 8:30 am.  He grabbed the "discovered" pack
and one of Mom's lighters and went to the basement around 9.  He slowly pulled
a cigarette from the pack, discovering the weight wasn't as much as he
had expected.  He lit the lighter and held the cigarette in the flame,
not daring to take a puff yet.  After a fairly lengthy lighting time,
the cigarette was burning enough to take the first puff.  He put the
cigarette to his mouth, pulled lightly on the filter, let the smoke in to 
his mouth and exhaled quickly.  The bitter taste was surprising - Mom's
cigarettes didn't smell like they would taste like this!  He took 
another "puff" in the same manner.  His penis was pressing so hard against
his jeans that he had to unzip them before he hurt himself.
Trying to concentrate on the smoking rather than his hormones, he continued
to take "puffs", taking more smoke into his mouth each time and holding it
there longer and longer before exhaling.  "Not bad now!", he thought as
he watched a long stream of un-inhaled smoke leave his mouth.  The throb
of his penis and the excitement of smoking had his heart racing.  He
reached down to stroke the pounding wand between his legs as he decided to
inhale for the first time.  So after only 5 "puffs" and with the cigarette
already half gone, he pulled slowly and lightly on the filter, held the smooth
smoke in his mouth, then opened his mouth and inhaled.  He felt the smoke
mix with the cool air of the chilly basement and slide down his throat and
into his lungs, a great tingling sensation developing in his chest.  He 
tilted his head toward the basement ceiling and exhaled slowly, watching as
a stream of smoke wafted toward the ceiling.  "I'm smoking!  This is great!
None of that coughing and gagging that I keep hearing about with the first
cigarette!", he thought.  He began another, longer puff, his other hand 
unconsciously stroking the solid penis harder as he filled his mouth with
smoke.  This time, as he inhaled deeply and again felt the tingling sensation
of the smoke massaging his lungs, the tingling sensation in his penis told him
he was going to ejaculate.  The cum squirted just as he was exhaling.  A shock 
rocketed through his body as he watched the smoke floating skyward and the cum
dripping earthward.  He had never felt such an exquisite sensation before but 
he knew that, if he was going to smoke again, masturbating at the same time
wasn't always going to be possible!

He slowly crushed out the first cigarette as his penis relaxed.  He pulled
his pants back on and cleaned up the mess, then picked up the pack of
cigarettes again.  Finding 5 or 6 still left, he pulled a second cigarette
out and placed it in his mouth.  With a flick of the thumb, the lighter
flamed to life and he slowly raised it to the end of the cigarette, drawing
slowly until he had it lit.  His third inhale!  He proceeded to walk around
the basement with the cigarette, aware of how he was holding it as he walked.
He sat down on the old couch and, holding the cigarette like he had seen
countless young women do, took long inhales, exhaled with a thick stream
of smoke, then pretended to speak to someone sitting beside him.  He
took a puff and while exhaling, actually spoke "I'm fine, how are you?"
just to watch the smoke escaping from his mouth at each word.

He was erect again, but he ignored it this time.  As he sat smoking and 
holding a silent conversation with the empty couch, his mind was picturing
some of the young women he had seen smoking at the mall.  He visualized
them as they took deep drags on their long cigarettes, peering inside their
bodies with his imaginary x-ray vision to watch the smoke rumble around
in their lungs, fantasizing as he watched the smoke fill their naked breasts as
well, then stepping into the picture and using his hands to gently squeeze
and caress their breasts to help force the stream of thick smoke up and out
of their mouths.

After finishing the second cigarette, he got up and felt a little light-headed
as the nicotine took affect.  He decided to wait until later to smoke again.
His family wouldn't be back until 6 or 7 that night so he had time.

That first day, he had three more cigarettes.  He continued to develop a
small smoking habit, stealing cigarettes from waitresses and other cooks
at the restaurant where he worked and smoking in the car on his way home.
Occassionally he would steal one of his mother's Salem Lights and stash it 
away for a time when he was going to be alone in the house for a while, but
he truly disliked the taste of menthol cigarettes and only smoked them when he
couldn't steal any "real" cigarettes from someone else.

When he got to college, he started buying a pack of cigarettes about once a
month.  He experimented with several brands, including Carlton, Now,
Virginia Slims, More, Parliament, Vantage, Satin, True and B&H, trying 
to locate the one which tasted the best to him.  He preferred the 100s,
emulating the many fine co-eds on campus.  He kept his smoking a 
secret - high school valedictorian, the "All-American" clean-cut boy,
he couldn't show his "weakness" to anyone.  He would sneak out late two
or three nights a week, walk to the woods at the edge of campus and smoke
one or two cigarettes.  He liked those times, actually.  It was a chance to 
be alone with his thoughts - no pressing schoolwork, no friends proposing 
road trips or parties, just he and his cigarettes and the trees and the stars.

