Heavenly Kim

(by anonymous, 16 December 2004)

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Heavenly Kim

I have always been excited by beautiful women smoking.  I am not sure when or
why this came to be, for, as long as I can remember, I have been especially
attracted to smoking women.  I never had an opportunity to indulge my
passion.  There was not really a good reason for that.  I just never found
myself in a relationship with a smoker.

When I was in my late twenties, a job transfer caused me to move far from my
home and friends.  One of the first people I met was a neighbor in my
apartment complex named Kim.  Kim was a few years older than me and a very
attractive woman with medium length light brown hair, brown eyes, a very nice
body, and a pretty face.  Kim was very friendly and we struck up sort of a
casual friendship when we saw each other around the apartment complex.  I was
fascinated by this woman and began to look for an opportunity to ask her out.

One Friday evening, I ran into Kim when we were getting our mail.  In the
course of our conversation, it became clear that neither of us had any plans
for the evening.  I seized the opportunity and asked if she would like to get
something to eat.  To my great excitement, she accepted my impromptu offer.
About an hour later, I picker her up at her apartment.  Because it was a
beautiful spring evening, we decided to walk to a nearby restaurant.

As we walked along talking, Kim reached into her purse and took out a pack of
cigarettes.  I couldn't believe my luck that this incredibly sexy and
friendly woman was also a smoker.  She put a cigarette between her lips and
lit it.  I tried to remain discrete, but I couldn't help but sneak glances
to watch her as she inhaled then exhaled the smoke.  We had a lovely walk to
the restaurant, and it was clear by the time we got there that Kim and I had
a lot of things in common.

We requested a table in the smoking section, and we were soon seated.  I sat
across from Kim as we talked like we had known each other forever.  Kim took
out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and put them on the table.

We started with a couple of rounds of margaritas. I had a wonderful
opportunity to watch Kim as she smoked several cigarettes while we visited
over drinks.  I was trying not to stare or to show any real reaction, but I
found that I could not help myself.  I also found myself with a raging hard
on as I watched this lovely woman smoke her cigarettes.

We finally finished dinner and began to walk home.  The spring evening had
become cooler, and Kim was snuggled next to me as we walked home.  We both
had several drinks, so we were probably not walking a straight line, but we
were certainly having a good time.  I could smell the mixture of perfume and
smoke in Kim's hair, and I was praying that she wouldn't notice my bulging

Kim lit another cigarette, took a deep drag, and exhaled.  She asked if I
minded her smoking, and I assured her that I did not mind at all.  Then she
asked me if I was turned on by her smoking?  I stalled for a way to answer,
but she just sort of giggled.  She told me that from the way I was staring at
her whenever she smoked, she figured I was either anti-smoking or turned on
by it.  I smiled at her comment.  She took another drag, put her arms around
me, and kissed me hard on the lips.  I could taste her smoke as she exhaled
while we kiss.  I know then and there that I had to have her as a lover.

We kissed for a long time.  When the kiss broke, she asked me if I wanted to
show her how turned on I could become.  We went back to her apartment and sat
on the couch.  She lit another cigarette and we exchanged a number of smoky
kisses.  She finally stood up and lead me by the hand to her bedroom.  She
lit another cigarette and asked me to undress while she watched.  I slowly
removed my clothing as she enjoyed her cigarette.  Soon I was standing naked
in front of her.  She kissed me again and fondled my cock and balls for a few

Kim lit another cigarette and asked if I would like to watch her undress.
The answer was, of course, yes.  She clenched the cigarette in her lips and
undressed.  First off was her blouse and then her jeans.  I was amazed at the
sight of her tanned body in the her light blue bra and panties.  She took a
long drag on her cigarette then held it in her mouth as she removed her bra.
Her lovely breasts fell free from it, and I could see her large erect nipples
pointing from them.  She messaged her breasts briefly, took another drag from
her cigarette, then slipped off her panties to reveal her light brown pubic
mound and swollen labia.  I could see a small spot of moisture in the crotch
of her panties, and I knew she was as horny as I was.

We embraced and kissed for a few minutes as we enjoyed the feel of our hot
naked bodies against each other.  Kim lit another cigarette and lay on her
back on her bed.  As she lay there smoking, I explored her body with my hands
and mouth, spending a lot of time on her lovely breasts and wet pussy.  I
finally brought her to an orgasm.  Kim cried out with pleasure as she came.
I held her for a while until the moment had passed.  Now it was my turn.

Kim lit another cigarette and had me lie on my back..  She proceeded to give
me the most wonderful smoky blow job.  I was incredibly turned on as she blew
smoke on my cock and balls while she caressed, kissed, and sucked on me.  My
cock began to throb as I approached orgasm.  Kim must have been able to sense
this, because she took my cock in her mouth just as I came.  She swallowed
the whole load.

We snuggled on her bed kissing and hugging for a while.  I had never held a
woman while she smoked, and I was really turned on by it.  My cock was soon
hard again, a fact which did not escape Kim.  We kissed and fondled each
other for a while, then Kim lit another cigarette.  She rolled me onto my
back and climbed on top of me.  I felt my cock sliding into her warm wet
pussy as she lowered herself onto me.  She took a couple of deep drags on her
cigarette then began to move up and down on me.  I was really hot watching
her make love to me.  Her breasts were bouncing with each movement, and she
was holding the cigarette in her lips and smoking while we made love.  Soon
we both came with loud groans as I filled her hot pussy with my juices.  Kim
leaned forward and gave me a big smoky kiss.

We held each other and snuggled while Kim smoked one more cigarette.  We were
both spent and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Kim and I had a wonderful and long romance.  There are more stories to tell,
but those must wait for another time.

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