House Of Them, Part 4

(by Wall Yams, 07 January 2008)

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House of Them
by Wall Yams

Part 4

   Alicia woke up to her second day of smoking not even thinking about
it. She looked at her clock and saw that it was past ten, so she knew
she had missed her mother. She groggily got up and wandered down to her
kitchen in her lingerie to get a bit of breakfast.

   She found a note on the table that stated:

   Dear Alicia,
   Sorry I missed you this morning. Had to go in early, around eight,
to see about my new tasks. Left my pack of cigarettes in your room;
sorry, must have carelessly left them there. Also took the pack out of
your bathroom. Need you to get the spare lampshades out of my closet;
getting tired of our old ones in the living room. Please exchange them.


  Alicia had to run back upstairs. She found that her pack was indeed
missing from her room, and the bathroom came up empty too. Having not
even thought about the smoking part of life yet today, Alicia now wanted
one. But she was sort of SOL for the moment.

   She ate breakfast and decided against getting dressed. Even if a guy
came over, would he mind if she was lounging around in next to nothing?
Hell, even a full-blown queer would get aroused by the current sight of
her. She instead went to her mother's room and got up on a chair to get
the other set of lampshades down.

   She looked around on the top shelf of the closet and her heart pace
increased gradually as she eyed the carton and pulled it to her. She
then looked into it and found that three were missing- just perfect for
her to take one. Looking around surreptitiously, she pulled a pack out
and pushed the carton back. She decided the lampshades would have to

   She hurried to her room, slammed the door shut in her haste, and
flopped down onto her bed with lighter and ashtray in her hand. She tore
the pack open and stared at it after removing the foil. There they were:
twenty white filters facing her, ready to be turned dark brown by her
drags, and ready to please her. With anticipated excitement, she managed
to get one in her fingers and put it to her mouth. Now knowing how much
better it was going to be lit, she clicked the lighter and brought the
flame to the tip of the white cylinder and sucked. As was already
expected, smoke filled her mouth before she removed the VS120 and blew
the smoke out.

   She placed the filter into her mouth again and sucked a generous
amount of smoke in and drew it right on down into her nice, pink lungs.
She felt the nicotine going to her brain and started to get a slight
buzz. Wanting more in an instant, she brought the filter up to her mouth
as she exhaled and sucked a very large amount of smoke in, making the
tip grow bright red and her body go into a real nice sense of peace. She
exhaled it slowly, not even bothering to remove the filter from her
mouth. She proceeded to take a smaller drag and let the buzz continue.
She pulled the cigarette out of her mouth to trim it and noted how dark
the filter had become. She smiled as she thought of how much fun it was
to fuck up her body.

   She ended up smoking it to the butt and then having to lay down a
while to enjoy the full buzz. After that she smiled at the thought of
another cigarette, but remembered the lampshades and decided to do that
and then have a smoke after lunch. Then she asked herself, "Why the hell
not during lunch? I can eat up in my room at my desk, can't I?"

   So by noon the lampshades had been exchanged and a large salad along
with a turkey sandwich sat on her desk with a Mountain Dew, her ashtray,
and her increasingly beloved pack of cigarettes. She sat down, took a
few bites of salad, and smiled as she pulled another white cylinder out
of the pack, placed it in her mouth, and fired it up.  She inhaled all
of the smoke this time as she ate, truly enjoying the
combination. She just loved it as she got closer to smoking the
cigarette to the filter. She finally put it out, feeling a new buzz and
a sense of fullness after eating her meal.

  Bud came over later that afternoon and they really did play games,
like Scrabble and strip poker. It was fun, but Alicia didn't feel the
need for a fuck today. She was actually enjoying just having Bud around.
By nine, her mother had come home and had met Bud. By ten, Bud was gone
and Alicia was readying for bed, wanting another cigarette but knowing
she'd have to do it in the morning. She laid the pack under her spare
pillow, smiling as she thought of waking up to a lungful or two of
delicious buzz producing smoke.

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