Jenna Miller, Part 5

(by flysmoker, 03 November 2012)

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Goody Two Shoes.
by flysmoker

Chapter 5: Melanie's story.

During this time Melanie managed to resist the temptation to follow her
friends. Although she could clearly see how much they enjoyed smoking, she
resisted their efforts to entice her to join in. She did feel increasingly
isolated from her friends, though, as they now spent so much of their time
smoking outside together. In school she immersed herself in her
extra-curricular activities and spent any additional time with her younger
sister Kara, one year younger. The sisters were very close and enjoyed
similar interests.

Kara was also very friendly with her sister's group and was a bit more drawn
to their increasingly daring lifestyle. Like her sister, Kara had a style of
her own, often seen in her black ripped jeans and high heeled black buckled
boots. Unlike her sister, Kara thought that smoking might be cool and had
quietly begun experimenting. When Jenna and Eilidh found this out they were
more than happy to encourage Kara to join in their bouts of regular smoking.
Eventually Melanie caught her sister smoking outside the school along with
her friends. Feeling betrayed she chided her sister for falling in with her

"How can you do that when you know all the risks?"

"Sorry sis, I just love the way it makes me feel," Kara replied as she
crushed out her smoke under her boot.

This added to Melanie's stress as she coped with playing the lead in the
school show `Romeo and Juliet' as well as preparing for various exams. In the
show, Melanie was playing opposite Anton, a boy she had fancied for some
time. The only drawback for Melanie was that Anton had also become a smoker
and seemed to be a constant companion of her heavy smoking friends. Melanie
was seriously beginning to wonder if her life might be a little easier if she
too took up the habit.

The next day she again came across her sister sneaking a cigarette in their
back garden. She could see that Kara was clearly beginning to enjoy her new
habit as she exhaled a huge stream of smoke. Dangling her 4 inch patent
stiletto, Melanie resigned herself to her next move. She asked her sister if
she might try her cigarette. Initially stunned, Kara took another draw before
passing the smoke to her sister. The last of the `amigos' hesitated for a few
seconds before pulling the cigarette to her lips and breathing in the smoke.
It was not as unpleasant as she had feared and she soon completed her first
smoking experience. Wobbling a bit on her heels she regained her composure
and smiled at her sister. The two of them now had a big secret from their

Not for very long, though, as they were both soon caught having another
garden smoke. In truth the discovery was no great surprise to their parents
given that all of their friends were now hardened smokers. Melanie delighted
her friends when she first smoked in front of them. For a few weeks it was
only an occasional cigarette before the first night of her show came along.
The stage kiss with Anton went particularly well with a promise of more
later! Melanie came outside afterwards and drew heavily several times on her

"I guess that's you really addicted now Melanie!" said Eilidh.

"Sure am!" said Melanie drawing again on her smoke. 

All of the `amigos' laughed and drew heavily on their own cigarettes.

The four friends now became regular smokers both outside the school and
behind the boiler sheds. Melanie had converted all of the girls to her
towering heels and they clattered outside noisily on a regular basis to
satisfy their fierce cravings. Jenna knew that she was about four months
pregnant and shouldn't be smoking. She was too addicted, though, and
continued to puff away despite the dangers. They were all now regulars in
detention as a result of their incessant smoking in flagrance of the school
rules. No longer the `darlings' of the teachers they had quickly lost their
tag as the `Goody two shoes!!"

The End.

The Goody two shoes will return in the sequel `Bad Girls'.

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