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   "Come quick, Ariel. Your sister's on TV again."
   "Big deal." Ariel said, lighting a Marlboro Lights 100. "When they have
video of her on the moon, then I'll be impressed."
   "She did pick up where you left off," Ophelia said.
   "I know. I'm proud of her. Really."
   The video switched from a nice picture of Monica inhaling on her cigarette
to Wade Phillips, the town sheriff.
   "With real issues in this country like education and teen pregnancy, it's a
shame that an entire nation has turned their eye to Crowley just because we
think parents should be the ultimate arbitrator of whether or their children
   "What do you think about breakfast ?" Ariel asked. 
   Ophelia looked at her friend skeptically. "The only thing more disturbing
that the thought of breakfast is the thought that you still have another case
of beer sitting in the fridge."
   "Well, how else are we supposed to be able to cope with watching the
football team get slaughtered 60-0 again this week. I just wish they could
have gotten it over with last night."
   "When did the power come back on anyway ?" Ophelia asked. "It's still
freezing in here."
   "I just woke up, so I don't even know what time it is."
   "It's eight-thirty. Way too earlier to have slept it off. How can you smoke
those things first thing in the morning ?"
   It took Ariel a moment to find a response. "You could as easily answer why
it is you don't. I can't think of a better way to start the day."
   "And next I suppose that you'll tell me that I should find out for myself.
You know what it's like not to smoke, so I should know what it's like to
smoke, right ?"
   "The logic is irrefutable."
   "Let's just go to breakfast."

   There weren't many people in the dining centre. Between the blow-out parties
celebrating what had been meant to be the football team's final game and the
power outage, most of the student population had been laid low.
   But it seemed that everyone who was in the dining hall was in line for eggs.
   Ophelia was near the front of the line, but Ariel found herself in the back,
looking at a ten minute wait for scrambled eggs which could double as tire
rubber. She held her tray with one hand and drank coffee with the other,
reminding herself that college was, if nothing else, teaching her patience.
   "Hi, Ariel."
   The slightly weak voice behind her belonged to her friend Jack.
   "Still not really awake, are you ?" she asked, pivoting so they could talk.
   "No. Which means this is all some bad dream."
   Ariel smiled. "You can't explain away the food that easily. It was cool
seeing you at the party last night."
   "But you were a little surprised, right ?"
   "Well, yeah. I mean you don't hit too many parties and they're not usually
the ones I go to."
   "Can I be honest ?" Jake asked, and Ariel tried not to cringe. Her
experience was that any time a college student said 'Can I be honest ?'
something bad was about to happen.
   "I was hoping to see Ophelia."
   It was cruel, but Ariel laughed.
   "What ?"
   "You said three words to Ophelia all night, and two of them were hello and
   "I was hoping to see her do something she didn't."
   "What ? Strip naked and dance the macarena ?"
   Jake smiled. "No, but I'll put that on my list. I was hoping- well, she
lives with you and-"
   Suddenly Ariel understood. "You were hoping she smokes. Why ?"
   "Well, I only date girls who smoke, Ariel. I suppose I'll have to explain
that now."
   "I date girls who didn't smoke in high school and it was always an hassle.
Either they had a problem with it or their parents or their friends."
   "Well, you don't have to worry about Ophelia's parents. They both smoke, her
younger sister smokes, and her best friend smokes. She doesn't have a problem
with other people smoking, Jack."
   "I still prefer girls who smoke. Call it a preference."
   "Does it turn you on ?"
   Ariel asked as a joke, but she could tell by Jack's non-reaction that she'd
struck a nerve.
   "You're cute when you blush, Jack."
   "Stop it, Ariel."
   "It does turn you on. Admit it."
   "Okay. It's a turn on."
   "I'll make a deal with you. Eat breakfast with us- and promise you'll
actually talk to Ophelia, and I'll see what I can do."
   Jack kept up his end of the bargain.

