Jenny's Story, Part 1

(by, 02 October 1995)

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Subject: Jenny's Story - Part 1 of 4
Date: 2 Oct 1995 14:27:27 -0400
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It had been years since Jenny had actually smoked a cigarette.  When she
was 17, she toyed with the idea of becoming a smoker and since most of
friends smoked it seemed like the thing to do.  Unfortunately, her parents
soon discovered that she had been smoking and made her life hell.  She
hadn't been smoking long enough to get hooked to it so it was relatively
easy to quit.  She would smoke an occasional cigarette here and there but
never enough to get used to it.

Now at 22, she had been dating Scott who was 25 and whom she cared for
deeply.  Scott had been smoking since he was 16 and told Jenny right away
that he had no intentions of quitting because he truly enjoyed it.  At
first Jenny didn't seem to mind his smoking but after a while she felt
that it was somewhat of a burden.  He always needed to be where he could
smoke and Jenny started to become slightly irritated by his habit.  She
would frequently give him a hard time about his addiction to cigarettes
which he did not appreciate in the least.  He would comment that she
didn't know what she was talking about and that she should just get used
to it.  He said to her one afternoon "Jenny, 
if you smoked you would understand what it's like."  Jenny replied "I have
smoked Scott." He replied "did you smoke enough to where you looked
forward to your cigarettes and actually craved them."  "Well, no"  she
said.  He commented "then you don't know what it's like.  That's part of
what so great about smoking.  You really feel the need to smoke and when
you do, it feels tremendous."  Those words stuck with Jenny and although
she knew cigarettes were addictive she never realized that it was really
enjoyable to satisfy those cravings.  She didn't want to become a smoker
but she also wanted to understand what was so great about smoking.  She
also remembered him saying "it's not that I want you to become a smoker
but I wish you could understand what I'm talking about."

One evening they were watching TV and Scott had just lit a cigarette when
the phone rang.  He left his cigarette in the ashtray as he went in the
other room to answer the phone.  Jenny stared at the cigarette and as she
realized that he would be gone for a while, a thought came over her. 
"Maybe just a little puff" she thought.  She reached down a picked up the
cigarette and pulled it to her lips.  She took a small puff and inhaled
the smoke as best she could.  As the smoke left her lungs she felt a
strange sensation that she hadn't experienced in a long time.  Although
the smoke felt strong to her, it also was strangely cool as it sat in her
lungs.  It's not that it was unpleasant, it was just a feeling she hadn't
had before in her previous attempts to smoke.  She laid the cigarette back
in the tray and then realized that it was probably because Scott smoked a
menthol cigarette and she had never smoked them before.  As she sat there
for a minute, she could tell by his conversation that it would be little
while longer, so she again picked up the cigarette for another puff.  She
quickly placed the cigarette to her lips and took another puff, inhaling a
little deeper this time to get a better feel for it.  As she held it in
her lungs she knew it was a feeling that she did not mind.  She heard
Scott hang up and she quickly extinguished the cigarette before he
returned.  When he entered the room he noticed that his cigarette was no
longer burning and said "what happened to my cigarette?  Not wanting him
to find out about her smoking she said "oh, I thought you were going to be
on the phone for a while so I put it out for you.  Who was on the phone?
she said attempting to change the subject.  Scott replied "it was Dave. 
He wanted to know if we wanted to go to the game on Friday so he is going
to call back shortly to tell me if he can get the tickets."  Jenny said
"oh, that's nice."  The sat there for about 15 minutes and Jenny was
hoping that Scott wouldn't try to kiss for fear of him noticing that she
had been smoking.  It wasn't that he wouldn't approve, after all, he
smoked over a pack a day, it was just she didn't want to admit she had
tried it since she had been giving him such a hard time.

Jenny wasn't sure what to make of her experience with the puffs she had
taken, but she knew that it felt so different that she wouldn't mind doing
it again.  She started to look for opportunities to try smoking again and
it wasn't until two evenings later that another chance presented it self. 
They had just finished dinner together and Scott had lit his customary
cigarette.  Jenny then made up an excuse for Scott to retrieve something
from upstairs for her, hoping he wouldn't take his cigarette with him.  As
he agreed to the errand, he laid the cigarette in the tray and departed,
to her delight.  As soon as he was out of sight, she picked up the
cigarette and took a long puff and gently opened her mouth.  As she saw
the smoke begin to exit she quickly sucked it back into her lungs.  She
heard him coming quickly and not wanting to get caught, she placed the
cigarette back and held the smoke in her lungs until it completely
disappeared.  She had a rush of anxiety but she also knew that it felt
rather pleasant to her, which concerned her a little.  Jenny was intrigued
by the sensations she felt while smoking yet she didn't know if she wanted
to be a smoker.

Jenny had no idea that Scott was having fantasies about her actually
smoking, although he felt that it was not a possibility.  He would stare
at her, sometimes trying to imagine what his beautiful young girlfriend
would look like as she smoked.  Little did he know that she was starting
to like the idea of smoking but probably needed a little help.  Jenny
didn't know how Scott would react if he found out she was smoking and she
was concerned that he would make fun of her, given her past views on his
smoking.  She decided that she would no longer say anything against his
smoking and that she would try to display a more approving stance.  She
began by asking him if wanted to take cigarette breaks or if he wanted her
to get him cigarettes if he was out.  At first, Scott was shocked by her
sudden change of attitude but then started to appreciate her efforts. 
Jenny continued to sneak an occasional puff on his cigarettes and it
became evident to her that smoking was something she could learn to really
enjoy.  She started to envision what it would be like for them to smoke
together and how nice it would be for her to share his love of smoking. 
It shocked her to think how much her mind had changed about smoking in
only a few short days.  She found her self wanting to take every
opportunity she could get to take smoke and she let none slip away.  It
became more and more difficult for her to be satisfied with just an
occasional puff of smoke; she wanted more.

