Honor Among Thieves, Part 3

(by Smokehut, 29 June 2008)

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By Smokehut 


This time, at three in the morning, Jessica wasn't waiting for Josh when he 
arrived at the steps. In five minutes or so, she walked out of the darkness 
of the trees and sat down. 

"Sorry I'm late," she said. "I had to do a little preparing." 


Jessica reached into her purse and retrieved a freshly rolled joint. 

"You blaze?" she asked. 

"Oh, yeah," said Josh, "but, man, this is dangerous. The smell ... somebody 
might happen by." 

"I wouldn't worry about it," she said, lighting the joint. "Everybody's too 
tired from practicing all day." 

Jessica exhaled. "Everybody but us." 

Josh took a hit, held it in for a few seconds, exhaled and passed the weed 
back to Jessica. 

"This is dangerous as shit," he said finally. 

"Resistance is futile," Jessica replied. 

They sat entranced in the darkness, quietly talking as the mellow buzz 

"So when did you first blaze?" Jessica asked. 

"Last summer," Josh replied. "I've only done it a few times. Five, maybe." 

"Me, too. That's really how I started smoking ... uh, cigarettes." 

"Let me guess," Josh said. "It's a cheap afterbuzz." 

"What?" She giggled. 

"You get high, and then you're starting to come down from the buzz, and a 
cigarette brings it right back." 

"That's true," Jessica said. "I don't think I had really thought about it, 
to tell the truth, but's fuckin' true. You're right." 

"I was out with some friends -- it was, maybe, the third time I blazed -- 
and one of my best friends -- I can't tell you who, 'cause, y'know, ou 
gotta be cool about shit like this -- and I was sitting there fucked up, 
and he pulls out a pack of Marlboro Reds, man." 

"That's kind of like my experience," she said. 

"Well, I was, like, shocked. I said, 'Man, you smoke?" and he blew out a 
big plume and said, 'Well, obviously,' and everybody just cracked up. 

"And then I said, well, like, why? And my friend, he said, 'It makes the 
buzz better, man.' And I was, like, 'No shit?' 

"And then he asked, 'You want one?' Jessica interrupted. 

"Yeah. That's right." 

"And the fucking rest," concluded Jessica, "is history." 

Josh thought a moment. "Your deductive reasoning is pretty solid," he said. 

Jessica handed Josh a Marlboro Red, gave him a light and lit one for 

"That's good," Josh said. "A strong cigarette will bring back more buzz." 

She opened her purse to show Josh its contents. "See," she said, "I got 
Marlboro Lights for later." 

"This is, like, weird," Josh said. "You do everything just like me." 

Jessica smiled in the darkness. 

"You blazed first, then you started smoking the same way," Josh said. "When 
you're high, you smoke Red first, then go to the Lights. It's the same way 
I am." 

"Did it occur to you," she asked, "that maybe the same guy who you got high 
with, got high with me, too?" 

Josh started to speak, then stopped. He thought a minute. 

"May be," he said, "but I'm not gonna say. "I know this sounds weird, but 
you gotta be honorable with things like this. It's gotta be a secret. The 
stakes are too high. People talk, man. There ain't nothing wrong with 
blazing, but the fact remains: You gotta be careful. You gotta deal with 
people you can trust." 

"Well, then, I won't tell you, even though we both know who it is," Jessica 
said. "I'll be honorable, as you say. It can be a test. It can show you I 
can be trusted, too. I passed it." 

"Yeah. You did. You know what we should do now?" 


"We should fuck," Josh said. 

"Are you up to it? Is that back limber?" 

"I'm so relaxed right now, I'd sit through a hurricane." 

Jessica rolled over to straddle Josh and began pulled his shorts down, a 
cigarette dangling from her lips. She inhaled deeply and repeatedly exhaled 
through her nostrils. Josh's penis snapped to attention. She quickly tossed 
the cigarette aside and fell upon him, kissing him and sending the last 
cloud of smoke cascading toward his lungs. Then she rose and began riding 
him like a mechanical bull. Then, smoothly, Jessica swooned to her right 
and brought him down on top of her. After turning to his own animal 
instincts and continuing to pump for what seemed like forever, Josh rolled 
off and lie on his back, shorts laying somewhere nearby and one sleeve of 
his tee shirt nearly ripped completely off. They both lie exhausted, 
though, after a few moments, Jessica lit another cigarette. Josh was about 
to request one. 

