Jacki Meets Aundria

(by Unknown Author, 30 November -0001)

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One Seductive Draw

                             Jacki Meets Aundria

Jacki hated her new school she thought as she trudged to her locker.  She
hated the plaid skirts, the stupid vest, the no loud make up rules.  Most of
all she hated the no smoking policy at the school.  Back in Iowa, she was in
Public School, and frankly, everyone smoked.  Even the lunch room was
completely smoking in Iowa.

She opened her locker, and looked around the hall way for a teacher.  She
didn't see any.  Just a sea of plaid skirts and vests.  She reached into the
back of her locker, behind her newly used gym shorts and shirt.  She felt the
plastic and metal of her lighter, and then a few inches over from it the
cellophane of her pack of Camel Filters.  She grabbed them, leaned a little
more into her locker and clutched them to her breasts.  She then slid them
into her book bag, and headed out to her bus.

She got on the yellow school bus, and smelled the stale cigarette smoke.  She
saw a crushed out cigarette at the side of the driver's chair.  A youngish
pregnant woman with red hair, bright red lipstick and big hair sat there.
Jacki got on the bus, she was the first one on.  She sat down in the seat by
the driver, and breathed the smoky air, "god I need a cigarette,"  she said.
The driver smiled, "yeah I know, I was doing two packs a day before I got
pregnant, now I'm down to 7 a day."  Jacki smiled, "so, might I be able to
grab a few puffs on here?"  The driver laughed, "honey, smoking's not allowed
on the busses.  But-tell you what, you go sit in the back, toss the butt out
the window when no one's watching-after we get off school grounds and I won't
even see it." Jacki smiled, "thanks."

Jacki got up of the seat, and her leather cycle jacket squeaked as she moved
to the back of the bus.  Jacki looked like a tough girl.  Most of St. Mary's
girls looked either mousy, studious or preppy.  Jacki, looked like a little
hell raiser.  She sat down in the last seat, and opened the window of the bus
to the line.  She laughed a little to herself, if only these well bred young
women knew she liked women.

The bus got fuller and fuller.  And soon was half full.  Most of the people
sat down away from Jacki.  Just before the bus pulled out, a mousy girl with a
St. Mary's Soccer Letter Jacket sat down.  Her number's showed she was a
Sophomore.  Jacki looked at the mousy girl, with her long stringy straight
brown hair, her conservative glasses and said, "I'm going to smoke here, you
might like to move."  The girl looked at Jacki in awe, "you can't smoke here,
it's forbidden."  Just then the bus pulled out of the parking lot.

"Watch me," Jacki said.  She pulled her pack of Camel's out of her bag.  She
pulled open the flip top box, shook one of the cylinder's half way out of it's
box, lifted the box to her lips, and bit the filter with her teeth. She pulled
out the cigarette with her teeth.  She looked back in her bag, ignored the
lighter, and pulled out a book of matches.  She struck a match and held it,
"see kiddo, I'm gonna smoke right here." She then placed the match to the
cigarette and drew deeply on the filter.

The girl watched Jacki, as the nicotine hit her blood system.  Her lungs took
in the smoke, her eyes drooped lazily, she breathed evenly.  She double,
triple pumped the cigarette.  Jacki, noticed the girl watching intently. She
exhaled right in the girls face.  The girl squinted through her glasses and
sarcastically said, "thanks, I needed that." Jacki laughed, "I think you
needed that more than you think."  Jacki took another puff on the cigarette,
and lazily exhaled.  "Wanna drag gurlie, you might like it."  Jacki leaned on
the wall of the bus and held the cigarette out between them.  "Whad'ya mean I
needed that more than I think."  Jacki smiled, and ashed the cigarette out the

She held the cigarette back between them.  She took another puff and lazily
exhaled above the girls head.  The girl smelled deeply.  Jacki looked at her,
"see, you're sniffing the smoke."  The girl thought for a minute. Jacki took a
final drag, "last chance, before I throw it out the window." Jacki held the
filter to the girl.  She shook her head no, but she desperately wanted to say
yes.  Jacki took another last drag, and felt the heat of the tobacco on her
lips as she inhaled.  She flicked the butt out the window of the bus.

As Jacki exhaled she said, "so what's your name gurlie?"  "I'm Aundria," she
said.  Jacki laughed, "So Aundria, do you party?"  Aundria shrugged, "I don't
know, what do ya mean?"  Jacki laughed, "like smoke or drink or smoke pot."
Aundria laughed, "come on, do I look like a stoner?"  Jacki laughed, "no, do
I?"  Aundria smiled a sly smile, "yeah you do, but you're smarter. We have
English together."

