Makings of a Heavy Smoker

(by, 10 November 1995)

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Makings of a Heavy Smoker (long)

Some sex, if you might be offended, dont read!

Tess quickly lit up as soon as she got in the car and had four 
cigarettes, one right after another, during the 35 minute drive to Concord
for the job 
interview. She hadn't had a cigarette for more than three hours 
and her whole system craved nicotine.  Two hours she knew was 
her barely comfortable outside limit now to go without a 
cigarette, but she got stuck going over accounts.  As she chain smoked, 
dragged heavily and inhaled deeply, she decided that she would 
not accept any new job unless it be easier to smoke than at  the bank. She
really wanted to be able to smoke at her desk. 

On her twenty-nineth birthday she had finally conceded to herself 
that she  had  finally become a  very addicted and heavy smoker. But 
it was more than an addiction for her because she just loved to 
smoke.  She finally admitted to herself that she  actually 
wanted to be a heavy smoker and would never quit.  

The first thing Tess noticed when she entered the office was the 
smell of cigarette smoke. Lots of it. A very encouraging sign.  
She immediately decided that All Collections would not be a bad 
place to work.  

Cathy, the receptionist, invited Tess to sit down next to her 
desk. Tess noticed that Cathy was smoking Marlboros 100's and 
was obviously a heavy smoker if the large, full ash tray on her 
desk was any indication.  

Tess really wanted a cigarette badly even though she had just had 

While Cathy was on the phone, discussing some account, she 
chain lit another cigarette and emptied her ash tray. Tess was 
impressed. She noticed Tess watching, and when she got off the 
phone, asked, " Is the smoke bothering you?" 

Tess said, "God no, I smoke. I could really use a cirgarette now." 

"Oh, good, have one", Cathy responded as she dragged on her  
cigarette and pushed her pack and the ash tray towards Tess. 
"We're all very heavy smokers here. It goes with the job. Maria 
likes to hire heavy smokers. It will be one of the first 
question she asks. How much do you smoke?"  

"Great, I'm dying for one, but I will have one of my menthols." 
Tess fished in her purse for her cigarettes and lighter.  

Another woman, Tina, entered and picked up some papers. Tess 
noticed that she was smoking too. Tess lit her Virginia Slim 
Menthol 100, dragged and inhaled deeply. Tina said Maria would 
be ready to talk to her soon.  

Exhaling Tess said, "About two packs a day". 

"That's a little light for around here. I don't think anyone  
here smokes less than three now," Cathy said. "But then I 
didn't really start smoking heavily until I started working here 
either. When I started, I was only doing about a pack and half 
and thought that was a lot. God knows that I have doubled that 
and  need my three packs now. But it is easy to do when you spend so much
time on the phone or dealing with paperwork. "  

"God, me too," Tina added, "but I was already doing two packs 
when I started. I do three and half now. But I have been working 
here longer. It also helps that everyone else here is a heavy smoker. We 
are bad influences on each other. Plus the stress helps." 

"Yeah, I'm catching up , I'm slowly smoking more. There are days 
now when 3 packs are just not enough, like today." Tess added.  

"And we all drink at lot too. Seem like someone is always hung over around
here. Still want to work here with a bunch of decadent bitches?" Tina

"It will be a real treat to be able to work and smoke ," Tess said. "And I
certainly like to drink and have had  my share of hang overs. Sounds good
to me." 

"You can't smoke where you work? What a drag. I would never last 
in a job where I couldn't smoke. Especially now that I am a 
total heavy smoker. How do you do it?" Tess said exhaling.  

"God, I would never get anything done," Tina added as she lit another 
Salem 100. "I could never accept  a job like that now. I'm far 
too addicted and I like it. I get the shakes bad if I go too long without
a cigarette." 