   "What was with Jack this morning anyway ?" Ophelia asked, looking at Ariel
as she stood in the doorway and lit a cigarette for the walk home. Jack,
after saying more to Ophelia in half an hour than he had in his entire life,
still managed to beg off early due to some phantom commitment Ariel seriously
doubted the veracity of.
   "You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
   Ariel exhaled a thick cloud of smoke which floated lazily in the cold air.
It hung it place just outside the doors as they started the long walk down
the hill towards the dorms.
   "So tell me."
   "Well, it's like this. Turns out that Jack showed up at the party last night
because he wanted to see you."
   "Which is why he said three words to me all night, two of which were hello
and goodbye."
   "That was brought up this morning, believe me. Which is why Jack was so
loquacious just now."
   "Why do I find this so hard to believe ?"
   "Habit. You never trust anybody."
   Ariel heard the way that sounded as she let it slip and she cringed. But it
was true. Ophelia might be a great friend, but when it came to trust she
scored habitually low benchmarks.
   "Well then, tell me more about Jack. Like why he went to that party to see
me last night."
   "Hmmm," Ariel said, enjoying the way the frigid air mixed with the cigarette
smoke, "he was actually hoping to see something specific from you last
   Just then Ophelia hit an icy patch and spilled, sliding about fifteen feet.
Ariel rushed to her side and helped her up, trying not to laugh. "You okay ?"
   "Well, my pride and my ass both just took a real beating, but the early
returns are that I'll probably live."
   "Here, hold my cigarette."
   Ophelia took the half finished cigarette from her friend's hand and Ariel
reached under her armpits and hauled her to her feet. She then handed the
cigarette back immediately.
   Ariel drew deeply on it and then couldn't help herself. She laughed until
her sides hurt.
   "Fortunately," Ophelia said sarcastically, "I see my dignity remains
   "Jack showed up last night hoping to see that you smoked."
   As she turned her head to glare at Ariel, Ophelia nearly spilled again.
   "That is the lamest excuse yet to try and get me to smoke. I thought you'd
tried them all, and here you come with another one."
   "It's true, Ophelia," Ariel said, understanding now how hard this was going
to be. "He only dates women who smoke."
   "Why isn't he all over you, then ?"
   "Well, Jack and I have known each other since the first day of orientation
when we slipped outside Hubbell to share a smoke, you know."
   "So you never ?"
   They had reached the dorm and slipped inside. Without a word, Ophelia headed
for the stairs, knowing from experience her friend skipped the elevator any
time she had a lit cigarette. Soon the stairwell was full of Ariel's
sweet-smelling smoke. If she only knew, Ophelia thought, I'd have no chance.
   "Well, have you ?"
   Ariel laughed. "Of course we did. Once. We were both drunk and feeling sorry
for ourselves. And it was great. He's very good with it, you know."
   "Ick," Ophelia said, as they reached the fourth floor and she swung open the
   "How good ?"
   "Worth the price of admission and then some."
   They walked into their double and Ophelia stopped Ariel.
   "He gets off on it, doesn't he ?"
   "On what ?" Ariel asked, lighting another cigarette.
   "On women smoking. He's one of those, right ?"
   "I think it's cute."
   "Well, I don't. If you think I'm going to start smoking a-"
   "Smoking a- a what ?"
   Just then the phone rang and Ariel ran to answer it because suddenly
something had clicked and it was that time of week. Ophelia's mom would be
calling to see how her little girl was doing. It was a ritual she'd gotten
used to.
   "Hi, Mrs. Purity-Control," Ariel said as soon as she picked up the phone. As
always, the hyphenated name struck her as nothing short of bizarre, but Anna
had wanted to keep the maiden name intact, and the result had been strange
   "Hi, Ariel. Is my baby girl there or did she finally get lucky ?"
   That was Anna. Irreverent to the end.
   "Actually, I'm working on that. Tell me, did Ophelia smoke when she was in
high school ?"
   "What makes you ask ?"
   "Good," Ariel said, knowing that was Anna's curious way of saying yes. "Do
you have any pictures ?"
