A Life of Illusion, Part 2

(by anonauthor02@yahoo.com, 02 January 1996)

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Here's Part 2... usual disclaimers apply.



Part 2: Hooked by a Lure

"Would you like to try a cigarette, honey?", she asked. She couldn't quite
believe she was asking it herself, and Lisa couldn't believe her ears
either, but both of them were feeling the wine's effect and there was an air
of unreality in the room at the moment. Lisa was surprised by the question
and paused for a moment to consider it. She had never really thought too
much about smoking one way or the other. She didn't really like the fact
that her mom smoked so much because it was supposed to be so bad for her,
but on the other hand she had recently begun to become a little curious
about it. Her mom must get something out of it, she thought, and she had
started to wonder what it was like. The effect of the alcohol on her mind
helped her impulsively decide, and so she finally answered her mother's

"Uh, sure, OK, mom", Lisa said, nodding in the affirmative with a slightly
shy smile on her face. Mary realized she now had to live up to her offer.
She had a momentary hesitation as thoughts raced through her mind too. "God,
why did I ask her that? Should I actually go ahead with this? What kind of
mother am I? Dear lord, what would Richard say? He'd never agree with
this... hell, he'd probably go ballistic if he knew". She reflected. The
thought of getting away with something over her husband brought her a little
satisfaction inside, a little feeling of superiority. "What the hell, she's
nearly 15", Mary rationalized. "So what if she has a cigarette, it's not the
end of the world. Maybe she'll even like it, like I did... it would really
be something, wouldn't it, if Lisa had to tell her dad someday that she now
did what he always dumped on me for doing...", Mary thought, as ideas began
to swirl inside her head.

Any second thoughts were quickly brushed away as Mary began work on the
first stage of a plan that had instantly formulated itself in her mind. Lisa
had opened the door for her, and she decided to walk through it. Lisa was to
become a smoker, she decided. She'd have to make Lisa think that it was her
decision, not Mary's, but if she could somehow act as the catalyst for it,
the result would be sweet. Richard would suddenly be faced with the
consequences of his absence as a father and husband, which would cause him
no end of grief, and if Mary could somehow make it appear that it all
happened despite her best efforts to convince her daughter otherwise, well,
it just might make him think differently. The fact that it all was centered
around smoking, something she loved and he hated, was nicely ironic. 

"OK, here, honey, take one," she said with a smile, offering her pack. Lisa
reached for the proffered cigarette slowly and touched it as though it might
already be on fire, but her curiosity was now stronger than ever as her
heart began to pound nervously. Seeing her daughter's nervousness, Mary
tried to reassure her. "It won't bite, sweetie, go ahead," she told her as
Lisa finally withdrew a cigarette from the package. "Hold it like this,"
Mary said, demonstrating with her own, and then told her, "Now, hold it to
your lips and when I hold the flame close to the end, just suck on it like
you would on a drinking straw. When you get a little smoke in your mouth
you'll know it's lit, and you should blow it right out, alright? Ready to
go?", she asked. 

Lisa nodded and moved the cigarette to her mouth. Her mother brought the
lighter's flame close to the end of her daughter's cigarette and nodded to
Lisa to begin applying a little suction. Her daughter obeyed and Mary
watched as the flame suddenly bent sideways in response and the tip of the
cigarette ignited, glowing bright orange. As Mary withdrew the flame Lisa
quickly pulled the cigarette from her lips and blew out a smallish puff of
smoke with a look of distaste on her face. "Probably doesn't taste too good,
does it?", Mary asked with a smile. 

"It tastes strange... a little bitter and tingly-cool," replied Lisa. She
looked at the burning end of the cigarette she held between her fingers and
studied the ash, and watched in disbelief as the smoke curled upwards from
the object between her fingertips towards the ceiling. Despite her
reservations, she was now too curious to stop just yet. A unfamiliar taste
lingered in her mouth, and she reached for her wineglass and sipped a little
to wash it away.

"I didn't like it at first either," Mary offered, "but I think it's
something you get used to pretty quick", she said with feigned disinterest.
She took a long puff on her own cigarette and inhaled deeply and audibly.
Lisa then watched her blow smoke from her mouth in a long stream as twin
tendrils also escaped from her nose. "Try it again, honey, and see if it's
any better this time," she said. Lisa again placed the cigarette between her
lips and took a small puff, again blowing it out immediately. "Better?",
Mary asked.