"Well on breaks you can, but not at your desk. I smoke heavily at night to
make up for it," Tess said as she sucked her cigarette, inhaled deeply,
and said without exhaling, "It is real hassle at times. By late afternoon
I can get pretty desperate and cranky and I have to chain smoke on the way

"She's a heavy smoker. She going to fit in," Tina exclaimed.

Tess finished her cigarette just as Maria called on the intercom 
and said she was ready. Cathy showed Tess the way. Tess thought 
the office was glorious, large and sunny. Maria was a very 
attractive blue-eyed blond in her late thirties. Tess noticed 
immediately that she smoked regular, full-strength Virginia 

As Tess sat down, Maria introduced herself, lit a cigarette and 
briefly explained her company. Then asked, "You do  smoke?"  

"Very definately." 

"How much?" 

"Two to two and half packs a day", Tess responded as she lit up,  
not needing an invitation, snapping her zippo. 

"Not bad and bet you work in one of those horrible places where you can't
smoke. You're not thinking of quiting are you?" 

"Not if I can help it. I just love to smoke and I'm totally hooked. I gave
up thinking about quiting long ago. I can't smoke at work and that drives
me nuts at times." 

"Good. I only hire heavy smokers, something about that complusive 
behaviour makes for successful collectors. Joan quit and became 
impossible to work with and I let her go. Two packs a day is a 
little light for around here. If you're like everyone else and 
fit in, you'll do three packs anyway. We're all total heavy smokers 
here. This is a real smokers' paradise and we like that way. Can 
you handle that, if you start smoking that much? It goes with 
the job." 

"I smoke two packs now and I can't smoke at work except on 
breaks.I hate it. I smoke heavily in the car and at home to make up for it
my nicotine defiency.  I do more on weekends. I've been known to do 
three packs. It will be a real treat to smoke, one good reason 
I'm looking for another job. It won't be a problem. I just love to smoke."

"Excellent, I'm glad we got that solved. What about your 
husband? Will he complain?" 

"He's a heavy smoker too, smokes more than I do. In fact, he got me good
and hooked." 

"Really, how?"

"He offered me a cigarette when we were first going out. I liked it
immediately and he kept feeding me more. I think I got addicted very
quickly, but it was a while, at my sisters wedding two months later,
before I realized it." Tess explained.

"How did you know?"

"Because at the reception, I found myself dying for a cigarette but
couldnt smoke in front of my parents and lit up as soon as I got in the
car. I took a pack of cigs to work the next day. I have been a regular
smoker ever since."

"My mom asked me at 14 if I wanted to smoke. She is a heavy smoker." 
Maria said. "I said yes, but she made me promised not to start until I was
16. On my 16th birthday, she gave me a carton of Marlboros. " Maria took a
deep drag and continued. "My Aunt Jane was there and she gave me a lighter
and showed me how to open a pack properly. Mom taught me how to inhale. I
had a solid two pack habit in a year."

"What a mom," Tess said exhaling hard. 

"Good. Prefect. I am glad you are a true smoker. You just might fit in.
You'll both appreciate our smokers' coop then. Cartons go for $10 at the
moment, but we have to order monthly."  

"Do you drink too?" Maria continued. "Most of us are heavy drinkers too,
the stress you know."

"Absolutely." Tess answered. "I like my vodka."

"Me too. I think you will do well here then."

Maria and Tess talked for more than an hour while Tess smoked six 
cigarettes. Maria smoked seven.  Maria had no doubts about Tess 
smoking heavily; she inhaled deeply with obvious enjoyment, 
handled a cigarette well, and if she wasn't very total heavy 
smoker now, she soon would be once she started working here. She 
could spot a solid heavy duty smoker.  She already a little hack.. Tess
was an obvious 
candidate and would bet that she was a serious  drinker too. 

Tess was very impressed and wanted the job, especially since it 
offered $30K to start. She could hardly wait to tell Jake; he 
would love the smoking part, but she kinda did too. She knew she was
smolking more and not being able to smoke as much as she needed to during
the day was problem, especially on Mondays after a weekend of two packs a
day or better.  