"See, us stoners don't have to be baked all the time.  Actually, I don't do
much of that stuff.  I like to get drunk, though."  Aundria laughed, "yeah and
you smoke."  "Hmmmm, for a girl who doesn't, you sure like to keep bringing it
up."  Aundria smiled, "yeah, I guess I kind of want to try it." The bus was
slowing to the corner.  Aundria got up.  Jacki smiled, "hey Aundria, wanna
smoke tommorow night?"  Aundria smiled, "that might be fun." Jacki wrote her
number on a piece of notebook paper.  "Here's my number, my parents are going
away for the weekend, call me tonight, maybe you could come over."  As Aundria
got off the bus, Jacki pulled another cigarette out of her pack of Camel's.
This time she didn't use the matches, but lit it with her bic.

One Seductive Puff

Aundria called Jacki, and Jacki invited Aundria over for the evening.  She was
wild with laughter.  Aundria arrived at Jacki's house at about 7:30. She
tossed her stuff in the corner, and the girls started chatting.  "So, Jacki,
how are you going to teach me to smoke."  Jacki sighed, "that comes a little
later girl, tonight, you will be corrupted."  Jacki walked to her hutch, and
opened one of the doors.  Out she took a pack of unfiltered Camel's and a
bottle of Wild Turkey.

"First, Aundria, you need a little courage."  She took the bottle of Wild
Turkey and sat down on the bed.  "Come sit next to me."  Aundria sat down on
the comforter as Jacki took the bottle and wrapped her lips around it. She
took two big gulps.  Jacki lay back on her pillow and placed the unfiltered
Camel between her lips.  "Take a swig, you'll need the courage at the mini
mart.  Now listen as you drink, as I tell you about the fine art of smoking."
Aundria placed the bottle to her lips, and took a short gulp.  "Hey, that's
not that bad," she said, as she took another gulp.

Jacki sat up on her bed, and watched, Aundria, "One more gulp Aundria."
Aundria took another gulp.  "Wow, that has some punch."  Jacki took the
bottle, took the unlit Camel from her lips, and held it in her hand as she
took another gulp.  She capped the bottle, now a quarter gone, and placed it
on the night stand.  She lay her head back down on the pillow.  Aundria
stretched out next to her, and they both watched the ceiling.

Jacki, put the Camel back between her lips.  "Non filtered smokes are great,
nice and thick smoke, lots of nicotine.  They're wonderful.  Now remember,
always light these with a wooden match."  Aundria turned her head to watch
Jacki light up as she stared at the ceiling.  Jacki struck the wooden match
without looking.  She placed it to the cigarette.  "Always get the whole
cigarette lit.  None of this half ass lighting jobs.  Get a good draw, and
then exhale.  Never inhale the first puff."

Jacki puffed lightly and got it lit.  She took the cigarette from her lips and
exhaled.  "See don't take that puff and inhale.  That you do now." She put
the cigarette between her lips and inhaled to her toes.  She didn't really
exhale, she just let the smoke out as she breathed.  Aundria looked at Jacki.
Jacki's long curly hair lay outstretched on her pillow from her scalp.  Her
face was sweet, soft, her big lips painted red with the cigarette sticking
straight out.  A film of smoke above her, with whisps escaping her lips.
Aundria moved her eyes, down from Jacki's face, to her skinny body, and her
beautiful breasts.  Aundria wished she had tits like that.

Aundria smiled, and looked back at Jacki's face.  "So, when do I get to try
one of these," Aundria asked as she picked up the pack of Camels.  Jacki took
the cigarette from her lips and held it.  "You don't want to learn with one of
these," she said.  "But, you could suck the smoke from my lips. That's a good
way to learn-but only if you want.  Yaknow some people are kind of weird about
that."  Aundria took off her glasses.  "Sure, I'll try."  Jacki leaned over on
her side to face Aundria.  Aundria looked in Jacki's face.  "I'm going to take
a shallow drag, and put my lips to yours. Open your mouth, like you're going
to french kiss, but don't tongue me, and I'll exhale in to your mouth.  Let
the smoke sit there, don't really inhale and blow it out.  You should get the
texture and taste of the smoke."  Jacki held the cigarette with her pointy
finger and thumb and took a puff.  As she leaned into Aundria, she felt her
body tense up, become excited.

Their lips touched, each tasted the Wild Turkey on their lips.  Aundria tasted
the nicotine on Jacki's lips.   Jacki slowly exhaled into Aundria's mouth.
Aundria let the smoke sit in her mouth.  She felt a twang of excitement in
side of her and then accidentally swallowed and then coughed the smoke out.
"Don't worry, you did good Aundria.  Let's go to the mini mart, time for you
to become a smoker for real."

