Jenny Teaches Deanne

(by suburbanlife16, 20 December 2001)

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Andrew brought his new girlfriend, Deanne, back to the house for the first
time that Saturday.  They were both at the same school.  He was 16 and a year
ahead of her, 15.  Their meeting was by chance at a school social, even though
they only lived a few blocks from each other.  He was a died-in-the-wool
football player and fanatic, but football was something she could take or
leave.  Although a year younger, she was probably more mature.  She was
interested in computers - games, the Internet and now starting to learn

When they got to the house, Andrew introduced her to his sister, Jenny, 18,
who was surfing the Internet with her computer.  Jenny had a self-contained
flat below the main house on a lower floor.  Andrew had hoped that Deanne
would watch the match of the day with him on the family TV.  But, after a few
minutes of a more than normally boring footy game, she made an excuse to go
back and hopefully talk computers to Jenny.

When Deanne knocked on Jenny's door, Jenny was still surfing the net and
languidly drawing on a cigarette, while waiting for a web page to download.
Jenny welcomed Deanne's company, as she could raise little interest in the
TAFE project she was doing.

Deanne said, "Hello, again, Jenny.  I was going to ask you about how to use
search engines on the web.  But, now that I see you're smoking, I'd like to
ask your opinion about something."


"I would love to try smoking, because I see so many people doing it, and there
must be something really good about it.  But I'm really not sure what Andrew's
reaction would be, seeing he's such a football and fitness freak.  He's never
mentioned smoking in the few weeks we have been going out together.

"My Dad smokes," she continued, "but only at the office and at golf on
Saturdays, but not at home, to keep on Mum's good side.  He drives me to
school in the mornings and, as soon as he drops me there, I often see him
light up his first one of the day, as he drives off.  On Sundays, I suspect he
goes through nicotine withdrawal, as he usually goes without all day."

Jenny thought she should probe a bit further before she answered Deanne's
question.  "Have you ever smoked before, Deanne?" she asked.

"Not, not really," was the reply.  "Only twice last year, when I stole smokes
from Dad's packet in his briefcase.  But I didn't know what I was doing and
had nobody to show me what to do.  All I did was cough and splutter and didn't
like it at all.  But people obviously do enjoy it.  So there must be something
about it that I don't know."

Jenny summed up Deanne's maturity and guessed that she had considered the pros
and cons of smoking.  The fact that she had waited until she was 15 to think
seriously about it showed that she was not merely subject to peer pressure.
At that age, she must have seen other girls from school with cigarettes for
some time.

"If you're serious about giving it a go, what you could do is to try it here
without Andrew knowing.  Then, if you like it, we can worry about Andrew
later, but, if you don't, then nobody will be any the wiser."

Deanne liked that idea, but was still concerned with possible reaction from
Andrew.  So she tackled it the question in a different way, "What does Andrew
think about your smoking?"

"Oh, he never seems at all worried about it," Jenny replied confidentially.
"In fact, he sometimes says that, while he's not that keen on doing it
himself, he rather likes the sight of me exhaling, as I do it in a rather sexy
and seductive way.  Earlier this year, he persuaded me to go to one of his
football matches, and he reckoned afterwards that some of his mates wouldn't
mind if I did a smoky blow job on them, after they saw me smoking away on the

"That's encouraging," mused Deanne, "if he doesn't object to his own big
sister indulging in a cigarette."

"Well, he's seen me often enough.  I've been smoking for most of the last four
years, the last two of them here at home, with Mum and Dad's knowledge.
They're happy, as long as I don't do it in their part of the house."

"You're making it sound better and better all the time," said Deanne.  "I'd
definitely like to experiment with your help, and take it from there."

"OK, let's give it a go.  If Andrew's watching the game today, he'll be fully
occupied for more than an hour yet.  The thing is not to be in a hurry about
smoking.  You don't get the fully enjoyment until you've been doing it for a
little while."

So saying, Jenny offered Deanne a cigarette from her pack and took one
herself.  "The first step is just to get comfortable with it.  Watch me light
mine first.  Only take the smallest of sucks on it - just enough to get it
alight.  Then blow the smoke straight out."

They both lit up OK.  Deanne did as Jenny had said and noticed the new taste
sensation in her mouth.  She understood that you do not get used to it
immediately.  But, having someone to show the way was certainly an improvement
on trying it by herself, as it saved all that coughing and spluttering.