   "Still trying to get that silly girl of mine to give in ?"
   "Yes. Do you have anything you could send me ?"
   "How did you know ?"
   "She almost said 'If you think you're going to get me to start smoking
again'. Suddenly I realised-"
   Anna laughed. "Ophelia was a pack a day smoker, just like me. Same brand as
you. Then she started dating this older boy, a college kid from Sanmore. He
had some problem with her smoking so she quit. Damn shame, really. She got
real uppity about it with John and I, too. She was such a pretty smoker and
she seemed to really enjoy it."
   "How long did she smoke, Mrs.-"
   "Anna. For christ's sake, we're friends, Ariel. I don't call you Ms. Poe, do
I ?"
   "How long ?"
   "Five years. She started when she was twelve, god bless her. I was so proud.
She knew how to smoke. Used to put me to shame. She never let a chance to
smoke go by, and then one day, bang-"
   "Can you send me a picture ?"
   "Let me fire up the old 8100 and- gif or j-peg ?"
   "Whatever you have. Colour. You have my e-mail address ?"
   "You know it. While I'm doing that, put my silly little girl on the phone.
I'll keep her on long enough for you to get this and print it out."
   As Ophelia hung up the phone, Ariel walked out of her room carrying a print
out of the picture Anna had sent. She was right. Ophelia was such a stunning
smoker that she almost wished that she was Jack.
   If she pushed Ophelia over the edge, that was.
   "What did you say to my mother ?" Ophelia asked, an hostile edge to her
   "Why ?"
   "Did you tell her you were trying to convince me to start smoking ?"
   "Again ?"
   "Start smoking again." She handed Ophelia the picture. It was a tight head
shot of her with a cigarette near her mouth, out of which smoke was trailing.
It was a beautiful picture.
   "Christ. You can't trust anyone."
   Ariel walked to the fridge, pulled out a pair of Molson XXX and handed one
to Ophelia, who'd slunk into the 'living room' with an hurt look on her face.
   "I can't believe her. I've asked her over and over again not to tell you I
used to smoke."
   "So, are you willing to give this thing with Jack a try ?"
   "I don't even like Jack, Ariel. At least I don't-"
   "Well then, those two or three dozen times you've talked about how cute he
is ?"
   "Your selective memory will be the death of me."
   Ariel pointed to the new pack of Marlboro Lights 100s she'd just opened.
   "Come on, roomie. Just smoke one cigarette and then tell me you don't miss
it. God, I wish my parents had let me start smoking when I was twelve."
   "No you don't. It took me a month to quit and I swore that I'd never start
   "You quit because some idiot boyfriend told you to."
   "And you want me start again for the same reason, right ?"
   Ariel exhaled a dense cloud of smoke. "No. I don't smoke because I think
that some very cute boys get off on it. That's just a pleasant side effect. I
smoke because I enjoy it. I was happy to help my sister start because I knew
she would enjoy it. And you smoked for five years. Tell me you don't miss
   Ophelia drained the beer, went to the fridge and got another. She had
determined it was better to get drunk now.
   Because she wanted Ariel to win.
   "Of course I miss it," she said, prying the cap off the brown bottle. "Every
day I watch you smoke and I think about how that could be me. I miss it
terribly. But I quit, and that's not something I want to just toss out the
window. I gained twenty pounds when I quit and it took me six months to work
that weight off."
   "So don't quit again."
   "But if things don't work out with Jack- and they never work out at our age-
I'd quit again."
   "Why ?"
   It was the right question.
   Ophelia thought about all the times she'd walked past the cigarette machine
in the basement on the way to the laundry with three dollars more in quarters
than she needed. There was no question why she did it, was there ?
    "It's a life decision, I guess. People define you by whether you're a
smoker or a non-smoker."
   "Jennifer said the same thing to me the night she started smoking."
   "Jennifer is like your biggest triumph, isn't she ? She was such a 'good
girl' that you couldn't wait to get her to start smoking, could you ?"