After graduating from college and moving to the coastal city where he had 
landed a job, his smoking increased slightly.  Shortly after moving in to
his new apartment, before he had started work, he bought a pack of B&H 100s
and planned his "day in the life of a smoker".  Up until that time, he
had smoked about 4 to 6 cigarettes a week.  Now he wanted to "prove his
independence" - no more Mom and Dad or college roommates to watch over him.
When the day arrived, he awoke and lit his first cigarette while still laying
in bed.  He smoked at regular intervals throughout the day, at times "regular"
smokers would usually light up - with coffee, after breakfast, after
lunch, after dinner, and at hourly intervals in-between.  After that day,
he settled down to 5 or 6 cigarettes during the weekdays - usually one
upon waking, one after breakfast before leaving for work, and 3 or 4 after
he got home at night - and maybe half a pack on weekends.  Almost every
evening, he would repeat the experience of his first cigarette, letting his
mind create the graphic images of the beautiful naked woman and her long white 
cigarette.  He didn't smoke while at work - he couldn't.  The workplace had not
gone smoke-free yet, but the "brilliant new employee" held on to his secret.

It had been about 3 months now that they had been "officially dating",
even though one could consider them dating for 6 months prior to that.
He had been introduced to her on his first day of work.  Of the 40+
people he was introduced to that day, hers was one of the handful of names
he remembered.  When she had moved to an apartment just off of the beach, 
only 2 miles away from his, they had gotten together often to bicycle along
the beach path after work.  Weekends were spent swimming together, seeing
movies, visiting museums, playing tennis, other harmless "friendly" activities. 
It occurred to him that he couldn't really put his finger on when the
relationship went from friends to lovers, but the mutual respect and the
comraderie they shared made the end result inevitable.

The first time they had sex, it had been unexpected.  It was her birthday
and he had cooked dinner for her in his apartment.  He had purchased a bottle
of Benedictine for the occassion and opened the bottle before dinner.
After finishing eating, they sat down on the couch to watch a video.
He had warned her earlier about the Benedictine - it tastes good but
is as strong as vodka, so don't drink it like fruit juice!  They continued
to drink and watch the movie.  After the movie was over, she got up to
go to the bathroom before going home.  She had been in the bathroom for 
some time when he heard her throwing up.  He found a t-shirt and a pair of
clean shorts and instructed her to put them on - she would sleep in his
apartment that night as neither of them were in any shape to drive.
She didn't protest and he helped her into bed.  He kissed her lightly on
the forehead, but she didn't know it as she was already sleeping.

He walked silently back in to the living room and quietly cleaned up.
After checking on her, he grabbed a cigarette and walked out on the 
balcony.  They were such close friends but he still couldn't tell her
that he smoked!  He didn't know how she would respond.  He had been dying
for a cigarette since the movie started.  He savored each puff as he watched
two cats playing in the bushes three stories below.  He finished the cigarette,
noiselessly put on his pajamas and stretched out on the couch.

He awoke to find it dark still dark.  To his surprise, he found her sitting
on the couch, her upper body pressed up against his shoulder, her left hand
playing in his hair, her right hand massaging his chest.  He blinked at the
clock - 3:20 am.  He rolled over on his back and looked at her.  Her deep brown
eyes spoke softly - "I know you didn't touch me.  Thank you.  Now give me the
present I've been wanting for some time..."  Her right hand had already
unbuttoned his pajama top and was creeping down toward his pants.  His penis 
was already erect as he walked her slowly into the bedroom, pulling off her
t-shirt on the way.  They stood beside the bed, his mouth and tongue 
caressing her breasts as he removed her shorts.  She then removed his
pants and he lifted her gracefully into the bed.  Their mouths locked, tongues
dancing around each other.  He slid his left hand down to rub the hair
between her legs as she grabbed his penis and started stroking violently. 
His finger slipped in to her wet vagina and he started slowly massaging her, 
his finger moving in circles, the pressure increasing slightly with each 
rotation.  He climbed between her legs and entered her slowly, her hand guiding
his penis to its destination.  He moved in and out, entering her hard, then
almost fully withdrawing and letting the tip of his penis tickle her clitoris
before entering again.  Her legs were wrapped around his, her fingernails 
tearing into his back.  Their bodies fit like a glove, rhythmically rising 
and falling.  They climaxed simultaneously, the moans of ecstacy echoing in 
their still-locked mouths.

