House Of Them, Part 1

(by Wall Yams, 07 January 2008)

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House of Them
by Wall Yams

Part One

  Alicia was good looking, seventeen, had beautiful breasts and a sudden
raging desire to satisfy men. She had to be the sexiest underage female at
her high school, and was now looking forward to a summer of emotions on high,
if you know what I mean, before venturing into her senior year.

  She had values, but abstinence was for the dogs in her eyes, even though
dogs can't get married unless they have overwhelmingly rich masters, who I
wish would give me the money instead of using it to unite dogs in holy
matrimony. Ah, a few extra thousand sure would hit the pocket nicely.

  Anyway, her name was Alicia Harriet Strong, and she was skinny as a
literal yellow line and had the bronze hair of an Olympic goddess. She was
tall and just made you realize how talented of a creator God truly is. She
could've easily made a career out of luring men and then snatching all their
goods, but like i say, she had values.

  As this ramble ends, we find her sitting in her living room, watching a
soap opera with her mother, and wondering who was going to be the first boy
she was going to meet this summer, because he was in for a night. As long as
he wasn't a geek. She had values, remember.

  She smiled as she dreamed on. Her mother assumed that her daughter was
having a most enjoyable day, so she might not get too angry if she lit up a
cigarette.  Alicia didn't strongly hate her mother's smoking, but didn't find
it enjoyable in the least. But Georgina Strong had a strong addiction to
nicotine and was never fully satisfied if Alicia was around to complain. But
she didn't care; the soap was a bit dramatic today as the plot really
thickened and she was having cravings anyway. She picked up her pack of
Virginia Slims 120s and shook one out, placed it in her mouth, and fumbled
with the lighter to light it. As she did, she did an extreme double-pump and
smiled as nicotine re-warmed her body and soul.

   It took Alicia about half of her mom's cigarette for her to register that
Georgina was smoking yet another. Her third since lunch just over an hour
ago, and this time Alicia was actually in the room. But her mind didn't care
too much; her boy dreams were really quite something today. She just merely

   "Mom, why?"

   "Because I want to, and I'd like no shit from you."

   "Okay. I'm going out now. Is that alright?"

   "When will you be back?"

   "At your rate today, about two packs from now." Alicia got up, put on
some flip-flops to show off her extremely sexy feet, grabbed her purse and
left the house.

   "Finally," her mother muttered through a drag. "Thought she'd never
leave. Now to plant my seeds." The soap was over for the day, so she crushed
out her cigarette in her overloaded ashtray and headed up to her room. She
went into her closet, made her carton of VS120s visible and took two more
packs out of it.  She had learned that a curious but cautious to-be smoker
would more likely take a pack out of a carton when it was partially consumed
instead of full or near empty. She noted there were seven packs left, and
smiled as she imagined one of them mysteriously disappearing. Knowing Alicia
would probably be back within three hours because her boy supply wouldn't be
so grand this early into summer vacation, Georgina hurried to devise a plan
to get her daughter to be at peace with smoking.

   She took one of the two packs and put it in Alicia's bathroom, opened it,
and took five cigarettes out of it. She lit one, smoked it rapidly, still
welcoming the nicotine she really didn't need yet, and stamped it out in the
ashtray sitting in the corner by the sink. Every room in her house had at
least one ashtray, even if Alicia was the only one occupying them. Hell, even
Alicia's room had a couple that were only used when the mother daughter combo
had been going through the ruts after Hall Strong had died in that train

   She moved to the kitchen, where Alicia worked on her whatevers and had
her snacks. She placed the other pack on the table, again taking five out of
it and smoking one to put into the ashtray Alicia always emptied for her mom.
Then she took the eight cigarettes she had at hand and put into her current
pack to bring it up to thirteen.  She placed it atop the mantle by her
overloaded ashtray, which was where she stored them anyway.

   She went to the store and bought two more cartons, took them home,
and hid them away for herself. After all, she didn't want to ruin any of her
plan. She took out a fresh pack and started working on it immediately.

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