   "She is still one of our best friends, isn't she ?"
   "Yeah, she is. But I'm proud of the fact that I quit smoking. That's an hard
thing for a seventeen year old girl to do."
   "So is deciding that you're going to live your life the way you want to
instead of letting somebody else decide whether you will or won't smoke."
   "That's exactly what you're trying to do, isn't it ?"
   "I suppose. But I'm trying to convince you to do what you want. I see the
way you look at the cigarette machine in the basement. Like it's an old
friend you betrayed."
   "All right. You win-"
   As Ophelia reached for the cigarette pack Ariel snatched it away.
   "Oh no. This isn't about me. It's about you."
   "Just give me the damn cigarettes, Ari. Please."
   "No. You and I are going to raid that eighty dollar stash of quarters you're
hoarding. We're going downstairs to get chocolate bars and Coke and a pack of
cigarettes for you and have ourselves a little party."
   "Only if you call Jack up and invite him to come watch the game with us."
   Ariel said that would be no problem.
   It was a typical late Sunday morning. The basement hallway was crowded and
there was actually a line at the cigarette machine. Ophelia and Ariel stood
together, watching the girl in front of them buy a pack of Marlboro 100s.
Then it was Ophelia's turn.
   The quarters were cold in her hand.
   She was and wasn't mad at Ariel. She understood the importance of the simple
act of buying her own cigarettes and at the same time a part of her hated
Ariel for forcing her into this public admittance of her-
   Weakness was and was not the right word. When she'd starting smoking at
twelve, there had been no weakness in the decision. Now-
   The quarters slid down the slot, ten of them, happy to be put towards this
monumental purchase.
   The lever was pulled, and then there was the familiar sound of a pack of
cigarettes hitting the hollow metal tray at the bottom. Behind her, a
freshman said 'Fuck,' as she'd gotten the last box of Marlboro Lights 100s.
Without hesitating, Ophelia stripped the pack of its cellophane, extracted
two cigarettes, and offered one to the younger woman, who accepted it greatly
and lit it with her lighter.
   She then lit Ophelia's and at that moment in time Ariel thought she had
never seen anyone who looked so downright sexy.
   The girl then quickly bought a pack of Marlboro Lights 100 Menthols and
disappeared with a smile.
   "That was nice of you, Ophelia."
   They started walking back up the hallway.
   "When I was a kid I always bought my cigarettes at this same convenience
store. My mom's best friend owned it and everyone who worked there was told th
at it was expected I wouldn't get hassled buying. But they were always
running out of these. Couldn't keep them in stock. I had to smoke Virginia
Slims for three weeks once, until my mom upped my allowance so that I could
buy by the carton."
   "Sounds like you had an hard childhood," Ariel said with mock sarcasm.
   "I can't believe you were fifteen before you started smoking," Ophelia
replied, drawing deeply on the cigarette.
   She certainly hadn't forgotten how to smoke.
   She handed the cigarette to Ariel, who inhaled slowly until her lungs were
filled with milky sweet smoke.
   "Are you sorry I talked you into this ?"
   "No. I've been wondering why you weren't trying harder. But I don't want you
thinking I did this for Jack, okay ?"
   Ariel handed the cigarette back to her smoker roommate.
   The speed with which the cigarette was placed in Ophelia's mouth and the way
she left it between her lips as she swung open the basement door told Ariel
all she needed to know about whether or not her status as a smoker was tempora
ry. She left it dangling sexily as she spoke.
   "It was that picture. That was the last one my mother took of me before I
quit. She used to pick up the camera and say 'Go ahead, honey, light up.' She
actually sent a portfolio to Virginia Slims. That  picture really intrigued
them, but by the time they called back- and told me they wanted me to fly out
to San Francisco, I'd quit."
   "San Francisco ? Don't you mean LA ?"
   "No, they were shooting a series in San Francisco. Don't ask me why, except
that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful places on earth."
   "Maybe you should have your mom call them back."