They lay on their backs in the dark, their breathing still rapid.  His mind
still exploding over the wonderful feeling of what had happened, he
instinctively reached into the nightstand for a cigarette.  He lit the 
cigarette, took a deep drag and lay back down to find her staring at
him.  Her look was not anger or condemnation, but simple curiosity.
"I didn't know you smoked!", she said quietly.  "Well, yes, actually,
I do smoke a little.  Do you mind?", he asked worriedly.  "No, not at all!" 
she smiled, nuzzling closer to him, "but why haven't you told me this before?".
He explained his irrational fear of having to keep his smoking secret.
When he finished, he felt a sense of liberation, as if a two-ton weight had
been lifted from his shoulders.  "I don't mind at all!  Both of my parents 
smoke!", she replied.

She then went on to tell him about the only time she had tried smoking.
She had been in high school and three of the "tougher" girls were
in the bathroom smoking.  As amusement, they had cornered "the pretty smart
bitch" and forced her to smoke a full cigarette.  It had not been a pleasant 
experience as the other girls had forced her to inhale with each puff,
holding her smoke-filled mouth open until they saw the smoke disappear
down the back of her throat and into her lungs.  She was punched and
slapped if the puff was deemed too small and if she tried to exhale
before inhaling the smoke into her lungs.  She had coughed a great
deal, had gotten reelingly dizzy and had thrown up violently afterwards.  
Even though she had a few friends who smoked and her parents both smoked,
the memory of her experience remained and she had never tried smoking again.

They had been having sex regularly for a month.  She would stay overnight
at his apartment on Saturdays and he would stay overnight at her apartment
on Wednesdays.  He was smoking openly around her now, although he still
wouldn't smoke at work.

Then one Saturday night, just after he had lit his cigarette after sex,
she had completely surprised him by asking if she could have a puff
of his cigarette.  Secretly thrilled with this, he looked at her
questioningly.  She understood and said "I had a bad experience which
keeps bothering me.  I HAVE to mentally get past it, and the best way
to do it is to try smoking on my terms, where I won't get sick."  So he
showed her how to puff without inhaling and gave her the cigarette.
She held the B&H 100 between her fingers, slowly raised the filter to
her mouth, and tentativly took a small, quick drag.  She held the
smoke in her mouth for a second, then exhaled.  As her face contorted
slightly from the bitter taste, he explained that if she took a few
more puffs in that way, the bitterness would disappear.  So she once again
took a drag, taking more smoke into her mouth this time and holding it
a little longer before exhaling.  His penis was still hard from the sex
they had just completed and started pounding again as he watched the smoke
stream from her mouth.  She took one more puff in this manner, then handed 
the cigarette back to him, afraid to smoke any more right then.

Seeing her smoking was a thrill which he had dreamed of since they had
met.  He finished the rest of the cigarette and rolled over, massaging her
breasts and kissing her passionately.  They had never had sex more than
once on any night, but this night would be the beginning of something new. 
She rolled over on her side, he pressed tightly against her back, his right
hand playing with her hair, his left continuing to massage her breasts. 
He began stroking her clitoris with his fingers while he slowly inserted his 
penis into her vagina from the backside.  Her body vibrated with spasms as the
combination brought her to orgasm again quickly.  She refused another puff
from his next cigarette and they slept soundly.

She had awakened before him.  He awoke to the feel of her breasts pressed
tightly against his back, her right hand stroking his already-erect penis.
She smiled as she playfully rolled him onto his back, using his penis as
a lever.  He rolled over onto her and entered her, their bodies once
again melding into one.  When they had finished, he lit his morning
cigarette, inhaling the first drag deeply, and slowly exhaling through
his mouth and nose.  She was laying beside him, her head on his shoulder.
She glanced up at him and quietly said "I want to inhale now.  Teach me."
He showed her how to take a small puff, open her mouth to let air mix with
the smoke, then inhale.  He reassured her that she would not get sick and
handed her the cigarette.  She carefully put the filter to her lips,
took a small drag, opened her mouth slightly, held the smoke for a split
second, then inhaled.  He watched as the smoke disappeared down her throat
into her lungs.  She made a slight cough as the smoke tickled her throat,
then she exhaled quickly.  She had felt her lungs tingle as the warm smoke
entered but she hadn't gagged like the time in the bathroom and she
found she enjoyed the tingling feeling and the taste.  She looked at
him and exclaimed "This isn't bad at all!".  She put the cigarette to her 
lips again and took a slightly bigger puff this time, opening her mouth and 
letting the smoke nearly escape before inhaling.  She didn't cough this time,
and a thick white stream of smoke floated upward as she exhaled slowly.  
She went to hand the cigarette back to him, but he just smiled at her and
said "No, go ahead and finish it, I'll light another."  As he watched her
smoking, his penis was throbbing violently again.  He was so delighted and
happy that he felt he was going to just explode.  She finished her cigarette,
taking the last puff with only 2/3 of the cigarette gone, and crushed it
out in the ashtray like she had seen he and her parents do hundreds of times.
He finished his cigarette and decided not to respond to the pounding between
his legs.

