Hot Hello, Part 1

(by Dar, 08 March 1999)

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Hot Hello: Part I
By Dar

The following story contains many detailed descriptions of cigarette smoking,
and sexual arousal induced by smoking. Only adults who desire to read such a
story should continue.

"Hello," she said. "Are you ready for your final lesson, Sam? I promise you
that it will be hot! Now, don't make a sound. Just watch carefully, and I'll
show you everything."

Sam watched closely as Claire picked up her new pack of Benson & Hedges gold
100's. Turning it upside down, she rapped the top of the pack six times
against the back of her left hand. With her carefully manicured red
fingernails, she found the small cellophane strip at the top of the pack and
pulled it around and off. Claire lifted the gold foil at the left end of the
pack and tapped out the tip of one cigarette.

With her left hand, Claire extracted the long, white cigarette from the pack,
and studied it for a moment. The white filter tip, held close in front of her
lips, looked beautifully large and round to her, and the length of the
cigarette seemed to magnify and extend itself. Claire placed the filter in her
mouth. Her lips, frosted with a bright red lipstick, sealed firmly around the
filter near where it joined with the tobacco, so that the tip of the filter
was inserted deep in her mouth. With her right hand she picked up a red Bic
lighter, and spun the mechanism to produce a steady flame. She lifted the
flame to the end of the cigarette, and began to suck. The tip of the cigarette
ignited. Claire continued sucking until she had a nice round quarter inch of
the tobacco burning. She then released the smoke from the corner of her mouth
and resealed her red lips around the filter.

Sam saw thick smoke rising briefly from the end of the cigarette, until Claire
started again to suck on the filter. Drawing the smoke into her mouth, she
continued to slowly pull on the Benson & Hedges for five full seconds. With
her right hand fingers formed in an elegant "V" around the shaft of the
cigarette, Claire withdrew it from her mouth. She opened her red lips,
exposing a large white ball of thick smoke. Then she began to breathe in, and
Sam saw the smoke disappear down her throat, as her lungs expanded and her
breasts rose.

Claire leaned over on the sofa, turning her head so that it was directly in
front of Sam's face. With her lips parted in a slight smile, she softly began
blowing the smoke from her lungs all around the perimeter of Sam's face, and
then toward the center of it. Claire could see the smoke disappearing into
Sam's nose. "You were sniffing the smoke in, weren't you?" Claire asked, "and
you liked it, didn't you?" Sam smiled and nodded.

Placing the cigarette in her mouth again, Claire pulled a large volume of
smoke into her mouth with a long drag, popped the ball of smoke in front of
her lips, and then inhaled deeply. This time she exhaled the sweet smoke
directly onto the lower half of Sam's face, aiming for the lips. Sam opened
them slightly, and began breathing in the smoke, having learned to do so on
the three previous lessons which Claire had given in as many nights. Claire's
stream of smoke continued, thick and warm, as Sam completed breathing in

"This time, don't breathe out yet," Claire said, as she put a finger to Sam's
lips. She again placed her Benson & Hedges deep between her lips. Her head now
was only six inches in front of Sam's face, who could feel the heat from the
burning red tip of Claire's cigarette, as she began pulling more smoke into
her mouth. The tip of the cigarette glowed brightly as her long drag
continued. Again she removed the long white cylinder from her lips and opened
them to show the big ball of smoke. Removing her finger from Sam's lips, she
crooked it toward her face in a gesture for Sam to blow smoke toward her. Sam
obediently did so, although only the faintest wisp of smoke showed, while
Claire used it to inhale deeply the ball of smoke in her mouth into her lungs.
She smiled, leaned forward, and once again blew her thick smoke onto Sam's
waiting lips.

"More?" she murmured. As Sam nodded, Claire again placed the cigarette in her
mouth, and pulled hard. Sam again felt the heat of the burning tip. Keeping
the cigarette between her lips, Claire opened the corner of her mouth and
pulled in just enough air to start her mouthful of smoke moving toward her
lungs, and then she resealed her lips to begin her second pump. A few wisps of
smoke began to drift from her nostrils. She took in another tiny bit of air,
and started her third pump of smoke from the Benson & Hedges. She took her
time, enjoying the warm feeling of the smoke already in her lungs, as she
filled her mouth seemingly beyond its capacity. 