   "No. They didn't know I wasn't eighteen. Their suits probably would have
freaked out."
   When they got back to their room Kristen was sitting outside the door,
smoking a long Parliament Lights and smiling.
   It took her about one-half a second to see the partially smoked cigarette in
Ophelia's pretty hand.
   "It's about time that you joined the club. Now all those fantasies I've been
wanting to have about you will finally have some video to go with them."
   Ophelia smiled. Kristen had always been very open about the fact that she
was very attracted to both the roommates, and they were always flattered by
it. She was also a devoted smoker who preferred her women the same way- in
fact, there had always been some underlying tension between Ophelia and
Kristen about the fact that she- as Kristen had so accurately put it- 'denied
her smoking self.'
   "Well, think about this, then, Kris. I never told anyone here about this,
but I smoked from the time I was twelve until I was seventeen."
   "Stop," Kristen said. "I'll be up all night thinking about that picture."
   Ariel smiled. "I have something for you to see, then."
   They opened the door and there was Jennifer, who had no doubt let herself in
with her 'extra' key. She was on her second XXX, drinking and watching the
pre-game festivities and she drew deeply on a Virginia Slims. When she saw
the cigarette in Ophelia's hand, she ran over and gave her a hug.
   "It's about time you joined the club," she said, mimicking Kristen. "What
happened ?"
   "My mom told Ariel that I've been smoking since I was twelve and she did the
   "I saw your sister on television again this morning. You must be proud."
   Ariel smiled. "She did a great job."
   "I wish we'd had a smoking lounge in my high school."
   "You didn't smoke when you were in high school, silly," Kristen said, as
though this was a mark of scorn.
   "I would have if I'd had real friends like Ariel or her sister. All my
friends were idiots who thought smoking was grotesque. As if they knew the
first thing-"
   "Where's Jack ?" Ariel asked Jennifer. They lived a few doors apart and
usually came over together.
   "He was at the commons, getting that rag top of his trimmed. If I didn't
know better, I'd think he was trying to impress someone."
   She looked squarely at Ophelia and three of the for women giggled.
   "Can you guys lay off on that. I've starting smoking for you, the least you
can do-"
   Ariel shook her finger.
   "All right. I started smoking for me, but still, cut me some slack. I don't
even know if I like Jack-"
   "Hey girls," a male voice said from the doorway.
   There was Jack, inhaling on a Marlboro Medium 100. He saw the cigarette in
Ophelia's hand and his eyes went wide but he found the strength not to say
anything to her. Instead he held up a steaming plate of nachos and salsa.
   "I hope you guys are hungry."
   The general consensus was that they were.

   It was after four. The game was over, another spanking of the Hornets at the
hands of the enemy. By the third quarter all guilt at having not actually
gone to the game were long gone.
   Jack was sitting on Ophelia's desk, staring at her with deep blue eyes.
   Very attractive eyes.
   "So, have I become part of the teen smoking problem ?" Ophelia asked as she
lit another cigarette. Happily lit another cigarette. Ariel's insistence on
her buying her own pack had been pure genius. It had sealed her decision and
made her feel good about what she was doing.
   Jack laughed. "I suppose we are. But it's funny. When they say teenagers,
they mean thirteen to seventeen year olds in high school. Think about it.
These are kids who, through school and computers, are probably more aware
than a lot of adults. But they can't vote, have little or no real control
over their lives, and have people telling them what they should and shouldn't
do most of the time."
   "I take it you weren't hassled much about your smoking."
   "Not by my parents. But I had plenty of trouble with it, which is why now I
only date women who smoke. Like you." 
   Ophelia walked over and sat down next to him. She moved her left hand to his
mouth and he gladly inhaled on her cigarette, noticing the way the filter was
faintly moist. It made him want to kiss her.
   "I want you to know something, Jack." She paused, inhaled, spoke through
wisps of smoke which deepened her voice to a fine sultry quality. 