Jacki stood up, and put on her jean jacket.  She felt in her pocket for her
pack of Camel Filters and her lighter.  She then took the small bottle of Wild
Turkey and stuck it in her jacket.  Aundria put on her glasses again, and slid
on her letter jacket.  The girls walked down the stairs, and out onto the

It was a cool dark night, with a mist falling.  As they walked down the
street, streaked with moisture, Jacki took out the Wild Turkey and sucked some
down her throat.  "Man I wanna get buzzed," she said.  She passed the bottle
to Aundria who gulped down three big pulls on the bottle.  Jacki took out her
Camel's and and fired one up.  They reached the mini mart, and before walking
into the light of the parking lot Jacki stuffed the Wild Turkey back in her
jean jacket.  "Hold up, let me have a couple more drags before we go inside.

Jacki leaned up against the wall, and took a deep drag.  Aundria wanted to
taste Jacki's lips, she moved in close to Jacki.  Jacki put her hands on
Aundria's waist and pulled her close.  She let some smoke waft between their
eyes before she pulled it back in her mouth in a tight ball.  She pulled it in
her lungs.  Thier lips met, Aundria put her hands on Aundria's hips.  Jacki
slid her hands down and squeezed Aundria's behind, it was firmer than she

Their lips met, the cigarette in Jacki's hand fell to the ground.  Their lips
opened and Jacki expelled the smoke into Aundria's mouth.  Aundria pulled it
in, and inhaled it without knowing.  Aundria pulled her lips away from Jacki,
as Jacki squeezed Aundria closer.  Aundria exhaled, and Jacki kissed her as
the smoke wafted between them.  Aundria slid her tongue in Jacki's mouth and
they were together.  After the deep kiss, they pulled apart.  Jacki took
Aundria's hand, "thanks," was all she said.  Aundria blushed, "so is it
cigarette time?"  "I think so, let's go inside."

The girls walked into the 7-11.  Jacki pushed Aundria to the counter, "ok, get
some cigarettes."  "What kind should I get?"  Jacki laughed, "I don't know,
Camel's or Marlboro's."  Aundria strode to the counter, "Three packs of Camel
Filter's please."  The guy behind the counter pulled three packs from the
rack.  "And a lighter."  The guy pulled a bic lighter from the display and
rang her up.  It was Jacki's turn.  "Three packs of Camel Filter's and two
packs of More Red."  The clerk gave her the cigs and they walked out of the
building and back to Jacki's.

The girls got to Jacki's and tossed off their jackets and shoes and plopped
down on the bed.  "Ok, take out one of your cigarette packs." "Now you want to
pack it like this."  Jacki started hitting the cigarette box against her hand.
"Now you try it," she said.  Aundria took the pack and started tapping it
against her hand.  "Why do ya do this?"  "It packs the tobacco together
better, gives it a better burn.  Ok, that should be enough." Jacki repeated the
process with one of the packs of More's.

"What's with the More's?"  Jacki smiled, "They're a little different.  They
taste the same more or less, but they're long, slim, brown.  Even a stoner
gurlie gurl like me needs to look elegant now and then."  Jacki pulled one out
of the pack.  "Wow, they look like skinny cigar's, long too."  Jacki laughed,
"Come on kiddo, take a Camel out-let me fire you up."  With that Jacki picked
up her lighter, lit it and held it out for Aundria.  Aundria placed the
cigarette between her lips, and leaned the cigarette into the flame.  "Now
draw, but don't inhale, just blow the smoke back out."

Aundria squinted her eyes as she wanted to watch the yellow flame make the tip
of her Camel come to life.  She took the cigarette away from the flame and
held the cigarette in her hand as she blew the smoke out of her pale lips.
Jacki took the lighter and lit her More up.  The two girls sat together on the
bed smoking.  Aundria, getting slightly light headed with every drag she took.
After a few puffs, and some coaching from Jacki she got down to the inhaling.
"Watch this Jack," Aundria took the cigarette and drew very hard on it.  She
felt a ton of smoke in her mouth, and she inhaled it all in her lungs.  Then
she exhailed a perfect plume of bluish smoke for at least three seconds.


The girls crushed out their cigarettes and lay together on Jacki's bed.  "So
Aundria, are you a lesbian,"  Jacki ventured.  Aundria sighed.  "I just want
to know because of what happened in the parking lot.  I just wanna know if it
was the booze, or if that's what your into."  Aundria turned to Jacki, "I
don't know, I've never really experimented with anyone guy or girl Jacki.
I've gone on a couple of dates with guys, but I don't know." Aundria sighed,
"Can I have one of your brown cigs?" Jacki pulled out two of the More's, and
placed them both in her lips.  She lit them both, took a deep drag, and passed
one to Aundria.

"Well Aundria, I really like you, and if you'd like to share your love with
me, I'd like it a lot.  You really turn me on."  Jacki took a deep drag, this
could screw things up with her new friend.  Then again, Aundria, didn't seem
like a bitch, maybe if she wasn't interested, she'd let it pass without
freaking out.

