The Hitchhiker, Part 1

(by, 25 August 1995)

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From: (Vjnxrw573)
Subject: The Hitch Hiker Part 1 of 3 (long)
Date: 25 Aug 1995 18:54:07 -0400
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This is part 1 of 3 of "The Hitch Hiker, a story about Jenette and
Debbie:  It was early morning and Jenette Davis, 33, had been driving
for 13 hours straight, staying alert on a steady dose of caffeine and
nicotine. Jenette crushed out another Kool Long in the ash tray of her
Mercedes 320SL as she reflected "..this visit with mom is long overdue,
I've postponed it long enough. Christ, I haven't seen her going on
three years now, but with my new job and transfer to LA there just
hasn't been time, until now." Jenette's attention was quickly diverted
as she spotted a lone figure about a quarter of a mile ahead on the
shoulder, holding a sign. As she closed in she could make out that it
was clearly a young girl, no more then 15, holding a sign which read
"Tampa or Bust". Recalling the many Unsolved Mysteries tales she had
watched she thought it might be best to offer this vulnerable young
lady a ride. Besides, she reasoned "I could sure use some company on
this crueling drive.". Jenette pulled off, finally stopping about 30
yards in front of the hitchhiker. The figure picked up her bag and
hurried to the passenger side as Jenette cracked the window about half
way to facilitate communication. "Hi, I'm Debbie, thanks for stopping,
I'm headed to Tampa, how far are you going?" Jenette leaned over while
un clicking the lock and replied "hop in, I'm going to Winterpark, FLA.
Just put your bag in the back seat. Debbie flung her sign into the
drainage ditch beside the shoulder and jumped in. After half an hour of
polite introductions, the monotony of the drive returned and Jenette
was ready to light up another cigarette. Courteously, she offered
Debbie one as she shook one loose for herself. Debbie turned cold and
sarcastically replied "Oh you smoke, how WONDERFUL". Jenette lit up
anyway and began to ponder why she had offered this stranger a ride,
half thinking how interesting it would be to see her on a future
episode of Unsolved Mysteries so she could call Robert Stack personally
and say, "hey, I saw that girl, August 25th on I64 East just outside of
a Phoenix truck stop.". Instead, Jenette took a long drag and commented
"yes, I'm afraid I do. Why is that a problem for you?" Debbie spoke
indignantly now, saying "Unfortunately, mom in Tampa smokes too, that's
why I went to live with dad in Phoenix. No matter how miserable I made
her life, she wouldn't quit. I've been staying with my dad for two
years now, but he is sending me back since he's getting re married next
month. Don't you know, for every minute you smoke, you loose a minute
of life?" Jenette just smiled and took a long, deep drag and, while
exhaling, said, "Oh, so you mean George Burns should live to be 196,
since he is now 98 and still smokes?".  Debbie settled quietly into her
seat, saying under her breath "I'd really like to know what you smokers
see in your nasty habit, anyway." as she cracked her window nearly half
way down.  For her part, Jenette was beginning to feel sorry she had
picked up the ungrateful hitch hiker, mumbling under her breath
"wonderful, I've picked up an anti-smoking runaway", but at the same
time was intrigued by her last comment, that she wanted to know what
smokers found so appealing about smoking.  The endless miles ticked off
silently, as neither one spoke for an hours.  The silence was broken
when Jenette reached for another cigarette, only to discover the pack
was empty. She announced casually to Debbie "I've got to pull off at
the next stop, I'm out of cigarettes.". Debbie, seeming annoyed angrily
demanded, "C'mom Jenette, were making great time now, and you still
have over half a tank.  Let's keep going. You should quit anyway, it's
disgusting!" Jenette, now angry herself, stated "Look, I am a smoker, I
enjoy smoking. I like to smoke and have no plans of quitting, or even
cutting back, just because some smart #@& little girl who has no clue
what smoking is all about has appointed herself Surgeon General!  Do I
make myself clear, Dearee?" Debbie's eyes got wide, as she had pushed
her anti-smoking agenda for several hours now without resistance. She
reconsidered her situation and replied "OK, I guess it's all right. I
just don't know what you find so important about smoking. I'm sorry."
Again, Jenette began thinking, "Debbie has announced twice now that she
doesn't understand. Since I'm destined to spend three more days with
this ungrateful and naive winch, maybe I should help her understand.
It's not like her mom, a smoker herself, is going to jump all over me
for educating her little daughter about the very thing that has caused
the riff in the first place. Besides,  I think Debbie might lighten up
a little if she learned to light up." Jenette pulled off and found a
convenience store. She then handed Debbie a ten and instructed her to
ask for four packs of Kool Longs, not Kool Lights, not Kool Kings, but
Kool Longs.  Debbie snatched the bill and went inside commenting "I
still don't know what you see in this, yellow teeth, bad breath,
cancer, etc." Jenette looked at herself in the rear view mirror,
smiling devilishly and thinking "poor Debbie, she doesn't understand
now, but by the time we get to Florida, I think she will begin to. Just
wait..." (Part 2 of 3 coming soon)

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