   "I didn't start smoking again just because Ariel told me you were interested
in me." It came off sounding a little harsh, but if there was going to be
anything which developed from this Jack needed to understand her true
   "I know," Jack said, taking another draw on the cigarette, enjoying the
touch of Ophelia's soft hand on his face. "And trust me, it's a much bigger
turn-on knowing that you smoked for years. God, you lived just two towns over
from me. I wish I'd invited you to my senior prom."
   "So my smoking does turn you on ?" she asked half-jokingly, treating him to
a stark nose exhale.
   "God, yes." He blushed. "That probably sounds weird."
   "Not at all. Hell, sometimes Kristen's smoking turns me on, you know ?"
   "I know," Jack said, surprised that admission didn't make him more
uncomfortable. "I could watch her smoke for hours- I have watched her smoke
for hours. It's kind of funny. I mean, she adores you and Ariel, and the fact
that you've started smoking again, I think it makes her happier than Ariel
and I put together."
   "I'd like to change that," Ophelia said, running her hand across Jack's back
as she treated him to another puff.
   "Tell me about your senior prom."
   "I went with Gina Pistello."
   "Gina ? I knew her. Don't take this the wrong way, but god, what a bitch."
   "Then you did know her. How ?"
   "She and I played two years on the all-state field hockey team. She's
gorgeous, I mean, you must have thought you were pretty lucky." She drew on
her their cigarette, offered it to him, and then thought about how that must
have sounded. "I mean-"
   "I know what you mean. And I did. My parents dropped about two grand on a
limo, a tuxedo, and an- don't laugh, an hotel suite. It was going to be my
big night. The limo came and picked me up, then we drove over to her house.
Did the picture thing- my parents hired a professional photographer and
everything. We get in the car and it was 'you're not going to smoke in the
car, this dress cost xyz.' Then it was 'you're not going to smoke' here and
'you're not going to smoke' there. I left with someone else, we never got to
the hotel room, and I went home with a very depressing story which my mom and
dad listened to very sympathetically."
   "I'm sorry."
   "Don't be."
   Ophelia finished the cigarette, took the pack and pulled two more out. She
lit them together and handed one to Jack, who took it gladly.
   There was still a tension between them, and it wasn't entirely sexually.
Ophelia knew exactly what it was.
   "Ariel told me that you and she-" she started to say.
   Jack stood up, paced the small floor of the room, an hurt on his face.
   "Oh, god. I'm so stupid."
   "Why ?" Ophelia asked, realising that she was feeling out a process she
didn't really understand all that well.
   "You must think I'm terrible."
   "You must not understand how women think. Ariel is gorgeous and she's my
best friend in the world. I'm just flattered that someone who found her
attractive enough to- would, well, I'm not saying- Oh Jesus, I don't know
what I'm saying."
   "Did she tell you I was virgin, too ?" Jack asked, still seeming upset.
   "No. Did she tell you I was one ?"
   Jack tried hard not to smile, but his mood definitely changed with that
pronouncement. "You're a-"
   "We all start out that way. But while we're baring our souls, I'd like you
to understand that I want the day I started smoking again to be one I
   "Come on, Jack. A smoker and a virgin. How can you resist that combination
   "I can't." He walked back over to where she was sitting and they engaged in
a smoke filled kiss. Ophelia's hand guided Jack's to her breast so that he
could feel how hard her nipples were. It created the desired response.
   "Now, go sit down on the bed and make yourself more comfortable."
   "It is hot in here."
   "I know. I turned the heat up full blast for a reason."
   They were both sweating, Jack realised. He removed his shirt, displaying a
very attractive, full-featured chest which Ophelia couldn't help but admire.
   Her own shirt soon was unbuttoned. She drifted over to the door and locked
it, then slipped her skirt off.
   She was a vision, standing there in nothing but pink panties and a beige
bra, cigarette dangling from between her lips as she undid the bra strap. It
fluttered to the ground, revealing ample, pert breasts with rock hard
nipples. Her areolas seemed to quiver as she drew deeply on the cigarette and
walked towards him, trailing sweet smoke.