"A little, I guess", Lisa replied. Over the next minute or so Lisa would try
two or three more tiny puffs, blowing them out almost immediately, and true
to her mom's advice the taste wasn't so unpleasant now. "By the way, you
should tap the ash off the end every now and then, like this," Mary said,
showing how to do it, and Lisa followed suit. Mary took another puff of her
own and inhaled as her daughter watched. "How do you do that, anyway?", she
asked, watching as Mary exhaled again. 

"What, inhale? Would you like to try that next? Well, I don't know... it's a
pretty big step, and I don't know if you're ready for that yet. Are you
sure? I suppose it's OK... but you'll have to be very careful not to choke.
It might make you cough. I'm really not sure you should try it. Are you
certain?", Mary asked, not wanting to appear to encourage Lisa. Of course
the more she undersold the idea, the more Lisa was eager to try it.

"I think so, mom. I'll be careful. Show me how, please?", Lisa pleaded.

"Alright, honey, but do exactly as I tell you. And don't hold me responsible
if you get sick, OK?" Lisa nodded in agreement. "OK, well, the idea here is
to actually breathe in some of the smoke. What you need to do is breathe out
of your nose while you take a very small puff on your cigarette into your
mouth, then draw it in as you take a breath through your mouth. Think you
can do that?"

"I think so, mom," Lisa said as she began to move the cigarette to her lips,
eager to try this new experience.

"Wait a second, honey... Don't do it just yet," Mary said, wanting to extend
her daughter's now obvious anticipation. Let me show you how it's done
first. Remember, since it's your first time, just a teeny puff like this,"
she warned, taking a minuscule drag and quickly breathing it in. "OK, now
you try it," she said, blowing out a faint cloud.

Lisa could barely contain her desire to try this next experiment. Her cheeks
felt a little flushed from a strange excitement in anticipation of what was
to come, and from the unfamiliar effects of the alcohol in her system as
well. Awkwardly, she placed the cigarette to her lips and took a small puff
as Mary reminded her to breathe out through her nose. "That's enough," Mary
said, and Lisa withdrew the cigarette and breathed in as her mother had done
countless times. She felt the cool smoke suddenly travel down her throat and
it entered her lungs, a sensation she was unprepared for despite her mom's
pointers. Yet, it was as strangely exciting as it was physically
uncomfortable. She felt a sudden reflex to cough but repressed it long
enough to see herself gradually blow a small stream of smoke out before
finally gagging slightly just before she finished. Her eyes watered slightly
and she cleared her throat, impressed with what she had just done..

"Well, you did it, and not too badly for your first time, either," said
Mary. "Here, have a drink," she said, offering her daughter the wine glass.
"How did that feel? Not so good, I suppose, no?"

Lisa took a small sip of her wine and wiped her eyes before answering her
mom. "Wow, that was something! I don't know... it felt sort of cool, and a
little strange. But I could actually feel myself breathing it in! That was
wild!", she answered with a smile.  

"Well, I don't suppose you want to try any more, do you, honey? Did that
satisfy you?", Mary asked, guessing what her daughter's answer would be.

"No, mom, could I try it again? I'd like to see if I could do it right this
time," Lisa answered eagerly, her curiosity now stronger than ever.

Mary took another drag on her Slims, and tried to look thoughtful as she did
so. She inhaled and finally answered while exhaling, "Well, OK, just one
more. Go ahead, honey, try another puff."

Lisa smiled and again moved the cigarette to her lips. Not needing any
instruction this time, she again took a small puff and quickly breathed it
inside her. The sensations she felt again thrilled her, and this time she
was able to blow out a small stream without coughing. Lisa smiled at her

"Very good, dear," Mary said with a smile. "How do you feel, anyway?", Mary

"Not bad... this is really fun, mom. We should do this more often!", Lisa
said, now feeling the unfamiliar effects of both the alcohol and nicotine.
She began to feel a litle giggly, and Mary had to laugh at her daughter's
unusual behavior, and in satisfaction. Step one of her plan seemed to be
working to perfection. Now she just had to make sure that Lisa would want to
smoke again.

"Ready to put it out now, honey? Had enough?," Mary asked, hoping that she
would get the answer she wanted. 

Lisa thought for a few seconds. She wasn't certain why, but she seemed to
like this new sensation and was anxious to try it again. Finally she asked
her mother, "Could I have a little bit more? It seems a shame to waste all
of this", she said, raising the still-long cigarette for her mom to see. 

