Jenna Miller, Part 3

(by flysmoker, 03 November 2012)

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Goody Two Shoes.
by flysmoker

Chapter 3: Jenna's story.

As the History lesson developed, Jenna found it increasingly difficult to
concentrate on the Second World War topic which was normally one of her
favourites. She had surreptitiously looked across at Natalie a few times
during the lesson and continued to detect the smell of cigarettes. Although
disguised by perfume, Jenna knew the smell well. Her suspicions were
confirmed when she glanced down at Natalie's blazer pocket and could just
make out the top of a very familiar pack of Embassy Regal cigarettes! Jenna
was strangely excited about where her discovery could lead. Nobody would ever
have thought that keen athlete and model school girl Jenna could for a second
be interested in smoking!

Jenna had for some time maintained a curious fascination about smoking. Her
aunt Patricia was a heavy smoker and Jenna liked her aunt very much. She
never minded her cigarettes and became very familiar with the smell thinking
that her aunt actually looked pretty cool smoking! Jenna had also noticed
that her aunt was always more relaxed and good humoured after one of her many
cigarettes. As her aunt had grown older it increasingly occurred to Jenna
that she might like to try smoking. She just never saw how an opportunity
might arise and worried particularly about its possible impact on her running
and on her relationship with her two friends. Smoking was generally
associated with Neds (delinquents) and Jenna maintained ambitions to do very
well in school and elsewhere.

Natalie spent the rest of her first day with the three amigos and continued
to bond well with all three. A number of common interests were identified and
the four girls chatted away quite happily. Jenna seemed a little distracted
but worked hard to find out about Natalie without mentioning her suspected
smoking habit. Jenna felt sure that Natalie would probably tell them soon
enough if she felt confident in their friendship.

The growing friendship strengthened over a couple of weeks with Natalie
fitting in well with her new friends as the three was gradually becoming
four. Jenna always appeared closest to Natalie but had in truth an ulterior
motive! Finally she thought that her opportunity may have come when Natalie
asked her to her house after school to work on some homework which they had
been asked to complete together in their Geography class. Having a drink
before undertaking the task Natalie finally confided in her new friend.
"Jenna I would really like to keep you as a friend as well as Eilidh and
Melanie. I have to tell you a secret which you might not like!" Jenna knew
that the moment had come.  "I think that you might be about to tell me that
you smoke!" Jenna replied.  "How could you have known that?" asked Natalie.
"I kinda know some of the signs and thought that you would tell me soon. If
you are like my aunt and smoke much then you probably need a cigarette." "You
know more than I thought," said Natalie and slowly extracted her cigarettes.
As she smoked in the kitchen Natalie told Jenna her story leading to her
dependence on cigarettes. Jenna, pretending to be disapproving, was
fascinated by the way her new friend drew languidly on the smoke, visibly
relaxing. Having unburdened herself, Natalie was full of good cheer and
tackled the homework project enthusiastically. Jenna had to leave soon after,
since she was competing in her final race of the season that evening. Before
a small crowd of family and friends Jenna won the race with some ease,
happily accepting the plaudits from those around her. Jenna was happy but
convinced that things in her life were going to take a different turn.

As the autumn term progressed, Jenna found herself drawn ever closer to
Natalie. The two 13 year-olds remained very much part of the group but as
they lived quite close together - they often stopped off at each other's
houses after school or in the morning beforehand. Jenna was now used to
Natalie lighting up but the other two girls appeared to remain in the dark.
Natalie, to her credit, never encouraged Jenna to think about smoking.
Increasingly, Jenna rather wished that she would. Remaining close to Natalie
and her aunt had convinced the teenager that, whatever the consequences, she
was going to try smoking.

Later that same week after a difficult day at school where none of the
teachers seemed to be in a good mood, Natalie and Jenna again descended on
the former's house for a break and to work on homework. They went up to
Natalie's room and she very quickly lit up her customary cigarette. Jenna
could contain herself no longer and came right out with it.

"Natalie, I would really like to try smoking!"  Her friend was amazed and
immediately tried to discourage her new friend.

"Jenna you can't really be serious. Smoking involves a lot of hassle and is
very unpopular nowadays. When you need to do it and can't it is unbearable!
It is very expensive and what about you, a brilliant athlete! There is no way
you can be doing that and smoking! Forget it, Jenna!" This strong rebuff
rather surprised Jenna but, having patiently waited so long, she was not to
be easily deterred.

"I know all of those things Natalie. But I've wanted to smoke for a long time
now and I'm desperate to try! This will be my decision and I will never blame
you. Please help me to smoke!"

Natalie could see that her friend was determined and eventually shrugged and
reluctantly threw her box of cigarettes across her bed. 

"Go ahead if you are determined, Jenna. But prepare yourself for many
lifestyle changes!" 

Jenna extracted a cigarette from the box of Embassy's and examined it
closely. This was the first time she had even held one in her hand. She
nervously placed the filter between her lips. Without too much hesitation she
sparked up her friend's lighter and lit the cigarette as instructed. She drew
a little smoke into her mouth and immediately felt the strange sensation. She
giggled as this took some effect then she gently blew the smoke out. 

"This is kind of weird, Natalie," she said before repeating the process.

"Just wait till you inhale," said her friend before instructing Jenna on how
to do so.

Jenna drew a little smoke into her virgin lungs and coughed a little. After a
few seconds she felt the amazing head rush and a tingle right down to her
ballerinas. Speech came only very slowly.

