It Just Takes a Few, Part 1

(by anonymous13, 14 March 2002)

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It just takes a few 
Part 1- Jane's enlightenment 

"I'm going to be treating you more as an adult now that you're in high 
school," Joe said to Jane. 

"Thank you Joe," she replied as she smiled a bit. She was 14 with blondish 
hair, blue eyes and average looks.  

"You're able to make your own choices and will be exposed to many different 
things in the near future. I want to let you know that I think you are 
smart enough to make decisions based on your feelings," he said. 

"That's nice to say Joe. I always felt different around you, like I could 
be more open and not have to worry," Jane told Joe. Joe reached into his 
pack of Marlboro 100's, got one out and lit it. Some of the smoke drifted 
toward her so she waived at it and made a bit of a face. 

"Sorry about that," he said. 

"It's ok, it's just that the smoke just seems to always come in my 
direction," she answered. 

"I've seen that happen before. It's funny to me that smoke sometimes does 
that," he said, "I guess the easiest thing for you to do is to get used to 
being around smoke." 

"I don't like the way it smells though," she said. 

"That's because you never tried it. If you did, you wouldn't mind it as 
much," Joe replied. 

"I don't think I'll be doing that soon," she chuckled. 

"I wouldn't see it as strange. Hell, I was much younger than you when I 
started and it's not that big of a deal," Joe said. 

"Yeah right, you're joking and besides, I don't want to smoke," was Jane's 

"No, I'm not, " he said. "You don't know what you're missing." 

"But I can't smoke," Jane said. 

"Sure you can. Everyone is able to, the question is do you want to? I chose 
to do it and I'm glad I did," he said, taking a drag as if for 
reinforcement of his statement. "Are you ready to find out for yourself 
what I've known for years, that maybe all our choices shouldn't come from 
what they hear from one side. Didn't you ever wonder what it was like?" 

"Honestly, I did once or twice, but I just never considered doing it," Jane 
told him. 

"Well, why not? I'll tell you what. If you want, since it's just us here, 
you can do it. I'll coach you if you want and you can try it a little, it 
can be a sample," he said. 

Jane considered his words for a while. She automatically said she can't 
smoke, but Jim just showed her that she could. Her heartbeat quickened 
slightly as she began to really think about what she had just heard. She 
got curious as to what it would be like if she took up his offer. After 
all, she had nothing to lose. She had seen some girls her age and a little 
older that were smoking but never thought to try it herself. "Are you sure 
it would be alright?" 

"I'm sure," he stated. 

Jane decided to let her curiosity get the better of her and said, "I'd like 
to try it then." She almost couldn't believe she said those words, but 
added, "Tell me what to do." 

Joe said to her, "First I'm going to light a fresh cigarette, It will make 
it easier." He did so and told her, "Just pull a little in your mouth until 
you taste the smoke hold it there for a second or two then blow it out." He 
put the cigarette by her lips and she did as she was told. As she drew, she 
felt the smoke enter her mouth and tasted smoke for the first time. 

She blew it out and said, "That wasn't what I expected." It didn't seem 
great, but also wasn't bad either. 

"It's kind of an acquired taste, like coffee," he said. After about a 
minute, he again placed the cigarette near her lips. "Go ahead, don't be 
afraid." She took another puff and repeated the process. "Well, what do you 
think so far?" 

"It's interesting. I'd like to try it some more," Jane found herself 
saying. Joe smiled and told her to take a bigger puff, that she would like 
it. Her next puff was indeed longer and she had a stronger taste in her 
mouth. She decided she was beginning to like the taste. She blew it out and 
saw the amount of smoke that came out and felt different. All the things 
she heard about smoking didn't tell her about how she began to feel. It was 
a mild rush of excitement as she realized that she was actually trying a 
cigarette, and she liked it. 

"I think you're ready," Joe told her. "Next time you take a puff, make it 
small and instead of just blowing it out, breath in and wait a few seconds 
before you exhale. You might feel like coughing but don't worry, it's not 
bad." He offered the cigarette to Jane's lips and she pulled a bit into her 
mouth. She readied herself and inhaled. 

Jane felt the smoke travel down the back of her throat, and felt it enter 
her lungs. She briefly held it then exhaled. She saw that the exhale looked 
and felt different from the previous ones. It was different, pleasant. 
"That was nice," she said, smiling. 

Joe said, "You did great. This time take a bigger puff and hold it a little 

Jane took a moderate pull and inhaled again. It went down almost too 
easily. As she held it inside her lungs, she began to feel the nicotine for 
the first time. Her heart sped up and she exhaled a respectable stream. She 
began to feel almost dizzy and said, "Wow, now that was good! I never 
realized it was like that." 

"I'm glad you like it. Here," he said, moving the cigarette near her hand. 
"Take it. Try it more. As you get comfortable, try to increase the amount 
you get." 

