I Want You Back, Part 1

(by SSTORYMAN, 15 January 2001)

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This fictional account contains explicit sexual material, adult language and
adult themes.  If such material, language and themes offend you, please do
not read further.  The persons and events described in this work are purely
fictional.  Any similarity to actual persons or events is strictly
coincidental.  Copyright 2001 by SSTORYMAN.  All rights reserved.  Permission
is hereby granted to reproduce this story in any form and for any purpose as
long as this notice is reproduced and no financial remuneration is received,
directly or indirectly, by the person reproducing it.  Thanks to AZ-MAN for
his ongoing ideas, support and encouragement


1.	A Cold-Hearted Woman.

   Bob Johnson quietly slipped into bed.  His wife Susan breathed steadily,
facing the other way.  He nuzzled against her, wrapping his arms over her
sleeping body.  It was after midnight.  He felt his cock stiffen as he pushed
it up against her ass.  He squeezed her, and she awoke.

   "When did you get home?" came her groggy response.  "God!  What time is

   "After midnight," he whispered.  "I finished up late at the office.
Another damn sales meeting that lasted way too long.  But I'm glad to see
you."  He gyrated his torso and forced it harder up against her body.

   She rolled over.  "I can tell you are," she said with a lusty laugh.

   Their lips met.  He thrust his tongue into her mouth.

   "Oh, shit," she muttered, abruptly pulling back.  "Your mouth smells like
a fuckin' ashtray, Bob.  We're not making love if you've been smoking.  You
know how I feel about it!"

   "Come on, Susan," he whined.  His cock was throbbing now.  He really
wanted to fuck.  But sadly, he'd have to fight for it.  "Don't be such an
asshole, Susan.  It's not such a big deal."

   "It is to me," she replied, rolling over.  "I'm not doing it.  That's
final.  Good night, Bob."

   He got out of bed.  "Then I'll go downstairs," he angrily announced.
"I'll watch TV if you're not in the mood to make love."

   "Fine," Susan muttered.  "Go ahead and jerk yourself off while you watch
cable.  I know that's what you do whenever I turn you down because you've
been smoking.  Asshole!"

   He left the bedroom and padded downstairs in his bare feet and boxers.
Susan was right.  He did jerk off a lot these days.  It was reasonable, he
reassured himself.  If he couldn't get what he needed from her, well, he had
to get relief somewhere.  At least the women in those cable soft-core porn
movies gave out, something Susan was less and less inclined to do anymore.

   Her feelings about his smoking particularly pissed him off.  Six months
ago she quit.  Five and a half years into their marriage, she decided to
fuckin' quit!  It wasn't fair.  He never wanted her to quit, and he sure as
hell wasn't about to.  He liked to smoke.  He didn't care what they said
about the health bullshit.  "Everyone's entitled to a vice, and this is
mine," he always told anyone who gave him shit about it.  And till six months
ago, he and Susan were on the same page where smoking was concerned.  But
then she changed.  She crossed over.  Overnight she turned into a fuckin'
anti, and he hated her for it.  He especially hated the fact that she
wouldn't fuck anymore because of the ever-present smoky smell on his breath.
In the old days she used to adore that smell.  But not anymore.  "You're the
goddamn asshole, Susan," he muttered.  "I want you back, babe, the way it
used to be.  I wish to God you'd start smoking again.  Damn!  All this
anti-smoking bullshit is unbearable!"

   He turned on the TV and quickly flipped through the channels, finally
finding what he wanted on Cinemax.  A nice-looking naked babe with big tits
was in the midst of fucking a guy.  Looking closer, he saw a second woman was
involved.  It was a three way!  The two women kissed and stroked each other
while the guy fucked one of `em.  This was exactly what he'd been hoping to
find on the tube tonight!  He reached for his pack of Benson & Hedges and
slipped a cigarette in his mouth, and at the same time began rubbing his cock
through his shorts.  He lit up and sucked smoke deep into his lungs.  His
hand moved faster as he watched the three-way scene on the TV, with his
cigarette hanging from his mouth.  This was good!  Real fuckin' good!  Now if
only those women were smoking, he sighed, exhaling.  That'd make it perfect!

   Bob and Susan had been married six years now.  They met when he was a
sales associate at the company's home office and she was a secretary.  He
still remembered the first time he saw Susan.  She was so fuckin' hot!  Tall
and thin, at five eight, she had long legs, big tits and a great ass!  Her
curly blond hair framed a pretty face that was always smiling.  And she
smoked.  God, did she ever!  From the start it was one of the things Bob
liked best about her.  Susan was a pack a day girl in those days, and she
smoked without apology and with no embarrassment.  He liked that especially.
He hated female smokers who always apologized for their habit.  