"Whoaah," was about as much as she could manage for a while as the first
effects of smoking took effect. She repeated the inhale then, feeling the
full effects of the buzz, passed the cigarette to Natalie to finish. Jenna
lay on the bed for a few minutes before gradually returning to normal.
Natalie thought that she detected a `glow' on her friend as she recovered her

"Is it always like that when you smoke" asked Jenna.

"The effects are much less after a while but it always gives you a lift,"
admitted Natalie. As she suspected she was now pretty sure that she had just
acquired a long time smoking buddy.

Natalie proved to be spot on. Over the next couple of months Jenna became a
very good pupil indeed. She was a regular visitor to her friend now and
smoked two or three cigarettes each day after school. She also continued to
`collect' Natalie in the morning, giving her the additional chance to sneak a
smoke before school. Natalie's mother, who provided her daughter with her
cigarettes, wondered if her consumption was rising but soon with the increase
in the number of her friend's visits the penny dropped.

When the two girls bustled in the next day, they made to go straight up to
Natalie's room as had become their recent custom. Jenna, like her friend, was
now experiencing considerable cravings when denied a smoke for any length of
time. Mrs Harrison encouraged them to wait in the kitchen while she gave them
a drink. She offered Natalie a cigarette which was quickly accepted then
offered the pack to Jenna.

"Would you like a cigarette too dear?"

Jenna hesitated and looked at her friend.

"I know that you're smoking now Jenna," Mrs Harrison continued, "Go ahead and
join us!"

"How did you know?" asked Jenna, finally accepting the proffered cigarette.

"All the signs were there, dear," she said as she lit Jenna up. "To be
honest, when you started coming around I thought it might only be a matter of
time. I saw you watching the two of us smoking many times and I saw the
desire. You have wanted to smoke for a long time haven't you?"

"I have," said Jenna. "To be fair to Natalie, she tried to put me off but I
was determined. I wanted to be a smoker and now that I am, I sure am
beginning to really love it! This is my favourite time of the day! I know
that I will have to tell all of my family and friends since I want to
continue to smoke. In truth, whatever the consequences I think that I have
started on my way to becoming a heavy smoker!" As she finished this sentence
she drew very heavily on her cigarette and both Natalie and her mother could
see that Jenna meant every word!

Jenna had always been a very honest girl and, thinking about her recent
words, continued to let the cat out of the bag. Over Christmas she came out
to her Aunt Patricia. Initially shocked, her aunt also accepted her decision
and allowed Jenna to smoke in her house. Clearly Jenna was becoming addicted
fast as her consumption grew beyond half a pack a day. She just loved to
smoke and her aunt kindly provided her with additional cigarettes. Jenna had
also began joining Natalie on her lunchtime `walks' since she now also craved
a couple of smokes during the day. Early in the new year Jenna knew that
there was no going back. She was now hooked on cigarettes and was initially
scared a bit by this. Not for long, though, as she continued to love her fast
growing habit. She wanted to smoke freely and decided that on her 14th
birthday she would be completely out of the closet.

For her two friends, though, discovery would be a little sooner. In March,
Natalie and Jenna went out again at lunchtime as was becoming their custom.
They found a quiet lane near the school and perched on their usual wall. The
two young smokers eagerly lit up, not having enjoyed a cigarette for a few
hours. Natalie noticed how keen Jenna was to draw on her cigarette, drawing
in smoke quickly and executing several double pumps. She now matched her
friend in the quantity of her smoking as she approached the level of a pack a
day smoker. Jenna loved to draw the smoke into her lungs and the warm feeling
that it brought within her chest. It was clear to her friend that Jenna was
now a dedicated and hopelessly addicted smoker. Jenna did not deny this,
clear in her intent to become an even heavier smoker before long. The two
girls loved to sit on the wall and dangle their ballerinas as they chain
smoked up to three, sometimes four, cigarettes. They giggled as they smoked
and a pretty pile of patent shoes was soon beneath them on the grass below.
Jenna had recently given up her lunchtime athletics club. She had struggled
to keep up with the other girls as the impact of her increasingly heavy
smoking took its toll. She was breathless more easily and her occasional dry
cough became wet with serious effort. She had enjoyed running but enjoyed
smoking even more. Her additional free time allowed more opportunity to run
around with Natalie, smoking heavier and enjoying every cigarette. 

Despite their heavy involvement in lunchtime clubs, Eilidh and Melanie had
begun to notice Jenna and Natalie's lengthy absences at lunchtime. Eilidh
feared that Natalie was `stealing' their long-time friend away from them.

"I think that Natalie came to the school with a very bad habit," Melanie
astutely told her friend, "and Jenna has now adopted the same habit. They're
both smoking".

Eilidh, shocked at first, was convinced when Melanie pointed out much of the
rather obvious evidence, most notably that both of their friends now reeked
of cigarettes. Their occasional coughs and reluctance to participate in games
added to the rather obvious conclusion. Eilidh asked the pair right out when
they returned and both admitted, with rather red faces, to being regular

Weekends could be particularly difficult for Jenna as opportunities to smoke
could sometimes be difficult. When she could, she would pull on her ripped
jeans and yellow Converse and run (with ever increasing difficulty) over to
the sanctuary of Natalie's house and satisfy her strong cravings. During the
week before Jenna's birthday Natalie returned home from shopping with her
mother to find her friend smoking heavily as usual while kissing and cuddling
with her older bother Michael!

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