Jenny's next instruction was: "Now just take a few drags for about a second.
And, just for the moment, ignore what I'm doing," as Jenny could not help
taking her usual extended drags, inhaling deeply into her lungs and then only
exhaling after several seconds.

Deanne went through her cigarette in that way, with Jenny giving her some
other basic tips about how to hold the cigarette in her hand, the way to
de-ash it and talking about the different brands she had smoked over the

"Now, let's have a break and I'll show you how a lot of men regard girls who
smoke on some of the smoking sites on the Internet."  While saying this, Jenny
was selecting a site, which she had bookmarked, showing smokers in action.
Deanne was somewhat amazed at the huge collection of photos of girls and women
of all ages, doing all sorts of things with cigarettes.  Jenny then clicked on
another site, which had stories (true or otherwise) about how girls had
started smoking and the reaction of men, their parents and other women to it.
Lastly, she showed Deanne a site especially devoted to female teenage smokers
under 18.  Deanne came to realise what a smoking fetish is.

After seeing all those photos and stories, Deanne became aroused enough to
want to try another cigarette.  She started the same way, but, in the middle
of it, Jenny suggested attempting a slightly longer drag, breathing in and
drawing the smoke back towards her throat.  Deanne did not quite manage it
properly the first time, but she made a second, much better effort next drag.
Jenny then recommended Deanne just puff lightly the rest of the way through
her second smoke.  The "teacher" told the "student" that she had made a good

After the two of them had stubbed out their smokes, Jenny produced a Mintie
for Deanne to cover the smoky smell on her breath.  Deanne felt happy that she
had achieved something towards her experimental goal.  Jenny suggested Deanne
come back the next afternoon during the time Andrew went for his training jog.

They went and made cups of coffee for themselves and for Andrew, invading the
lounge room and interrupting the very end of the football telecast.  Andrew
then took his girlfriend out for dinner in blissful ignorance of what she and
his sister had been up to during the afternoon, even when kissing her

Deanne arrived the next afternoon armed with a large box of Minties, which she
left in Jenny's flat, partly by way of payment for the smokes she had gone
through and partly as insurance against a smoky breath.  Lesson two built on
lesson one, with Deanne coming more firmly to grips with inhaling and learning
the finer points of exhaling.  She spent a fair bit of the time checking
herself exhaling in front of the bathroom mirror and reveling in her new-found
capabilities.  With each cigarette, she came to enjoy the sensation of the
smoke entering her body.  That day she went through three cigarettes over a
period of about an hour and a bit.

Deanne surprised Andrew by being at his home, talking to Jenny, when he
returned from his run.  She suppressed her natural instincts by voluntarily
watching the football highlights on TV with him before going home to complete
her weekend's homework.

The next time the two girls could get together without arousing Andrew's
suspicions was after school on Thursday, which was Jenny's early day home from
TAFE and the day of Andrew's football training.  By the time of their meeting,
Deanne was really looking forward to having another smoke with Jenny.  She was
not yet addicted, and not necessarily committed to going ahead permanently,
but she was really starting to enjoy it.

Jenny gave her some tips on how to look attractive and desirable when smoking,
but at the same time, suggesting she should find a style that was comfortable
to her.  Jenny complimented Deanne on the way she exhaled with a steady stream
of thick white smoke forcefully ejecting from her pert lips.

They decided that Deanne could now go away and practice by herself.  She
thought the best place was down the bottom of her backyard, where she could
remain hidden from her parents behind the shed.  The two then walked down to
the shops, where Jenny bought a packet and lighter for Deanne to take away
with her.  Deanne did indeed practice, although still away from Andrew's
presence.  She went through most of the packet over the next week or so.  She
also kept up with her own supply of Minties to avoid detection by her parents
and Andrew.

By the Friday week after she had started, Deanne was feeling really good about
what she was doing and was increasing her enjoyment, no doubt partly due to
the element of daredevil in it.  She had decided that it was time to confront
Andrew with her recently adopted habit.  That night she rang Jenny to discuss
tactics as to how best to break it to Andrew.

