Jeff & Nicole

(by anonymous, 22 October 2003)

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Jeff & Nicole

    I started dating Nicole in summer. She was 24 and I was a few years
older. Nicole was rather innocent but very attractive. Tall, long light
brown hair, she always caught the eyes of other men.

    Nicole lived with a roommate name Amy. We never really hung out much with
Amy. Nicole wasn't really a good friend of hers. They were really just
roommates of of convenience. They both worked for a local law firm as

    I noticed the first time that I picked up Amy at her apartment that
there were cigarettes out on the balcony. I assumed they must be Amy's
because I had never seen Nicole smoke. But it did make my mind wander,

    After dating for a month and a half, Nicole and I became lovers. I could
tell that she hadn't been very experienced. But in a matter of a few months,
I got her to try a variety of new things. She really started coming out of
her shell.

    One night we were fooling around in bed when I asked her if she felt
like trying something new. She said she was game. I asked her if she would
mind smoking while we made love. At first she laughed, thinking that I
wasn't serious. But when I convinced her that I was, she got up and went out
to the balcony and brought back one of Amy's cigarettes and a lighter.

    She confessed that she had never smoked a cigarette before and didn't
really know what to do. I told her to get on top of me and lower herself
onto to my dick. She obliged and slowly started to ride me. Then she put the
cigarette to her lips. I almost came instantly I was so turned on. She
cautiously lit the cigarette and blew the smoke into my face.

    The effect it was having on me was obvious. I could tell she enjoyed
making me feel so excited. I held out long enough for her to have an
incredible orgasm. The site of smoke drifting from her lips as she came hard
made me lose it. The fact that both out orgasms were so strong was not lost
on her.

    A week later, we were alone again at her apartment when I suggested she
smoke another cigarette during sex. The results were much the same. We
started doing this whenever we had the opportunity. One night I asked if I
could eat her out while she smoked. She eagerly agreed.

    That night she said she inhaled for the first time during an orgasm and
said it felt incredible. She said the smoke going through her lungs gave her
an incredible sensation

    A few weeks later we were out on the town when Nicole left to go to the
bathroom. when she returned, she was holding a cigarette.
    "You like this don't you?" she asked me. She knew that I did. She said
that she borrowed it from someone in the bathroom. The site of her smoking
in public drove me wild. I could tell she was still rather tentative with
the cigarette

  The next Friday, Nicole and I went out to a local bar. There were acouple
of guys smoking at the bar. Nicole ordered a beer than took in the aroma of
their cigarettes. "A cigarette would be nice."
   I told her to ask them for one. She leaned over and asked the two guys
for a cigarette and the couldn't have been more happy to oblige. My sweet
innocent Nicole, smoking in a bar. Once again, I was loving this site.
About an hour later, I excused myself to go to the men's room. When I came
back, Nicole was smoking another cigarette. "I hope you don't mind," she
said smiling.
    "Not at all" 

Nicole's story

    That night after the bar, Jeff and I went beck to his place. I must
admit I was feeling rather naughty. I've always been the "good girl" and
holding a cigarette has made me feel like the bad girl I never got to be.
And I was enjoying being bad.

    Saturday night I came home late after having dinner with my family for
my dad's birthday. My roommate wasn't home, I was in the mood to be bad. I
went out onto our balcony in just my bathrobe. Luckily, Amy and I had an
apartment that faced a golf course. At night, our balcony was pretty
private. I noticed that Amy had left her cigarettes and the balcony table. I
decided to help myself to one
    I lit the Marlboro Light and inhaled deeply, holding the smoke in my
lungs before exhaling. Was I ever feeling horny. I could barely wait to
undue my robe and start fingering myself. I came during my third inhale. In
fact, I came two other times before finishing the cigarette.

    I was gone most of Sunday. When I got home around 5, I noticed Amy on
the balcony enjoying a glass of wine. I poured myself a glass and joined her
on the balcony. We talked about work, guys, the usual. After twenty minutes,
Amy reached for her cigarettes and lit one
    This was not unusual, she often enjoyed a cigarette at the end of the
day. The only difference was I really wanted one also. For some reason, I
didn't want to ask for one. I had never smoked with her before, I thought it
might look to unusual.
    I can't believe how badly I wanted one. It smelled so good. Finally, I
decided to act naive. I claimed the wine was making me fell light headed.
"It makes me want to try your cigarette."
    "Sure, try it," she said as she offered it to me.
    I took a small drag, not want to seem to obvious and handed it back to
her. She took another drag and handed it back to me. I  once again partook.
    Monday night after work, we both ended up on the balcony again. We were
both enjoying some wine after work and she lit up a cigarette. This time I
didn't have to ask, as Amy offered me a drag immediately. We ended up
sharing the whole cigarette.

    Tuesday, I came home late. When I walked in, Amy was on the balcony
reading and smoking a cigarette. I walked out there and told her what a
hectic day I had. She handed me her cigarettes and I enjoyed a full inhale
before handing it back.
    I didn't see Amy again till Friday. She was out of town for work. I
probably would have bummed a cigarette but she had taken the pack with her.
    On Friday, Amy and I were again hanging on the balcony. I was supposed
to go out with Jeff, but he and some buddies had gotten tickets to the
basketball game, so I got stood up.
    Amy and some of her friends were going out later and I decided to join
them. But first a few drinks on the balcony.
    After a few glasses of wine, Amy went inside and brought back a pack of
new cigarettes. She tore the cellophane off and offered me one. I took one
without even thinking that this was the first time I had ever smoke a whole
one with her. She must not have thought too much about it, because we each
smoke two more while on the balcony.
    Later that evening, we went to a great bar to hear a fantastic band. I
must have smoked a few more that night, but honestly, I lost count.
    Jeff's story

    Saturday night, I picked up Nicole and we headed off to a little place
by the lake. It was one of our favorite places to go. After a few margaritas
Nicole said that she wouldn't mind smoking a cigarette. She said they had a
vending machine near the bathroom and asked me for some dollar bills.
    The thought of Nicole buying her own cigarettes nearly made me cum. I
couldn't whip out the Georges fast enough.
    That's when I begin to notice something different. Nicole was inhaling.
And not only was she inhaling she was also smoking with more confidence. He
fingers were seperating when she inhaled.
    Nicole smoked two cigarettes that night. A few days later we went out
again when Nicole pulled the pack from her purse. I couldn't help but notice
that the pack was missing about 5 cigarettes. She had been smoking since we
last went out.

Nicole's Story

    Having my first pack of cigarettes changed me. I've always been the good
girl, but smoking made me feel bad and I liked it. A lot.
    I decided that I was going to have one last wild summer. I started going
out with Amy a lot more and smoking on a regular basis. All of Amy's friends
smoked so it wasn't long before I was hooked. I figured I could quit at the
end of the summer
    Jeff and I saw each other less and less as the summer went on. I thought
we would start seeing each other more after Labor Day. Hanging out with Amy
was too much fun. Her and her friends took me to all kinds of wild clubs and
parties. On of her friends was an exotic dancer and we started hanging out
with her at her club after midnight. Amy has said that she would like to
start dancing to earn a little extra money.

Jeff Story (One year later)

    I hadn't seen Nicole in about a year when I ran into her at a topless
bar one night. She was hanging with some of the dancers. She didn't look
like the innocent Nicole I had once known. And yes, she was smoking.

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