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(by northstr14@aol.com, 26 September 1995)

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I was 20, and except for the experimentation mode, a non-smoker.
My girlfriend at the time was a Marlboro smoker, roughly a pack a day.
She could look so hot, especially when in her black rimmed glasses, black
jeans and black high heeled sandals and a tight black blouse.  When she
inhaled, the white smoke contrasted with her black attire so well, it
would make me quiver.
Kris, an honor student and Psych major, was into quite a bit of study in
subliminal suggestion and hypnosis.  She had a very bad (or good) smoking
and foot fetish.  Often times would ask me to try and smoke, as to arouse
I never could do more than a puff without gagging, so even holding a
cigarette and not inhaling worked for her.

She suggested that I consider being put into a trace and perhaps she could
alleviate some of my 'misgivings' about smoking.  Kris was the kind of
girl who had a quiet public disposition but was quite assertive when
behind closed doors.
I said that I'd have to think about it.  I was the kind of person who
preferred to maintain control and giving up some of that control, albeit
for a few minutes, didn't work for me.  We agreed to table the issue til
later.   In the meantime, she would take a deep drag off her Marlboro,
caressed her hips,  and ask me if she looked hot.  I said that I always
thought she looked hot, but the tightness in my crotch area indicated that
perhaps there was more than met the eye.
Kris had said that she found a man who smoked to be extremely erotic and
the thought of me deeping inhaling, then exhaling, a cigarette would drive
her in a erotic frenzy.  I decided to give it a try, after all, I never
bought into the story of suggestion against my will, but since she's
suggesting it, I'd try to make her feel better by letting her try.

Kris proceeded to remove her glasses,  revealing her bluish-green eyes and
she asked me to sit on the couch, not far from where I was sitting.  I
She curled up to me and asked me to look deep into her eyes.  Kris said, "
You are feeling rather relaxed, look into my eyes and you will fall into a
deep sleep".
I thought that this was a bit corny, but she was genuinely sincere, so I
played along.  What was amazing was that I felt sleepy and started to nod
off, despite my wishes to the contrary.  Then, I was asleep, but yet could
still sense what was going on.  She then commanded me to take one of her
cigarettes and attempt to smoke it.  At first, I gagged.  She then told me
that to take a deep drag and enjoy the rush the smoke gave to my throat
and lungs.  Then, I exhaled.  We went back and forth about this for about
3 cigarettes and then she said, "
You will enjoy smoking and the euphoria that you receive when you light
Despite what you previously thought, when you are with or around me, you
will smoke and enjoy smoking as it turns me on so much, I'll do anything."
Then, she woke me out of my trance.  I didn't feel any different and she
didn't seem to lead me to think any differently.  
I went back to my apartment, but felt strange.  I thought it was just that
I was tired, but I felt different.  After going to bed, I received a call
about 3 AM.  It was Kris and she small talked for awhile but then gave
some post hypnotic suggestion.  She said, "When you wake up in the
morning, you will crave a cigarette.  Do not attempt to resist, you'll get
up, put on your jeans, a tank top, and your sexy Tevas and you will go buy
a pack of cigarettes.  You will smoke several of them.  You will feel
confident and sure of yourself and very sexy. Then, you will come and see
me."   She hung up the phone, and I shook my head as I was at the end of a
dial tone, wondering what I was doing listening to a dead line at 3 in the

I woke up about 11 the next morning, and felt like something was missing. 
I couldn't put my finger on it, but I craved something I never craved
I got dressed, but I felt an urge to look like more like a beach bum than
what I normally look like, so I put on a tank top, my jeans, and a pair of
Teva sport sandals, which I had still in the box from when Kris bought
them for me last winter.  I guess she had an urge to see my feet.  Anyway,
 I walked to my car but my stomach was growling, which was unusual, since
I generally don't get hungry in the morning.  No, it wasn't food I was
craving.  My subconscious was telling me to have a cigarette.  But, I
never smoked before.  What would I do?
I drove my car to the nearest Circle K, and walked around, grabbing a soda
and then I saw the Marlboro display.  Kris' words bored into my head,
repeating themselves over and over until I, in a hypnotic frenzy, bought a
package of Marlboro lights and a lighter and proceed to my car.  

Driving to Kris' apartment, still thinking those thoughts subliminally
placed in my subconscious, I opened the package.   I took a cigarette and
lit it, proceeding to inhale it's contents for the 1st time.   I felt the
rush of nicotine fill my lungs and it felt different.  I felt like I was
on top of the world.  I exhaled.  After smoking 2 cigarettes, I finally
got to Kris' apartment.  After knocking on the door, she answered, dressed
very similar to me in a halter top, jeans, and Tevas.  She said to me,
"You're up early today, what's up?".  I walked into her apartment and she
said, "something's different about you, care to share with me what it
I wasn't sure what was coming over me, but I proceeded to light up a
cigarette and deeply inhale it, slowly exhaling it toward Kris.  

Kris proceeded to get extremely aroused as she watched me polish off 2 or
3 cigarettes in a row.  The sight of me in my tight blue jeans and Tevas
with a white cloud around me made her so aroused that we adjurned
ourselves to the bedroom to take care of business.  After a while, It
wasn't very long that we took turns arousing each other with seductive
smoking.  Kris had such a way with french inhaling, I with blowing rings
near hear.  Every once in a while, Kris would give me a hypnotic or
post-hypnotic suggestion while asleep to keep me the seductive smoker I
had become.

As time went on, we enjoyed arousing each other and finding new and
interesting ways to 'suggest' pleasure.  Kris showed me how to hypnotize
people and give subliminal suggestions which proved to be useful in my
later life.   In the meantime, I think back to the days with Kris and
thank God for the time I had with her before we lost touch.


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