Jenna Miller, Part 4

(by flysmoker, 03 November 2012)

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Goody Two Shoes.
by flysmoker

Chapter 4: Eilidh's story.

During the following week Natalie and Jenna prepared to leave school for
their lunchtime haunt, eager to satisfy their strong cravings built up over a
morning in school. Eilidh's usual writer's club had been cancelled and rather
that being left on her own (Melanie was at choir), she asked her two friends
if she might join them. They raised no objection but made it clear to Eilidh
that they were going out to smoke. The blond teenager simply shrugged and
joined her friends in the April sunshine. Soon all three girls were perched
on the usual wall with Jenna and Natalie immediately chaining into their run
of cigarettes. Eilidh was quite shocked at the amount of smoking but did not
fail to notice the beneficial effects on her friends. Very quickly they were
relaxed, laughing and giggling and flicking off each other's shoes as usual.
Despite the heavy elastic strap on top they also managed to flick off
Eilidh's flats and they joined the pile on the grass below.

The studious Eilidh was not prone to sudden or rash decisions but seeing the
jollity of her friend's behaviour, and feeling rather left out, she plucked
the cigarette from Jenna's hand and took a quick puff. The other two,
momentarily stunned, soon laughed and applauded their friend. Encouraged by
this, Eilidh took another draw on the cigarette and exhaled. Jenna told her
to keep smoking and lit another for herself. Eilidh then went for the inhale
and promptly fell off the wall in response to the sensation. Her friends also
then tumbled off the wall and amid a tangle of bodies and shoes, all laughing

As the girls sorted themselves out and recovered their shoes, Michael
surprised them all by appearing in the lane. He encouraged Eilidh and his
sister to return to school while he remained a while with Jenna. Despite her
protestations of being late he pressed her against the wall and kissed his
new girlfriend passionately. Jenna was impressed and returned the kiss
willingly. He lit up cigarettes for them both while he continued to explore
her body. He caressed her leg between her short shirt and her knee length
socks. Jenna shivered at this and to her surprise found herself grabbing at
the growing bulge at the front of Michael's trousers. He groaned at this and
pulled down his zip. Pausing only briefly to wrap on a condom, he again
lifted Jenna out of her ballerinas and quickly impaled her on the wall.
Panting and groaning, the two teenagers completed the sexual act quickly and
lay on the grass. Jenna did not make it back to school that afternoon as she
smoked heavily and became increasingly familiar with her older boyfriend.

Back in school Eilidh soon realised the likely consequences of her actions,
but felt more included by her friends and was given a huge buzz by the sudden
bad girl image she had briefly acquired. She did not immediately think that
she would smoke again but a day later did exactly that when back at the same
spot she smoked several more cigarettes with her more addicted friends.

Jenna rose with some excitement on the Saturday of her fourteenth birthday,
looking forward in particular to the party planned for that evening. Despite
her usual cravings, she knew that she had to spend some time with her parents
early in the day. She went downstairs to a welcome pile of presents. These
included make up, a very short black sparkly skirt and trendy high heeled
monk shoes, perfect for her party later in the day. A final package was
produced which surprised Jenna. She was even more surprised when she opened
up a carton of 200 Embassy Regal cigarettes. Jenna could not have gone a
deeper shade of red. She was not sure of what to say.

"There is not much point in hiding this any more, Jenna," her dad said,
"Although we are disappointed, we know that you've been smoking for some
time. You are probably well hooked now and we reluctantly have to accept your
decision to smoke. You are an intelligent girl and must know the risks. Try
and keep your smoking within reasonable limits".

An embarrassed Jenna thanked her parents and went off to try on her new
clothes and make up. Her new shoes were very high and she had to walk about
in her room for a while to get used to walking in them. She lit up the first
of her new stash of cigarettes in her room and felt very tarty when she
looked at herself in her full length mirror parading around, smoking heavily
in her short skirt and high heels. Smoking a second cigarette, she felt even
dirtier when she thought of her recent encounter with Michael and the
prospect of another fumble at the forthcoming party.

Around 20 of Jenna's teenage friends came to her birthday bash. Although no
alcohol was supposedly permitted, plenty of alcopops were mixed in with the
various soft drinks. Natalie also looked stunning in a short simmering silver
dress and matching four inch strappy sandals. Melanie and Eilidh were in
contrasting black and white with the same five inch patent stilettos with
three straps across the front. Melanie, used to heels, walked confidently but
Eilidh, particularly after a few drinks staggered and stumbled a little in
her white patent pumps.

