How I Started Smoking

(by, 15 September 1995)

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Subject: How I started smoking
Date: 15 Sep 1995 16:34:59 -0400
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Since I've had so many people ask me how I started smoking I thought I'd
tell the whole story....

 I guess I should start by letting you know how I met my boyfriend since
he's the reason I smoke. I first met my boyfriend when I was about six -
(he's ten years older). We used to visit my aunt's house and he cleaned
her pool. I didn't realize it at the time but he was doing more than
cleaning the pool. When he was done my aunt would take him inside to "pay"
him and they would disappear for the afternoon. My aunt smoked and she was
kind of wild - she used to say she liked her men young so she could break
them in right. When he was out of high school he went to work for my aunt
at her Real Estate office to save up for college. He went to college back
East and began working for a New York law firm dealing in Real Estate Law.
By this time my aunt had gotten divorced (I think my uncle found out about
the "pool cleaning")and I was working for her as a secretary. My sister
and I spent a lot of time with my aunt once we were teenagers. Like I
said, she was kind of wild and there were always drinks and cigarettes
over there. She pretty much let us do whatever we wanted. I didn't really
smoke then, just a few puffs at a party or with friends. In college I
learned about dressing up for men and acting out fantasies, I really went
wild for a time. I smoked at parties and clubs but never inhaled and
usually just puffed enough to keep my cigarettes lit. After college I
moved back to LA and began got a job with a developer. Michael (my
boyfriend) had also moved back, and my aunt got remarried and moved to
Florida. By now I pretty much stopped smoking since no one I knew or
worked with smoked. One day I saw Michael in my office and he recognized
me. He said I had grown into a beautiful woman and told me he was doing
some work for our company and looked forward to seeing me again. Within a
week he asked me out and soon we became lovers. I haven't had very many
men but no one has been able to come close to the lover that Michael is. I
had never had more than one orgasm at a time before but with Michael
having just one would be a very bad night - he is not satisfied unless
neither of us can walk after sex. I felt very strange not only because he
was older but I was also worried about what my aunt would say. About two
months after we began seeing each other, Michael went to New York for a
week on business. While he was gone I finally worked up the nerve to call
and tell my aunt about us.She told me not to worry about what had gone on
before but just enjoy what was happening now. She asked a few questions
about him and in no time we were giggling like two schoolgirls. Then she
asked if I was smoking for him. I told her I didn't understand so she
explained how much he loved to watch a woman smoke. Now it was my turn to
ask the questions. We talked for more than an hour about smoking as a
fetish and how to drive a man wild. As soon as I hung up I ran to the
nearest store to buy some cigarettes. My aunt didn't specify a brand but
she told me to buy long white ones. I bought a pack of Virginia Slims 120s
and rushed back home. I was so excited that I began to masturbate as I
smoked - I spent the whole night reaquainting myself with smoking. The
next two days I spent learning how to inhale since I had never done it
before. It was surprising to me how long it took to be able to do it
without coughing but finally I got the hang of it. For the rest of the
week I smoked and watched myself in the mirror, trying to decide what
looked the sexiest. Finally the day came when Michael would be home. I
knew what flight he was coming in on although he wasn't expecting me to
greet him at the airport. I dressed in a black miniskirt, high heels and
shimmery hose. I had spent well over an hour on my hair and makeup to be
sure it was just right. When Michael got off the plane he had an associate
with him and quickly my excitement turned to frustration. We had to wait
for a courier to arrive with some documents that his associate was taking
to Asia so we all went off to the nearest bar. We sat in a booth and
ordered drinks as the two men talked business. I definitely felt like the
odd man out and wad ready to storm out when I had an idea. I reached into
my purse and calmly pulled out a long white cigarette. Almost immediately
the conversation stopped. As I lit it I looked up and noticed that both of
them were staring. I inhaled deeply on the cigarette and then exhaled
toward the ceiling. Both men went back to their conversation but didn't
seem to be very interested in it. I noticed that Michael's pants fit a
little tighter each time I inhaled. I smoked two cigarettes while I waited
for the courier and when he showed up Michael was anxious to leave. We
made a hasty exit from the airport and didn't even bother trying to get
home. We got a hotel for the night and we had the wildest two days of sex
ever. I smoked so much that I was hoarse for nearly a week. Since then, I
have continued to smoke and have never looked back. Whenever I pull out a
long white cigarette, my boyfriend is just like a puppy on a leash, he'll
go anywhere I lead him.

"Do you mind if I smoke?"

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