   She picked the ashtray up off the desk and walked over to the bed carrying
it. She placed it next to them as she scaled Jack and they lay together
entwined as they finished their cigarettes. As soon as Ophelia had put hers
out she pulled a condom from underneath her pillow and slipped it onto Jack's
   As he slid inside her, he managed to stand them both up and walked them back
over to the desk, pumping away the entire time. He reached down to the
cigarettes, pulled one from the pack, slipped it into Ophelia's mouth, and
lit it for her as she began to moan.
   She turned her head to the side and smoked for him and for herself. He
continued to stroke gently until she climaxed. She then took a deep inhale
and blew the smoke in his face as he came. Then they went back over to bed and
 lit two more cigarettes, smoking and cuddling.
   "We'll have to tell, them, you know." Jack said.
   Ophelia, whose parents believed was the possessor of supernatural hearing,
heard the faintest giggle.
   "I have a feel they already know."
   Kristen put her lips tight to Ariel's ear and spoke through her exhale.
   "Have I ever told you what a wonderful person you are ? Or how much I wish
you were a lesbian ? I am so hot right now."
   Ariel grabbed Kristen's hand and led her away from Ophelia's door and into
her own room. She locked the door behind them and pulled a cigarette from
Kristen's pack of Parliament Lights. She lit it and then whispered something
in Kristen's ear.
   Soon they were sitting on the bed, Kristen naked from the waist down, Ariel
behind her with her legs wrapped tightly around Kristen's mid-section.
   Kristen began to masturbate as Ariel slipped her right hand under Kristen's
shirt and stroked her breasts with one hand. In the other she held the
cigarette, which she offered to Kristen at regular intervals. Moaning,
Kristen blew long clouds of smoke into the far corners of the room until she
   Turning around, she planted a wet, smoke-filled kiss on Ariel's cheek.
   "Your turn," she said.
   Ariel smiled. "That's okay. Believe or not, I almost never-"
   "And you're not going to tonight, either."
   Kristen had very insistent hands. Soon, Ariel's pants and panties were both
on the floor. Smiling, Kristen told Ariel to lay down. As soon as she had,
Kristen dug a fresh pack Marlboro Lights 100s from Ariel's desk, lit one, and
handed it to Ariel, who drew deeply as she asked what Kristen was planning to
   "I want you to pretend I'm- how does Brad Pitt work for you ?"
   Ariel exhaled, considering that.
   "I think he works just great. But-"
   "No buts, Ariel. Close your eyes. Take a nice deep draw on that cigarette
for me and think naughty thoughts."
   Ariel did as she was told. She visualised Brad watching her full-bodied
   She found herself smiling.
   Kristen moved halfway down the bed, closed her eyes, and began to explore
with her tongue. She took her time, moving slowly, enjoying the way Ariel's
hand dove into her long amber curls and twined there as she slowly worked her
way inside.
   Each stroke of the tongue was unique and Ariel soon understood there really
were things only another woman could move from concept to realisation. She
inhaled deeply and imagined Brad's face atop Kristen's neck. It was a strange
but pleasant image.
   Finally Kristen found the spot and began to work in earnest, probing and
stroking and teasing. She worked tirelessly, taking her time so that Ariel
would be able to enjoy every sensation, every gentle tweak of that private
   Ariel's climax was everything that Kristen had ever imagined it would be.
   They didn't speak for long moments. Both lit cigarettes and lay next to each
other, enjoying the shared warmth in a surprisingly asexual manner.
   "I don't expect that to change anything," Kristen finally said.
   Ariel smiled at her friend and kissed her forehead.
   "That's why I love you like a sister, Kristen."
   "I'll assume your sister never did that  for you."
   "No. But thank you. And-"
   "And what ?" Kristen asked as she coated them with smoke.
   "And if I ever ask you to do that again ?"
   They hugged and it was and wasn't sexual.
   It just was.

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