(by seafox, 15 October 2000)

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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by Seafox

   I lay down on the  red satin sheets very slowly.  My lover gently took my
hands in hers and used a length of black silk to tie my hands to the
intricately designed headboard behind me.  The white teddy she was wearing,
hung down from her round firm breasts, tracing a line  up my chest.
   "Tonight is the night that I promised," she whispered softly in my ear.  
   I could feel the blood pulsing in my ears as anticiaption welled up in me.
She had always promised to me that one day, she would smoke for me.  She had
discovered from my best friend that I had a certain "thing" for women that
smoke, had asked me about it once, I came clean, and that was the last I had
ever heard about it again.  She had told me then that in high school, she had
smoked quite often, but as soon as she got to college she quit.  
   I was curious, no-ecstatic to hear her tell me this.  
   She reached underneath her pillow, and very slowly and gracfully exracted
a very slender Eve 120 menthol.  She placed it between her full red lips and
brought it to the flame of a black candle that was lit and sitting on the
night stand next to her bed.  Her cheeks caved in as she took her first drag.
She turned to face me and showed me a perfect white ball of smoke swirling
around in her mouth.  The smoke began to languidly disappear down her throat.
She moaned softly as the creamy white smoke filled her lungs.  Her chest rose
as she inhaled.  She leaned down close to me and blew a perfect cone of thick
white smoke on my chest.
   She placed the cigarette back in her mouth and began to draw on it.
Another round ball of smoke appeared in her mouth, but this time she leaned
back towards me and pressed her lips to mine in a fiery passionate kiss.  I
could taste her tougne and the rich menthol smoke pouring from her and I
inhaled it as a deeply as I could.  I exhaled her smoke back into her.  As
she held in my smoke, she took a cheekhollowing drag from her 120 and dense
white smoke fluttered past her lip as she french inhaled for what seemed like
a whole minute.  She tilted her head into the air and blew a thick cone of
smoke that hung in the moonlight pouring through window.  
   She began to trace her fingers along my firm, tight belly, and moved her
delicate fingers down to my pelvis where she very gently began to massage my
clit.  Her body pressed against mine and she took another drag, and began to
suck on my nipple, as she was sucking smoke poured from her nostrils.  I
moaned softly as ripples of ecstasy coursed through my body.  Slowly her head
moved down and I felt her lick between my legs.  I fought vainly against the
silken bonds.  
   She moved her head back up, and I saw her dark, smoldering eyes look into
mine, and I could not move.
I was held.
   She brought the cigarette back up to her lips and treated me to a triple
pump that filled her lungs with rich, white smoke.  She let her mouth hang
open, lips slightly parted and cascades of sweet smoke poured on my face as
her fingers massaged my pussy faster and faster.  I could only feel her hands
and all I breathed was her smoke.  Nothing else in the world matter.  She
kept blowing her smoke on me until I was exhaling her smoke.  I began to
shudder as I reached my climax.  
   As I began to come, she took an enormous drag off of her cigarette and
inhaled it lightly and pressed her lips to mine.  My orgasmic cry was cut
short by a huge lungful of smoke.  I could feel the warm rich smoke sliding
down my throat and into my lungs where my lungs greedily absorbed it.   I
came over and over, until finally my body had no more energy.  And I lay
there, immobile.

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Smoking From All Sides ( Glamor - Pics | Female Celebrity Smoking List )
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