It wasn't until the 6th day after her first puff that she decided to take
a few of Scott's cigarettes to smoke when she was alone.  As he lay
sleeping on the couch that evening so she took several cigarettes from his
pack and slipped them into her purse.  She woke him to say she was going
back to her place and that she would see him tomorrow.  As she was
leaving, she took a pack of matches from his drawer and quietly left. 
When she walked through the door at home she promptly opened her purse to
retrieve the cigarettes.  She sat down on the couch and touched the flame
to her first real smoke.  She could hear the paper sizzle as she pulled on
the filter to fill her mouth with smoke.  She felt as though she were 17
again sneaking a cigarette behind her parents back.  She sucked the smoke
deep into her lungs and immediately was calmed by the soothing, cool
feeling.  She pursed her lips tightly as she exhaled a long stream of
smoke from her chest.  She hadn't smoked an entire cigarette in quite some
time and it as a relaxing feeling knowing that no one was there to
interrupt her enjoyment.  She still hadn't come to grips with the idea of
being a smoker, she just reasoned that she was smoking just to see what it
was like.  She finished the cigarette with a long puff which she savored
in her lungs for several seconds.  An hour later she decided to smoke
another cigarette which she enjoyed even more than the previous one.

The next morning her chest felt a little strange from the previous
evenings cigarettes, which were now gone.  Knowing that she was out
immediately induced a desire for more.  Trying hard to suppress the
feelings she was experiencing only it made them more intense.  Scott was
not an option since she wouldn't be seeing him until later that evening. 
She finally gave in and drove to the store to buy a pack.  When she
returned home again, she couldn't wait to get inside to smoke.  It was a
matter of only seconds before she had her cigarette lit and the
independence she felt was intoxicating.  It was nice to be able to smoke
in her own home which is something she never would have thought of a week
earlier.  Trying to rationalize her decision, she reasoned that this pack
would be the only one she would buy.  Since she was going to be alone for
most of the day, it became difficult for her to avoid wanting to light
another cigarette.  Every time Jenny tried to occupy herself with some
menial task, she found her thoughts drifting back to the new found
pleasure she was getting from smoking.

Jenny met Scott for dinner at a nearby restaurant that evening.  As they
sat down and ordered something to drink, Scott said "do mind if I have a
cigarette?"  Jenny immediately shot back "no, of course not."  As he
smoked, Jenny began to smell the smoke he was exhaling.  Although he was
talking, she couldn't hear a word he was saying.  She was fantasizing
about lighting a cigarette right there in front of him to show that she
wasn't such a young prude after all.  She was brought back to reality when
Scott said "Jenny are you listening to me?"  Jenny quickly gathered her
senses and said "oh, I'm sorry; what did you say?  Scott repeated "what
did you do today?  Jenny, thinking back to the events of the day and how
she bought her first pack of cigarettes and actually smoked 5 of them said
"not much, I just relaxed all day."  She wanted to tell about her smoking
but she didn't feel it was something she wanted to admit.  How could she
explain to him that she was actually enjoying smoking after all the times
she hounded him about it.  Several times that evening she found herself
wanting to take his cigarette from his hand and take a long puff deep into
her chest.

They finished dinner and Scott invited Jenny back to his place for the
night.  Jenny agreed but made an excuse that she needed to go back to her
place and that she would meet him in a little while.  Scott, not
suspecting a thing, agreed to her plan and kissed her passionately as she
was leaving.  The taste of the recent cigarette he smoked further
confirmed her desire for a cigarette.  She wanted to feel the smoke inside
of her one last time that day before she would have him inside her.  She
made the drive to her place in record time.  Throwing her purse on the
counter, she went straight for the drawer which held her recent purchase. 
As she pulled out the pack, she placed the opening to her nose and sniffed
the cigarettes.  They smelled so good; how could she possibly resist the
temptation.  She pulled out a cigarette and lit it with the longest pull
she had ever attempted.  As the smoke reached her lungs, she sighed with
great pleasure.  She knew what was happening to her but she didn't want to
stop.  She had never before experienced that intense feeling of needing to
smoke and the cigarette she was smoking couldn't have felt better to her. 
As she took the last puff of smoke into her lungs, she exhaled slowly
through her nose and mouth.  She then quickly rushed to gather her things
and get over to Scott's.

She knocked once before entering his house then suddenly realized, in her
haste to leave quickly, she had forgotten to cover up the traces of her
smoking.  A sudden state of panic overwhelmed her as he approached.  He
wrapped his arms around her and gave her a deep wet kiss.  As his tongue
swirled around her mouth he tasted what he thought to be cigarette smoke. 
They finished their kiss and he held her in his arms there was a hint of a
smoky smell to her clothes.  Jenny's mind was racing "I hope he doesn't
notice.  What will I tell him if he asked me if I've been smoking? 
Scott's thoughts were also moving at warp speed "why would she taste and
smell like smoke?  It couldn't be from my smoking.  God that would be
great if she smoked!"  Scott felt a tightness in his pants like never
before.  The thought of this beautiful girl actually smoking was more than
he could handle.  He frequently fantasized about her taking a large puff
on his cigarette, the smoke hovering in front of her mouth as she then
would pull it back into her lungs.  The sight of her large breasts rising
as the smoke disappeared down her throat.  The idea of this actually
happening seemed incredibly remote yet how could explain what he had just
experienced.  Plus the fact that she had recently changed her attitude
regarding his smoking; it didn't seem to make sense.


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