Jenny suggested that to maximize the effect on Andrew, they should both wear
the sort of trendy gear that he really approved of.  This, she summarized as
being denim jacket, white t-shirt, slightly flaired jeans and high heeled
jeans boots.  Deanne agreed with this strategy completely.  To complete their
ensembles, Deanne needed to buy a jacket and Jenny some boots, items each of
them was eventually intending to buy for themselves anyway.  The organized to
go on their shopping expedition straight after lunch the next day, Saturday,
then return home to reveal to Andrew both their outfits and Deanne's new

Jenny and Deanne made their purchases and Jenny also provided Deanne with
another packet of cigarettes, so she would have no excuse for backing away
from her stated intentions.  By the time they got back to Jenny and Andrew's
place, Deanne was feeling somewhat nervous about the forthcoming revelation to
Andrew.  While she certainly did not want to break up with Andrew, she was
equally reluctant to quit the cigarettes she had thought about for so long and
which were now becoming part of her life.

The two girls dressed in their twin outfits and checked each other out.  Each
of them was a neat and tidy dresser, and felt that there is nothing like new
clothing to make a girl feel her best.  They ran through what they would say
and do when they asked Andrew to come down to Jenny's flat.  As part of the
practice, they smoked a cigarette each, which, in at least Deanne's case,
helped calm her nerves.  They knew that Andrew was upstairs watching his
beloved football and so Jenny rang Andrew from her mobile, asking him to come
down to the flat the minute the match had finished.

It was another 20 minutes before he did so, which did little to reduce
Deanne's apprehension.  However, he eventually came down and knocked on
Jenny's door.  His sister and girlfriend then both lit their cigarettes,
adopted their well practiced poses and invited him in.  Here was to be the
moment of truth!

He was met with a scene so unexpected to him that it took several long moments
for him to absorb it all and speak.  Confronted with the two girls closest to
him, wearing virtually identical outfits and indulging in the same pursuit, he
was stunned.  The girls knew he would like the gear they were dressed in and
he reacted accordingly by breaking out into a broad smile of admiration,
saying how great the all-denim look suited them both.

Andrew then had to come to grips with the sight of Deanne with a cigarette in
her hand, inhaling and exhaling in a way that excited him to an extent that he
could not possibly have anticipated.  She was at once sensual and
sophisticated.  He had a big erection, which the girls missed seeing only
because they were so intent on watching his face for the first signs of his

"Well," asked Deanne, unable to wait any longer, "what do you think?"  She
took another long drag and exhaled so that the smoke was caught by the rays of
the sunlight flooding through the window.

"I love it," was his eventual reply, striving to put thoughts into words.  "I
have always liked the sight of Jenny with a smoke, but looking at you, Deanne,
I'm just stoked!"  Later they would all realise that, luckily, he had the sort
of fetish for watching women smoking that the two girls had explored on the
Internet only a couple of weeks before.

The effects of Andrew's fetish would only become fully apparent, after the two
of them had returned from the pictures later that night.  Deanne had gone
without a smoke while they were out in public, not yet feeling confident about
such an outgoing display.  But when they arrived at Deanne's home, not only
did Deanne have the desire for another cigarette, but Andrew was also hanging
out to see her in action.

They adjourned to the back of the shed, scene of her smoking practice
sessions, where Deanne lit up in the most seductive manner she was so far able
to muster.  Andrew could not take his eyes off her throughout during the whole
course of the cigarette being smoked.  She made sure she positioned herself in
such a way that Andrew could get the full visual effect of every action of a
smoker that Jenny had taught her.  To say that he was aroused was an

What happened next?  To date, they had managed only fairly innocent kisses in
the relatively openness of the front verandah.  But tonight, he quickly edged
up to her, took her in his arms and kissed her in his most passionate way,
feeling sexually aroused by the sight of her exhaling into the clear night
air.  He slid his free hand under her t-shirt, undid her bra straps and
massaged her firm breasts caringly, if not a little desperately.  Having now
been alerted to the nature of his fetish, Deanne had some idea of the effect
she was having on Andrew.  She reciprocated by stretching her hand into his
jeans and relieving the pressure on his swollen penis.

They could have made love there and then, but firstly for the discomfort of
the hard ground at the back of the shed, and secondly because they were
sensible enough to know they had to take the necessary precautions.  Deanne
was still two months away from her 16th birthday and the legal age of consent.
Later, in the calmer atmosphere of daylight, they decided they would somehow
wait till then to express the bodily desires which had emerged in sharp focus
in Deanne's backyard that night.