Jane barely hesitated as she accepted the cigarette with a mild tremble in 
her fingers. She brought the cigarette to her mouth, and took a puff and 
inhaled. She blew it out and said, "Thank you for showing me how to smoke, 
it's wonderful." She took her largest puff yet and as she held, felt her 
first rush. She almost reluctantly exhaled and knew she had found something 
pleasurable. After a few more puffs, she was getting quite dizzy. She 
handed the cigarette back to Joe saying, "I've had enough. That was good, 
but I don't think I can finish it. Do you want the rest?" 

Joe happily accepted it from her and took a drag of his own. His drags were 
those of a seasoned smoker. He said, "It's about time you smoked." 

"What do you mean by that?" she asked. 

"I love smoking," he said, "I know how good it is and enjoy when others 
find out. You can have one whenever you want if it's up to me." 

"Ok Joe, I'll let you know," she said. A half-hour later Joe lit up again. 
Jane watched him with a new understanding. The next time he lit one, she 
got an urge to feel smoke inside her again and asked him, "Can I have a 
puff?" Joe handed it to her and she took one. It was somewhat familiar 

As Jane was doing that Joe lit another cigarette. He said, "Keep that. You 
want more than one puff." 

He was right. She did want more. She inhaled again and savored the moment. 
She was unconsciously taking deeper puffs, and surprised herself by 
finishing most of the cigarette before the rush returned. When done, she 
put it out like she'd seen others do. "I'm getting into this," she said. 
"Who would have figured?" She had another later then they said their 
good-byes. Jane thanked him again and returned home. 

She carried out the usual routine and went to school the next day. She 
found herself thinking about yesterday's events throughout the day as she 
went about her business. The following night after finishing her homework, 
the memory caused her to ask her mother for permission to visit Joe. She 
received it and headed over. "Hi Joe," she said as he let her in. "I was 
wondering if I could have a cigarette? I don't know why but I've been 
thinking about it since the other day." 

"Of course you can," Joe answered. He took one out of his pack and handed 
it to her. 

She put it to her lips and accepted a light from him. She took a stronger 
pull than she thought she would and instantly felt it. It was almost 
electric. A second drag quickly followed. "That is sooo good," she said 
dreamily. They talked as she smoked. She stayed long enough for another. 
She was starting to unknowingly get used to having nicotine in her system. 
She visited for the next two nights, finding time on the last for a third 

The weekend arrived and Jane was with her best friend Kate. They saw a 
movie together. When it ended and they left the theater, Jane noticed many 
people reaching for their cigarettes and lighting them. In the past, it was 
no big deal, but now for some reason seeing this made her want one. She 
thought about Joe and decided to call him to see if she could visit him. 
"I've got to go see Joe, so I'll catch up with you tomorrow," she said to 

"It's early still. Why don't I go with you?" Kate said. "Joe is a fun 

"I don't know Kate, he's not expecting you," Jane said, trying to subtly 
shake her and be on her way. She thought about smoking once more. 

"He won't mind. He never complained before. I'm coming," was Kate's answer. 
Not wanting to seem strange, Jane agreed and they went to Joe's. Along the 
way, she wondered how she would be able to smoke with Kate there. They got 
there and the soda she had at the movies was ready to come out. "Joe, can I 
use the bathroom?" she asked. 

"Sure, you know where it is." As she went he turned to Jane. "I guess you 
want a cigarette?" 

"I do but I don't want Kate to find out. Can you light one and I'll just 
have a quick drag or two?" Jane asked. He giggled at what she was going 
through as he lit up and handed it to her. She took a hard pull, and 
exhaled. She took one more before handing it back to him. Kate returned and 
the three talked over coffee. When Joe lit up Jane felt like she had 
earlier at the movie. Here she was so close to cigarettes but afraid to 
smoke in front of Kate. The feeling finally became too much for her to 
ignore. "Kate, you're my best friend and I know I can trust you not to say 
anything to anyone about me if I asked you to." Kate nodded and Jane went 
on, "Don't tell about this," she said forcefully. She reached for Joe's 
pack on the table, took out a cigarette and lit it. She took a drag, 
inhaled and exhaled in an experienced manner. Kate's eyes went wide at the 
sight. "I know, me smoking. At first I thought it was weird, but it gets 
better the more I do it. I just want one now." 

"When did this start?" asked Kate, still in shock. 

"About a week ago. Joe and I were talking and he convinced me to try it. I 
come here each night for a few," Jane said, taking another drag. 

"This explains why you've been scarce lately," said Kate as she watched her 
friend exhale. "You look different smoking." 

"I feel different. I like it a lot. It kind of grew on me," Jane said. 
"Your parents smoke Kate so you should be used to seeing people do it." 

"Yea, I am. It's cool with me," Kate conceded. 

An idea formed in Jane's head. She had really gotten to enjoy smoking this 
past week and wanted to share that enjoyment with Kate. After all, that's 
what friends are for. "Kate, trust me on this; you have got to try this. I 
wouldn't say that if it weren't true." She reached into the pack and took 
out a cigarette for Kate, who looked on entranced. "Take a puff when I 
light it, then blow out." Jane, who a week ago met nicotine, was now it's 
advocate. She was happy to oblige. 

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