She knew that she would smoke more, but she just needed a good 
excuse and the opportunity. She would ask Jake to encourage her 
to build up her habit; he would like that, if she got the job. 
Just knew it would a good place to work.  

She could hardly wait to tell Jake about the job possibility. She 
chained five cigarettes, inhaling deeply and with relish, on the 
way home, thinking about the job. She really wanted a stiff drink too. No
wine tonite.  She decided that she would make a point to smoke more at
breaks at the bank and as much as 
possible at lunch to build up her habit if she got the job. And 
then,  fuck it, she  was tired of  nicotine starvation and would 
take those breaks  whether she got the job or not and not feel 
guilty about it. 

At home she put her purse down and immediately lit a cigarette. 
She knew that Jake would be home soon so she mixed some martinis. 
It wasnt quite Friday but it was time to get really smashed; she had 
been looking forward to it all  day.  Hell, she knew that she was going to
drink heavily all weekend and even start early in the day. In fact, she
knew already that she was going to start her weekend a day early; she
really wanted to drink. 

She got another pack and placed it on the end table next to the  
drinks. She finished one and immediately lit another cigarette. 

Tess had almost finished her first martini  and had five 
cigarettes before  Jake came home. He was happy to see that she 
had  made drinks.  

"You are going to love what I have to tell you", she said  
dragging on her cigarette and not bothering to exhale. She 
drained her drink and poured herself another martini and one for 

"You got the job"? Jake asked as Tess went to make another pitcher 
of  Absolute martinis.  

"I don't know, but I think it looks good. And get this, the 
place is full of heavy duty smokers, three packers. Maria, that 
the boss, said she only hires heavy smokers. And at least some of them are
drinkers too."  

"Sounds great. Are you ready to concede that you're a heavy duty 
smoker and do three packs a day"? 

"What do you mean, Yeah,  I'm ready, I'll won't have to work too 
hard on it. I told them that I smoked more than two packs a 
day." Tess said as she lit a cigarette without bothering with her 
lighter. "It will be too easy in fact if I can smoke at work all 
day. Haven't you noticed how heavily I smoke when I work on the 
computer? I must be up to almost three packs day on Saturday and Sunday

"Yeah, you are."  

"But you'll have to encourage me to smoke more if I get the job; 
I'll have to practice. I do more on weekends and have been doing 
more than a pack and half during the week since Cindy started 
working. She conceded that she is really hooked, by the way, and 
is going to smoke as much as she wants. Jarda and I have been working on
her. She's buying cartons now. Of course, Jarda is a heavy smoker too and
is also buying cartons now. " 

" You will have to smoke more during the day at the bank to get 
ready." Jake said. 

Well, I have been the last few weeks. Haven't you noticed? I'm 
taking at least one break in the morning and afternoon to have a 
cigarette. I'm having at least three at lunch. I really can't go that long
without a cigarette 

"Yes, I have been buying more cartons for you. I would love to 
see you have a cigarette first thing in the morning with your 

"I am sure I can iron and smoke at the same time." 

Tess lit another cigarette and said, "I want you to eat me while 
I chain smoke right now. It's part of your encouragement. Get 
another martini first. No lets drain this pitcher and then fill 
a big glass with ice and just bring the vodka.  We gonna get really 
loaded and I don't want to break a glass. I want to really drink. No work
tomorrow; we're gonna have a long weekend Can you handle that?" 

Tess pulled her skirt down while Jake got the bottle. He found in 
her chair,  her martini glass empty, smoking with her finger up 
her cunt. She was very wet; he could see juices dripping from 
her vagina. She grabed the bottle and poured vodka all over the 
ice in the big glass.  She easily and smoothly downed half the glass,
chained a 
cigarette, and stated that she was ready. 