Deanne found pleasure in the cigarettes she smoked, not only for herself, but
also because she knew the effect they had on Andrew.  To him, she was both
slim and beautiful in her own right, and desirable when he either saw or
thought of her holding a cigarette so seductively and exhaling in a thin,
steady stream, along the lines Jenny had coached her in.  Not surprisingly,
she smoked more and more when she was alone with Andrew - on the way from
home from school and on their weekend dates, when there was more time for
leisurely enjoyment.

However, it took a while before she could pluck up the courage to declare that
she was a smoker in front of others, especially adults.  Jenny encouraged her
to smoke when she felt like it, not just when she was able to do it out of
sight of others.  An opportunity to put this into practice came when Jenny and
Andrew's parents held a birthday barbeque one Sunday a few weeks later, when
Andrew's aunt, uncle and cousins had been invited.  Deanne was becoming almost
one of the family by then, and Jenny had confirmed with her parents that it
was OK for Deanne to have a smoke, as Jenny had started smoking around the
house at about the same age as Deanne.

At the barbeque, there were several smokers:  Uncle Dan, two of the cousins,
as well as Jenny and Deanne.  After all the guests had arrived, Deanne had her
first smoke in the company of Jenny, as a confidence booster.  But half an
hour so later, while one of Andrew's older cousins was chatting to Deanne, he
took out his packet of cigarettes and spontaneously offered Deanne one.  She
accepted as if it was the sort of thing she had done all her life and smoked
it with complete aplomb.  Later in the afternoon, she was able to return the
favour and offer him one back.  Deanne also enjoyed a smoke with Uncle Dan, as
they discussed the relative merits of various computer programs.  Andrew was
very proud of Deanne and her social grace and poise throughout the party.

Deanne was still, however, having a problem being able to face her parents
over the whole smoking issue.  It was frustrating her, as she was missing out
on the ability to smoke when the desire for a smoke flooded over her at home.
Another couple of weeks after the barbeque, an incident took place which
helped her overcome this hurdle.

She and her father were in the car with on their way to school and work, when
a serious traffic jam occurred and it was obvious that nobody would be moving
in any direction for quite some time.  It was too much for Deanne's father
and, with some exasperation and against his better judgment, he took out a
cigarette and asked his daughter if she minded him having a smoke - just this
once, he said, to calm his nerves ahead of a business meeting which he would
now be late for.

"Sure, Dad," Deanne replied, and then, thinking quickly, added, "but do you
mind if I have one too?"

Without waiting for his answer, she reached into her backpack and pulled out
her own packet of cigarettes.

"Hang on a minute, young lady, what's going on?" he demanded.  "This is the
first I have seen or heard of this going on!"

"Well, I have been smoking for a couple of months now.  And I'm finding this
situation as nerve-racking as you," she flashed back, almost angrily.  "I've
heard you say that you started smoking when you were at school, and now I am

"You're making it difficult for me to refuse, Deanne.  So, here, I suppose I
should offer you a light."  And, so saying, he lit her cigarette and then his
own.  He watched her coolly inhale and exhale in her relaxed manner.  He could
see that it was not a flash-in-the-pan thing for her.  She knew what she was

With her father somewhat stunned, little more was said, as the traffic
situation gradually eased and her father got Deanne to school just as she
finished her cigarette and only a minute or two before the bell rang.

But tomorrow was another day and another car trip to school in the morning.
Her father thought he might as well resign himself to reality.  "OK, do you
want a smoke again this morning?" he enquired, as they pulled away from home
and out of sight of Deanne's mother who was waving them goodbye.

"I thought you'd never ask," responded Deanne.  "I've reached the stage where
I'm starting to look forward to a cigarette in the morning.  Up till now, I've
only smoked after school.  Apart from expecting a lecture from you yesterday,
I really enjoyed that smoke."

While they both lit their cigarettes, he said, "We'll have to think of how
we're going to break this to your mother.  You know she's not exactly in
favour of smokers in the house."  Both took huge, satisfying drags on their
smokes, as they contemplated their smoking future.

This common problem acted as a kind of bond between father and daughter over
the next couple of weeks, as they each started their mornings with a smoke in
the car.  They eventually decided between them that Deanne's impending 16th
birthday would be as good an occasion as any for her to be declared officially
a smoker.  Her father was also thinking that it may be an opportunity (or was
that an excuse?) to start indulging in a cigarette or two at home, especially
on his up-till-now nicotine-free Sundays.