   That first time he saw Susan, he'd just come back to the office from a
sales trip.  It was her first week on the job, and she was outside on the
patio with the other smokers enjoying a cigarette.  They began to flirt with
each other, and he made a couple suggestive comments.  He probably should've
worried about sexual harassment, but he never even thought about it.  Susan
was hot, and more than receptive to his come-on.  Before he knew what hit
him, they were alone together in a back room, and he was kissing her and
fondling her breasts.  He later learned that Susan loved the thrill of doing
it in a place where she might get caught.  After some frantic petting that
day, she dropped his pants and gave him a blow job in that storage room.  He
sighed as he thought about it again.  Yeah, that first time was great!  He
came so hard that day he thought she'd drown; but she swallowed his whole
load.  And then, while she casually re-buttoned her shirt, she suggested they
go out for dinner together that night.

   That started a whirlwind courtship.  Bob originally had no intention of
marrying Susan, but he soon discovered she was unique.  Susan was irreverent,
she loved to have fun, and her beautiful body just wouldn't quit.  After a
few months he realized it couldn't get any better than that.  He proposed,
and she accepted.  They were married a month later.

   The entire time, of course, Susan smoked.  She especially loved lighting
up in places where smoking wasn't allowed.  She got a kick out of challenging
non-smokers, egging them on into yelling at her for smoking in a non-smoking
area.  It was like her interest in fucking in public places.  The thrill of
the forbidden was a big part of the fun for her.  In those days it was the
best; the very best.

   Then, six months ago Susan announced she was quitting.  Bang!  Ten years
as a smoker, and suddenly she decided to reform.  A distant relative got lung
cancer, and she freaked.  She quit cold turkey, and had the gall to be pissed
when he refused to quit with her.  Her long love affair with her Newports was
over.  She was done, she declared.  It was the beginning of the end; the end
of their relationship, and the end of their camaraderie.  Now she constantly
nagged him about his smoking.

   On TV, the two girls and the guy had finished their tryst.  Bob was done,
too.  He'd shot his load and finished his B&H; he was ready to hit the sack.
He sighed.  In the same bed was his beautiful wife, cold as ice.  And he
masturbated while she slept.  It wasn't right, damn it!  It wasn't right.
But what could he possibly do about it?  He didn't know.


   "Who's the new girl?

   Mitch smiled at Bob.  "Oh, that's Brandy Benson.  Good looking, huh?"

   "Uh, yeah, I'd say so," Bob immediately agreed, with an approving grin.
That was an understatement.  The girl was gorgeous!  "Wow, she's something!"

   Mitch nodded.  "Brandy started with the company this week in the
Information Services department.  I've seen her smoking out here several
times now.  She's hot, and it looks like she'll become a regular out here
with the rest of us on the patio.  Nice, huh?"

   "Yep," Bob acknowledged.  "It sure as hell is!  Real nice!"

   Brandy Benson was standing beside a few of the other smoking patio
regulars.  She was tall, thin and brunette.  Her long legs were her most
impressive feature.  She wore a short, tight dress.  It was one obviously
designed to attract male attention.  And she had a cigarette in her left
hand.  Every fifteen seconds she raised it to her mouth for a long,
cheek-hollowing drag.

   "Nice, huh?" Mitch asked again.

   Bob moaned.  "Oh, God!  She reminds me of Susan back when she worked here.
She used to dress like that."  And smoke like that, too, he wanted to say.

   "Go introduce yourself," Mitch suggested shamelessly.  "She's very
friendly.  Go ahead."

   "Uh, maybe some other time," Bob shot back, shaking his head.

   "Chicken," Mitch teased good-naturedly.  "She sure is hot, though, isn't

   Bob nodded.  Especially the way she smokes, he silently agreed.  The truth
was, he didn't want to talk to her because he didn't trust his motives.  She
was almost _too_ hot.  Right now Brandy was busy talking to Peggy, another of
the girls who was a regular visitor to the smoking area.  Maybe some time
when Brandy wasn't already talking with someone else. . . .  

   He took a last drag on his cigarette and crushed in the ashtray.  He
walked to the door and paused long enough to cast a last, admiring glance
back at Brandy.  Yeah, maybe another time.


   That afternoon Bob walked through the door out onto the so-called smoker's
patio.  He lit up a B&H and looked around.  God, he was in luck!  The only
other soul out there was the lovely Brandy Benson!  She was several puffs
into a cigarette.  This was his chance.

   "Hi there," he said pleasantly, sidling up to her and holding out his
right hand.  "My name's Bob Johnson."

   "I already know who you are," the lovely brunette confidently smiled back.
She took his hand with her free one and shook it.  "Peggy told me all about
you.  I'm Brandy Benson."

   Bob smiled.  Peggy Wells was a regular on the smoker's patio.  He'd known
her for years.  She was the girl he and Mitch saw Brandy with earlier.  "Oh,
really?  And exactly what did Peggy tell you about me?"