As they got out of bed, she could feel the affects of the nicotine.  She
was a little light-headed, but pleasantly so, nothing near the dizziness
she had experienced on her first, forced cigarette.  She declined another
cigarette with their morning coffee, still leery of getting sick like
the first time.  She had asked for a cigarette after breakfast, though,
and had smoked with him before he took her home.

end part 4
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When they were together outside of work, she would smoke one of his cigarettes
about every second time he lit one.  He watched her smoking develop - how the 
inhales got deeper, how the length of time she held the smoke in her lungs
increased, how the exhales became stronger - and he would be just beaming
inside.  His penis was erect so often, he liked to stay sitting while she
was smoking to prevent her from seeing the bulge in his pants. They were
having sex twice each night they stayed together now, and usually once on the
morning after.  Much to her delight, he found that after ejaculating during
their first love-making session, he would remain erect for a long time.  The
first time, sex would be "standard", with him on top of her.  Their
second time was experimental, trying new positions.  Although he didn't
climax during the second love-making, she would orgasm and the different
positions gave them alot of enjoyment.  They would both smoke a cigarette after 
the first nighttime love-making session, then usually share a cigarette after
the second.

About two weeks ago, she had surprised him once again.  They were sharing
a cigarette after the second time they had sex - this night's position having
been "doggy" style.  They finished the cigarette and were laying there quietly,
hugging and enjoying the warmth and closeness of their bodies.  She began to
kiss his chest, her mouth and tongue slowly working their way down toward his
still-erect penis.  She licked his penis softly, sending a tingle through his 
body.  Her hand was massaging his balls as she continued to tongue him.  She
paused briefly to reach down on the floor for her purse and place it on the
bed beside them.  His mind was racing - what did she have in mind?

She mounted him, forcing his penis far into her.  He grabbed her breasts and
started squeezing in rhythm with her bouncing.  He could feel the wetness of
her vagina as she bounced up and down harder and harder.  Then she reached over
for her bag and withdrew an already-open pack of VS 120s.  She slowly pulled
one of the long white cigarettes from the pack and ran it under her nose,
sniffing lightly.  His body was aching with pleasure as he watched her
take out a silver lighter, place the VS 120 in her mouth and light it.
She inhaled deeply, then bent over, placed her mouth over his and exhaled.
He inhaled, feeling the warmth and the taste of the smoke as it entered
his mouth, then his lungs.  He exhaled slowly as he watched her take another
long, deep inhale and hold it, then exhale with her head thrown back.  He
grabbed her waist and started pushing into her, both of them rising and falling
together.  He took the cigarette and took a long puff, sharing the exhale with
her this time.  She took yet another deep puff, her orgasm coming as she was
exhaling with a long thick stream of smoke.  He was surprised as he felt his
balls tingle and his penis tighten as he ejaculated again for the second time
that night, grabbing the cigarette and taking a puff before he finished.

They were both exhausted.  She had fulfilled his dreams.  He smiled at the
beautful woman in his arms, she understanding the look.  "I've seen you
watching as I smoke and realize what a turn-on my smoking is to you.  So
I decided to give you a present for all the wonderful times you've given me"
she explained.  He kissed her passionately.  He wondered if this was heaven...

His mind drifted back to the present.  She was buying her own cigarettes
now and her smoking had increased to the same level as his.  She wouldn't
smoke at work, either, but only before and after, like him.  Their love-making
was now up to 6 or 7 times a week, in just two nights!   Saturday night
was the wildest, having sex three times with the third time involving 

He watched as she crushed out her cigarette.  He finished his, kissed her
goodnight and curled up with his arms wrapped around her.  Before he
drifted off to sleep, he wondered how he could be so lucky.  He didn't
have an answer, but now he knew - this was Heaven.

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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