Eilidh was unsure whether she would smoke at the party, but was soon
encouraged by her two friends to light up. With the courage provided by the
alcohol she went ahead and revealed herself to all her peers as a new smoker.
Melanie looked icily at her friend but many others, particularly the boys,
were hugely attracted to the pretty blond smoker. Jamie insisted on lighting
her cigarettes as she began to smoke more heavily, enjoying each one all the
more as she became increasingly buzzed by the nicotine. Eventually her feet
could bear the towering heels no longer and Jamie readily agreed to remove
them strap by strap, clouding the elegant patent shoes with smoke billowing
from his own cigarette. His gallantry was rewarded with a kiss or two as the
evening wore on. The room was now thick with smoke as most of the young teens
indulged heavily in their recently acquired habit.

Jenna, with her new freedom to smoke, did so constantly throughout the
evening. She comfortably went through nearly two packs during the party,
drinking quite heavily at the same time. In brilliant form, she made time for
all of her friends but eventually Michael had her undivided attention.
Finding a quiet room, he set about `exploring' her party outfit. His hand
reached under her new skirt and gently removed her pants. Giggling, Jenna
unzipped Michael's jeans and stroked his erect penis. Michael then shifted
Jenna's high- heeled legs to rest on his shoulders as he lay on top of her
and penetrated her for a second time. Writhing furiously the two of them came
together and Michael exploded inside her. When she noticed that his cum was
flowing out down her leg she was vaguely aware that in their drunken state
that no condom had been used.  "Fuck," said the drunken teenager and passed

After the party, the three girls were now accepted and known as smokers. They
now joined the regular school smokers behind the boiler sheds. Given a bit of
a hard time at first with chants of `goody two shoes' and `swots' they were
eventually left alone, particularly since Jenna and Natalie proved themselves
as heavy and dedicated smokers. Both now comfortably smoked around 40
cigarettes per day and easily matched some of the older smokers who
frequented the hideaway. To their frustration they were occasionally caught
by teaching staff and placed in detention at lunchtime, hence unable to
smoke! After the summer break three of the friends also noticed that Jenna
was struggling to fit into her short skirt. She immediately resolved to go on
a diet.

Eilidh had spent much of the summer with her friends and gradually increased
her consumption of cigarettes. At first Melanie tried to discourage her but
soon gave up as she noticed the increasing cravings and likely realisation
that she was also hooked on smoking. Eilidh's mother soon confirmed this.

Knowing that most of her daughter's friends were smoking she became
increasingly suspicious that Eilidh had fallen under the same spell. As a
former heavy smoker, she recognised some of the signs as the blond teenager
often appeared cranky in the morning and when away from her friends for any
length of time. She put this to the test one Saturday when she took her
daughter out shopping one morning, then on to lunch followed by taking in one
of the longer Harry Potter movies. All of this time she kept an eye on
Eilidh. By mid-evening they returned to the car and Mrs Walker noticed that
the youngster was now extremely out of sorts.

"What's wrong with you?" asked her mother.

"Nothing, just tired," Eilidh responded aggressively, betraying her usual
sunny nature.

Suspecting that she had all the proof required, Mrs Walker went into her bag
and tossed a packet of cigarettes into her daughter's lap.

"Maybe these will lighten your mood! I know a craving when I see one," said
the former smoker.

Momentarily stunned, Eilidh realising that she was busted but opened the pack
and quickly drew out a cigarette. Her mother held out a lighter and Eilidh
lit up, enjoying several very quick deep inhales. To her surprise her mother
lit up beside her.

"If my daughter is a smoker then I will willingly join her," explaining to
her daughter that she had always regretted giving up smoking years
earlier."If you smoke then I smoke."

Eilidh felt very guilty over this turn of events but was quite thrilled about
having the same freedom to smoke as her two friends. She now abandoned any
pretence of occasional smoking and with her mother's blessing quickly
increased her consumption. The two of them drew closer as smoking companions.
By early autumn she regularly smoked a pack per day and often more when with
her two friends. Three of them now smoked up quite a storm when they were
together, the pretty blonde was quickly as addicted as her two friends.

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