"What the ...?" 

Oh, fuck. It was a voice. It was Coach Hargett's voice. Harry Fucking 

The old head coach walked slowly out of the darkness. Jessica was 
completely nude. Incredibly, she didn't even put out her cigarette. 

"Son, we can't have this," Hargett said, but Josh noted with some amusement 
that he was looking at Jessica's tits as he was talking to Josh. 

It was probably rather shocking to the coach that neither was making the 
slightest attempt to cover up or pull their clothes back on. Then again, 
maybe not. 

"Josh," Hargett said quietly, "I know what marijuana smells like." 

Oh, shit, Josh thought. Worst possible scenario. 

"I can't abide this," said Hargett. "You're done. You're the best football 
player I got, son, but I can't let how talented you are get in the way of 
what's right." 


Hargett waved it off. Amazingly, he still didn't raise his voice. And he 
kept staring at Jessica's boobs. 

"This isn't going to stop with the team, either," said Hargett. "I'm going 
to turn around, go back to the bunkhouse, and while you're packing your 
stuff, I'm going to thumb you and this girl -- you're a cheerleader, aren't 
you, miss? -- a ride with the authorities." 

Josh again tried to protest, but Hargett turned around with finality. 

Jessica turned and said "take this," handing Josh her cigarette. She turned 
to head for Hargett. Josh grabbed her arm. 

"He's a good man," he said. 

"I know," Jessica retorted. "That's the problem." 

"Hey, Coach!" she yelled. Surprisingly, Hargett turned around. 

"We can make a deal," she purred quietly. 

"Ain't gon' be no deal." 

"Oh, there's gonna be a deal, all right," Jessica said, and she sprang on 
him. She was like a swarm of fire ants, or bees. She grabbed the old, 
gray-headed, overweight coach and ... ravished him. He tried to resist. He 
couldn't even slap her off him. Hargett staggered backward but couldn't 
keep a sufficient pace in his retreat. He and Jessica fell backwards 
through the picket fence that bordered the small path to the dining hall's 
side. Josh sat there, still holding Jessica's cigarette and watched Jessica 
force herself on the old man. She jacked his dick, then wrapped her lips 
around it and continued pumping away. Old guy could still get it up. He 
was, like, hyperventilating. He couldn't get the girl off him and Josh 
wondered how much he wanted to. 

Then everything came to a stop. Jessica Riggs had fucked Harry Hargett to 

The reality erased any semblance of a buzz in Josh Tomlinson. 

"Jessica! Holy shit! We're going to jail. We've, like, so fucked up." 

Jessica regained her composure, that is, if she had ever lost it. 

"No, we're not," she said, shaking Josh. "No, we're fucking not." 

"But ..." 

"Shhhh," she said. "Be quiet and listen to me very carefully." 

"But ..." 

Jessica slapped Josh in the face. Hard. 

"Shut up," she said. He shut up. 

"No one will do a thing. It would be too embarrassing. We're both going to 
put our clothes back on, and then we're going to sneak back into our bunks, 
and in the morning everyone but Coach Hargett will be fine." 

"But they'll investigate." 

"No, they fucking won't. We're gonna leave Hargett right there, laying dead 
on his ass through a broken fence, with his pants down and his dick hard." 

Josh was almost afraid to look, but he peered over. It was. 

"The coaches will all be up a half hour before anyone else, like they 
always are," Jessica said. "They'll come down here to set up breakfast, and 
they'll find that old fart dead on the ground, and they'll figure he was 
getting him some, and they'll cover it up. It'll be like it never happened. 
They won't want to know What hot little tart sent the old boy off for one 
final cruise to the islands." 

It was funny, but Josh couldn't muster a laugh. 

"The only way anything will ever happen is if either one of us ever tell," 
she said. "You remember what you said about being honorable about that 
shit? That illegal shit? What is this but illegal shit?" 

"Oh, it's some shit, all right." 

"We've got no choice, but the choice is ours. You don't tell anybody. You 
don't text. You don't IM. You don't chat. You don't tell your friends, you 
don't tell your priest, you don't tell Bobby Fuckin' Allen who taught you 
and me both how to smoke dope and cigarettes. You don't even mention it me. 
This is the ultimate honor," she said. "Honor among thieves." 

Josh had no choice. She was right. 

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