Aundria moved closer to Jacki and kissed her tenderly on the lips.  "Look
Jacki, I don't know if I'm a lesbian, but I'd like to experiment, I don't want
to promise you anything though."  Jacki pulled Aundria's More out of her lips
in mid drag.  Placed both cigarettes between her lips, took a deep drag and
placed them in the ashtray.  She spread her legs, and pulled Aundria on top of
her and they began to make out.

Jacki pulled Aundria close, on top of her, and could feel her breasts through
the t-shirt.  They mashed lips, and Jacki managed to undo Aundria's jeans as
Aundria let Jacki suck her nicotine flavored tongue.  After about 20 minutes
of kissing, petting and sort of feeling each other the girls collapsed on the
bed.  "God," Aundria said, "I've never felt this way before."  Jacki stood up
on the floor and took out a More, she lit it and took a drag.  She exhailed
slowly.  "Sex is almost as good as smoking," she muttered as she placed it
between Aundria's lips.

Aundria let the smoke from the long cigarette drift in her face as she let it
sit between her lips.  Jacki pulled off her jeans and panties and then her
t-shirt.  "Undo my bra," she told Aundria.  Aundria undid her bra, double
pumped the More between her lips, inhaled deeply and passed the cigarette back
to Jacki.

Aundria slid out of her jeans and t-shirt and lay back on the bed, naked,
except for the bra.  "Sit up, and I'll get it for you."  Jacki took a drag on
the More and unhooked Aundria's bra.  "I'm going to get a couple of sex toys,
don't worry I'll be gentle.  Just lay back, have a swig of the Turkey and take
you to xtc honey."  Jacki went to the cabinet, and pulled out a dildo and
walked back to Aundria.

"Light up a Camel unfiltered.  I want to play with myself while you smoke."
Aundria, slid up in the bed naked, and reached for the unfiltered.  She put
one between her lips.  Jacki sat in a chair at the foot of the bed and began
to finger her already moist clit.  Aundria struck a wooden match, and started
to feel the wetness between her legs as she watched Jacki get off. As she
placed the match to the cigarette with one hand, she shoved the other inside
herself.  Jacki started playing with herself faster and faster.

After a couple of draws, she crawled onto the bed, and began kissing Aundria
up and down her smooth legs.  She stopped at her clit and opened it up with
her fingers.  She looked up at Aundria, slowly dragging on the Camel.  Aundria
exhaled in Jacki's direction, and lowered the cigarette for her to puff.
Jacki took a puff, and exhailed with her tongue deep inside Aundria.  Aundria
began to moan, and was worked to a frenzy. She was moaning, cigarette bouncing
in her lips, smoke pouring from her nose and mouth as she writhed with
pleasure on the bed.

Jacki raised her head from between Aundria's legs and smiled.  She pulled the
cigarette from Aundria's lips and held it with her hand.  She slowly, tenderly
gave Aundria a kiss.  She then sat back on her haunches, and pulled out a
More.  She lit it from the but of the Camel and sort of crushed out the Camel
in her ash tray.  She let the brown cigarette dangle from the side of her
lips.  She picked up the gray dildo, pulled on the cigarette, and opened the
drawer of her night table.

She pulled out a tube of K.Y. Jelly and spread it over the dildo.  She rubbed
her hand, the one with the lubrication on it, into Aundria's warm pussy.  She
double pumped the More, and exhailed the smoke through her nose while
continuously inhaling.  She jammed the dildo inside of Aundria and she
climaxed almost immediately.  "God, that was good," Aundria said.  "I need a
cigarette, and a drink."  Jacki moved her naked bod up the bed and sat next to
Aundria, "ash please."  She handed Aundria the More and Aundria ashed it.  She
then pulled a More out, and lit it from Jacki's ciggy.

Aundria took a deep drag, and slid her hand down Jacki's tummy.  Jacki let the
More dangle from her red lips, and guided Aundria's fingers into her. Aundria
stroked Jacki's pussy, and Jacki slid in her fingers.  Slowly they stroked
Jacki's clit.  They smiled, cigarettes hanging out of their lips, with a fast
motion, Jacki's love juices slid out of her onto the sheets. She smiled, they
embraced and lay close together, smoking.  "So Aundria, how do you feel?"
Aundria smiled, and kissed Jacki on the lips, "I believe I love you, stoner


Over the next few months, Aundria and Jacki both changed.  Aundria, lost the
glasses and letter jacket and started to wear a leather or a jean jacket
around school.  Jacki, sort of toned her rebel image down, somewhat. As for
the girl's relationship, they became inseparable.  Aundria, somehow, didn't
bother to experiment with guys, and Jacki somehow had managed to find a new
lover.  Something she didn't expect at the all girls Catholic School.

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