   "Just that you're the most senior company official who regularly comes
outside to smoke with us," she said with a throaty laugh.  "I understand
you're head of sales."

   "Yeah, that's me," he chuckled.  "And what about you, Brandy?  What do you
do here?"

   She took a long drag on her cigarette.  It was a cork-tipped 100.  He was
sure it was a full flavored Marlboro 100.  She sucked the smoke deep inside
her lungs.

   "I started Monday.  I do training in the IS department," she explained
with a big smile, holding the smoke inside her chest.  "I'm just a peon.  But
you, Bob, you're a big fish in this pond.  Peggy says you're a real player
around here."

   He shrugged.  "I don't know about that," he diffidently smiled.  

   "So, let me ask you a question.  Why the hell do you come outside to smoke
with us?  No other senior management people do.  At least, that's what Peggy

   "Well, Peggy's right," he nodded sagely.  "I'm the only one.  I come out
here because, what the hell, I smoke.  I mean, I'm a smoker, so what else am
I going to do?  Go without?  I think not.  I like to smoke too damn much not

   Brandy smiled.  "I like your attitude, Bob.  And I agree.  I love to
smoke, too.  It's unpopular to say these days, but I really do.  Hey, you
know what?  We should go to lunch together sometime.  I have a feeling we'd
enjoy each other's company."

   "Whoa," he replied, surprised.  "I'm a married man, Brandy."

   She shrugged.  "So what?  What difference does that make?  I'm only asking
you to go to lunch, Bob," she added with a wicked twinkle in her eye.  "I
mean, it's not like I'm asking you to fuck me or anything."

   Bob gulped.  "No, of course not," he stammered.  God, she was certainly

   "Good.  We understand each other, then," she smugly replied.  "How about
if we go tomorrow?"

   Bob suddenly felt this was spiraling out of control.  What started as an
innocent introduction was evolving into a lunch date.  "Uh, I'm not sure.
I'll have to check my calendar."

   She took a last drag from her cork-tipped cigarette and submerged it in
the sand ashtray.  "When we get back inside, I'll call you to confirm," she
said confidently, as smoke began flowing from her lips and nostrils.  "It's
nice to meet you, Bob."  She sauntered slowly but insolently toward the door.

   "Uh, yeah, nice to meet you, too, Brandy," he answered.  He shook his
head.  What the hell was _that_ about?  He just wanted to introduce himself,
and she came on to him!  He hadn't had an experience like that since . . .
well, since the time he met Susan.  She'd thrown herself at him with the same
devil-may-care attitude that Brandy demonstrated.  He frowned.  He and Susan
had great sex in those days, he sighed.  Was that what Brandy wanted?  Was
she so horny, so opportunistic, that she just threw herself on the first guy
she met at the company?

   Of course, he wasn't bad looking.  That might have something to do with
it.  He was also senior management.  Some women are drawn to power, or at
least the appearance of it.  And he smoked.  Brandy certainly seemed like a
firmly committed smoker.  He smiled.  She looked great smoking.  Much like
Susan used to . . . .

   A little after five, Brandy and Peggy were simultaneously leaving the
building.  Both girls paused outside the front door to light up.

   "Hey, Brandy, I'll see you tomorrow," Peggy said, her cigarette dangling.
"Maybe we can have lunch together again."

   The brunette hesitated.  "Oh, damn!  I can't, Peggy.  I'm having lunch
with Bob Johnson tomorrow."

   Peggy startled.  "Bob Johnson?  Oh!"

   "You know Bob, right?" she smiled pleasantly.

   "Oh, yeah," Peggy nodded.  "I've known Bob, and his wife Susan, for years.
Susan used to be a good friend of mine.  She used to work here at the
company, too, you know."

   "Oh, really?  Isn't that quaint?"  The leggy brunette sneered.  She
released a long plume of smoke from her nostrils.  "Well, I've decided Bob's
someone I need to get to know.  You know how it is, Peggy.  Success in
business depends on relationships.  The more senior management people I get
to know, the more likely I'll succeed here at the company."

   Peggy frowned.  "But you know Bob's married?"

   Brandy laughed.  "Of course, silly!  But he's a smoker.  The fact that he
and I are having lunch is just an opportunity for me to get to know one of
the executives who smokes.  I hate having lunch with non-smokers.  You know?"

   "Right," Peggy agreed.  "Well, maybe we'll run into each other on our
breaks tomorrow."

   "I'm sure we will," Brandy smiled.  "See you then."

   "See you," Peggy answered.  She watched shapely Brandy Benson head toward
the employee parking lot, her tight ass wiggling seductively as she walked.
That woman's trouble, she sighed.  She hoped Bob Johnson wasn't getting in
over his head by having lunch with her.

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