Claire popped open her lips, showing a massive ball of opaque white smoke. She
let it sit on her red lips for just a moment, and a few tendrils of smoke
began to slide down her chin. But then Claire began breathing in, pulling in
from the bottom of her lungs, to luxuriously fill herself completely with the
full triple pump of warm smoke. Sam saw the smoke flow into Claire, and felt
the pressure as her warm breasts expanded. She closed her lips, smiled, and
moved her lips to Sam's face, which was softly surrounded by her long blonde
hair. Timing her move so that Sam had just finished breathing out, she pushed
her lips in between Sam's, forcing them to open and seal tightly around hers.
And then Claire began pumping her smoke through Sam's lips and mouth , so that
it went down deep into the eagerly waiting lungs.

Putting one finger on Sam's lips to close them and keep the smoke inside,
Claire brought her cigarette to the corner of her lips and filled her own
mouth again with smoke. She pulled Sam's lips onto hers, and began sucking the
smoke from Sam's lungs back into herself, using it to inhale the smoke already
in her mouth. As she felt her lungs again full, Claire kept her lips sealed
and forced the entire mass of smoke back, deep into Sam's lungs.

"Watch...," she said, as she leaned back to let Sam exhale the smoke. This
time the smoke came out in a thick cloud. While this exhale was floating into
the air, Claire was inhaling another double pump. As soon as Sam had blown all
the smoke out, she pressed their lips tightly together, and again forcefully
blew in the warm, thick smoke.

"I can see that you are enjoying this," Claire said, as she extinguished the
first cigarette. "So now I am going to light another cigarette, and blow the
smoke into your mouth, over and over without stopping, until I smoke the whole
cigarette. Keep your lips up against mine, and breath in each time I am ready
to give you my smoke. You can just let the smoke out through your nose as I am
taking my next puff. And Sam," she added, "make sure that you suck hard and
pull the smoke deep into your lungs each time."

Claire lit the Benson and Hedges, and took one modest puff to get it going
evenly. Then she pressed the left half of her lips against Sam's mouth,
brought the cigarette to the right side of her mouth, and sealed the right
corner of her lips around it, as the cigarette stuck out at an angle to her
right. As Claire began pulling on the cigarette, Sam's cheek felt the heat
from its glowing tip.

Claire finished pulling the smoke into her mouth, withdrew the cigarette, and
inhaled deeply into her lungs, mixing the smoke with air. Then she pressed her
lips fully against Sam's and blew in the rich smoke. She could feel the
eagerness with which Sam sucked the smoke out of her lungs. Without taking a
breath, she returned the Benson and Hedges to the corner of her mouth and
pulled in another deep drag, as she noticed smoke beginning to exit from Sam's
nose. She inhaled deeply and again pressed her lips tightly against Sam's to
deliver another dose of smoke. Again Sam pulled the smoke from her.

Two more times Claire repeated the process but these times she dragged deeply
but inhaled only moderately, so that there was less air and more smoke to blow
into Sam's lungs. Each time she could see the smoke exiting from Sam's nose
and coming down across her own lips which were always pressed tightly against
Sam's, only loosening slightly on the right side so that she could pull in
more smoke from the cigarette each time. 

Next Claire took a modest drag but kept the smoke in her mouth without
inhaling at all, and now time she forced the raw smoke directly into Sam's
mouth. Hearing a soft murmur of enjoyment from Sam, Claire brought the rapidly
disappearing white cylinder to her lips for a massive drag, converting the
last third of the cigarette into warm smoke in her mouth and throat. Again she
did not inhale. Claire pressed their lips fully together one last time, and
was surprised by the suction which Sam used to pull the smoke from her mouth.
She leaned back, putting out the cigarette in an ash tray as she watched Sam
hold the smoke down for a few seconds and then blow it out in a remarkably
thick exhale.