She did not let Jake up except to drink and suck her cigarette 
for more than an hour. She had chained eight Slims and refilled 
the glass. She came three times.  Then she did Jake. She sucked 
his cock while he smoked, drank, and fed her drags and sips.  Tess came
squirting on the floor, in mid drag, before he poured cum into 
her mouth.  

Good and hung over, the next morning Tess lit her first cigarette 
before she poured some Comfort in her first cup of coffee and called work.
felt very satisfied and not a bit guilty. She had already put in 50 hours.
She smoked heavily on 
Friday, drinking Comfort before switching to vodka tonics in the afternoon
then straight double vodkas at night, and  managed three packs and got
good and smashed again. On 
Saturday she did another three packs; her  a bad hang over lessened by
noon after her first vodka tonic. Tess went to get more vodka before
switching to double vodkas on the rocks. 

On Sunday, she managed another two packs, even though she went to bed 
early after only three double vodkas.

Tess knew she would get the job. She was right and gave her two 
weeks notice to the bank. Still she found that she started to 
smoke more immediately; didn't try to restrict herself, needed 
and wanted to, and even chained properly when she wanted to. By 
the end of the last two weeks at the bank, by smoking at lunch, 
taking at least three breaks just so she could smoke, and in the 
car she could do a pack well before diner. It was easy to do 
another pack or better at night.  She switched from wine at night to
straight double vodkas but could limit herself to two during the week. 

She made a point of trying to smoke three packs a day on the two 
weekends before she started the job. The first weekend was hard, 
but managed to on Saturday. The next weekend she did a carton, 
starting on Friday, and drank heavily all weekend.  She demanded that Jake
get her another carton 
on Sunday evening. 

Jake told that her that she should learn to start the day with a 
cigarette; he was right, that did help increase her habit.  

Soon she found that she needed to chain at certain times 
especially when she went more than an hour without a cigarette 
or when drinking.  

By the time she started the job, she had a solid two pack habit. 
She was pleased with herself, even though she could really feel 
her addiction when she was forced to go too long without a 

She needed to light up immediately in the morning before she got 
her first cup of coffee. Even after a heavy night of drinking 
and smoking, she needed that first cigarette badly no matter how 
hung over. Lunch time couldn't come soon enough the last two 
weeks at the bank; she needed at least two cigarettes before she 
could eat. Two more afterwards. She smoked as much as possible 
in the car; three on the way to work and four on the way home. 
At home she lit immediately and smoked heavily all night. A good 
pack and half was usual.  

She was pleased to find that her desk had a large ash tray, blue 
with small flowers, on it when she started her first day at the 
new job. She lit up immediately and started to put things away. 
Tess had grabbed a fresh pack of Slims to take to work the first 
day. She knew one wasn't going to be enough when she finished 
the entire pack at work by 3:30 and bummed Marlboros from Cathy 
or regular Slims from Maria. And on the way home and stopped at 
the first store to buy another. She had an easy two and a half 
pack day. 

By the end of the first two days, she knew that she need more 
than one pack for work. She started to take two.  She smoked 
heavily at night. She found that it was easy to smoke three 
packs if she could smoke all she wanted to at work. She loved 

Cathy and Tina encouraged her and were impressed with how 
easily she was able to keep pace with them. They knew she was a 
total heavy smoker when she complained bitterly of not being 
able to have a cigarette for more than two hours because she got 
stuck at meeting. Tess had to chain smoke one after another for 
the next hour and had eight.  

They were also delighted that Tess drank as much as they did. She
surprised them by ordering a matini for lunch and had two at their weekly
Wednesday hump day lunch.  

It took two months, but Maria was right. Tess developed a serious 
three pack habit and was teasing Jake that she was the heaviest 
smoker now. and encouraged him to smoke more which he did. She 
started her day with a cigarette and finished her first pack by 
the end of lunch. Her second by dinner. A third or better in the 
evening. She wasn't comfortable if her cigarettes were not in 
reach, and took them to bed in case she woke during the night 
and needed one.  

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