The birthday soon came around.  Deanne's parents invited Andrew to come with
the three of them to an up-market seaside restaurant to celebrate the
occasion.  They picked Andrew up and, because it was a popular beachfront
area, found it necessary to park more than half a kilometre away from the

As they got out of the car and started walking, Deanne's father announced,
mainly for the benefit of her mother (as Andrew was already in the know),
"Deanne and I have had a chat, and I have agreed that she can start smoking
now.  This is a something she wants to do for herself and I can see no reason
to stop her.  Now is as good a time as any."  Without further ado, he offered
her one of his cigarettes, took one himself and lit them both.

Deanne's mother, not wishing to make a public scene, merely looked darkly and
made a mental note to discuss with her husband the need for parental
co-operation when making decisions about their child's lifestyle choices.
However, she could see that both Deanne and Andrew were blissfully happy, as
they walked hand-in-hand along the promenade toward the restaurant.

They had all dressed for the occasion, with Deanne wearing a long, red party
dress, with shoestring straps, and a pair of new high heel slides which she
had bought herself.  With her hair done up, she looked stunning and
sophisticated.  Andrew scrubbed up pretty well too in a bright new shirt, a
good pair of slacks and clean shoes, rather than his usual old football gear
or torn jeans.

Despite the earlier incident, they had a wonderful meal.  Between dessert and
coffee, Deanne took Andrew on to the verandah to satisfy her need for a
cigarette and at the same time tantalize Andrew with the billowing smoke which
she rather attractively exhaled for his benefit.  Deanne's mother used the
opportunity to talk confidentially to her husband.  "I see that you and Deanne
have discussed the subject her smoking without consulting me," she accused.

"Well, er, -," was all that Dad could get out.

"As it happens, I have also been discussing a matter of some importance with
her, which I can't avoid telling you about now," she volunteered mysteriously,
but in a slightly more conciliatory tone.

"Yes?" responded Dad, both curious and a little relieved that he was not going
to receive a tongue-lashing over the smoking revelation.

"I have invited Andrew home to spend the night at our place.  And to spend it
in Deanne's bedroom!"   Without waiting for her husband's reaction, she went
on to justify her considered position on this delicate subject.  "She asked me
a few weeks ago about them going to bed together when she turned 16.  After a
long, frank talk with her, I decided that Deanne and Andrew are mature enough
to cope with a sexual relationship.  I hope that you agree."

Silence followed, only broken by Deanne's mother adding, "She's on the Pill
and I've told her to make sure that Andrew has condoms.  And, as you've
already admitted, at 16, she can make up her own mind."  That last remark,
particularly, seemed to make the matter a fait accompli, so Dad was in little
position to disagree.  In any case, at that moment, the two young people
returned to the table, arm in arm, gazing wistfully into each other's eyes.

With coffee over, they returned home and the two teenagers told her parents
that they had had a wonderful evening.  Deanne added in a heartfelt way,
"Thanks, Mum and Dad - for everything."  All four of them knew exactly that
she was not talking only about the meal, but also the other concessions that
had been granted during the course of the evening.

Not surprisingly, the two young, about-to-be-lovers almost immediately retired
to the bedroom.  There laid out on the bed was the sexiest of brief, sheer
black negligees, a birthday present to Deanne from her mother.  On the bedside
table was her father's gift to her, a magnificent, silver ashtray.  To
complement what her parents had given her, Andrew now handed over his gift to
mark this significant occasion - a gold cigarette lighter engraved with the
letter "D."

To thank him, she embarked on the most passionate kiss of their relationship.
Their tongues locked.  Love and anticipation both swirled around their two
heads and pervaded their genitals.

In that bedroom that night were all the essentials for both an almost addicted
smoker and a smoking fetishist, in love with each other, to enjoy their night
together to the full.  One by one, Deanne made the ultimate use of each of her
gifts - she deftly stepped out of her party dress and into her black night
attire, lay back temptingly on the bed, took out a cigarette, lit it with her
new lighter, took a celebratory drag of enormous proportions and rested the
delicious white cylinder on her new ashtray, as she exhaled in a manner
entirely designed to excite her boyfriend into a frenzy.

The rest of the night need not be described in detail.  It only need be said
that there were two teenagers, whose relationship had progressed to a higher
level, completely satisfying to both.  Later, well into the next morning, when
they finally emerged from the bedroom and had breakfast, they went to see
Jenny and told her, over a well-deserved smoke, of their exploits and how she
had contributed to their success.

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