"It's time for your own cigarette, don't you think?" urged Claire. "You are
going to like it. In fact, I can tell that you will like it a lot. Right?" Sam
nodded in agreement.

 As Sam smiled, she pulled two Benson and Hedges from the gold package, and
put them both in her lips. Once again she flicked the lighter and held the
flame to the tips of the cigarettes as she sucked in. The smoke popped out of
the corners of her mouth, and then she sealed her lips tightly to pull in a
big drag from the two cigarettes at once. Sam saw the massive ball of dense
smoke disappear down Claire's throat as she smiled in relaxed satisfaction.
She then handed over one of the cigarettes while leaning forward and covering
Sam's face with her thick smoke.

"Go ahead," Claire instructed. "Put it in your mouth. Wrap your lips around it
tightly. Just hold it there for a moment and watch the smoke rising from the
cigarette, right before your eyes. Now watch me, Sam, and begin pulling the
smoke into your mouth just like I am doing." Claire took a medium drag, and
continued, "Feel it, Sam. It's warm. You like it, don't you? Okay, take the
cigarette out," she said, "and breath in air to carry the smoke down into your
lungs. Blow it out now."

Sam blew out a modest but certainly visible exhale, which wasn't nearly as
rich looking as the smoke pouring from Claire's mouth. "Okay," said Claire.
"Now, I know that you want to get more smoke, like I just did. So put the
cigarette between your lips. Keep sucking," she urged, "to get as much in your
mouth as you can. More. Suck on it, Sam. C'mon, still more. There, I think
you're full. Hold it in your mouth for just a second, while I fill up with

Claire took a quick but deep drag on her Benson and Hedges, and inhaled it.
"Now open your lips," she directed, "and begin breathing the smoke deep into
your lungs." Claire exhaled, again blowing her smoke into Sam's lips to make
the smoke as rich as possible. "Hold the smoke deep in your lungs for just a
couple seconds. Now purse your lips so that there is just a small opening, and
see how far out you can blow your smoke," she said.

As Sam exhaled a rich plume of smoke, Claire smiled. "You are doing

"You want even more, don't you?" said Claire. As Sam smiled and nodded, she
tapped the ash from the cigarette, and continued the smoking lesson. 

"This time, Sam, I want you to put the cigarette between your lips, and just
start sucking on it, real slow," Claire said. "Let the smoke start filling up
your mouth and throat, and then just keep on sucking on the cigarette. Pull
more and more smoke into your mouth and throat, Sam, but don't stop there.
Start pulling the smoke directly from the cigarette down into your lungs. Just
pull real slow, like I said, Sam, and you can smoke nearly all of the rest of
your cigarette in this one huge drag. Okay?" Sam nodded. "And Sam, one more
thing, while you are pulling in all your smoke, I am going to play with my
cigarette a little, just to make it an extra treat for you. All right. Here we

Sam sealed his lips around the cigarette and began drawing in smoke. Meanwhile
Claire took a quick pull on her cigarette, and french inhaled the smoke right
in front of Sam's face. As smoke began to exit from her nose, Claire quickly
started another deep drag, watching all the while as Sam continued on with the
immense deep drag on the rapidly disappearing Benson and Hedges. Claire popped
her ball of smoke in front of Sam's face, inhaled deeply, and then began
puffing out the smoke in short little bursts, right at Sam's lips, over and
over as Sam finally seemed to finish the draw.

"Breath in all your smoke now," said Claire, as she took another deep drag on
her cigarette. "And now blow all your smoke into me," she said, pressing their
lips together again.

Claire used Sam's exhale to inhale her smoke, and then they began blowing the
smoke back and forth between themselves, as they kept their lips locked

Finally, it was time for them both to pull apart. Sam and Claire both took
final deep drags on their cigarettes, before putting them in the ashtrays.

"So, now I want to know how you feel about smoking," said Claire. "Do you love
it like I do? Does the feeling of the smoke rushing into your lungs give you a
thrill? Most important, do you think you will want to keep smoking, Sam?"
asked Claire


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