"Oh, dear, I don't know.... you really shouldn't be doing this at all. If
your father ever found out, he'd be really angry. I think this was a
mistake. I shouldn't have let you convince me to let you smoke," Mary said,
changing the facts slightly but Lisa missed this construction. "If I let you
finish this one, you'll have to promise me that you won't smoke again. And,
that you'll never tell your father that this ever happened. Agreed?", Mary
said, deliberately making it seem like this was something forbidden, knowing
that it would make it all the more tempting for her daughter in the future. 

"Oh, sure, mom, I promise, not a word. Can I have some more, then?", Lisa
asked pleadingly.

"Well, all right, then, but just this one, OK? Go ahead, honey, enjoy
yourself," Mary said, smiling in satisfaction. She lit another cigarette for
herself and watched as Lisa immediately took a slightly longer puff on her
cigarette and inhaled shallowly but successfully once again. Her daughter
blew out a slightly thicker stream of smoke this time and tapped the ash off
her cigarette as she had been shown earlier. She looked at the glowing end
of the cigarette and thought about how she felt. Was it the wine, or
something else? Whatever it was, she liked it, she decided. After a few
moments, she looked over at her mom, who was in the process of taking her
usual long puff, and watched as she inhaled deeply as she customarily did.
Her exhale seemed to go on forever, and Lisa, feeling somewhat inadequate by
comparison, decided that this was something she had to try herself. She
waited until Mary took her next puff and tried to match her mom. This was
her longest puff ever and she was able to empty her lungs fully while
dragging on the cigarette. When Mary inhaled, Lisa did the same, some of the
smoke escaping briefly from her mouth and reentering her body via her nose,
but the other sensations she was experiencing almost made her miss that.
When she breathed the dense puff into her lungs she experienced a much more
intense sensation than on her previous attempts, and after a second or two
she felt a tingle run through her body. She felt the smoke in her lungs as
Mary held it in for several seconds, until finally her mother began her
exhale and Lisa did the same. She was amazed as she blew out a stream that
seemed endless, and felt yet another feeling of accomplishment, combined
with more than a little light-headedness. Lisa cut off her exhale to take a
breath, and was amazed to see a second faint trail of smoke escape from her
a few moments later as she breathed out. She giggled involuntarily as Mary
watched in amusement. Lisa decided that she had better play it cool and take
it a little easy from here on out, and so she finished the cigarette with a
few more moderately-sized puffs which she inhaled for only a second or two.
She finally put out the cigarette in the ashtray as she had seen her mother
do many times previous, and only slightly awkwardly.

"So, are you feeling all right, honey?", asked Mary.

"Not bad, mom, I'm OK," Lisa replied, actually feeling as strange as she
ever had and loving it. "That was fun, mom... thanks for letting me try that."

"Just remember your promise, Lisa, OK? That was it, no more. I don't want
you to go around sneaking puffs off my cigarettes when I'm not looking,"
Mary said, deliberately planting a seed.

Lisa went to bed early that night, still fascinated by her new experience.
The next morning she and her mom went about their usual early-morning
routine and after breakfast, while Lisa and her sat at the kitchen table
preparing for the day, Mary lit up. After taking only one puff, she
remembered that she had left something she needed in her bedroom, and
placing the cigarette in the ashtray, left the room and went upstairs.

Lisa felt her heart begin to beat faster as she watched the burning
cigarette in the ashtray. Last night's experience was never far from her
mind all morning, and here was an opportunity to taste smoke once more. Her
mind raced... what if her mom caught her? If she was careful, she thought,
it would be OK. She would never need to know. What if it made her cough? She
rationalized that the experience the night before made that a remote
possibility. The temptation was too much for her to resist. Looking around
and seeing no one, she began to move her trembling hand towards the ashtray.

Mary crept back down the stairs quietly to a landing where she could see the
kitchen, but Lisa could not easily see her. She watched in amazement as her
plan worked to perfection. Lisa gingerly reached for the cigarette and
placed it to her lips. Drawing on it for only a couple of seconds, she felt
the cool smoke rush into her mouth. She quickly inhaled, feeling the
sensation she had enjoyed last night all over again, and replaced the
cigarette where it had been left. Leaning back into her chair, she tilted
her head and blew a thin stream towards the ceiling, her heart pounding in
excitement. After a few seconds she sipped her coffee to mask her breath,
and Mary decided to make her way back downstairs.

End of Part 2


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